Man Unleashes Zoo Into Town: THE ZANESVILLE MASSACRE | True Crime Documentary

Apr 1, 2021
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In today's true crime documentary, we're covering the most unbelievable true story you've NEVER heard of: the Zanesville animal escape. In 2011, the owner of a small private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio did something no one can explain to this very day, and the residents of Zanesville would come upon something they never could have imagined: exotic animals running loose throughout the town. Though the lions, tigers, bears, and other assortment of wild animals running loose throughout the town was shocking enough, things were even more darker than the residents realized. To this day, the reasons behind this event remain a complete mystery. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the unbelievable animal escape in Zanesville, Ohio.
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  • These narcissistic psychos don't love animals. They love the power and attention. Sadly, there are many more americans that think this personal zoo is a good idea. And it's probably going to get worse because a lot of awful people are making a lot of money and they don't know what to do with it.

    IeatyellowSNOIeatyellowSNO3 hours ago
  • Let me get this straight...... Man takes other animals hostage (zoos, cages etc...). Man also takes away other animals hunting grounds ( building more and more towns, houses, cities etc). When said animals are free again and start doing what they are born to do ( track, hunt etc) man decides it's time to kill those animals........ Humans are fucking stupid! Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing for big cats and bears and chimps to go wild on humans! Humans need to remember who was here first and we need to stop killing other animals for doing what they were born to do. We all know that a tiger is born to do two things.... Kill and make baby tigers. So why kill them for that? Here's an idea STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE TIGERS! Problem solved.

    Raymond FilyauRaymond Filyau7 hours ago
  • “So anyways, we got to blastin’ ” Also, wtf did he think was going to happen? That they were going to walk peacefully into the forest and this would be some cute shit or something?! Fucking idiot

    DrewDrew13 hours ago
  • I would like to see proof that the animals were unhealthy. I don’t believe they weren’t being taken care of.

    Vivian La FirstVivian La First16 hours ago
  • I'm going to end this now at 8:26. I can't handle this story any longer. I have a grave feeling about the animals fate. The tigers, the poor going extinct tigers. There would be no option but to put the animals dwn. I am sure they killed someone, most likely the owner and his wife. Irresponsible people, man. If they did get consumed by the animals, O well.

    D DeWittyD DeWitty16 hours ago
  • No humans were killed

    Day DreamingDay Dreaming17 hours ago
  • they had to murder all of the animals because of a dumb ass this could have all been avoided if the dumb ass cops would have taken away and the animals away from the abuse that they were living in RIP to all of the animals who were murdered

    Austin McpheeAustin Mcphee17 hours ago
  • Wonder what Terry Thompson's side of the story is...

    movinonmovinon17 hours ago
  • I think the public should be asking how can one person have so many wild animals 🤷‍♀️ rather than questioning how the police dealt with the aftermath of them being released! He was obviously not a very well man 😞

    SarahSarah17 hours ago
  • Everybody involved were complete idiots! It was hard to watch and listen to such profound stupidity. The insanity of it all is no surprise from allowing anyone to buy these animals, to lying about caring for them, to killing so many because they had no choice? Give me a break!!!! "If animals believed in god humans would look like the devil."

    Patricia SantosPatricia Santos19 hours ago
  • 300 Lbs is a small tiger. lol

    Robert Legere IIIRobert Legere III23 hours ago
  • Shooting the animals was wrong.Just lock down the town and capture them slowly even if it takes week

    kk Lonewolferkk LonewolferDay ago
  • 3 leopards...?? I know leopards are smarter then other animals but I wounder why they didn't leave?

    Jarred 333Jarred 333Day ago
  • Humans can be very selfish and greedy at heart. In the beginning they always say they love the animals...

    John longJohn longDay ago
  • Hello

    Jarred 333Jarred 333Day ago
  • For the Question at 0:35 obviously, hope it isn't hungry. I find talking to any animal calmly and gently works, like showing you're not a threat to them. Anyways, it is sad though that they couldn't rescue these animals (tranquilize) them and move them to a refuge, sanctuary or other zoo.

  • wait didnt the lion king come out in the 90's? how did he think to name the lion Simba? i thought that movie is what popularized that??

    VoldemortVoldemortDay ago

    CrazyxBob WillyCrazyxBob WillyDay ago
    • There is a book called "Eighteen days to the massacre and exotic caregivers perspective". By Teresa Headley and the late John Moore. One of the female lions STILL to this day lives in Zanesville on a farm.

      CrazyxBob WillyCrazyxBob WillyDay ago
  • There are so many details of this that you guys omitted.

    Dark PriestDark PriestDay ago
  • Makes me think of a doc I saw called Elephant in the Room. It follows a wildlife marshall dealing with the exotic animal trade in his community. One thing that stood out for me was where the marshall lamented, "I can't do anything about this, but know one day I will be the one dealing with it."

    ferox965ferox965Day ago
  • Yeah the guy was really a pos. He didn’t care about the animals or people or his family

    James LadeJames LadeDay ago
  • The so called animal lovers are often animal abusers. There should be more strict regulations for animals. And no civilian should have wild animals such as lions and tigers

    James LadeJames LadeDay ago
  • If they made rugs out of the tigers that’d be cool. I’d love to own one.

    Homer SimpsonHomer SimpsonDay ago
  • He should have been investigated after the ,2 call...and animals should have been rehome ...He was charged with cruelty to animals...there's the red light...sorry to the animals and the poor people that had to shoot them...

    Cindy ParksCindy Parks2 days ago
  • Unpopular opinion but I feel bad for Terry and the animals. If you’ve ever felt your life crumbling around you, you’d understand how rash and illogical your decisions can be. I think he was at his wits end and thought he was doing the animals a favor by setting them free rather than confining them to a zoo, or letting the die of starvation. Really hurts that they were all put down. I’m sure it wasn’t his intent.

    Angela DatcherAngela Datcher2 days ago
  • Narrators voice is abit annoying

  • Terry was an asshole.

    Haight the GreatHaight the Great2 days ago
  • *I remember when i escaped from the Zoo. They never found me, so please keep this comment between us!*

    Lee DileLee Dile2 days ago
  • Did they purposely slow down the audio in this video?

    Jenny MisteqqJenny Misteqq2 days ago
  • Hey ewu

    Aliese BonnAliese Bonn2 days ago
  • yeah, lets fight a LION HAND TO HAND...they shouldnt have even CONSIDERED capture

    Bradley SublettBradley Sublett2 days ago
  • Few cops ever get to go on a safari.

    Martin PhilipMartin Philip2 days ago
  • 2 wakos under one roof

    Henry SkedelHenry Skedel2 days ago
  • Why people shouldn't be allowed to own exotic animals.

    Essentially KimberlyEssentially Kimberly2 days ago

    Janice RosenbergJanice Rosenberg2 days ago
  • It should be illegal to keep this type of animals in private "preserves".

    Jose LassalleJose Lassalle2 days ago
  • In captivity, Bengal tigers are anything but rare, least of all in the US of A. If I remember correctly, the number of privately owned tigers in America, most of them Bengals, amounts to 7000 which is three and half times as many as are presently estimated to survive in the wild.

    Stefan HernoldStefan Hernold2 days ago
  • Why couldn’t they have had everyone go inside their homes until they could tranquilizer these beautiful animals? That is inexcusable

    Paula HurstPaula Hurst2 days ago
  • It's too bad that those beautiful creatures were killed by the stupid animals in Ohio!!

    Ghazi Abu-dayyehGhazi Abu-dayyeh2 days ago
  • They murder him and his animals for his land those animals were nice enough for being wild. What they wont tell you is most of the animals ran because they started shooting them on the property which made them run then one of the sheriff had two of the wolves come and sit beside him he shot both of them this was not what yall think i live here and have petted his animals they put that man thru so much bullshit he couldnt jump thru all their fake ass hoops they murdered them all.

    Michael McmillionMichael Mcmillion2 days ago
  • Terry deserted his animals and took the cowards way out, suicide! This makes me angry. What did he expect to happen to all those innocent and deadly animals. What a shame that all those beautiful animals were killed!

    Judith CampbellJudith Campbell2 days ago
  • I hate that people use these wild, dangerous animals as another kind of compensation for lacking in every other area of significance and they think it makes them mysterious, edgy, dangerous, or cool, but in all reality it shows the world how ignorant, selfish, immature, insecure, and lonely a person is inside. Its the most selfish and pathetic thing anyone can do, to buy an animal like a tiger, as a baby, and keep it inside, locked in a small, blank, cold cage or apartment its entire existence. Then once the animal grows up and becomes too much for the dumb ass owner, they either have it put down, or sell t to another idiot for the cycle to continue. Thats if the animal doesnt get wise and eat them first. I am completely for those who have these animals for the sole reason as to provide a proper safe loving home it will spend its life at like a rescue or something, but just for a cool pet, no man, get life.

    ChloescoldearsChloescoldears2 days ago
  • I will never forget this day. I lived 35 minutes away from zanesville in Coshocton county Ohio. Soo sad. Those cops had a shooting spree on the herbivores that are damn near harmless compared to the other animals much more dangerous. Absolutely sickening.

    Redemption04Redemption043 days ago
  • That's some Jumanji ish right there lol

    Shinigami13Shinigami133 days ago
  • I am from Ohio. This was definitely scary!

    Penny Raterman P'spaintingsPenny Raterman P'spaintings3 days ago
  • Her voice is mad annoying

    zach youngzach young3 days ago
  • Those Leopards are smart

    JM Dromanah 2.0JM Dromanah 2.03 days ago
  • Wait ... this guy lions, tigers, AND bears? Oh my!

    Jaybird WedbetterJaybird Wedbetter3 days ago
  • I actually know this story VERY well. I grew up in a house that 4 doors down the guy owned a monkey and a lion. The lion found his way to my driveway a couple times. Talk about shitting your pants. These animals belong in the wild and should be protected not as a pet.

    BWide13BWide133 days ago
  • I live in Zanesville Ohio. I was putting up an above ground pool close by when this happened

    Big Fau 00Big Fau 003 days ago
  • idiots .... terry and the cops

    Clive laughing manClive laughing man3 days ago
  • The animals are innocent they were only doing what they are supposed to do being animals it is sad to think that they are forced to be locked up and get killed

    Julia sinsJulia sins3 days ago
  • Even if he was murdered, he should never have been allowed to keep these animals. He's still to blame.

    The Puzzler Of RiddlesThe Puzzler Of Riddles3 days ago
  • And his wife was an asshole too.

    Edward DeitchEdward Deitch3 days ago
  • These bunny huggers who complained about killing the animals ----- What the hell techniques and methods would you use to not kill them?

    Edward DeitchEdward Deitch3 days ago
  • Just another Nature Faker . People who claim to love Nature and animals when what they really are in love with is their own neurotic or psychotic needs. This guy was a true self centered asshole.

    Edward DeitchEdward Deitch3 days ago
  • Why would he need bolt cutters to free these animals? He has any key he’d need to open any gate.

    Coney_SlingerConey_Slinger3 days ago
  • This ruined my day

    Bryan CooperBryan Cooper3 days ago
  • So there is a motocross track at this property now I go there every weekend the cages are all still there

    Brent naylorBrent naylor3 days ago
  • I was born and raised here in zanesville try sitting on ur porch and see a tiger go down the street!!! I thought I was seeing things then it came across the tv and radio what was going on and for everyone be inside to top it all off our neighbors were Russian didn't know any English we tried telling them the best we could to go inside but they didn't understand so my nephew had to get on his laptop and translate what we were telling them smh,,, finally they understood us and went inside I have watched these animals Terry had for many yrs,,, my friend from Chicago came here and was riding up I 70 toward Columbus and seen the camel he came to my house flipping out and said he had to drive past it a few times he was amazed,,, you could see some of the animals on that highway it was like a zoo I will always remember these animals and never forget what had happened to them

    April LopezApril Lopez3 days ago
  • This is horrific!!!!! Just sickening!!!!

    Lisa BricknerLisa Brickner3 days ago
  • I made friends with a 280 pound wolf when walking through oklahoma. I called him big cat. He nearly attacked a state trooper, but the cop was smart, he got back in his car an left. Big cat currently lives with sum native americans, they also know him by big cat. I never mentioned the name around them. Til after i heard one of the elders say "Omah Big Cat" an he started petting the wolf. So i asked how he knows that name, his response was "the crows that talk with him, gave him his name." When he said that a crow came down from flying an perched upon big cats back. An he seemed to be ok with him. He is an awesome "wild" animal to make friends with while walking through oklahoma. If you ever see a huge blue eyed wolf with three black stripes on his head, he wont harm ya, he jus wants attention and a friend to walk with/chill with.

    MyJunker TravelsMyJunker Travels3 days ago
    • Right

      Tim JTim JDay ago
  • I live in Columbus which is close to Zanesville and I remember when this happened 😳

    Mary Bridget ReillyMary Bridget Reilly3 days ago
  • I lived in Zanesville when this happened we didn't have school that day due to the chance of being ate lol People came up amd tried to steal the animal furs disrespecting those baby's its not their fault he was crazy!

    Michelle McFeeMichelle McFee3 days ago
  • Aww, poor animals..😿 At least they are in a better place now.. Thank you for sharing, EWU crew..🖤

    Damarys DinguiDamarys Dingui3 days ago
  • I live in East Tennessee and we have tiger haven not to far from us.. sometimes you can hear them and it makes the hair on my neck stand up.. this story is so sad in so many ways

    Cody WrightCody Wright3 days ago
  • poor animals. they are innocent and they have to be killed. i'd rather see bad dead people than dead animals. sorry.

    Mel AlcantaraMel Alcantara3 days ago
  • Where is Carol Baskin when you need her?

    Lisa MaheshLisa Mahesh3 days ago
  • Little do they know, all they had to yell was “Jumanji” and it would’ve all stopped.

    Colbi FaithColbi Faith3 days ago
  • Hell cant be bad enough for a Monster like this

    Chris NipperChris Nipper3 days ago
  • Animals don't belong in zoos, people do!

    Rhaina IngeRhaina Inge3 days ago
  • Poor animals! I hate people .... :(....

    Brooke SBrooke S3 days ago
  • Zanesville ohio is not far from where I live I was born n raised in ohio

    Paul F.Paul F.3 days ago
  • fuck u terry, you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

    not availablenot available4 days ago
  • They're still no way as exotic as Joe

    Suzanne ChavisSuzanne Chavis4 days ago
  • This is a very sad story for the many Exotic animals, having worked with hundreds of different animals when I was the Operations officer at an attraction in Florida back when I was in my late 20's.......when they surrounded his dead body , they were protecting there Dad....animals in captivity become like pets that can kill you, I would walk our one tiger on a chain...but we bottle raised him and never played with him....only let him have toys like balls and had him with all the other baby animals.....Animals have feelings too....I do understand the Sheriff doing what they HAD to Do for Public Safety, Just A Shame He Could Of Gave The Animals Away...and They Would Of At Least Lived........However The Owner Was Willing to Kill Himself and Figured He Would Let The Sheriff Have To Deal With The Fallout Either Way Many Would Fault the LEO's but they really had NO Choice since Most People are Not Trained To Deal With EXOTIC Animals.

    dr robert dawsondr robert dawson4 days ago
  • Hello E.W.U., First, everyone is different, handles situations effecting themselves or others different! Nobody has the ability to "know another person, regardless of how long they've been around them unless they can actually read that person's mind", FACT!!! Divorce, separation or depression compounded by prison can drastically change the way that or any person thinks!!! The lax investigation in years prior to this by qualified knowledgeable people are in ways just as responsible for the animals deaths as the owner was by letting them go before seeking placement for such beloved ones. Unless you've walked in another's shoes for a while, NOBODY'S got the right to criticize or defame another! Be safe and take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍🙏🏻😇👊👂🏻🤞 P.S.: If you're not smart enough to know that, you don't know enough to make opinions, IMHO!!!

    Randy ClendeninRandy Clendenin4 days ago
  • Poor Animals, not their fault. Kill the humans

    2witty4u slayer2witty4u slayer4 days ago
  • Great video!!!! Love this kind of content, keep up the good work!

    Audrey MolinaAudrey Molina4 days ago
  • Lions, tiger and bears...Oh my! Terrible but I couldn't help it.

    Eremon1Eremon14 days ago
  • Why couldn't she of said lions tigers and bears?

    Ant TwanAnt Twan4 days ago
  • Where was that bitch Carol Baskin when all this was going on?

    Mike EvansMike Evans4 days ago
  • The tigers and bears hunting and killing the horses were just doing what they were supposed to do. Horses are prey animals, and the others are predatory.

    AmazonElfAmazonElf4 days ago
    • Grace Jaye I just pointed out that they went after livestock on their property. They didn't go after the people first. Only a dumbass would think that entire situation was in anyway normal. 🙄 Didn't say it was awesome. Didn't say don't try to protect your animals. Good luck killing a bear or a tiger with your bare hands, though! You just go right ahead and do that

      AmazonElfAmazonElf2 days ago
    • The tigers and bears attack my Andalusian herd and I will kill them with my bare hands! American farmland is NOT the habitat for bears and tigers. They should die for killing livestock on private property. Period.

      Grace JayeGrace Jaye2 days ago
  • I am not critical, my daugther lives in that area. Yaeh it sucks that they had to be put down, but they really didnt have any choice wait too long and you wont find any of them

    xFallenRagexxFallenRagex4 days ago
  • How could you soft sell this horror? This monster opened the cages knowing the Cats and Bears would go into town.

    Cheryl HannonCheryl Hannon4 days ago
  • Caution: exotic ani als. Whoa, almost a pornhub title.

    jrensjrens4 days ago
  • I live near zanesville. I remember the night this happened. We were told to keep all our pets inside because no one knew how far the animals would get before they were contained. I know some people that were good friends with Terry. They all say there’s no way he would have turned out these animals and swear although he had issues they believe this was not a suicide. It was murder. Fun fact; Terry flew an airplane through the handles of the basket building in Dresden,OH. If you haven’t seen the building look it up. Scary stuff.

    Regina MullinsRegina Mullins4 days ago
  • Old story. And your use of unrelated footage and blurred photos made something that could have been interesting into a total waste of better!

    SnarkapotamusSnarkapotamus4 days ago
  • This is a LIE! THE OWNER WAS MURDERED for his LAND. SLAUGHTERED with all this animals by scumbags.. Murder is murder...

    VermontVermont4 days ago
  • That man is literally THE DEVIL! How dare u cause the death of all those precious animals😔 EVIL POS!

    Amirah MohamedAmirah Mohamed4 days ago
  • With all the complaints the system yet again let these animals down I am tired of watching the system let down innocent animals and people. The guy who own these animals should be shot

    Rebecca huntressRebecca huntress4 days ago
  • I'm from Ohio not too far away from Zanesville*give or take an hour or hour and a half*. When this happened I was so upset with how he just let them go without making sure they would've been taken care if he was going to off himself. He did not love those animals because if he really did he would've taken care of them and also made sure his animals would've been very well taken care of.

    Diva FDiva F4 days ago
  • 14:28

    Alex FloresAlex Flores4 days ago
  • This was definitely a case where the police had little choice. they didn't have the resources to safely collect these animals and did the best they could to contain the situation. The public should have shut the hell up about this. If they wanted to blame anyone they should have blamed the fool that had these dangerous animals on his property to begin with. He clearly wasn't playing with a full deck and didn't know how to care for these poor animals while he had them. if the public had put more pressure on him to get rid of the animals this all could have been avoided.

    Nicole CoakleyNicole Coakley4 days ago
  • the unthinkable? wtf lol soon as i hear it over the radio im coming well prepped to lit shit up & i aint talkin bout lamps. Rugs & coats for everybody out there! what you mean the unthinkable ?

    Lucky Jackson 2020Lucky Jackson 20204 days ago
  • There maybe still some animals out there

    Paul TillettPaul Tillett4 days ago
  • Poor animals, selfish man, people should not have wild animals in their homes

    anglofrançaise Yvonneanglofrançaise Yvonne4 days ago
  • THIS IS BULLSH*T! The cops could have called an ANIMAL HOSPTIAL or ZOO and got a PROFESSIONAL with a gun that shoot sleep medication rather than BULLETS! THE COPS wanted to go hunting and MURDERED these animals for fun! I don't think he released them ... he UNDERFED them and they decided to leave and look for food. This film is PROPAGANDA to justify what they did. The cops let this situation grow to this problem. This show is trying to convince us the cops were not at fault when they are 100% at fault with TERRY!

    design searchdesign search4 days ago
  • If you want to free animals, you need to do it logically and responsibly.

    Anna PorębaAnna Poręba4 days ago
  • ..."thanks to polices action"???? WTF!!! I bet they were laughing , killing those poor creatures....

    Peter MoorphyPeter Moorphy4 days ago