Make the Shot or I SMASH Your Apple Watch !!

Feb 17, 2021
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Tracy McGrady 13 Points in 33 Seconds Basketball Challenge !! --
GIANT Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge !! --
Guess That NBA Player's VOICE w/ 2HYPE !! --
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  • They complain about James’ foot being behind the line but then when half of his foot is over it no one says anything And also zack sold Jeff by shooting only step back threes

    Elijah WoodsElijah Woods7 hours ago
  • Why would I want to win a watch just for you to smash it zack, I see how crazed you are by smashing them

    Jay SmithJay Smith10 hours ago
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  • I love watching your videos

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  • 9:25 peep the grey hair from Zack

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  • James raged so hard at siri.

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  • Moochies hair low key looks like sonic the hedgehog

    Jase KellyJase Kelly2 days ago
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  • I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life!

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  • Good

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  • no one in 2hype: does this video idea because he likes smashing apple watches

    Chi Yan CHEUNGChi Yan CHEUNG3 days ago
  • Jeff went off ngl

    External TmpExternal Tmp3 days ago
    • Zack just went and cheated

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  • good job hosting in this video.

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  • Ig: michael_0283 Followed all the directions, hope I win

    ggari_83ggari_834 days ago
  • 0:01 Kris: majestic destroyer flame jutsu

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  • That is Cash’s customized basketball from Moochies video

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  • Just came back after not watching 2hype for months. Wtf is with Mitchell’s hair?

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  • Stop jester abuse

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  • Zack just went and cheated

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  • Kris seems so full of himself

  • Wouldn’t it have been better to just do winner wins an Apple Watch????

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  • react to kennys video reaction to jesse vs kenny to continue the zoom call

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  • The airpod one was so good, my insta username is @nickungerland

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  • the way mooch n james shoots pisses me off. how can you be that unorthodoxed when you play this much lol.

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  • pedromil07 Giveaway Zack your the best :)

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  • They really went 1-5 on free throws

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  • Great vid my ig @Lillee

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  • Why is zack so happy he wasting his money 😭😭😭

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  • Bro Kris almost hit the craziest between the legs spin fadeaway ever ig: @jersenpai

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  • Bro Zach and 2 hype are so inspiring

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  • Ginger_jacob03 hey bro I've always loved you and 2hypes videos all the way back to the pack and pains on Jesse channel

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  • Kris that's us 1:16 pause

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  • done everything my instagram is: keithdevers25 i really hope i win the apple watch

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  • I want a apple watch but one problem I dont have Instagram

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  • I like seeing Jeff in the videos

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  • lol james so sensitive

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  • Immanuel quickly getting some recognition let's go

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  • These ungrateful people all the apple wathes could of been put to good use or to people in need

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  • Imagine getting smashed by zack.... pause 🤫

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  • Did I hear the intro to the hub after Siri choose for James????

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  • zack we miss your naruto blue bird outro :(

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    • Me too bro but it gets copyrighted now :/

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  • *Most of us are struggling 2 pay rent cuz the pandemic n these dudes r out smashing apple watches. Dangggg boys getting money.*

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  • So many mid rolls lmao

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  • Am I the only one that thinks they should invite some more you tubers and play a five V five game full court

    vashahd schofieldvashahd schofield9 days ago
  • Imagine if...instead of smashing the apple watches...they'd just take it from the owner and hand it (no pun intended) to random subscribers or random people on the streets...🤦🏾

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  • Zack Locke going for kris the whole time

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