MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)

Nov 18, 2020
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MARINA - Man's World (Official Music Video)
"Man's World", available now! Download/stream:
Written by MARINA
Directed by Alexandra Gavillet
Creative Direction & Story by MARINA
Song Produced by Jennifer Decilveo, Co-Produced by MARINA
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  • Men call women bitches? no sorry it's the Rhiannas and the Cardi B's of this world who have embraced this moniker almost every song of theirs is about that, in fact they have based their entire careers on calling themselves the "meanest bitches". They appropriate the term bringing it into the psyche of a young girl's mind as a thing to be proud for.

    Spy RettoSpy Retto2 hours ago
  • 1.74 M subs 1.7 Views, we're all damn here

    red jakered jake2 hours ago
  • I watch this video at least once a day.

    Aaron HennigAaron Hennig2 hours ago
  • Thanks for the words of encouragement...

    ReproevolutionReproevolution2 hours ago
  • I love this woman

    nickiwii 'nickiwii '3 hours ago
  • I am a man and i love your song and i agree too

    SpSp4 hours ago
  • She has wrote many feminist songs. OG diamonds would know that 💗

    Ashley SnellAshley Snell4 hours ago
  • So beautiful glad i found her

    SafwanSafwan4 hours ago
  • This is everything

    StephSteph4 hours ago
  • All dislikes are from men.

    Nikola ProcházkováNikola Procházková5 hours ago
  • yes yes ye men are to be blamed for everything and women have no accountability at when is this tired narrative gonna die out cus its getting old especially considering that these western artist are super privileged

    Anup H.Anup H.5 hours ago
  • I almost forget her 😳

    Erica IcaroErica Icaro5 hours ago
  • I came from Spotify. I loved the song, the lyrics and came to see the MV. Fell in love with the song all over again 💜💜💜

    Asmita J.Asmita J.6 hours ago
  • I went thru puberty/teenage with her music, she literally made who I am today

    shælyshæly6 hours ago
    • same

      Aeva leyAeva ley4 hours ago
  • Icon forever

    Mion M.Mion M.7 hours ago
  • Te amo Marina ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

    Paulo LimaPaulo Lima7 hours ago
  • Oh man, what a BEAUTIFUL VIDEO!!!!

    FashionnArtFashionnArt7 hours ago

    Iancharles FloresIancharles Flores7 hours ago

    Are you a Tide Pod? Bc u take my breath awayAre you a Tide Pod? Bc u take my breath away8 hours ago
  • She's a QUEEN 👑

    Tavo SantosTavo Santos8 hours ago
  • Amo demais

    foxcanaafoxcanaa8 hours ago
  • Who is she referring to when she says "killed thousands of gay men"???

    Rogue PlutoniaRogue Plutonia9 hours ago
    • @Vincent Escolano didnt know that! thank you

      Rogue PlutoniaRogue Plutonia2 hours ago
    • She is singing about Hassenal Bolkiah a sultan who supports death for homosexuals under Sharia law in modern day who also owns the Beverly Hills hotel line. "I guess that's why he bought the campest Hotel in LA then". I boycott this hotel line because the owner is this scumbag murderer.

      Vincent EscolanoVincent Escolano8 hours ago
  • 🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤

    Andrei gplAndrei gpl9 hours ago
  • MDS ME ARREPIEI TODA MULHER, Marina é uma das melhores artistas pop dessa geração, perfeita em todas suas fases💜😍🤧

    Júlia RodriguesJúlia Rodrigues9 hours ago
  • Haven't wanted to live in man's world for quite some time. Great song, beautiful women. Bravo!

    Elizabeth BrauerElizabeth Brauer9 hours ago
  • Marina has hit songs and I don't want them to hit the charts so high that the so called mainstream media & fans would toxic the beauty of how consistent she is with all of her albums.

    red jakered jake9 hours ago

    bloody valentinebloody valentine10 hours ago
  • This gives me “stupid love; the sequel” vibes

    Alex TepAlex Tep10 hours ago
  • I love every single thing in this video. It would be something to live for

    Edna Carolina OñateEdna Carolina Oñate11 hours ago
  • Anyone else hear parts that sound similar to I'm a Ruin?

    Darkbane 121Darkbane 12111 hours ago
  • well its not even manns wolrd or womens wolrd they ego just chose it to claimt it regardless the consequences i guess

    Altair CAltair C11 hours ago
    • but she has right the ruller(s) messed big

      Altair CAltair C11 hours ago
  • I don´t wanna live in a mans world anymore ❤

    Gabriela Mera GaleanoGabriela Mera Galeano11 hours ago
  • Marina is incredibly talented and she has made, yet again, another masterpiece. I really love everything about this song besides one thing...There absolutely NO WAY that any of us could know for an absolute fact that “Mother Nature is dying” but when Marina says this in a song, I feel as if it just confirms in the minds of her fans that don’t know a lot about it or haven’t really looked to the situation for themselves, that Mother Nature is in fact really dying, when we have no way of truly knowing this is an actual true fact. We only know what we are told to believe.

    Jenna K.Jenna K.12 hours ago
    • P.s. I cannot wait for the acoustic version of this song because it’s going to be even better than this version, and this I know for an absolute FACT.

      Jenna K.Jenna K.11 hours ago
  • Queen 👸 love ❤️ you

    Breno GarciaBreno Garcia12 hours ago
  • Back to real Marina please.

    AngeloAngelo12 hours ago
  • She maybe in her 30s but she sound so much younger💖 we love you💖💖💖💖

    Mattie QwertyMattie Qwerty13 hours ago
  • Queen returns

    Mattie QwertyMattie Qwerty13 hours ago
  • Download link here:

    Dunlop ElvisDunlop Elvis13 hours ago
  • lol not sure if this is solely about men or humans in general

    vegyessvegyess14 hours ago
  • Mother nature does not end in earth, do you consider external factors for sustaining humans life or just want to reverse progress? Science teaches us there are cycles playing important role in nature climate change so if you want take leadership please take it using science and wisdom, not blame. There is no such thing as men's world written in stone.

    Oleksandr MinaievOleksandr Minaiev14 hours ago
  • Marina for president!! 💖💖

    BellaBella14 hours ago

    Mulher MaravilhaMulher Maravilha15 hours ago
  • jesus amado yo chocado que perfeição

    gus madgus mad15 hours ago
  • a real greek goddess

    Ale DíazAle Díaz15 hours ago
  • man’s world is so overlooked as an integral part of the 2020 november redemption arc. this song, this woman singlehandedly saved this year

    a box of pastaa box of pasta15 hours ago
  • marina você é perfeita

    kitten moukitten mou15 hours ago
  • The music is pretty solid.. Lets give women a chance to rule the world.

    Spy RettoSpy Retto15 hours ago
    • And all races*

      basic bitchbasic bitch9 hours ago
    • That is not the message of the song ( men don't want to give women/lgbt the chance of being equal) equality

      basic bitchbasic bitch9 hours ago
  • Eu chorei ouvindo essa música. O significado dela é muito profundo.

    Thalita sousaThalita sousa16 hours ago
  • Go back to kitchen, woman! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    PsonysPsonys16 hours ago
  • the lady in blue rocking that guitar is so badass

    marvel096marvel09616 hours ago

    JúliaJúlia16 hours ago
  • We stan a queen! This gives me chills.

    SonoranSweetheartSonoranSweetheart16 hours ago
  • Cannot stop watching / listening

    mx. Francesca Asimovmx. Francesca Asimov16 hours ago

    Lucas RafaelLucas Rafael16 hours ago
  • That green short dress!I need.

    Lakia ChanelLakia Chanel16 hours ago
  • Wow. Just wow 😳 this is beautiful

    Jsjaks mannsjJsjaks mannsj17 hours ago
  • Enough of the "underrated" discourse. She is a successful artist with millions of fans. Let's keep it that way.

    Cedric EstradaCedric Estrada17 hours ago
  • #marinasalvandoal2020

    Cherry daysCherry days17 hours ago

    XxDaHOTTESTGalxXXxDaHOTTESTGalxX17 hours ago
  • "Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem?" Marina: *writes Man's World* I guess she didn't want to live in a Man's World anymore

    Catscratch12Catscratch1217 hours ago
  • live in vain 9. To be afraid to die 10. To live in Fear and Loathing I'm pretty sure there's more to this list

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi17 hours ago
  • For those saying Marina is underrated, I hope you've purchased this single cause she's not trying to be popular, she's trying to be herself: an artist.

    NP CunniffeNP Cunniffe17 hours ago
  • te amo y te amaré por la eternidad de mi alma .

    Perez serrano Joban NicolasPerez serrano Joban Nicolas17 hours ago
  • An unexpected and powerful job. It always seemed to me that the most brilliant things come to a person unexpectedly and illuminate him with their depth and greatness. Once again, the world hints to be more peaceful and free. Life and nature are so beautiful, but war and pain will always remain ugliness, no matter what it is fought for. I also do not want to live in a world where discrimination, chauvinism and double standards reign, it hurts me to watch women who have become victims of cruelty and prejudice. I wish you all peace.

    Екатенина КалининаЕкатенина Калинина17 hours ago
    • Gaia. Eu senti a verdadeira energia de ser capaz de fazer isso.

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi17 hours ago
  • Marina: I’m a strawberry soda Me: Yas gurl period 😭😭🤧

    Pedro GandraPedro Gandra17 hours ago
  • I get very annoyed at the "she's so underrated" comments. If you were a true fan, you would've read her personally asking us to stop saying that because although she knows it's coming from a good place, she finds it hurtful and anxiety-inducing. She literally talked and wrote about this when she released LOVE + FEAR. Plus, she's not even underrated. She's not a commercial entertainer. She's an artist, and not everyone gets her, because what she makes is special and different. She has a big following of people who understand her work and exist on the same vibe, ride the same wave in life with her. It's a precious thing that most "overrated" people never get to experience. She has the fame she was born for. She has us.

    Alekszandra RokvityAlekszandra Rokvity18 hours ago
  • I just hit the thumbs up before the video starts with Marina. It's rare one that I don't like on the 1st listen. Even then it just takes a listen or two before I'm into. I mean she could sing a shopping lists and I'd enjoy it.

    SurlocSurloc18 hours ago
    • Also why did it take youtube so long to recommend it.

      SurlocSurloc18 hours ago
  • Gives me goosebumps 😊 beautiful song lovely voice Xx

    Jackie RenshawJackie Renshaw18 hours ago

    LucyLunaMoonLucyLunaMoon18 hours ago
  • Anyone know if the sheik who killed thousands of gay men is based on anything particular

    Nefelibata NationNefelibata Nation18 hours ago
  • but... how can Marina be a Heartbreaker then?? BTW, I love the song, great musicality. The instruments works so great with her voice!! 🎧 🥰🎼

    macdaniel87macdaniel8719 hours ago
  • She is beautiful and underrated.. I dont know why we people obey singers like Ariana.. Marina is more better, talented and nicer!

    Adam BakoAdam Bako19 hours ago
  • It’s crazy how she was an EMO pop star in the TFJ and now she’s genuinely happy, I’m so proud of her for overcoming depression and continuing to talk about real life topics. She’s a genius

    Lana RoseLana Rose19 hours ago
  • ❤️

    HelamHelam19 hours ago
  • She try so hard to be a woke. Dislike

    YacineYacine19 hours ago
    • no one cares about your dislike

      mel's teamel's tea9 hours ago
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  • This songs healed the world

    im enjoying the mayoim enjoying the mayo19 hours ago
  • I agree!

    Sophia GalanisSophia Galanis19 hours ago
  • I will sing these songs in my rituals the goddesses Lilith and Gaia. I felt the real energy of being able to do that. Vou cantar essas canções em meus rituais das deusas Lilith e Gaia. Eu senti a verdadeira energia de ser capaz de fazer isso.

    Kiri ShirakawaKiri Shirakawa19 hours ago
  • Magical.....

    Fani MoisidouFani Moisidou20 hours ago

    Iancharles FloresIancharles Flores20 hours ago
  • she is so pretty

    fin shaiifin shaii20 hours ago
  • 🌬🌌🌌🌌🌌🎆🎆🌌

    Rebecca DolashewichRebecca Dolashewich20 hours ago
  • can't wait for the album!!!!

    Iancharles FloresIancharles Flores20 hours ago
  • ❤️

    IT CatIT Cat21 hour ago
  • This song has a wiccan vibe I FEEL IT

    Gabriel AntônioGabriel Antônio21 hour ago
  • I close my eyes and see me driving a motorhome listen this song with a vibe 2000/ new age

    Gabriel AntônioGabriel Antônio21 hour ago
  • me im the bottle of ramune

    Benjamin LopezBenjamin Lopez21 hour ago
  • i really liked references to the Sacred Feminine 💕

    Gabriel AntônioGabriel Antônio21 hour ago
  • a greek goddess...

    Bea JēkabsoneBea Jēkabsone21 hour ago
  • i know this has probably been said before but... the woc rep, the fat rep, the older women rep, the trans/gnc women rep in this video? marina didn’t have to go this hard BUT SHE DID

    a box of pastaa box of pasta21 hour ago
  • Pinshi diosa griegaaaa

    Pablo Eduardo Montelongo PedrazaPablo Eduardo Montelongo Pedraza21 hour ago
  • La amooo

    Pablo Eduardo Montelongo PedrazaPablo Eduardo Montelongo Pedraza21 hour ago
  • #killallman

    Rachele Tracuzzi SpadaroRachele Tracuzzi Spadaro21 hour ago
  •´s beautiful.

    Ma MaruMa Maru21 hour ago
  • Came out on my birthday!!!! Happy birthday to me lol

    Ethan BrentonEthan Brenton21 hour ago
  • she look sO good

    Kam AyannaKam Ayanna22 hours ago
  • Italo AnatércioItalo Anatércio22 hours ago
  • Italo AnatércioItalo Anatércio22 hours ago
  • Uma artista é uma artista

    Lucas NevesLucas Neves22 hours ago