🔮MARCH 2021 LOVE Prediction (Single's & Taken)💕💏💡(PICK A CARD)✨Tarot Reading✨

Feb 19, 2021
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What is your love life going to be like in MARCH? Who's unexpectantly coming towards you? Open to uncover your personal love prediction for March of 2020! Oh and BTW, I also just dropped my first Tarot Deck called 'The Gentle Heart Tarot' which you can find here: beau-life.com/collections/tarot 🦄💕 📩
Welcome to one of my many pick a card reading videos here on USworlds.
My name is Vanessa and I have dedicated my time to bringing psychic predictions and divine messages from the Universe to you.
In today's tarot card reading, we'll be looking into your love life during the month of March. Much can change and happen in a month, that's why each group contains a plethora of tarot and oracle cards to provide you with as much information about your love life as possible. Select your group by picking a crystal and its corresponding timestamp below!

🆕🎉The Gentle Heart Tarot Deck by Vanessa Somuayina (Me): beau-life.com/collections/tarot
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⏳Time Stamps⏳
Group 1 - 5:56 (Aquamarine)
Group 2 - 15:20 (Azurite )
Group 3 - 25:57 (Carnelian)
Group 4 - 33:56 (Tiger Eye)
Group 5 - 43:35 (Orange Calcite)

Some Of The Decks Used throughout the video:
-Deviant Moon Tarot Deck: deviantmooninc.com
-The Gentle Heart Tarot Deck by Me: beau-life.com/collections/tarot
Business inquiries ONLY: contact@beau-life.com
About Me:
Name: Vanessa
Sun Sign: Cancer
Height: 5ft 9
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Current Location: Switzerland
Equipment Used:
ATEM mini pro ISO
2x Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k
DaVinci Resolve 17
Canon 80D
Please note that my 'pick a card' readings are for entertainment purposes, advice, and positivity ONLY.
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    stella lunastella luna27 minutes ago
  • Congratulations Somuayina on your new card deck. God bless you! I will definitely continue to support you. I can tell all the love that went into creating your cards. Sending you love and light.

    stella lunastella luna28 minutes ago
  • Catching up with the readings An insomnia Night yesterday Made me meet your channel. 💫

    Rous!Rous!Hour ago
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  • the only males in my life rn are my photocards...

    neo culture johnnyneo culture johnny14 hours ago
  • Pile 3 😁 thank you so much

    Amyonly84Amyonly8415 hours ago
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  • 🦁 group #2

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  • Group 2

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  • group 5 YESSSSSSSSSS

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    Kathleen SheehanKathleen SheehanDay ago
  • I am so proud of you!! the cards are beautiful!

    Geral .l.oGeral .l.oDay ago
  • I chose the Carnelian and wow every reading of yours since the beginning of 2020 you're always talking that an earth sign is in love with me, but the thing is who's this person? Probably I'll meet them soon cause I'm in quarantine like everybody else, like it's hard to meet new people since I don't feel comfortable using things like tinder etc., I don't have a job, I'm studying online and have a super small circle of friends and family. Sometimes I feel the universe is preparing me for my twin flame maybe???? And I'm not fully prepared yet????? Or I'm just crazy hahahaha. I don't know, but thanks for the reading, love you so much

    Luana MachadoLuana MachadoDay ago
  • 🕊🕊 would love this. I’m been patiently waiting for this guy that I keep hearing about in my readings lol

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  • 🕊 💯 % i am currently talking to someone not from this state , he has been talking to me about marriage and everything about what the reading says we did meet on line 🙏. On some of the other readings not on this one I don’t feel a connection, is the reading not meant for me ? It’s like my mind wonders off and I did not hear the reading . Deep inside I really don’t feel it was for me .

    Lupe Castro-RuizLupe Castro-RuizDay ago
  • grp 2

    mythoughtsgobackmythoughtsgobackDay ago
  • #3 I am head over heel in love with me ❤️ love 💕

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  • I instinctively chose Group 1 to because the aquamarine is my birth stone and boy was it spot on. 🕊

    Morningstarr 78Morningstarr 78Day ago
  • Very accurate thank you ! (Pile 2 😇) 🦁

    EstelleEstelleDay ago
  • Beautiful reading... #3

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  • I picked no. 3. Thx u for the msg💞💞so much love 💗💗

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  • Soo accurate, thanks

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  • She actually read my love life like I got so shook & I honestly was gonna take this video as a joke too and on top of that she said the right zodiac sign like woahhhh

    Foreign zoForeign zoDay ago
  • I felt so loved just by you talking about the deck you created! Beautiful!

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  • group 3... not him texting me when i asked the universe to give me a sign if this reading is true.

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    Ebony Jasmin WarrenEbony Jasmin WarrenDay ago
  • I’m so happy to have stumbled across your profile and I trust and believe that you are a genuine and honest reader, I really appreciate you and the reading vibes with what I have been getting from my spirit guides! Do you maybe have a discord server or platform where I can join the unicorn community? I didn’t see it in the discription box :o

    Line PersynLine PersynDay ago
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    Monique Antonia BlandMonique Antonia Bland2 days ago
  • Wow, its so amazing how I felt moved to choose one of the crystals and the reading was just so true that i was shocked. I’m so happy that I was just drawn into spiritually. I was so naive to it and never gave it any mind but it’s like I always find myself wanting to learn more and more about it.

    Egypt GEgypt G2 days ago
  • 🕊 loved it queen

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  • Thank you lots of love and light to you ❤️🙏

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  • I chose azurite and orange calcite. 🦁🐶 Both readings want me to cut off unhealthy/toxic relationships or just prioritize those people who I am more comfortable with, to grow and learn more about the things I can possibly do. I hope I will be able to do these. Im happy the reading didnt just talk about Love but also included other important aspects of life (like friendships, work, the social media, animals, etc.) Im really in the middle of something right now and I needed to hear this. Thank you.

    Just KiddingJust Kidding2 days ago
  • Group 1 : Sagittarius talking with another Sagittarius for the last 3 months 🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • I love your cards i hope i could purchase... but I don't have paypal im a fan frm the Philippines 🇵🇭

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  • 🦁 You were so on point with treating pets like kings. Well my baby is my baby but here we have got street dogs as well and I treat them as loving children of mine too.

    Ravisha KathuriaRavisha Kathuria2 days ago
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  • Pile 2: thank you so much 😊 🦁

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  • Thank you Vanessa, I really needed to hear the message on pike number 3. 🕊

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  • Hi, what are the gems and stones on your rings?

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  • 🕊 thank you for the reading, I love to have confirmation. 🧡

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  • Pile 3: My fiancée is a Taurus! He’s older by 12 years!

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