Loki Trailer 2021 Breakdown - Marvel and Thor 4 Easter Eggs Breakdown

Apr 5, 2021
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Loki Trailer 2021. New Footage, Marvel Easter Eggs, Thor 4 Teaser, Fantastic Four Teaser, Kang The Conqueror, Avengers 5 and Episodes Explained ► bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
Thor 4 Teaser First Look ► usworlds.info/slow/video/n4tlr6WRfZKJgWI​
Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3 ► usworlds.info/slow/video/q5uDoJnchnKoeJk
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Covering new Loki Trailer 2021. New Footage, Marvel Easter Eggs. Tom Hiddleston Avengers Endgame Loki Scene, Loki Episodes Marvel Phase 4 Disney Plus. Fantastic Four Trailer Easter Eggs, Kang The Conqueror, Avengers 5, Thor 4 Love and Thunder Crossover. Chris Hemsworth and Avengers Movies Easter Eggs. Rick and Morty Multiple Loki Versions explained. Female Loki, Kid Loki, Evil Loki.
Doctor Strange 2 Teaser Multiverse of Madness. Wandavision Easter Eggs, Ant Man 3 Teaser, Quantumania Movie Easter Eggs. Spider-Man 3 Teaser Spider-Verse Multiverse storyline explained. Loki Episodes Release Date, Black Widow Movie timing. Nick Fury Avengers Secret Invasion Series. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight Teaser, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Teaser Trailer, Iron Man Armor Wars Teaser Trailer. And the Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer and New Episodes Easter Eggs.
New Thor 4 Teaser for Chris Hemsworth soon, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer. Loki Episodes, Black Widow Movie. Hawkeye Trailer, Moon Knight, Shang Chi Trailer, Eternals Trailer, And Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer videos soon!
I'll be doing Episode videos for all the 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. We'll get a Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Trailer soon and a Venom 2 Trailer for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Full Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 4 video will post next Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. More videos for Marvel and Godzilla vs Kong soon too!

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  • Here's my new Loki Trailer video and Marvel Easter Eggs with connections to Thor 4 and the other upcoming marvel movies like Fantastic Four and lots more! Post your predictions in the comments. Here's my new Thor 4 First Look video too! usworlds.info/slow/video/n4tlr6WRfZKJgWI

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome5 days ago
    • @Si H great shout with Brazil. Gilliam all over this one, too. And the horned horde in the Vote Loki... all together... “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...”

      Christopher BurkeChristopher BurkeDay ago
    • I cant believe you didnt reference terry gilliams brasil as the major visual source for the tva

      Si HSi HDay ago
    • The Tomorrow War was bought by Amazon Prime and is releasing on their service July 2nd, and Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) has taken its July 23rd date it had. Here's the current List of 3D movies of 2021: Abruptio (TBA) Wish Dragon (TBA) My Little Pony (TBA) 🎠 New Gods: NeZha ReBorn Raya and the Last Dragon 🐉 Godzilla VS. Kong 🐲 Mortal Kombat (April 23) ❄ Mitchell's VS. The Machines Cruella (May) Vivo Spirit Untamed 🐎 Luca 🌅 Fast & Furious 9 🚄 Top Gun 2 (July 2) ✈ Peter Rabbit 2 🐇 The Tomorrow War Black Widow Cinderella 👠 Space Jam: A New Legacy 🏀 Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) 🐍 👀 Jungle Cruise 🚢 Suicide Squad 2 (August) 💀 Hotel Transylvania 4 Free Guy 🎮 Bios Paw Patrol: The Movie Reminiscence Jackass 4 (September 4) 💫 Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 🏯 Boss Baby 2 🚼 Venom 2 Infinite Dune (October) The Addams Family 2 No Time to Die 🎰 Ron's Gone Wrong 💻 Eternals (November) Clifford the Big Red Dog 🐕 Ghostbusters Afterlife 👻 Mission Impossible 7 😎 King Richard 👑 Enchanto Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City 🌂 West Side Story (December) 💃 Spider-Man No Way Home The King's Man (Kingsman) 🎩 Matrix 4 🌐 Sing 2 👄

      Shahaneh LimonadiShahaneh LimonadiDay ago
    • I always watch and enjoy your marvel videos.Thank you! Wondered if anyone else getting SERIOUS Kubric vibes from Loki??? The lighting, the sets, camera movement... The Shining, Dr Strangelove, 2001, Eyes Wide Shut

      Christopher BurkeChristopher Burke2 days ago
    • at 10:04 I don't think thats alternate Loki, I think thats black widow after she died at the bottom of the cliff/waterfall when she jumped. I think he's talking to her in the 'afterlife'.. It's the outfit that gives it away. and all the ruble .. remember they were on a destroyed world, the pipes, water at the bottom of the cliff, all of it, screams Black Widow to me..even the mood lighting 'purple' hue.. Her hair when she jumped was short cropped like this, but tied back. Seems like she pulled that hair tie out is all.

      AdrayvenAdrayven2 days ago
  • It’s that Rusty Collins aka Firefist from Deadpool 2 standing in line with Loki??

    Sam WhiteSam White2 hours ago
  • Itd be cool if they showed actual Norse mythology Loki and Thor has red hair

    Phoenix BlackPhoenix Black2 hours ago
  • Loki will dominate wandavision and falcons series.... nobody can be surprised

    mArked4death 07mArked4death 0710 hours ago
  • So they think they can put .00000111 of a sec of nat and him and we won’t freak out?!?!?!

    Karen MartinezKaren Martinez10 hours ago
  • 10:12 ohhh i thought that was like black widow not female loki lol

    Reuben CobbReuben Cobb10 hours ago
  • You said DB Cooper "robbed a bunch of banks".. He actually hijacked a plane and held it ransom in exchange for 200K and parachute. He jumped out vanished without a trace. A few 20 dollar bills were found 8 years later but no one knows who he was or where he went

    GOATlikedacheeseGOATlikedacheese11 hours ago
  • The female Loki looks a little bit like Black Widow.

    CPMACPMA11 hours ago
  • I am so hyped for this shoe hopefully it isn’t full of twists

    Lofi LeeLofi Lee11 hours ago
  • Haha Loki gets scared of the Flarkin.

    Ultimmaa WarriorUltimmaa Warrior16 hours ago
  • So phase 4, is a lot of time travel, alternate realities and magic

    Max BretschneiderMax Bretschneider16 hours ago
  • If you were creating a marvel cinematic time line, would you put this after the avengers or end game?

    Chris OrrillChris Orrill16 hours ago
  • Why do I feel like the scene at 2:06 looks like he is sitting with black widow!?

    David SwingleDavid Swingle16 hours ago
  • DB Cooper was a hijacker, not a bank robber.

    Harold BHarold B17 hours ago
  • The fresh soda temporally clap because lotion acutely soothe pro a petite army. witty, devilish calendar

    cassie smithersoncassie smitherson20 hours ago
  • I have a feeling German bureaucracy isn’t any better🤧😂😅

    Sassy UnicornSassy Unicorn21 hour ago
  • Isn’t this plot of him hunting down all the different versions of himself similar to Dr Doom hunting down all the versions of (guy I cannot remember) in the lead up to the most recent secret wars?

    Stephen BrazierStephen Brazier23 hours ago
  • 10:05 i thought that's black widow to whom loki talking to

    Jatin KaushikJatin KaushikDay ago
  • Just a trailer, but I can't stop laughing.

    Emy's Flash TipEmy's Flash TipDay ago
  • Help me understand please: The Avengers were using the time space GPS thingie through the quantum realm so they could access their past/other realities. How is Loki able to mess things up with just the space stone? (that too from his own reality)

    Sharmeishtha SinghSharmeishtha SinghDay ago
  • This looks so awesome!

    englandmp152englandmp152Day ago
  • collar on Loki neck looks like deadpool 2 prison maybe an 🐰🥚🤔

    Ray PurchaseRay PurchaseDay ago
  • Hela ate all the pies :D

    KissMiAsseKissMiAsseDay ago
  • The Loki, Odin son, magic from.frostgiants.gave his eye 4 knowledge Hella forgive. Asguard start on earth 🌎 onguauarn🤾☘️🤓 the SMO say yo!

    Alan D MysticAlan D MysticDay ago
  • Wait I thought he was speaking to black widow and not an alternate version of himself

    Reece EWEReece EWEDay ago
  • i know i might be wrong but i think loki draws his powers from a sword

    ajiboy 5227ajiboy 5227Day ago
  • Loki is one of my fav mcu so excited to see the female Loki in this series

    Evie TomlinsonEvie TomlinsonDay ago

    S. L. Y.S. L. Y.Day ago
  • that's black widow not female loki, female loki has the same color hair as loki, not red

    cory vasherscory vashersDay ago
  • He's sitting with black widow!!! Come on Charlie your better then that

    Ed KelleyEd KelleyDay ago
  • S

    TheJbs731TheJbs731Day ago
  • DB Cooper wasn't a bank robber.

    Charlie LentzCharlie LentzDay ago
  • DB Cooper easter egg is my favorite

    allyallyDay ago
  • Excuse you. It's Lady Loki

    marbletroublemarbletroubleDay ago
  • It looks like some of those splintered timeliness was gonna meet up

    Kieran RileyKieran RileyDay ago
  • All the major villans in MCU seem to turn into a good guy after they stint of evil. Except Thanos they just killed his ass 2x

    Brad HeckmanBrad HeckmanDay ago
  • Since this series is dealing with alternate timelines/universes, will we see the one universe (earth) that was nearly destroyed by Quake in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

    MarkuS AlleNMarkuS AlleNDay ago
  • I though thats black widow when he's sitting next to him

    Adam KAdam KDay ago
  • Owen must say at least one “wow” in this show or we’ll riot

    Worst TeammateWorst TeammateDay ago
  • *wow*

    Worst TeammateWorst TeammateDay ago
  • Hopefully Loki and female-Loki become a couple.

    EclipseMints08EclipseMints08Day ago
  • Is it possible it could be Black widow with Loki.. not sure how it can be connected..

    Lijo AbrahamLijo AbrahamDay ago
  • I hate thinking about Roxxon cause it reminds me of Cloak and Dagger 😭

    I Once Ate A TacoI Once Ate A TacoDay ago
  • 0.52 if undo end game. loki get entire plant asgurd wipped out. so help protect time but not fix everything.

    rodney adamsrodney adamsDay ago
  • DB Cooper was a Hijacker.

    Baron of Livonia.Baron of Livonia.Day ago
  • sigh. DB cooper didn't rob a bunch of banks, he highjacked a plane. said he had a bomb, asked for a ransom, got it and then jumped off the plane with a parachute, never to be seen again.

    ElizabethElizabethDay ago
  • Where is the tribunal.

    Nik PNik PDay ago
  • 12:40 looks like pompei ?

    AMiceiAMiceiDay ago
  • Hey bud I don't think that's another Loki that he's talking to I think that's black widow Dead Black widow

    Kevin PellizzeriKevin PellizzeriDay ago

    Mokgabo MMokgabo MDay ago
  • 10:36 so this isn’t black widow?

    Front TigahhFront TigahhDay ago
  • To say I’m excited for this is an understatement

    BeckonBeckonDay ago
  • skipping winter solider and the other one def this one gets to me!

  • Will deadpool crossover in Loki?

    LWT rockLWT rock2 days ago
  • is that cat really a cat?

    Idiot KatIdiot Kat2 days ago
  • So .. Rick and Morty?

    _flashback__flashback_2 days ago
  • I can't wait to see TH play Loki playing characters!

    Lost & Found TravelLost & Found Travel2 days ago
  • They should shoot the scene when THIS VARIANT Loki watching how Thanos is sluttering The Asgardians. And this should be the moment for his redemption.

    Freestyler AFFreestyler AF2 days ago
  • I just saw the Ghostbusters new trailer and cant help recognising the little piano tune from the first limited trailer which I can't find at this point in time now but is it just me

    kevin mairkevin mair2 days ago
  • Has loki reconned db cooper? He didn't rob banks he hijacked a 727 before that was a deadly thing..

    gregatyisgregatyis2 days ago
  • I didn't know that was female Loki, I thought it was Black Widow....thanks for clearing that up ;)

    Pamela BallPamela Ball2 days ago
  • The production code for this was "The Architect"

    Steve KlemettiSteve Klemetti2 days ago
  • @ 6:56. They changed that. In the first shooting it said "What?" Then in the reshoots, they changed it to "this is Absurd".

    Steve KlemettiSteve Klemetti2 days ago
  • I'm looking forward to this show the most its gonna be great, all Loki hell yea.

    Shane ConlonShane Conlon2 days ago
  • 😀

    Jabon DrissJabon Driss2 days ago
  • It’ll be hilarious if one of the alternate Loki’s is Matt Damon lol

    Croco D. IleCroco D. Ile2 days ago
  • Hidden Mickey at the beginning of trailer?

    Maritza KorichMaritza Korich2 days ago
  • wait...didnt his contract expire? (looks like that lego infinity war YT vid is VERY misleading XD)

    Mauricio SantiagoMauricio Santiago2 days ago
  • I never heard anything about D.B. Cooper robbing any banks. No one knows who he was, so I’m not sure how they would know he robbed banks, though he may have, but that’s not how he got the money. Cooper took the passengers on a plane hostage by claiming he had a bomb in his briefcase. He then demanded $200,000.00 in extortion money. He had the plane land at an airport in Seattle, Washington, where he demanded it be refueled as he let all of the passengers go, but made the crew remain, including the stewardess. The plane took off again, but once in the air, he made all of the hostesses go into the cockpit with the crew. While they were in the safety of the cockpit, he opened the airlift door, which depressurized the rest of the plane. That’s when it is presumed Cooper leaped out of the plane with all of the money and some other equipment, including several parachutes. Cooper was never found nor identified. Even this many decades later, his identity is still unknown? There were a few burnt bills found with the parachutes and other things, but Cooper was never found, even though investigators had declared him deceased. They claim that no untrained person could survive that jump and the weather front that was present that day, but without a body, we can never know for sure he is dead. Who knows, maybe he was some highly trained special forces or navy seal who had retired his commission, or maybe it was Loki?

    Wolverine SmithWolverine Smith2 days ago
  • I do not believe that scene of Loki talking to a lass is him talking to Female Loki... that lass doesn't resemble a female Loki in any way to me. Granted I could be way off, but it looks more like Black Widow then ANY one else. From the outfit she is wearing to the hair she has... I really don't think that is anyone BUT Natasha.

    Hans Von HeilegerHans Von Heileger2 days ago
    • However the hooded figure? Yeah I will stay with that one being Female Loki.

      Hans Von HeilegerHans Von Heileger2 days ago
  • @:47 That is my hand

    Steve KlemettiSteve Klemetti2 days ago
  • This is going to be wild crazy interesting insanely good...

    IRON5IRON52 days ago
  • Actually, I think the scene that is mentioned to be reminiscent of the iron man scene, looks a lot more like the scene from the beginning of Spiderman far from home where Nick Fury traveled to Mexico area. And another thought was, what if that scene with female loki and loki was loki and black widow at vormir. Would be cool

    J-ROCJ-ROC2 days ago
  • I wonder will they show him how Thanos choked him to death.

    Killed SteelKilled Steel2 days ago
  • who is the other guy waiting in line? anyone important?

    Frank R. IIIFrank R. III2 days ago
  • Quantum Leap - Marvel version

    damnBORGdamnBORG3 days ago
  • O M G I can't wait!

    KanKan3 days ago
  • Owen Wilson “Wow”

    Vuyani N.Vuyani N.3 days ago
  • Spider-Man 4 rumors

    Akash Joji's ReactionsAkash Joji's Reactions3 days ago
  • Loki has super strength. Hw cn normal ppl arrest him 😂

    Rahil AmeerRahil Ameer3 days ago
  • My favorite Easter egg

    DrookeDrooke3 days ago
  • If he wasn’t the Purple Man in Jessica Jones, the Tenth Doctor David Tenant could have portrayed Loki excellently also

    WednesdayComixWednesdayComix3 days ago
  • *LOKI in the desert...* That's similar to "Exiles #1" where the Timebroker pulls people from different times and realities to form the Exiles. They appear in a desert. Also, there's a big threat to the Multiverse they need to fix, but more importantly they really should go with a MULTIVERSE since you can then bring in a new ACTOR to take over a role rather than having to retire the character until the franchise reboots... bring over "Black Widow" from Earth 617 played by the same actor or different actor? There are other ways to do it but that opens up your options, plus you can have multiple versions of the same character on screen at the same time (maybe every Spider-Man that ever appeared in film, different Hulk's, DC and Marvel in the same Multiverse?). Cool!

    Jeffrey PhotonboyJeffrey Photonboy3 days ago
  • I wonder if he knows he's dead.

    AnonymousAnonymous3 days ago
  • Where's the TARDIS? What if Asgard is really Gallifrey and Loki is the Master? What happens if Loki goes back in time and steps on a butterfly?

    Jeffrey PhotonboyJeffrey Photonboy3 days ago
  • Jedyne co jest pewne, to to że Polski dubbing będzie okropny i nie będzie brzmiał jak prawdziwi bohaterzy C:

    Herbata HerbataHerbata Herbata3 days ago
  • I love that they did like a little Dan Cooper easter egg which makes that case make so much sense

    Akhmed DjumaevAkhmed Djumaev3 days ago
  • Has a Quantum Leap vibe

    MP MIMP MI3 days ago
  • Those three oversized statues by that elevator...do y'all think that one (or all?) of them could be Immortus? Or perhaps the evolution of Rama-Tut/Kang/Immortus? It's the only thing that makes sense to me (so far). Also, I think that resolving the whole "broken branch timeline" thing might finally be the way they reincorporate the inconsistencies of the branch "Agents of SHIELD" & "Netflixverse" timelines back into the main MCU--waving off the canonical issues so that future MCU projects can use the AOS & Netflix characters without any mind-boggling explanations. Maybe even a way to explain away MCU Mutants. Whaddyathink?

    UnclePhil2kUnclePhil2k3 days ago
  • Time stone is green, Loki fixing timelines and magic being green is not a coincidence.

    Sareth ChhomSareth Chhom3 days ago
  • you said a lot of BS for magic genre who is used.

    Jack 66Jack 663 days ago
  • I’m hoping the female Loki is the main version of Loki in Thor Love and Thunder.

    _sp00kydallas_sp00kydallas3 days ago
  • I'm down with any movie containing bureaucratic sci fi

    EricaErica3 days ago
  • That scene with the rumbling in the background should be Pompeii

    The Ugly Duckling ComethThe Ugly Duckling Cometh3 days ago
  • The pattern on the wall in the first shot has some full circles and others that are broken, representing Loki affect on time

    Bryanna KilroyBryanna Kilroy3 days ago
  • 10:10 are we sure this isnt black widow after she sacrifices herself?

    Morgan BurnsideMorgan Burnside3 days ago
  • Fam I think the dust scene was Loki in Pompeii as ash falls on him

    HH3 days ago
  • When Loki was in the room where he was asked to verify everything he ever said I thought of Schroder and his famous cat thought experiment about different timelines

  • Hey Charlie, i don't know if you notice it, but the line "you're not big on trust, are you?" sounded a lot like Sam Rockwell (Justin Hammer) and it could be a easter egg character that connects Loki series with Armor Wars series or else, since he's not listed in the cast. Love your videos man, stay safe!

    Andreas MaunaAndreas Mauna3 days ago
  • 6:43 bruh, that’s no cat. Just ask Director Fury! Are we not gonna talk about this dangerous creature hanging out at the TVA????

    Ben FrankBen Frank3 days ago