Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It (Official Video)- REACTION w/ LIL YACHTY

Feb 18, 2021
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This is our reaction to Lil Yachty Feat. Kodak Black - Hit Bout It Video
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  • BOW!!! Bonus video on 2nd channel-

    ZIAS!ZIAS!16 days ago
    • Kodak Black part is more better

      Etzer ChariteEtzer Charite2 days ago
    • hello

      Adia TahavyAdia Tahavy4 days ago
    • Hello

      Mikha-eel ChenganMikha-eel Chengan6 days ago
    • React to 69

      ItsGh playsItsGh plays7 days ago
    • HELLO!!!

      Tobias EdwardsTobias Edwards9 days ago
  • We need that Thugged out reaction with Kodak

    Yo YoYo YoHour ago
  • lets go

    Travelle HunterTravelle Hunter2 hours ago
  • Est Gee hard😈

    the revlteezythe revlteezy4 hours ago
  • Worst rapper of all time

    Veton ZajmiVeton Zajmi8 hours ago
  • I had to skip lil yatchy part 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Kim RKim R10 hours ago
  • react to kpop

    T GinaT Gina10 hours ago
  • React to g herbo really like that and break yo self

    chiraq 79thchiraq 79th11 hours ago
  • Yooo y’all gotta react to G$ lil Ronnie his flow crazy

    Kaiyah DanielsKaiyah Daniels11 hours ago
  • Ya'll gotta react to Dissgod's new album!

    ExoExo12 hours ago
  • Please REACT This music FOREVER MORE By GAMALIEL from Indonesia!!! im really hope u doing this

    Pratama ElfanPratama Elfan15 hours ago
  • What’s that beat called they was free styling I can’t remember

    laflareybirdlaflareybird15 hours ago
  • Do a reaction to (what’s next by drake)

    Christian SalcedoChristian Salcedo16 hours ago
  • Yachty had a straight face the whole time

    K0bo0mK0bo0m16 hours ago
  • 3 potheads: Me? Smoke? I would never

    Shaun GottiShaun Gotti17 hours ago
  • Hey guys much love Can you can try new experience? There is a fire freestyle coming from libya,it's in arabic I know you're going to understand nothing but I'm sure that it going to feel it It's mc mego freestyle , I hope you give it a shot. Keep up the great work guys

    Sari ElalemSari Elalem20 hours ago
  • React to IDK - EZ Miller

    RonMac GamingRonMac Gaming22 hours ago
  • i think zias just bein nice about lil yachty's freestyle

    HOWLER Gaming YTHOWLER Gaming YTDay ago
  • BOW!!

    Colins Wrld 999Colins Wrld 999Day ago
  • Reacts bc raff XXL Brazilian trap 🔥

    Guilherme MoraisGuilherme MoraisDay ago
  • React to simxSantana flexing and flashing

  • U gotta react to Dissgod wit blou u know the drill

    Amadou’s LifeAmadou’s LifeDay ago
  • react to diss gods diss on ddg

    reynaldoreynaldoDay ago
  • After listening to Yatchy freestyle I knew straight away *Juice Wrld* was something special

    Toni VossiToni VossiDay ago
  • Need more reaction vids asap!

    Nathaniel StevensNathaniel StevensDay ago
  • Y’all need to react to some of EBK JAAYBO music omm

    Christian RiveraChristian RiveraDay ago
  • react to 'white tee' by lil peep and lil tracy plsss

    ssammyyssammyyDay ago
  • Fun fact Bruce in the background recording somewhere

  • can i see y’all react to denzel on kenny beats the cave

    maveymaveyDay ago
  • bruce in the background goin crazy 😭

    Lil Snoozy BertLil Snoozy BertDay ago

    Levi bossLevi bossDay ago
  • you got to react to drake- what’s next

    jay nolimitjay nolimitDay ago
  • Do Tee grizzley robbery 2

    Vasto LordeVasto LordeDay ago
  • Can y’all react to pop smoke fashion feat. Polo g

    Jeremiah MartinJeremiah Martin2 days ago
  • Rio from flint not Detroit but you was probably high at the moment or something yachty

    beny Da beastbeny Da beast2 days ago
  • React to drake’s new video - what’s next

    GottaLuvBGottaLuvB2 days ago
  • The fact that he ain’t even consider sada fuck mf up but shoutout to veeze cause bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    jaquan johnsonjaquan johnson2 days ago
  • Yachty with the Detroit shout out 🤘🏼🔥

    logan smithlogan smith2 days ago
  • I promise yall lil yachty got ghost writers he can’t rap fo shit

    Face Puncher36Face Puncher362 days ago
  • Zias thank you for bringing it up. Kodak is clearly a mf clone . The real Kodak don’t even listen to Yatchty music. He says it in a live . The real Kodak was left in 2016 . That was the last that we seen of the real Kodak facts . Just happens to be when he said that about Yatchy music ina live. “Ion even listen to Lil Yatchty he don’t drop no Knowledge” even sounds like the real him lol . Go watch Concious X USworlds channel about it he breaks it all down. And peep how serious and then mad Yatchty gets when Zias brings it up dog he even gets mad at him and serious . They all know this shit real Kodak never fucked with him or his music. Bro his tattoos ain’t the same and you can tell his wearing a prostatic mask. Watch concious X latest video dog THEY NOT EVEN THE SAME HEIGHT look at Freshman Cypher 2016 THAT was the real Kodak and how he looks so much taller next to Yatchty this shit mad crazy

    Andy SalazarAndy Salazar2 days ago
  • react to Montana of 300 -Whoopi remix str8 heart!!!!🔥🔥🔥

    LuvThaClout YTLuvThaClout YT2 days ago
  • 15:20

    Abraham SaavedraAbraham Saavedra2 days ago
  • You gotta react to the song provide and get mark Morrison and g easy to appear in the video

    Adrian SayersAdrian Sayers2 days ago
  • Nobody I repeat NOBODY can top cole Bennett’s freestyle not even yachty

    LelandWRLD 999LelandWRLD 9992 days ago
  • the pause at 10:22 LMAOO

    onotarioonotario2 days ago
  • Zias nigga is u Jesus😅

    TrapStarWayTrapStarWay2 days ago
  • Yachty too trash 🗑

    sasha melvinsasha melvin2 days ago
  • react to ynw melly-murder on my mind? or some song from king von :/

    serosero2 days ago
  • Zias and blou react to we could never die by Roylo

    Tre witda k ClarkTre witda k Clark2 days ago
  • Blou just be saying yea😭😭😭😭don’t knoe wtf Dey talking bout

    Jd 2xJd 2x2 days ago
  • Lay off the drugs

    VexVex2 days ago
  • Me and my friend presenting a group project: 5:17

    Ricardo Martinez Jr.Ricardo Martinez Jr.3 days ago
  • Fast in the furious inspired

    Caleb LopezCaleb Lopez3 days ago

    Gabriella LouissaintGabriella Louissaint3 days ago
  • Rio from flint and est gee from Kentucky 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Kenney WeaverKenney Weaver3 days ago
  • Botan beyaz 2pac hail mary cover

    Life CoachLife Coach3 days ago
  • Botan beyaz 2pac hail mary cover

    Life CoachLife Coach3 days ago
  • Botan beyaz 2pac hail Mary cover

    Life CoachLife Coach3 days ago
  • Botan beyaz 2pac hail Mary reaction please

    Life CoachLife Coach3 days ago

    DBoySeven1NineDBoySeven1Nine3 days ago
  • Hi there, can you react to my fellow filipino rapper EZ MIL - PANALO LIVE AT WISH BUS USA, HE IS A VERY VERSATILE RAPPER, I PROMISE. THANKS❤️🙏❤️

    Johnson GameplaysJohnson Gameplays3 days ago
  • Ez mil - IDK

    Jaymar SegundoJaymar Segundo3 days ago
  • Zias and B.lou are so much better than yatchy in freestyling

    Iron Fist 156Iron Fist 1564 days ago
  • Yo yacht I got ur cereal😂🤣

    James HugginsJames Huggins4 days ago
  • Watch Robbery pt 2

    Braden BBraden B4 days ago
  • I wish yachty wore his Frick vape hoodie

    John DiepenbrockJohn Diepenbrock4 days ago
  • Veeze🔥🔥💯💯💯

    Leonardo MendozaLeonardo Mendoza4 days ago
  • Y’all could do a quick ep mixtape 😂

    Koose2fifty2Koose2fifty24 days ago
  • Est gee from Louisville ky not Detroit he need do some research

    collinray60collinray604 days ago
  • React to onna come up by lil eazy and g herbo

    Lil ChupiLil Chupi4 days ago
  • Man rapping worst than poodie

    Bbc SanchezBbc Sanchez4 days ago
  • Honest question when us white people be rapping and the n word is said a lot what are we supposed to say instead ?

    Michael PerettoMichael Peretto4 days ago
  • Lil Yachty knows damn well that isn’t the real Kodak 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    Conscious XConscious X4 days ago
  • 3:14 That was fye tho 😂😂😂

    _Swavier_Swavier4 days ago
  • 3:07 What’s The Beat?

  • Est from Louisville

    Caleb BrownCaleb Brown4 days ago
  • yall see that dude ez mil? his song “idk” got bars

    j cj c4 days ago
  • You have to react to ez mil that’s a must

    unknown ١unknown ١4 days ago
  • Yooo you guys should react to the new dababy drop “beatbox” that shit is fire

    AB:/AB:/4 days ago
  • Yo react to amapiano

    jeff 125jeff 1254 days ago
  • Ehh react to PANALO - EZ MIL pleaseee, some fayaaa over there.

    Lois CeasarLois Ceasar5 days ago
  • Chk my mashup of this song. Just posted!

    Mash UpsMash Ups5 days ago
  • React to spinabenz drill time

    dareal kadoedareal kadoe5 days ago
  • They just getting free features 😂

    mjbDaBeastmjbDaBeast5 days ago
  • Woahhhhhhh est gee from my city Louisville he ain’t from Detroit

    Binooo_WreklezzBinooo_Wreklezz5 days ago
  • those guys in the reflection of the window just there like

    FluidFlowFluidFlow5 days ago
  • His hair make him look buffer

    Father BegoneFather Begone5 days ago

    Alex KlingAlex Kling6 days ago
  • Do NF music

    Anthony vasquezAnthony vasquez6 days ago
  • React to big 4l Eli ft rio da Yung og

    Surcora SharpSurcora Sharp6 days ago
  • yo bro i been a fan since ode long ago ill appreciate if u can do a reaction to nito nb rise and tan please bro

    Jason GarciaJason Garcia6 days ago
  • I don’t know part 😂😭😂😭😂

    Yabsira AberraYabsira Aberra6 days ago
  • 3:21 hardest part of the video 🤣🤣🔥

    adam kingadam king6 days ago
  • Zia's react to blast off treppi redd and jucie wrld

    Joanna QuilesJoanna Quiles6 days ago
  • Yachty disrespectful ain’t say nun about Lucki after dropping a song with em mentioning Detriot rapper

    Wayne1kWayne1k6 days ago

    TheKingNazzTheKingNazz6 days ago
  • Y’all gotta react to Ja Morant by Montana of 300👀👀

    Tommy TesterTommy Tester6 days ago
  • hey yachty and zıas look they look like brothers

    Juice WrldJuice Wrld6 days ago
  • 5:14 When you finally get the word in discussion but you forgot what you wanted to say.

    RED TRIXRED TRIX6 days ago
  • We need y’all to react to ZAZA by 6ix9ine

    Luh DemonLuh Demon7 days ago