Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi)

Feb 19, 2021
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Original by Roxette
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4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

  • awesome

    L0rd Dr4culL0rd Dr4cul6 minutes ago
  • great interpredation, leo and violet. like it very much

    Heinz HaraldHeinz Harald25 minutes ago
  • Waited for this .Not disappointed 👍

    Martin CroweMartin Crowe31 minute ago
  • wow ... what a massive f... ing good Song ... now ;-) I have goose bumbs. At my first view, at the second ... wow

  • DAM!!!! My two favorites!!!!!!!

    zachnar0125zachnar012539 minutes ago
  • This song sent me down the @VioletOrlandi, @Halocene, and @LaurenBabic USworlds hole!

    Adam RAdam RHour ago
  • Amazing cover

    russ morrowruss morrowHour ago

    Jeremy KershawJeremy Kershaw2 hours ago
  • Поставил лайк. За Кавер. 4+ по пяти бальной. Клип испортило это типа сердце. за клип кол

    Water' PapsWater' Paps4 hours ago
    • Ну Орланди та ещё экстемалка. Ей же надо страсти нагнать и трешака. Показушно конечно грудь раздирает, но так ведь баба же. Зато поет хорошо.

      Иван СусанинИван Сусанин2 hours ago
  • Good work, and a good match up. This could work long term and maybe do some original material together.

    Chris RauschningChris Rauschning5 hours ago
  • How many times I've listened to this song thinking a metal cover would be awesome. And here it is. And yes. It is awesome.

    Keelan GiesingerKeelan Giesinger5 hours ago
  • Maybe my favorite version of a song ever, doesn't hurt that I'm absolutely in love with violet LOL🥰🥰🥰

    Benny GarrBenny Garr5 hours ago
  • Круть!

    Алексей БедаревАлексей Бедарев5 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹👍👌💪

    papered_ beatzpapered_ beatz6 hours ago
  • Damnnnn, that was fucking sick!! Awesome awesome job!

    J MurphyJ Murphy6 hours ago
  • Hey duuudeee, you ahould record more musics with Violet Orlandi, you two playing together is awesome!!!

    Felipe BrazFelipe Braz6 hours ago
  • That's really cool 🤘 Everything is tasty: idea, vocals, especially the moment with tertia 😉

    Мария ДерманМария Дерман6 hours ago
  • Top 5 Leo songs. Fucking RIPS. Bring Violet back again. Do "It must have been love" ASAP.

    The Insurance SoupThe Insurance Soup7 hours ago
  • Usually, I hate covers, but this one is great; (just stop drinking coffee :p )

    Jennifer GuillardJennifer Guillard7 hours ago
  • Violet é a melhor!!!!

    Alexander NalmanAlexander Nalman8 hours ago
  • love to see u @LEO Moracchioli doing a one with violet orlandi , first to.. , Halocene ands Lauren Babic​. wow that the be awesome!

    DancingStiff _o0ps_DancingStiff _o0ps_8 hours ago
  • Sultans of swing got me here, this has made me stay

    Craig VicareyCraig Vicarey9 hours ago
  • Vaiolet Arlandeyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ForsideForside9 hours ago
  • Interesting addition of gospel styling. Another great collab!

    Garret HopwoodGarret Hopwood10 hours ago
  • speechless

    eufonius486eufonius48611 hours ago
  • great metal arransement bro !!! very very best !!!!!!!

    Papa OtitPapa Otit11 hours ago
  • Leo I admire you so much. You are epic at everything you do. I would love to collab with you. You're an inspiration. I'd love to hear you sing Hollow Skies from Final Fantasy 7's remake.

    Pagan WyntersPagan Wynters11 hours ago
  • Guys you are great

    Дмитрий ШевченкоДмитрий Шевченко12 hours ago
  • Yep EpiC! JJ

    john jacobsjohn jacobs13 hours ago
  • Sorry but, I guess I will never understand metal. Tried 3 or 4 of your videos but, can't watch any for more than 10 seconds.

    JOHN WINNJOHN WINN13 hours ago
  • Goil

    Stefan WiestStefan Wiest13 hours ago
  • This is epic....

    ZenAkullaZenAkulla14 hours ago
  • so good!

    Jera SkyJera Sky15 hours ago
  • Wow.🎧😍🤘🏼

    Emaw YohanEmaw Yohan15 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    NI ELNI EL16 hours ago
  • Poor Violet keeps being abused. First she was stabbed 100 times, now she rips her own heart off.

    Jonathas SouzaJonathas Souza17 hours ago
  • this is most certainly music but is not metal, pretty cheesy and exploitative really.

    Robert McAlpinRobert McAlpin17 hours ago
  • I see it... Who else?

    MilamasylumMilamasylum17 hours ago
  • Hello Leo, I am Brazilian and I have been following your work a lot and I have admired you a lot! I wanted to ask for a sound: Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse. thanks and hugs!

    Wellington CorreaWellington Correa18 hours ago
  • Her voice.. 🔥

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni19 hours ago
  • Best one yet.

    Michael HarbisonMichael Harbison19 hours ago
  • Still riding out the link description and waiting for next song! You friggin kill it man!

    George BoldiGeorge Boldi19 hours ago
  • 3:04 amando el alto de ella y el gutural de el🔥

    Tex GamingTex Gaming20 hours ago
  • Violet: our brazilian pride

    Guilherme DuarteGuilherme Duarte21 hour ago
    • ЛЯ КАКАЯ

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni19 hours ago
  • Wait a minute, u lost me back there. I'm supposed to listen or rip off the heart?

    Lucas MatiasLucas Matias22 hours ago
  • OH MY GOD... Goooooooooosebumps everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!

    TrancestorTrancestor22 hours ago
  • Roxette ❣️🥺

    Lolz ZLolz Z22 hours ago
  • Very Beauty that Singer,sorry my english, I'm from Brasil

    Russo MoToLoK013Russo MoToLoK01323 hours ago
  • Please, put it on Spotify! ♥

    MikeiraMikeiraDay ago
  • The perfect Woman does not exi...... 😲 😲😮😮

    silver852silver852Day ago
  • Now that’s some next level sh*t right there. Violet, you need to visit more often. Might be my favorite FrogLeap cover. You both were epic on that one. I hope you had as much fun making this as I had listening to it.

    jeff dornanjeff dornanDay ago
  • That outro is amazing!!

    Steeven BoucherSteeven BoucherDay ago
  • Roxette the GOAT

    CuzjuddCuzjuddDay ago
  • I´m surprised no one seems to realize how heart it is to sing with your heart outside your body.

    AutigirlAutigirlDay ago
  • I dont like this song, makes me feel like that little kid again... that orlandi outro was epic tho!! 5:13

    ypey1ypey1Day ago
  • Incredible Leoo!!!! I like it

    Maikel NaiMaikel NaiDay ago
  • can you do a cover of "Puretone - Addicted To Bass" :D that would be crazy

    Lsp ProjektLsp ProjektDay ago

    Сергей ГуриновСергей ГуриновDay ago
  • Под эту оранжеровку бы оригинальный вокал. Было бы вообще🔥, а так вокал слабоват

    Сергей НоговицинСергей НоговицинDay ago
  • Wow Beautiful Songs músic good

    István JónaIstván JónaDay ago
  • Cool

    Влад ГунявийВлад ГунявийDay ago
  • You know how good the singer must be if you are a metal head, you like Frog Leaps - but still prefer the version with Marie Fredriksson

    becks0816becks0816Day ago
  • the use of toys in your videos is awesome)) fun)

    httbchhttbchDay ago
  • Girl's face is a bit like amy lee, i love it

    Igor MarunchenkoIgor MarunchenkoDay ago
  • 0:24sec, insta like

    YouCobra55YouCobra55Day ago
  • This is an epic masterpiece . Great work !!!

    Oly ListOly ListDay ago
  • This gives me all the right feels

    Amber MontenaroAmber MontenaroDay ago
  • please collab with christina rotondo

    javanthropusjavanthropusDay ago
  • God damn she is so memorizinly beautiful man and a fking awesome voice as well. She is smoking who agrees with me??? Come on ppl!!! Don’t let your wives catch u lmao!!!

    Redd Dogg24Redd Dogg24Day ago
  • пишу на русском лень переводить но ля концовка с закинь денег круче чем сама песня...

    Sonic HedgehogSonic HedgehogDay ago
    • А я думал он Орланди в конце рекламирует.

      Иван СусанинИван Сусанин2 hours ago
  • This thing … the thing she does with her mouth … how does she do that??

    AnvilshockAnvilshockDay ago
  • ❤️🔥

    la2xaocla2xaocDay ago
  • The music is great, but the voice Violet does not fit, not harsh, very soft.

    Denis RuchkineDenis RuchkineDay ago
  • Metalhead who's a major Roxette fan here. LOVE this!

    bocoy noiubocoy noiuDay ago
  • I'm amazed. Wonderful collab...

    The Guitar Pirate TubeThe Guitar Pirate TubeDay ago
  • Leo's outros are legendary :D

    Joshua StorlieJoshua StorlieDay ago
  • I’d really like to see you do a collab with Liliac. I think that would be awesome.

    Kyrk NordfjeldKyrk NordfjeldDay ago
  • So cool lml

    Metal GomezMetal GomezDay ago
    • @bocoy noiu wat

      Metal GomezMetal GomezDay ago
    • Liste to your heart but take your brain with you.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiuDay ago
  • Awesome song take ! Csn you tell me the brand of that keyboard controller with blue leds all over the 88 keys ? thanks

    dnantisdnantisDay ago
  • 3:51 favorite part.

    Joe The ShrekerJoe The ShrekerDay ago
    • So cute!

      CFHCFHDay ago
  • I keep coming back to listen to this. It has to be one of Leo's best! The voices work so well together, together you guys have the makings of a first rate group. Put Hanna and Rabea in there too, and you guys would be unstoppable!

    brian silcottbrian silcottDay ago
  • Song at end

    Leslie RoachLeslie RoachDay ago
  • simply amazing XD

    Alxxander HyxAlxxander HyxDay ago
  • \m/

    ValeriusValeriusDay ago
  • 13 ghosts died for this world? this reality? this is lame!

    M MM MDay ago
  • This was actually, unexpected.. Congrats..

    MetalMemeSMetalMemeSDay ago
  • This is fucking awesome love it

    Beverly Page JohnsonBeverly Page JohnsonDay ago
  • I am a simple man, I see a Leo video I watch it and like it. I see a Violet video I watch it and like it. I see a Leo and Violet collaboration I like it then I watch it and my neighbors listen to it.

    linkrm75linkrm75Day ago
  • Is no one gonna mention how bad ass that outro is?

    russ mcleanruss mcleanDay ago
  • *keeps slapping like button* This song is a freaking banger! Why can’t I give more than one like?! Also I think Leo’s eyes look really cool, unique eye color and Heterochromia just really intrigue me.

    WaywardPhoenixWaywardPhoenixDay ago
  • S.O.A.D. Outro ^^

    Klima JüngerinKlima JüngerinDay ago
  • Liste to your heart but take your brain with you.

    HyperionHyperionDay ago
  • i think that Violet Orlandi would be perfect to sing gomenasai by t.a.t.u. i love her voice

    zjin1987zjin1987Day ago
  • Łapka up

    szymon matysniakszymon matysniak2 days ago
  • Hardest button to button in metal style? mabbe? pliz?

    Sensei ChokoSensei Choko2 days ago
  • cool song but not a metal lol

    Леха ЛехинЛеха Лехин2 days ago
  • 👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘

    Alex JohanssonAlex Johansson2 days ago
  • I would know that voice any where , what a brilliant blend in vocals .Surprised me . fantastic

    Conrad CoetzeeConrad Coetzee2 days ago
  • Chills all over spine! Great coolab! Want to see more of tgese!!

    Tom VerdiTom Verdi2 days ago
  • Tuyệt vời

    Bình YênBình Yên2 days ago