Feb 16, 2021
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I'm sure people have made crab rangoon from the crab. But from a king crab?! Even better. And bigger.
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  • he didn’t kiss it first :(

    hyejooluvhyejooluv19 minutes ago
  • no ones gonna talk about the loops?

    sorewaa.sorewaa.Hour ago
  • I fell bad for the crab

    Delightful DreamDelightful Dream2 hours ago
  • Look at how big this baby is !!! No more!

    Manju SahuManju Sahu2 hours ago
  • Rip Mr Crab 🦀💰

    LEE ZHONG LI MoeLEE ZHONG LI Moe5 hours ago

    Jynx FatalityJynx Fatality6 hours ago
  • that loop :0

    giodacutiegiodacutie7 hours ago
  • Damn, that’s a big king crab. I wonder where did you get the crab legs 🤔

    Rogelio ParanRogelio Paran8 hours ago
  • Watch Mr crabs clutch the gulag and come for revenge

    Akame ga Kill myselfAkame ga Kill myself9 hours ago
  • That doesn’t look Amazing

  • I could never kill an animal right infront of me- I’d buy to dead from the store tho 😃

    LondonwastakenLondonwastaken11 hours ago
  • Actually king crab my dad showed me it even though he went all the way to that way and showed me and then we cooked it it tastes actually amazing

    mjmj12 hours ago
  • Me damn some good crab Him yea he was alive when I cooked him Vegan teacher. Gukdvjiddnifgkffji

    cokkie lizzie crumblecokkie lizzie crumble12 hours ago
  • A Not so Fun Fact: you may have not known, that he is looking at you for almost the entire video

    GxDLY 007 The NecrophobicGxDLY 007 The Necrophobic12 hours ago
  • Imagine if a vegan watched this

    Abep2Abep212 hours ago
  • Make them into egg rolls Much better

    KCKALOHAKCKALOHA14 hours ago
  • Mr crabs noooooooooo

    Josiah TackettJosiah Tackett14 hours ago
  • 0:19 يخي هههههههههههه وسسسسسسشير صوص

    SznFFSznFF16 hours ago
  • Don’t tell peta(outdated joke)

    All AllAll All16 hours ago
  • I think I'd like it steamed

    Gazi BiziGazi Bizi18 hours ago
  • A shishesheshashi soy sauce...

    monkemonke22 hours ago
  • That doesn't look amazing. There ya happy now?😁

    Vichu VVichu V23 hours ago
  • Everyone: talking about the sauce Me: the loop 🧐

    JacquelineJacquelineDay ago
  • You killed MeCrabs now know one will know the secret formula 😢

    StickzifyStickzifyDay ago

    julie dayjulie dayDay ago
  • Me at first: aww the crab is so big but cute. Me after: O.M.G that poor crab im going to show this to my sister looks rlly tasty tho

    julie dayjulie dayDay ago
  • Bro that was my friend

    Lord ScrapperLord ScrapperDay ago
  • I am sad Mr crabs

    Durga SehrawatDurga SehrawatDay ago
  • Wor-cest-sher is how Worcestershire is pronounced

    MateezeeシMateezeeシDay ago
  • Look at this crab Me: it’s just moved bro

    Fresh princess of NZFresh princess of NZDay ago
  • Crab: you dare challenge me mortal Him: knife time ...... Crab was never seen again after that day

    Don KlineschmidtDon KlineschmidtDay ago
  • Oyster sauce pronounce (or,sha sure)

    Loomyllama gamingLoomyllama gamingDay ago
  • That was a LIVE CRAB you just boiled. That shit I’d not ok anymore.

    Shari McCannShari McCannDay ago
  • I would've kept him

    PumpkinplayzRobloxJRPumpkinplayzRobloxJRDay ago
  • Now i just wanted to learn to cook and be a chef instead

    Elite YraElite YraDay ago
  • One minute he’s alive. The next he’s not.

    Random CommenterRandom CommenterDay ago
  • Nick: A splash of shhrhrhrhrhrhr sour sauce Me: I feel u

    Phoenix_plays64 GoodyPhoenix_plays64 GoodyDay ago
  • No killing NICK :(

    Robert DiamondRobert DiamondDay ago
  • You feeling it now mr crabs

    Nothing but darkness 2Nothing but darkness 2Day ago
  • Not mr crabs

    RogueYetiRogueYetiDay ago
  • Loved how you went with saying Worschestire sauce ... 😂😂😂😂

    Jami FitzJami FitzDay ago
  • Thank you nick for not getting those bitch ass automatic salt and pepper grinders

    Bad Boy CookingBad Boy CookingDay ago
  • I think it’s wor-Chester-shire-sauce but I think he said wor chestkfiebaor esodbsodn sauce

    Coltz FnmColtz FnmDay ago
  • Rip king crab

    Youdie 605Youdie 605Day ago
  • Erm..I thought it said king crab *racoon* wontons.

    Bearus The GodBearus The God2 days ago
  • I’m pretty sure that’s not how you make a wonton

    Angelina HuangAngelina Huang2 days ago
  • yes never forget bout that owjgkwkckskcke sauce

    H2O delirious JrH2O delirious Jr2 days ago
  • :O I feel like I just witnessed a murder! THE CRAB:w-why!!!!

    Braylee WadeBraylee Wade2 days ago
  • We call it batagor in indonesia

    mahadi darulmahadi darul2 days ago
  • When he said shorshorstire, I felt that

    Happy BourriquetHappy Bourriquet2 days ago
  • I miss you crab

    sarah jukessarah jukes2 days ago
  • Poor mr.crabs

    XanderXander2 days ago
  • THE LOOP THO????

    mama bear ハナmama bear ハナ2 days ago
  • teacher: don't eat in class. The ones at the back side:

    Lucía Sánchez.Lucía Sánchez.2 days ago
  • Batagor?

    メH I R Z A NメH I R Z A N2 days ago
  • Let's make the sauce simple: adds the Ingredients i am allergic to

    Arianne WoicikArianne Woicik2 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Leanne Woodhouseut33Leanne Woodhouseut332 days ago
  • “No crabs were harmed in the making of this video”

    Elegantly BizarreElegantly Bizarre2 days ago
  • Man it feels good to see even the pros struggle when pronouncing whats the shire sauce 🤣

    Mayuri KurotsuchiMayuri Kurotsuchi2 days ago
  • Worcestershire sauce. Break it down. Wu-stu-sh-here. Worcestershire sause

    spoilersspoilers2 days ago
  • Woohyshirebla hdksfn

    YougotnojamzYougotnojamz2 days ago
  • Cooking shirtless is the answer.

    Paul KeatingPaul Keating2 days ago
  • Coconut crab:hold my beer

    4CE E3q4CE E3q2 days ago
  • For anyone who doesn’t know how to pronounce ‘Worcestershire’ it’s literally as simple as ‘wus-ter-shire’

    Cal BlakebroughCal Blakebrough2 days ago

    Boruto DandreaBoruto Dandrea2 days ago
  • Correction: it is no longer alive

    XotixInspect _XotixInspect _2 days ago
  • Rip Mr King Crab 🦀 will miss you if we only saw you for one second till you had no legs

    The WolfsThe Wolfs2 days ago
  • i love crab rangoon... i want to make this rn but i have no crab meat

    Good Ol' RainbowpetGood Ol' Rainbowpet2 days ago
  • Let’s be honest none of us even use his cooking but like to watch

    H20H202 days ago
  • King?? Krab Rangoon?? This is a certified far cry 4 moment!!! 1!1!!1!1😳😳😳

    TahaeminTahaemin2 days ago
  • It’s just the law to pronounce it wushtershurshhshshshsh sauce.

    Mr BarjamMr Barjam2 days ago
  • It’s the way ‘soy sauce’ became “shhuy shaush” after the attempt with “wushshhshsaush”

    monsoonchimonsoonchi2 days ago
  • Nick: for the sauce keep it simple Ketchup a little bit of honey and some lemon Me: hows that simple

    Taslima AkterTaslima Akter2 days ago
  • Him: A lil bit of souasouasusususouy sauce Me: TF

    Paiboon RattanachaidechaPaiboon Rattanachaidecha2 days ago
  • He just killed the crab 😳

    Tassin TorresTassin Torres2 days ago
    • No shit

      FastLegEnteFastLegEnte2 days ago
  • ShiSHuriSourSOuse

    Chynna RamosChynna Ramos3 days ago
  • Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️❤️❤️

    Khaotic TTVKhaotic TTV3 days ago
  • Who else just drinks the worecaidisjvdjyifhdser sauce

    Kayden GradyKayden Grady3 days ago
  • He dead crab now

    zonsty_artzonsty_art3 days ago
  • Bro the transition👌

    zonsty_artzonsty_art3 days ago
  • Another Mr Krabs to be sacrificed

    Khyle KimKhyle Kim3 days ago
  • I can believe you ruined a perfectly good wild king crab you just need butter

    Christina DoyleChristina Doyle3 days ago
  • Mr krabs be lookin SPICY

    Olin ChristensenOlin Christensen3 days ago
  • 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

    Laokglies FajardoLaokglies Fajardo3 days ago
  • Damn his eyes tho

    Hogwarts HoeHogwarts Hoe3 days ago
  • Just a splash of wshsahrh sauce

    Ronald WoodRonald Wood3 days ago
  • I hate crap but I do love crab rangoons

    Ronald WoodRonald Wood3 days ago
  • The way to say it is, worse ter shire sauce

    Mr. DanielMr. Daniel3 days ago
  • How did you kill the king crab

    Hoberto OveraHoberto Overa3 days ago
  • POV: your in the comments to see what others thought about the murder of crab.

    EmberEmber3 days ago
    • You know me too well

      FastLegEnteFastLegEnte2 days ago
  • Nobody gonna talk about how he said Live crab cooked it 10 seconds later nobody ok

    Alimah HarrisAlimah Harris3 days ago
  • Instructions not clear. I now have a giant crab running around my house

    KoaaKoaa3 days ago
  • A splash of washashishishia sauce

    sandra alisandra ali3 days ago
  • A splash of wishhhhhehdhebsjddiebdhdhsv sause

    My name is ChaunceyMy name is Chauncey3 days ago
  • For your sauce keep it simple this man put honey ketchup and lemon

    Tara_thegamingqueenTara_thegamingqueen3 days ago
  • A splash of worcestershire sauce

    Mr. DanielMr. Daniel3 days ago
  • Splash of wishishishshhhour sauce 😂

    Melanie SpiceMelanie Spice3 days ago
  • When he brought out the crab, I was like “ damn you out did yourself”

    Rylo CanteenRylo Canteen3 days ago
  • "Keeping it simple" Also him: Puts ketchup, honey and lemon juice together-

    TxxicShqdowzTxxicShqdowz3 days ago
  • It was so cute

    Tabitha HeathTabitha Heath3 days ago