Mario Kart Wii: The Ultra Shortcut Revolution

Feb 21, 2021
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  • Thanks to the Mario Kart Wii community for having an incredible scene. Absolutely could not have done it without them. The following people should be particularly credited for helping greatly with research: Blaze: Braixen: cf: Ejay: Jellopuff: Malleo: Additionally, I had a small group of people help me with my first Mario Kart Wii video a couple years ago. The following two people helped me immensely: MrBean35000vr: SwordofSeals: I’ve loved covering the community in the two videos I’ve made so far, and hope to make more down the road as these players break the game even more!

    Summoning SaltSummoning Salt5 days ago
    • Its amazing, always exciting to watch! I can only hope Perfect Dark will get some love eventually :)

      TemmieTemmie3 hours ago
    • @Master Matthew Salt made a MKW video before this you're probably thinking about that one

      ZyborggianZyborggian21 hour ago
    • every time I hear HOME, I think of freaking rainbow road now.

      RCFishyRCFishy22 hours ago
    • @Air Conditioner Nah, they're fine.

      YesYesDay ago
    • Yes

      Zaya boy13Zaya boy13Day ago
  • I feel although hitting a button every frame repeatedly could definitely be possible wonder if it'll ever be attempted though

    PokaKokaPokaKoka3 minutes ago
  • Please, for the love of god, do a video on gun Mario 64 that alpharad is running

    Isaac MackIsaac Mack19 minutes ago
  • nice the code name for the wii was revolution :) (look at the title)

    Cphwmj10Cphwmj1022 minutes ago
  • Summoning Salt on 2/21: Who knows If anyone will make this koopa cape ultra work Justin on 2/27: Hold my Oreos

    skoomymoomsskoomymooms24 minutes ago
  • 17:31 ...and now Justin just pulled it off. Got ourselves another crazy ultra completed!

    nano1878nano187829 minutes ago
  • And 5 days after this video is uploaded the KC ultra is performed 😂 Get ready for part 3!

    ElliotElliot30 minutes ago
  • Every time I see that a new Summoning Salt video was uploaded I get hyped. This man is best story teller on USworlds. Keep up the great work!

    Ryan DenoRyan Deno32 minutes ago
  • Imagine if this video was already outdated. Oh wait it is, Justin pulled of the KC ultra this morning

    tripleS.tripleS.34 minutes ago
  • arthur the author

    salemsalem43 minutes ago
  • You pronounced "gif" wrong. The creator of the format stated its pronounced "jiff" like the peanutbutter.

    Bideo BamersBideo Bamers44 minutes ago
  • Let’s be real, more shortcuts were discovered BECAUSE of Summoning Salt’s video a couple years ago. Well done!

    Jonathan DirmannJonathan Dirmann51 minute ago
  • Someone needs to make a remix of summoning salt theme bro it’s so good honestly the nostalgia is insane now

    ZachStarAttackZachStarAttack53 minutes ago
  • lmao just a few days after this video, new discoveries on Koopa Cape was made which made it possible 3/3, and much easier and faster for RTA

    lol oklol okHour ago
  • Focusing too much on TAS runs makes for a boring video , people overcoming flaws and pushing through (along with your amazing narration and editing) was what made me love your videos, this one was still good , just trying to give some feedback, too much TAS, it was a big negative for me, maybe it’s just me tho :) Anyways , keep on making amazing videos! Looking forward to the next one

    Georgie O.Georgie O.Hour ago
  • if only you had waited a few more days to post this. Another alternative Koopa Cape ultra method was discovered about 5 hours ago. The new method was done about half an hour ago by Justin, setting a new wr.

    Clawed WinterClawed WinterHour ago

    Well Flux MeWell Flux MeHour ago
  • anyone else get nostalgia from the Summoning Salt intro music?

    TheMoxieGyaradosTheMoxieGyaradosHour ago
  • Who is here when Justin did the ultra shortcut on koopa cape?

    Pannone FamilyPannone FamilyHour ago
  • you know most of these where found by cats, when they jump on your lap and make you steer off track!

    Blame USABlame USAHour ago
  • Another amazing video. Thank you for all your hard work. Now lets talk about a FFX progression video. Dang that would be awesome. I mean come on how you gonna ignore a game that involves killing the final "bosses" by throwing money at them.

    Scott BennionScott BennionHour ago
  • Great to see so many viewers all watching a compilation of the MKW speedrunning community, shows there are still people that genuinely enjoy the sight of the game, its speedrunning community, and of course, you the creator of this amazing content and the indirect motivation for these speedrunners to continue their efforts in creating new speedruns with your videos hitting millions of views.

    Amzy Da ClickBaiterAmzy Da ClickBaiter2 hours ago
  • 15:20 Justin became the first one to complete the 1 lap world record Justin? Cracked at Fortnite my guy

    Taiga StentonTaiga Stenton2 hours ago
  • 1 million hype.

    Marlon CeboMarlon Cebo2 hours ago
  • I heard the song... and I knew. I came back to you

    AestheticDreamsAestheticDreams2 hours ago
  • This one of those videos you have to replay at higher speeds. You speak at a nails pace mah dude.

    [EDD][EDD]2 hours ago
  • The amuck jason substantially slap because belt naively bathe an a hypnotic blinker. utopian, complete development

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde2 hours ago

    Nick ForgetNick Forget2 hours ago
  • Justin has just made Koopa Cape glitch with the new entry!!! :D

    Grant WhippleGrant Whipple2 hours ago
  • "...He chose to spend his 3 minute wait by eating an entire pack of oreo cookies. A couple weeks later this method would be improved in a TAS..." What did the TASer eat while he made the TAS?

    Nicholas IversonNicholas Iverson3 hours ago
  • Do Battletoads for NES next

    ALAL3 hours ago
  • 19:15 "she" lel

    CmygoCmygo3 hours ago

    DFredDFred3 hours ago
  • youre almost at 1million Subs!

    VoyagerVoyager4 hours ago
  • Respect the use of homes music

    RubyisweebRubyisweeb4 hours ago
  • I honestly love you videos, the edit, the songs, your voice, please never stop doing this

    Pedro FiatesPedro Fiates4 hours ago
  • Hope you get 1 mil subs

    SF ztrsfSF ztrsf4 hours ago
  • Ah good times

    SF ztrsfSF ztrsf4 hours ago
  • me who hasnt watched summoning salt for 2 years: wait "ultra shortcut seems familliar" Me after 30 seconds: oh yeahhhh i remmeber now me reading the title: "revolution"???????????????????????????????????

    NoxVeraNoxVera5 hours ago
  • 28:24

    f ff f5 hours ago
  • Wow thats Unbelievable!! I've never seen anything like it.... FEMALE speedrunners?!?!?!!!!

    I0NIZEI0NIZE5 hours ago
  • shame that you didn't hit the disable resampling button or whatever the equivalent of your video editor is

    PakkiNakkiPakkiNakki5 hours ago
  • nice channel homie

    crab fuck Fagcrab fuck Fag5 hours ago
  • Yes I share this with my whole contacts this Video is soooo great

    HajHaj6 hours ago
  • Bro these developers must be so mad.

    ImplodentImplodent6 hours ago
  • cool vid but not interested in tas much. it's way boring compared to human attempts.

    yugdesiralyugdesiral6 hours ago
  • John 3.16-21

    christopher reidchristopher reid6 hours ago
  • 25:45

    EricEric6 hours ago
  • for anyone who still hasnt found it, the song is called "We're Finally Landing" by Home

    raafmaatraafmaat7 hours ago
  • The only USworlds channel where I audibly cheer out of excitement before even hitting play.

    Henry de JonghHenry de Jongh7 hours ago
  • goosebumps every time

    Nigel ThornberryNigel Thornberry8 hours ago
  • Please do Celeste!!!!

    Quantum TangleQuantum Tangle8 hours ago
  • 15:30 when he said this was improved i thought he meant eating the oreos

    CragunexCragunex8 hours ago
  • Funky Kong is required to do it cause there's some funky shit going on

    stocchinetstocchinet8 hours ago
  • Lol this is cringe. Cant believe theres so many people wasting their life on this shit, and even more people thinking this is somehow relevant in the world...

    ranDOMreSERVEaCCountranDOMreSERVEaCCount9 hours ago
    • Your life is probably sooo fascinating right?

      Dynasteel [GD&SMM2]Dynasteel [GD&SMM2]7 hours ago
    • they're having fun. being that there's a lot of them and one of you maybe you should rethink your point of view. ✌️❤️

      Brennon StevensBrennon Stevens7 hours ago
  • Great vid as always.

    Michael WebeckMichael Webeck9 hours ago
  • Great video about 1pack oreos ultra shortcuts (no milk). Also great u gave the credit to the runners. Balanced symbiosis between runners and storytellers is key

    Hans KranzHans Kranz9 hours ago
  • You remind me of EmpLemon , the Never Ever series. I love it

    thanasistravlthanasistravl9 hours ago
  • 2020: "we may be stuck indoors, but i'll be damned if we're stuck inbounds"

    EllaBrellaEllaBrella9 hours ago
  • 11:55 Nah bro. Call it corona year and people having to be at home thus more people grinding. Not some random culmination of something mysterious.

    DonnierDarko223DonnierDarko2239 hours ago
  • You’re tying to make this sound cooler than it is lol. Like some epic ass milestone in history. Cringe

    clay seguinclay seguin9 hours ago
    • Cringe

      Summoning SaltSummoning Salt3 hours ago
    • I can't get enough of people's jealousy lmao

      Dynasteel [GD&SMM2]Dynasteel [GD&SMM2]7 hours ago
  • Dad: "Son please can we just play normally"

    Ainsley HarriottAinsley Harriott9 hours ago
  • You video's insane.

    C72C7210 hours ago
  • Second time here, help me sleep again Mr.Salt

    dumptruckdumptruck10 hours ago
  • So that’s why they stopped online services

    Charlie BrunelleCharlie Brunelle10 hours ago
  • Oooh boy,

    Bill ClintonBill Clinton10 hours ago
  • What the community did is insane, but how SummoningSalt presents all of this is just as beautiful. The way you present the information, plan out your words, the music, the images, they all paint such a beautiful picture that is easy to follow and yet exciting to witness. I can't imagine if you're only doing this as a hobby - you're ridiculously talented as a video director. Thank you so much for showing us the story of these wonderful people and their amazing dedication.

    symphony1411symphony141110 hours ago
  • I swear to god everytime I hear wallclip, I hear his exact voice with a Mario Kart map and a Funky Kong icon

    JonYaBoiiJonYaBoii12 hours ago
  • 720p really... ya ass is almost at 1mil my dude pay for the full version of your video software XDDD

    EZ WinsEZ Wins12 hours ago
  • 1.2 million views in 5 days? Well done summoning salt, well done

    Jaygo ChuggingtonJaygo Chuggington13 hours ago
  • I really appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your videos, you always keep them super engaging and entertaining. Great job on this one man.

    Satsuma SalanewtSatsuma Salanewt13 hours ago
  • arthur became a legend on my 18th birthday, i remember watching his viral video more than my birthday dinner that night

    Thomas ReuterThomas Reuter13 hours ago
  • nearly at 1 mil lets get there

    CharlieWasMissingCharlieWasMissing13 hours ago
  • Give this man a Netflix series Jesus

    VortisaVortisa13 hours ago
  • This video/documentary on the whole scene is amazing. Well done

    n176aen176ae14 hours ago
  • for a good couple of seconds there i was like "what, when the heck did authorblues start running mario kart wii and then subsequently nail such a holy grail?"

    Reecer77Reecer7714 hours ago
  • goat youtuber

    YanilleYanille14 hours ago
  • who needs studying when you have Mario kart shortcuts

    Alex AndersonAlex Anderson14 hours ago
  • What the fuck is this video doing in my recommendation

    Two-faced hypocriteTwo-faced hypocrite14 hours ago
  • Almost 1 million! Long overdue and awesome channel! Great story and video as always, super modest runner and amazing feat after 5 years of trying

    Dustin HarmanDustin Harman14 hours ago
  • I love how the bowser level ultra shortcut is called an "Ultra Shortcut" cause it technically fits the description of one, even though it's less then a second faster then the non shortcut run.

    MalenrickMalenrick14 hours ago
  • how has this not brought you to 1 million subs yet

    lifeatpaddyspublifeatpaddyspub15 hours ago
  • Why does he narrate like it’s a freaking creepypasta. If there wasn’t such hype music, and instead had creepy music or silence, it’d be creepy AF.

    Xaiver BresXaiver Bres15 hours ago
  • please keep making more of these, I binge these daily

    OmicronGamingOmicronGaming15 hours ago
    • Oh hi checkmark person

      Nickolay FrissenNickolay Frissen2 hours ago
    • You've got time

      A NessA Ness2 hours ago
    • fax

      icyFaceicyFace8 hours ago
  • Kyng is back again

    Alex FlacoAlex Flaco15 hours ago
  • Every single new skip I got the whole body Goosebumps and by the end when the final run happened I was completely enveloped in that signature SummoningSalt feeling

    Lucas BriggsLucas Briggs15 hours ago
  • Summoning Salt really is one of the best you tubers ever.

    CheeseCheese15 hours ago
  • It's pretty simple. I don't do speed runs. It's never interested me. But summoning salt is able to piece together a storyline that is compelling to watch and listen to. I can't stop bingeing on his videos and pretty much a top tier documentarian that allows even the most disinterested party get invested into the videos. What can I say? I see a summoning salt video, I click.

    Kaosu10Kaosu1015 hours ago
  • Love watching this

    Luna x IQLuna x IQ15 hours ago
  • Great video. And thanks for making it easier for people to join and enjoy the speed running community. Keep it up 👍🏽

    Ty JohnsonTy Johnson16 hours ago
  • all of your content rattles me to the core in the most positive and mind blowing way possible i love this stuff, please never stop 💗

    Quote _Quote _16 hours ago
  • Why no subtitles

    Niko SNiko S16 hours ago
  • God damn you make good videos

    YoYo16 hours ago

    IOnlyDrinkJesusMilkIOnlyDrinkJesusMilk16 hours ago
  • Summoning salt: “it is humanly impossible” Me: “I already know what he’s gonna say....come on say it’s possible” Summoning salt: “abuse of rapid fire jumping” REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Cheesy MacCheesy Mac16 hours ago
  • Common salt get 1M

    Youssef MYoussef M16 hours ago
  • Never stop making these videos

    mitch jonasmitch jonas16 hours ago
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