LITTLE ANGEL (Christmas Special!)

Dec 3, 2020
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Limited Edition Kitten Plush ready to order now for delivery in time for Christmas:
Festive magic is in the air and Simon's Cat is looking out for his best friend in our Christmas Special 'Little Angel'! 😄 🎄 ⭐
Director: Simon Tofield
Animation Director: Rachel Thorn
Animator: Jack Sleeman
Art Coordinator: Georgina Chapman
Production Manager: Phoebe Lane
Executive Producers: Edwin Eckford, Mike Bell
Music: Shrooty
Foley: Fonic
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  • He set up a wedding, he found him a wife

    H GarteeH Gartee4 hours ago
  • Cat meow oouou meowu , if that I'm Russian

    man4ikYT1man4ikYT18 hours ago
  • algum br ?

    Artzinn xlArtzinn xl3 days ago
  • 😍😘😂😍

    oukacha1_ عكاشةoukacha1_ عكاشة7 days ago
  • Omg do u know I know Ur wife she works at a place in isreal called merchavim I was there And I rlly love Ur vids Idk if she remembers me lol

    naomi saundersnaomi saunders8 days ago
  • Quite similar to what my cat did to my nativity scene this christmas :-D

    Irmgard HaubIrmgard Haub10 days ago
  • Тоже ищешь русский коментарий?

    Good GameGood Game11 days ago
  • 🐱🧣

    Krlit AKrlit A14 days ago
  • Loved that

    Christine PottsChristine Potts15 days ago

    simon's cat and fans! mauw!owo san valentine day!simon's cat and fans! mauw!owo san valentine day!17 days ago
  • I'm from Russia and I love your videos!

    Эльмира НураеваЭльмира Нураева18 days ago
  • L

    gguftuhtujgguftuhtuj19 days ago
  • How can anyone unlike this 🤷‍♀️ makes me laugh every time I watch these videos so good!!

    victoria Gallowayvictoria Galloway20 days ago
  • I watched this when I was ten or something... so lovely animation, thank you

    Alisa KuukkaAlisa Kuukka23 days ago
  • I love simon cat 😀😃😃😃😃😃😃

    wan juniora Wronawan juniora Wrona25 days ago
  • I love Simon

    Анюта ARTАнюта ART27 days ago
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    Julia ZdobyszJulia Zdobysz27 days ago
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    Liz TaylorLiz Taylor28 days ago
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    Israel TinocoIsrael Tinoco28 days ago
  • I need that cat 😭😭😭

    Anik AhmedAnik Ahmed29 days ago
  • The lost gnome home beacon has a angel friend now.

    G ManG ManMonth ago
  • Awwww. He isn’t a destroyer, he wanted to help friend. Love those cats so much 😍

    Tasha MetamorfosisTasha MetamorfosisMonth ago
  • It’s so cute but amazing meowy Christmas 🎄

    Alexzandra CantuAlexzandra CantuMonth ago
  • I always wonderd what is Simon's cat real name...

    PeanutTrainPeanutTrainMonth ago
  • I absolutely love the Simon's Cat series. The cat reminds me of my own cats that I've had through the years in so many ways. Never stop making these. I love the Simon's Cat books too.

    Kamoonra The Wolf GodKamoonra The Wolf GodMonth ago
  • 😍 This is so cute 😍💜

    Saskia PersephoneSaskia PersephoneMonth ago
  • “You’re welcome!” 😻♥️😁

    J KnightJ KnightMonth ago
  • Too cute

    Blake C ParisBlake C ParisMonth ago
  • Kisses and hugs and lots of loves Simon

    Blake C ParisBlake C ParisMonth ago
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  • I have a cat his name is snow bell l9ves christmas. Like I do

    Tiana RobergeTiana RobergeMonth ago
  • Cat

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  • Any episode with the kitten is a great episode in my books x) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Adam GAdam GMonth ago
  • Lovely!!!!

    Francesca BianchiFrancesca BianchiMonth ago
  • So sweet, he wants a lady for his friend

    Irene AngIrene AngMonth ago
  • What is simons cats name

    Ultimate Hack tutorialUltimate Hack tutorialMonth ago
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    старенький Игорёкстаренький ИгорёкMonth ago
  • I like these channel its the best

  • at the time of 1:36 he said "Merry Christmas! ^w^" in the cutest way!

    Damian FearsDamian FearsMonth ago
  • Fuck I forgot this exists...

    Porsche TPorsche TMonth ago
  • Kitten's legs seem to be a bit longer. Dit he grow up a little?

    Lynneha Hercule élèveLynneha Hercule élèveMonth ago
  • "Mistletoe !" Great ending !

    TedBronson1918TedBronson1918Month ago
  • Mr Simon (I think), how do make the cats sound? Do voice them yourself or through other means? Just wondering ~ a curious fan

    teh zhixiangteh zhixiangMonth ago
  • I got exiting news for you.

  • EEEE my plushie came in today, it's super cute😁😁😁

    BaitBaitMonth ago
  • used to love this channel when I was little

    TheLostOne145TheLostOne145Month ago
  • Merry Christmas and God bless you all! 🙂❤💗💗

    jj McCaryjj McCaryMonth ago
  • Hi

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  • I love these animations

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  • This was great as usual! But I hope Simon hasn’t forgotten about the poor abandoned kitty from the last one.. 😿

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  • AAAAAAAAAW!!! That was amazing. So adorable!!

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  • Hi I love your vids I have forgotten about this but then I just suddenly remmeberd and it is 12:27 A.M lol I hope you keep making vids!your the best, I love how you make sounds for the cat and you 😂

    pîkåčhû owopîkåčhû owoMonth ago
  • I watch you video every time ever in Yt kids

    Karimi NaeemKarimi NaeemMonth ago
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  • Awww. When he tried to fix the angel! So cute

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  • Why do the cats make so many stupid noises?

    nofreenameforme123nofreenameforme123Month ago
  • KITTEN is my favorite, he is the best

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  • you guys are still around?

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  • It became a fallen angel XD

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    • Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

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    Leila T.Leila T.Month ago
  • this hit pretty close to home for me, my cat Julia always makes it a point to steal parts of the nativity set, every year, without fail. we find them all over the house.

    The MagitechieThe MagitechieMonth ago
  • So adorable!

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  • ür møm süçç thē yëII0w ståîns öùt õf my jörts.

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  • Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

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  • This is why cat owners can't have nice things.

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  • Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

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  • I always knew that kitten was an angel.

    Ashley RAshley RMonth ago
    • Meow

      dcoog anmldcoog anmlMonth ago
  • is very beatifull

  • Обожаю этого кота!

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    • Cat Simon's cat

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  • Grand Thief Angle.

  • Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

    alida flusalida flusMonth ago
  • Awwwweeeee!!! I *LOVED* that cute little kiss at the end! I also died from cuteness when the kitten was "an angel" lol

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    • This is funny

      alida flusalida flusMonth ago
  • Simon's Cat has a sentimental side. First he left his treat for a homeless cat in the Thanksgiving video, now he destroyed decorations which seems typical, but he did it to procure a companion for his gnome friend. This is the kind of thing the world needs right now.

    TraceTraceMonth ago