Magic Diary Grants Wishes/ 12 Awkward Situations

Apr 1, 2021
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My Boyfriend Got Kidnapped! 17 Funny Situations
Let's jump into the world of magic and fairy tales. Rhonda has a magic diary that fulfills wishes. I wonder how far will she go in her dreams?
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  • I really like this diry

    Asif OwaisAsif Owais31 minute ago
  • Wow amazing book

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  • So sad

    Trinity MeadusTrinity Meadus3 hours ago
  • Oh that’s cool 😎 I would like to have a book like this 😘

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  • Sorry I mean 2+ 3 is 5

    Divya thakurDivya thakur4 hours ago
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  • But..... 2 + 2 is 5

    Divya thakurDivya thakur4 hours ago
    • Sorry I mean 2+3 is 5

      Divya thakurDivya thakur4 hours ago
  • How do it even work to have a diary like that well I want one but is it even possible

    Rimas Mohamed HajiRimas Mohamed Haji4 hours ago
  • very nice

    hiro alhiro al4 hours ago
  • I want the book

    LIM TENG SOON MoeLIM TENG SOON Moe5 hours ago
  • Wow 👏

    Adiam GebrehiwetAdiam Gebrehiwet5 hours ago
  • Such stupid

    Mintu MunjurulMintu Munjurul6 hours ago
  • If I jade this dairy I would ask the diary to do my homework

  • I have a unicorn 🦄 notebook

    Амин-Эрдэнэ ЖАмин-Эрдэнэ Ж6 hours ago
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    Elizabeth-ann DempsterElizabeth-ann Dempster6 hours ago
  • It is so funny 🤣... I like the A+...

    Bandana PradhanBandana Pradhan6 hours ago
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    Elizabeth-ann DempsterElizabeth-ann Dempster6 hours ago
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    Elizabeth-ann DempsterElizabeth-ann Dempster6 hours ago
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    Elizabeth-ann DempsterElizabeth-ann Dempster6 hours ago
  • And I wich i had a book like that

    Sophie HlondoSophie Hlondo7 hours ago
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    Sophie HlondoSophie Hlondo7 hours ago
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    Trisha LamosaTrisha Lamosa7 hours ago
  • I would write that I want to be a billionaire

    Fairouz AlelewiFairouz Alelewi7 hours ago
  • The Notebook that that girl said it fall from the sky is from the locker

    Kuhle SiqwanaKuhle Siqwana8 hours ago
  • 2+3=5 everybody knows that

    ish ish nazish ish naz8 hours ago
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    Anh 7 VũAnh 7 Vũ8 hours ago
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    LEE ANN MoeLEE ANN Moe9 hours ago
  • Why is the book upsidedown of the math book🤨

    Alma RaplizaAlma Rapliza9 hours ago
  • Two + thee is five ;v

    Barbara :D ;vBarbara :D ;v11 hours ago
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  • Cool

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    Yassin MoYassin Mo20 hours ago
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    Diana innitDiana innit20 hours ago
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    Raysa SuazoRaysa Suazo21 hour ago

    Meline AltaweelMeline AltaweelDay ago

    Meline AltaweelMeline AltaweelDay ago
  • Her hair looks like blackpink lisa in stay song

    Riya and RaihanRiya and RaihanDay ago
  • The new Dairy is Pretty I love it

    Çŕýßþèĺ MòòďýÇŕýßþèĺ MòòďýDay ago
  • Why do you sell candy if your not allowed it in the novies

    BroWn Bear PlayzBroWn Bear PlayzDay ago
  • When they asked 2 + 3 I was just so cringed

  • No is not 10 is 5 2+3= 5 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂

    BiB_n5BiB_n5Day ago
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  • 2+3 is 10 Me: WHUT DID SHE SAY?!?

    Tường Đặng PhướcTường Đặng PhướcDay ago
    • Two plus three is 23

      GJB FortniteGJB Fortnite23 hours ago
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    Irma ShakiashviliIrma ShakiashviliDay ago
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    Irma ShakiashviliIrma ShakiashviliDay ago
  • Wow

    Natasha NjeriNatasha NjeriDay ago
    • If I had the same diary

      Natasha NjeriNatasha NjeriDay ago
  • I wish I had that note book

    Amaya MakAmaya MakDay ago
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    Laji KLaji KDay ago
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    Lucky Xian RoxasLucky Xian RoxasDay ago
  • Just write in the diary to be rich

    ShaNelle LalagunaShaNelle LalagunaDay ago
  • Wow, that's very good

    Anisaa SariAnisaa SariDay ago
  • Cool !!!

    Jess NgJess NgDay ago
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    Arti GoyalArti GoyalDay ago
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    Devie GaduyonDevie GaduyonDay ago
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    Nice OWO cat BoyNice OWO cat BoyDay ago
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    Nishay WaltonNishay WaltonDay ago
  • Me if I had the note book: I WANT TO BE A BILLIONAIRE!

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  • No 2 +3=5 OMG not 10

    Sneaker MonarchSneaker MonarchDay ago
  • You know everything that happened to the girl in this video she wished for it the diary even warned her and now she thinks it's the diary fault

    ann squadann squadDay ago
  • I wood wish for 1m cat’s

    Jay BeltranJay BeltranDay ago
  • I thought they said rest time not party time

    Sara McCarvillSara McCarvillDay ago
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    Lorena ShillovaLorena ShillovaDay ago
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    Jose EliasJose EliasDay ago
  • Magic dairy didn’t you mean fairy ? 🧚‍♂️

    •Hailey• ._.•Hailey• ._.Day ago
  • Love this

    Del & MelDel & MelDay ago
  • If I had a diary like that... I would make fictional characters real😿

    Gabrielle_gachaGabrielle_gachaDay ago
  • 4:41

    Jade ShocknessJade ShocknessDay ago
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    nayra syalwanayra syalwa2 days ago
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    Sonia MansoorSonia Mansoor2 days ago
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