Magic Potion #shorts

Apr 6, 2021
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VWelcome back to another short!
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  • My Most Priced Possession of the Vampires

    Jawanda EvansJawanda Evans22 minutes ago
  • What

    SAskia TalbotSAskia Talbot50 minutes ago
  • The end one made me laugh to 😆😂

    Nusia NuhaNusia NuhaHour ago
  • Does anyone notice how he does everything half assed

    jaymanschan yojaymanschan yoHour ago
  • Is that from safri park?

    Minecraft— RobloxerMinecraft— RobloxerHour ago

    Aaron HernandezAaron HernandezHour ago
  • The end🤣🤣

    Mirela ChannelMirela ChannelHour ago
  • Sandy😍😶😇😻😽💏😍😘😭😶

    J VajJ VajHour ago
  • 😭🍗

    Panda NatashaPanda Natasha2 hours ago
  • The end maked me laugh so hard

    Sanford Eating Donut DC2Sanford Eating Donut DC22 hours ago
  • Lol

    Ak FrAk Fr2 hours ago
  • The hecc

    Ayang Studios :DAyang Studios :D3 hours ago
  • Isnt that slime?

    millionraysmillionrays3 hours ago
  • You're the reason that the instructions exist

    Muddysudz gamingMuddysudz gaming3 hours ago
  • End was so funny

    Shanjida HudaShanjida Huda3 hours ago
  • I just love how he hit his head on his desk..and tried to play it off like nothing happened! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jaye lycan PrideJaye lycan Pride4 hours ago
  • I wanted it to explode

    Helen JonesHelen Jones4 hours ago
  • I tried those and I did not like them

    Mha CoolMha Cool4 hours ago
  • When you go into store to get it and say it’s your sons so your not embarrass

    Kian SmithKian Smith4 hours ago
  • Can you drink it

    William BullockWilliam Bullock4 hours ago
  • U ddnt have spit on me my Jordan

    JTfendiJTfendi4 hours ago
  • I love how he adds the yo to be hip and cool

    pogchamppogchamp5 hours ago
  • Ahh my face its wet jaden! Be polite!!

    Darius WilliamDarius William5 hours ago
  • Lol hahahah

    Ianna Yohan Chloie LacsonIanna Yohan Chloie Lacson5 hours ago
  • Those led lights are messed up-

    Elliot SimsElliot Sims5 hours ago
  • XDDDDDDDD that's funny

    Dino nugget UwUDino nugget UwU6 hours ago
  • Why does he look like an edgy 2000s emo

    Burger_ AdiBurger_ Adi6 hours ago
  • *30 munites later jaden sprinz turned into wolf*

    FlashbroFlashbro6 hours ago
  • Hello sharp teeth in the back of fake tell me because I have no idea if it just vampire because that is creepy dude you should

    Stacy Ann ModesteStacy Ann Modeste6 hours ago
  • Made me laugh 😂

    Baste FelixBaste Felix7 hours ago
  • *candy addict* Thx for the thumbs up 🤪👍🏻

    Swara DeoreSwara Deore7 hours ago
  • Alternative title : Magically Disgusting Potion

    Porrapatt VongsurakraiPorrapatt Vongsurakrai7 hours ago
  • When I was drinking water and I was looking at your video I laughed and I have spent the water out on my phone

    Nene MarshallNene Marshall7 hours ago
  • Did he drink this and that is how he became a vampire

    controller princecontroller prince8 hours ago
  • Damn he look like a vampire🤐😌👿👿

    Frank OcaslaFrank Ocasla8 hours ago
  • Why are you have to finger teeth

    JayKapiinJayKapiin8 hours ago
  • *me wiping my face off still laugh*

    Shereeze MbShereeze Mb9 hours ago
  • I hed that before and it taste so bad

    Dylan FloresDylan Flores9 hours ago
  • He the only tik toker on youtube that dont speak 99mph

    California OutdoorsCalifornia Outdoors9 hours ago
  • I love you videos but that thing don't even work this tell you

    Iva LockwoodIva Lockwood9 hours ago
  • Its a bubble fun thing

    Sophia OcampoSophia Ocampo9 hours ago
  • Hi

    KillerZay 8469KillerZay 846910 hours ago
  • 😃👍👍👍👍

    binsar cavabinsar cava10 hours ago
  • How do you have vampire teeth

    Ƭɴԍ__ SamƬɴԍ__ Sam10 hours ago
  • Me too

    Yuanne Jaren Denise CruzYuanne Jaren Denise Cruz11 hours ago
  • Ur Hairrr bootiful

    GamingPlayzzGamingPlayzz12 hours ago
  • OmG lOvE tHe EnD 😂😂😂


    Sus DoctorSus Doctor12 hours ago
  • I agree with timebucks the end made me laugh, It’s so funny when he spit it out of his mouth towards the camera 🎥😆

    Lumber girl 4356Lumber girl 435613 hours ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Lefty EyeLefty Eye13 hours ago
  • the end was so funny

    Ramiro GomezRamiro Gomez15 hours ago
  • He said store but what he really meant was the guy behind the trash can in the alleyway.

    HURB heheHURB hehe15 hours ago
  • Lol

    Bears r gamersBears r gamers16 hours ago
  • My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined im soaked look at my clothes

    Littlecountry BigboyLittlecountry Bigboy17 hours ago
  • you entertain children, are you happy?

    SixtyOneSixtyOne17 hours ago
  • It sounds like Funtime/ molten Freddy is talking in the background

    GRIM FOXYGRIM FOXY17 hours ago
  • Hey, Can you wear a vampire outfit next video and if you have led lights can you put them to red? :D

    Lolbit with Funtime foxyLolbit with Funtime foxy18 hours ago
  • At the end of this it made laugh

    Belizaire Jean BerthonyBelizaire Jean Berthony18 hours ago
  • You spit on us

    Lasean RobertsLasean Roberts18 hours ago
  • Not me thinking it was a drink

    HP TokHP Tok19 hours ago
  • Poor camera

    Joseph ThangJoseph Thang20 hours ago

    Eri ChanEri Chan20 hours ago
  • I flinched soo bad at the end.. i got embarrassed ;-;

    RosecandyRosecandy21 hour ago
  • Nice video

    festus ewerefestus ewere22 hours ago
  • Uh thats slime... Not a drink...

    CarsonlovesanimalzCarsonlovesanimalz22 hours ago
  • The was funny

    mcdonalds :Dmcdonalds :D22 hours ago
  • 🙃

    Rasha FiraasRasha Firaas22 hours ago
  • Are you dracolar or whar

    BAKHTAWAR ShamasBAKHTAWAR Shamas23 hours ago
  • “wow its bubbling, thats crazy”

    Yes IYes I23 hours ago
  • He is like a child getting satisfied 🤣🤣

    masked_creature RE-bornmasked_creature RE-born23 hours ago
  • I think he is a vampire because one time he said he was trying to read jelly fruit and he said it tasted like blood so that is why I think he is a 🧛‍♂️

    Norah FNorah F23 hours ago
  • I swear to God you went in hot topic and got it because they have them at the front counter when you walk in😂😂😂

    Gin EazūGin Eazū23 hours ago
  • Why Your Eyes 👁️Not Like Human One😦

    Mairah PuteriMairah Puteri23 hours ago
  • Lmao

    The MatrizelThe MatrizelDay ago
  • Me when I drink water dor the first time:

    Jacko 369Jacko 369Day ago
  • Bro it’s the “Woah! It’s bubbling, that’s crazy.” For me 😂

    Chronic VyroChronic VyroDay ago
  • Hahahah the end thoo😂😂

    Ensarigaming YTEnsarigaming YTDay ago
  • 100k likes for eating candy

    Stamatis TaramasStamatis TaramasDay ago
  • Did he check the instructions on the bottle?-

    Chloe belnasChloe belnasDay ago
  • I am eating dinner right now🙂

    HatdogHatdogDay ago
  • Fun fact: hats actually bubble water

    Ur Sus -RooneyUr Sus -RooneyDay ago
  • No u

    Rad RenoRad RenoDay ago
  • He looks like a vampire

    Makayla GordonMakayla GordonDay ago
  • I have same tooth

    Christabel_Angel AngelChristabel_Angel AngelDay ago
  • Good

    newspkfarooqnewspkfarooqDay ago
  • Me too it make me laugh soo much🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Janell QuisquinoJanell QuisquinoDay ago
  • Why he look like a vampire

    Cleon Liam CruzCleon Liam CruzDay ago
  • The end spit on us guys yeah you know i ,m dowt know why but I HATE YOU WHY DID YOU JUST DRINGK IT THAK ,S FOR DHAT MMMMM

    ken Germanken GermanDay ago
  • The poor camera ;-;

    Qween batamQween batamDay ago
  • #vivpier

    Xavier WillettXavier WillettDay ago
  • Me: Brown Hair Jaden: Brown hair Me: INTENSE Eyebrows Jaden: INTENSE Eyebrows Me: Kinda pointy ears Jaden: Kinda pointy ears Me: SHARP teeth Jaden: SHARP teeth Me: *Wants to be a boy* Jaden you are the future me-

    Garbage CatGarbage CatDay ago
  • Idk if you supposed to eat that tbh I don’t have a smart Brain OK so I know it’s weird saying that

    PuroPuroDay ago
  • That for some reason scared me

    Me_the_BotMe_the_BotDay ago
  • Good one

    festus ewerefestus ewereDay ago
  • Xd

    Sarah DallingaSarah DallingaDay ago
  • The "do we try it?"

    CadeblockadeCadeblockadeDay ago

    Cameron VillamariaCameron VillamariaDay ago
  • Hahhaahahaa he is to funny 😂🤣

    Ain NatasyaAin NatasyaDay ago
  • We’re did you get ?

    Ash WAsh WDay ago