Liberal Supporting Joe Biden's Gun Control Responds To My Video, Here's My Response

Feb 20, 2021
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Joe Biden Gun Control
After I posted my video titled: "Joe Biden Tells Congress To Ban AR-15s and Enact Other Gun Control to Destroy the Gun Industry", I received an email from @Steve_Mp5 on Instagram and reads:
A connection of mine is as far left as they come. I always send her your videos so she has a glimpse at the other side. I wanted you to see her comments on your last video.
After reading her comments, I decided to make a video responding to her comments. Let's dive right in shall we.
Here's her Letter:
“This guy is very good at parsing rhetoric but the hilarity is he’s creating his own rhetoric in the process; we could easily parse NRA rhetoric, in the same way, to show how it works to persuade its listeners. That the definition of rhetoric: persuasive language ... and literally every politician, every corporation, and every institution uses it.
It’s pretty cynical to say calling for gun control after a mass shooting is purely exploiting the situation. Why isn’t it just reacting to a tragedy? Gun death rates don’t speak to what people are **really** worried about ... they are not worried about gang violence or suicides ... they are worried about the oft arbitrary mass slaughter in public places like schools, malls, concerts, movie theaters.
Why are gun owners against background checks? Yeah, it’s not going to prevent everything, but it might stop some of it, especially violent domestic abuse, and I really don’t see the downside. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I don’t know what to say to you about assault weapons. Clearly, they have been used in some mass shootings & honestly are pretty terrifying to lots of non-gun owning Americans ... why? Because they were *designed* for war, designed to kill more people faster. Outside of it being something people love as a hobby, what is the logic for having endless assault weapons in the hands of everyday people?
Why isn’t Joe trying to sue BMW? 🤔 hmmmm, because BMWs are not designed to kill/murder & guns are (& do at a much more regular rate). That is some peak rhetorical shit right there. Cheese has probably been used to kill people, Hammers, Tylenol, etc., so if politicians don’t call for a ban on everything that’s ever been used to murder they are hypocrites? That makes no sense. As far as I can see guns were literally designed to kill & when not just being used for sport that’s largely what they do.
Why is there a gun INDUSTRY? Have you ever read about the history of the relationship between the arms industry & the U.S. military-industrial complex?
The answer to why there needs to be a consumer market for guns seems always to comes back to the 2nd amendment argument of having the right to defend yourself & again - if you’re talking from the government that’s laughable... & if you mean from other people then handguns should work just fine.
What has generated in this guy a rapacious fear of being harmed? Of needing to defend himself?
Some would argue that as long as there are endless guns then everyone could/should feel afraid & need to defend themselves with ... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 ... guns. it’s the perfect consumer loop. ”
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  • 6:10 I just want to give a personal response to this one because it's so stupid, and honestly forms the crux of all anti-gun arguments. So, if that's the case, why not ban the M1 Garand? Or the M14 clones(like the M1A)? Both of these were designed for military use, and the former was made semi auto to increase soldier effectiveness(or as she put it, kill more people faster). But you don't go after them, and the politicians don't talk about banning them because they don't LOOK scary. Which, in and of itself is a subjective thing that has been given a common definition due to demonization of a particular model, and extrapolated to similar looking models. Not to mention the fact that if you were so concerned about them killing as many people as possible, why not start limiting ammo based on its power? 5.56 is gonna lose all its momentum in the first target. .308, not so much. This leads to collateral kills(pardon the video game jargon). But that would be stupid because then you 'd be banning the most popular hunting caliber in modern America(Unless it's still .30-30, I'm actually unclear which one has top spot currently). And as for why everyday people should have these weapons, it's literally spelled out in the constitution. We should be able to fight back against a tyrannical government with all the tools necessary to take back the country. That's why the second amendment guarantees us our right to keep and bear arms. Note: Arms. Not guns. Not swords. Not knives. Not bows. Arms, as in ALL armaments. This was to ensure that if the government became corrupt and tyrannical, we could stand a chance against them in a civil war. And most, if not all of the first ten amendments were designed for similar purposes. To protect the people from a government that would seek to harm and control them. First, we can discuss our distaste for them openly without repurcussion. And we can talk about how to deal with the issues we see. Second, we are ensured our ability to fight back if the need arises. Third is to prevent them from forcing us to house soldiers that can easily be used to enact their will on us from closer to home. You get the picture.

    mutilator97mutilator9713 minutes ago
  • The term "gun violence" is incongruous, and we need to expunge it once & for all from our language. There is human violence and we need to think about that. That term "gun violence" bewitched people into believing that guns could be dangerous, violent or harmful. If we are going to address a problem, our words need to be crystal clear, with no animation of inanimate objects, and completely avoid giving them intentions they cannot have.

    Robert PaulsonRobert Paulson19 minutes ago
  • The right to keep and bear arms in the United States is a fundamental right protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, and by the constitutions of most U.S. states.

    John DotterJohn Dotter24 minutes ago
  • If any of my AR's ever act up I take them out to the range and shoot them. Too bad about that boating accident I am about to have if a gun is passed!!!

    John DotterJohn Dotter27 minutes ago
  • Sorry if already in comments but adding, strange how evenCNN recognized the need of the citizens of Venezuela to have guns to defend themselves against the Madurai regime.

    Jeffrey CriggerJeffrey Crigger42 minutes ago
  • Wish their was a love button. Follow the science. Hahaha

    Robert SmithRobert Smith43 minutes ago
  • Well worth the time to hear him speak from facts, knowledge and common sense. Thank You for spreading facts and common sense!

    AFineLineAAFineLineA47 minutes ago
  • Hell yes

    Defender 1 NationDefender 1 NationHour ago
  • I don't like opera so I don't go but I don't stop you from going. Same with guns, don't like em don't own one. I won't force you to

    Neil LengelNeil LengelHour ago
  • My dude right here! 🔥 Keep doing you brother and thank you for the solid factual information. 👍🏼

    OG Relic80OG Relic80Hour ago
  • Yes, facts are persuasive language, but of course they are a different brand of persuasive language than any other. All other persuasive language is almost always Bull$hiz, but facts are facts!

    Gozoman24Gozoman24Hour ago
  • Keep throwing truth at these libtard tyrant wannabes dude. You speak exactly what is on my mind about this topic 👍👍👍

    Jesse PattersonJesse PattersonHour ago
  • I'm surprised that this video hasn't been suppressed by you know who....great video by the way.

    Devil Dog CrewchiefDevil Dog CrewchiefHour ago
  • I love seeing someone intelligent talk about gun rights. Everyone who is against guns seems to be lacking in brain cells.

    YouhavetoguessitYouhavetoguessitHour ago
  • Guns were designed to accelerate a small object at high speeds. Cars were designed to accelerate a massive object at high speeds.

    Scott FreeScott FreeHour ago
  • "Guns area designed to kill." Okay, question. Is it always wrong to kill for any reason?

    NotailsNotailsHour ago
  • Colion great clip man!

    Noel ElgrablyNoel ElgrablyHour ago
  • When I can't buy my guns legally. I will buy them illegally. End of story... I do not live in the best neighborhood, when I retire I will move to the country.. until then I must live in the Concrete Jungle. I own many guns ,but my AR-15 is only to protect my house. If I was planning to kill someone I would use my flamethrower. Isn't that ironic you can buy one legally

    omega 300omega 300Hour ago
  • Well said sir.

    BKKELLY03BKKELLY03Hour ago
  • One small comment. You said that the gun industry was the result of American Capitalism. Perhaps, but that isn't what is running the show today. In today's gun market, the largest worldwide sources of guns and especially the exportation of semi-automatic firearms are anything but Capitalist. China, Korea, Russia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Croatia, Italy, Brazil. . . The list goes on and on. None of these countries are even close to American Capitalism and at worst are straight up Communist Totalitarian Regimes, yet compared to these countries, the US production and exportation of firearms is minuscule. The percentage of US Made firearms sold domestically IN THE USA are hardly a significant part of our own market. And to comment on the US Military Industrial Complex, it is important to point out that for decades, the US Military has fielded and issued weapons designed and manufactured by H&K, Glock, Sig Sauer, Beretta, Benelli, and I'm sure other non-American countries.

    John BroussardJohn BroussardHour ago
  • “If GUNS kill people, ALL of mine are defective. “ - Ted Nugent

    Scotty KScotty K2 hours ago
  • I would pay big money to see this Karens reaction to this video.

    Al AleAl Ale2 hours ago
  • I’ve used the sandals & shitty ak’s line myself many times

    FmamarksmanFmamarksman2 hours ago
  • Unfortunately the Canadian Charter of Rights has nothing similar to your 2nd amendment. It is mindblowing how the government only adds to its power and control and most people don't seem to care or realize how important the core issue is. Allowing government to take your possessions is only the beginning. What's next? #FuckTrudeau

    russellknight26russellknight262 hours ago
  • Born free Live free

    Ryan HamleyRyan Hamley2 hours ago
  • Fight and have some familiarity of what is fighting and the tools are used, if you need to tell if some people are doing something that need police called before the shooting starts movies don’t do that

    Colin DawsonColin Dawson2 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TE PatriotTE Patriot2 hours ago
  • Yes it makes since when saving people and people will not have the rite to drive if the war was not here 2021 first year now 2035. Also you need a back ground check for the rite of marriage

    Colin DawsonColin Dawson2 hours ago
  • Wheeeew-weeee...shoot dang that was a spot on rebuttle! Too bad facts don't work on the super liberals. Saved and will share🙂

    Virgil McCoyVirgil McCoy2 hours ago
  • Due to the pandemic / plandemic, many many liberals are now gun owners. Now, they want to still ban guns ? Hmmmm

    MR MEMR ME2 hours ago
  • You are the man! Keep up the good work.

    Garrick WilsonGarrick Wilson2 hours ago
  • I love this guy! Some awesome logic and clear points debunking every single random stupid comment she had. I wouldn’t even call her rhetoric, points.

    wolftng359wolftng3592 hours ago
  • @colionnoir for President.

    Kevin WilliamsKevin Williams3 hours ago
  • It's sad how weak minded the left is lmao.

    Gordy N/AGordy N/A3 hours ago
  • She brought a metaphorical knife to a gun fight

    NessessaryNessessary3 hours ago
  • On my mother I will never vote Democrats ! I'm black and a man . Cant stand the left ideology at this point on most things ! Reorganization of the right and voting Dem out is the only way to go .

    Dex CarterDex Carter3 hours ago
  • Eloquently said Colion ... and quite frankly stop wasting your time with these ppl. Keep up the good work! 🤙

    Ed OsorioEd Osorio3 hours ago
  • Great video! Keep up the good work!!!

    Gavin WagemanGavin Wageman3 hours ago

    Lead HeadLead Head3 hours ago
  • The military industrial complex is way beyond firearms. They are on death rays and laser now so better ban all laser and acoustic devices. Hahahah.

    Eldon EslickEldon Eslick3 hours ago
  • Damn, you just murdered her with common sense, not an *assault weapon* 😂

    Derek SummersDerek Summers3 hours ago
  • If people want to kill people they will always find a way, the only way to stop them is with equal or greater force aka a firearm

    J. C.J. C.4 hours ago
  • Damn good

    fandango costnerfandango costner4 hours ago
  • Anyone who says a semi automatic rifle like an AR was built for war cannot be taken seriously.

    Angry Combat WombatAngry Combat Wombat4 hours ago
  • I’m not giving up my guns or anything else I own. You’ll have to come fucking kill my ass.

    Karas CrowKaras Crow4 hours ago
  • necessity is the plea for every infringement on human freedom. it is the argument of tyrants disguised as friends or servants. it is with their purpose to create slaves from the people

    p tilleyp tilley4 hours ago
  • I wish I could give this video more thumbs up

    Matthew BryantMatthew Bryant4 hours ago
  • Lol snowflakes

    micro christmicro christ4 hours ago
  • We need to ban Colion Noir because he’s capable of verbal nuclear warfar!

    Box0’ RoxBox0’ Rox5 hours ago
  • People that are against guns aren’t scared by guns , they are scared by power. They are fearful of what others can do to them, as we all are it’s a normal human instinct. The problem is that instead dealing with the fear as a responsible adult and doing the work that it takes to actually be a capable human being they instead push for the government to nerf everything around them, like parents do for infants. America was not based on safety it was based on freedom. Americans came from all over the world to get away from tyrannical government and live in dangerous freedom. The reality of the matter is that no matter how many regulations you put in weapons violence will still occur. As a matter of fact by restricting weapons you’re not making the playing field more safe you are actually creating a larger gap between law abiding citizens and criminals making it more dangerous

    De JesúsDe Jesús5 hours ago
  • This lady is acting like she is making some all knowing point....

    nah mannah man5 hours ago
  • Quite good rebuttal

    Chris FrisbieChris Frisbie5 hours ago
  • Good work laying it all out. Bro, facts don't matter to them. Pointing out their hypocrisy falls on deaf ears. Great video. But alas we are pilgrims and outcasts in the nation our forefathers pioneered.

    IliveintherealworldIliveintherealworld5 hours ago
  • *ahem* Wrekt. Great video as always!

    Dewdus MaximusDewdus Maximus5 hours ago
  • @1:39 IT IS REACTING. Humans are capable of response. Response requires thinking. I think therefore, I am. The chick you are arguing with probably drives over the middle line daily while on the phone. We just had a National Referendum on guns. Gun owners won. Congress knows it. Thomas More's Utopia had slaves. Just saying.

    Gilly GilGilly Gil5 hours ago
  • Love your response to this chick!!!

    N007 _9N007 _95 hours ago
  • I swear to God these people don't deserve to live in America. I'm not an American yet I am pro second amendment. I believe in your right to defend yourself against a tyrannical government as most countries cannot afford that right. It's criminal I swear. Keep fighting the good fight man!

    Rosca RaduRosca Radu6 hours ago
  • Excellent

    GSNCLNGSNCLN6 hours ago
  • Great video, brother! Keep up the good work

    Bradley ShallenburgBradley Shallenburg6 hours ago
  • BOOM!!!!!...take that!!! just crushed all anti-gun arguments!

    El GalloEl Gallo6 hours ago
  • You are a smarty pants and that starts young. I bet you spent a lot of elementary school in the hall looking at the walls for arguing with your teacher lol 😆 😂 🤣

    Franchesca ONealFranchesca ONeal6 hours ago
  • This is one of the most articulate pieces on gun control I've seen.

    Franchesca ONealFranchesca ONeal7 hours ago
  • She can't change.

    Brain InavatnowBrain Inavatnow7 hours ago
  • Screw any liberal/dumbocrat opinion on any topic. It’s now anybody for themselves

    Thom ThomasThom Thomas7 hours ago
  • Colion keep your head keep your guns stay safe.

    Scott BScott B8 hours ago
  • Colin for president!!!!

    Charles mccarthyCharles mccarthy8 hours ago
  • That was one of the utmost straight to the real point replies that I have heard in a long time. Gunpowder was discovered/invented LONG AGO and its use has greatly expanded ever since. We cannot put the genie back in the bottle so that fact that gunpowder, lead and the systems that propel the lead exists, and people possess them, means that I want to be on equal footing (and liberals expound on equality ?) so I want a gun if it has to come to a gunfight. Dont want to ever use them or that it will EVER come to that however, as Colin puts it, history is rife with having to tamp down tyranny and remain “free” by using the same force as tyrannical people use, that goes for WORDS as well as weapons

    Lance AginLance Agin8 hours ago
    • That is true, but there is a notable difference between gunpowder and smokeless powder. You can easily make gunpowder at home; making your own smokeless propellant and primers isn't exactly feasible (or advisable to even try) in a home laboratory. You really don't want to take a musket against someone armed with a modern autoloading firearm. You don't even want to take a bolt-action rifle against someone armed with an autoloading rifle. However, your point stands that even a complete ban on firearm ownership will do nothing to disarm criminals. A flintlock pistol would be just fine for a criminal if he knew that his victims would have nothing more threatening than kitchen knives, sporting equipment, and bad language.

      Schwarzvogel1Schwarzvogel1Hour ago
  • Did she really sound like that?

    Scott BScott B8 hours ago
  • Colion is a beast!!i am glad he is on our side!!

    Marshall HudsonMarshall Hudson8 hours ago
  • i suggest you send these people to Europe(most EU countries at least ) ! Come see how fun it is only being able to buy a pistol/shotgun and where ammo is not cheap and its illegal to have ammo on your house except if you're a hunter (after a year or so of bureaucracy ) while the thieves run around with AK-47s worry free !!

    Alexandros371Alexandros3718 hours ago
  • My man!!! Wrecked her ass!

    clay kahnclay kahn9 hours ago
  • YO, this was beautifully put, and as irritated as I could tell you were, you never took it too far in talking down. I hope whoever wrote this to you can actually listen without raging, and I especially hope, the "rhetoric" about how we even became a country, hits home.

    trollololtrollolol10 hours ago
  • Incorrect, “far left as they come” would be pro gun. If you go left enough to actual leftism you find people who don’t support any gun control. Liberalism isn’t leftism. Leftists don’t like liberals either people LOL...

    Noah BenjaminNoah Benjamin11 hours ago
  • Amazing!!!!!!!

    Ryan BlackRyan Black11 hours ago
  • Keep Up That Great Work Brother. You should have mentioned there are way more alcohol related deaths than gun deaths why aren't they banning the sale of alcohol.

    Jim TewaJim Tewa11 hours ago
  • Can we stop pretending that the opposition cares about things like facts and rights? If you haven't noticed, they are more than happy to ignore both.

    JeffJeff11 hours ago
  • Bravo! Slow clap👏_👏_👏.

    RFX Motion DesignRFX Motion Design11 hours ago
  • Now that's how you respond to stupid people with stupid questions. She's probably feeling like she was born with 45 chromosomes after that!

    Bill PulidoBill Pulido11 hours ago
  • Pure poetry bro🇺🇸

    Brait RobisonBrait Robison11 hours ago
  • No offense to a lot of Bidens supporters but almost 90 percent of what his supporters want he is against. Its crazy when you have an argument with them. There just misleading and there comments are biased. Its like saying your favorite food is the better than other food out there. Its very opinionated.

    Jonathan Jonnylightning71Jonathan Jonnylightning7111 hours ago
  • Wow they are so wrong I see the news has started the war. Has any one else seen how pretty much all the violence on the new is about shootings or someone getting caught with a gun saying how bad guns are?

    5280 303 DENVER!!5280 303 DENVER!!12 hours ago
  • Freedom lives matter

    Redx armyRedx army12 hours ago
  • well spoken C!

    David GillDavid Gill12 hours ago
  • Bravo! The woman aka sheep just repeated the news, which were lies from certain people. I sure hope if people choose to fight are not expected to defend individuals like this woman, I wouldn't.

    Kyle SluysKyle Sluys12 hours ago
  • Dear Colion Noir: How does the U.S V. Miller 1935 decision impact civilian ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia? This seems counterintuitive to the anti 2A gun control advocates saying they want to ban "military style assault rifles", like the AR-15. Or does this only "protect the ownership of military-type weapons by a militia organization, not the person and does it only protect if that person is in a militia? DC V. Heller 2008 separates the 2A sections of a "militia" and the right to bear arms which reinforces the 2A right of citizen civilians to keep and bear arms. There are some contradictions over the years and it would be helpful to clear up some of these rulings so that 2A supporters are better informed! On March 30, 1939, the Supreme Court heard the case. Attorneys for the United States argued four points: The NFA is intended as a revenue-collecting measure and so is within the authority of the Department of the Treasury. The defendants transported the shotgun from Oklahoma to Arkansas and so used it in interstate commerce. The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia. The "double barrel 12-gauge Stevens shotgun having a barrel less than 18 inches in length, bearing identification number 76230," was never used in any militia organization. The U.S Supreme Court overturned the District Court'slowerruling as they did not have any opposition to the appeal by the U.S Government.

    T KNT KN12 hours ago
  • Well spoken, Sir.

    Jason HeffrenJason Heffren12 hours ago
  • My guy stays smoking boots!!!! 😄

    Steven ShewmakeSteven Shewmake12 hours ago
  • Tell it man!

    William RabonWilliam Rabon12 hours ago
  • I have never committed on any other site, so I would like to say thank you for giving me hope.

    Scott BarnettScott Barnett13 hours ago
  • Will you please put out a T- shirt with a pocket? I promise I will buy several.

    Scott BarnettScott Barnett13 hours ago
  • Fantabulous!!! I need the transcript of this for future reference! And, can you PLEASE do one of these on the reg? Seeing the questions with the very realistic back and forth is awesome practice for if/when I/we fall into these conversations... It is one thing to know facts. It is a horse of a different color to try to argue those facts on the fly. And you are SUCH a source of knowledge! I feel like you could lead a whole CLASS on how to discuss these issues! *Please forgive me if you already do, I am new to the USworlds side of second amendment advocacy.

    Mrs. AgbeyMrs. Agbey13 hours ago
  • My nigga Collin talking that SHIT yessir

    Khary SlateKhary Slate13 hours ago
  • Hard times create strong people. Strong people create good times. Good times create weak people. Weak people create hard times. I'm thinking we are in an era of weak people, so prepare for hard times. Excellent video.

    Patient WolfPatient Wolf13 hours ago
  • Calling a AR-15 a weapon of war is like calling a SUV a truck. You know the classification is wrong, you know that one operates differently than the other, you know that if you need to move you're going to ask your friend who owns a Chevy Silverado to help you move rather than your friend who owns a Kia Sportage,. Yet you still knowingly refuse to call a truck a truck.

    Logan CaineLogan Caine13 hours ago
  • If this woman is foolish to believe that the police will protect her from guns is probably the same person who is calling to refund the police. Your beliefs will only cost you your life! I know, I was a cop for 33 years.

    curlybear53curlybear5313 hours ago
  • Here's my response to the Biden voter who called Colin out. 🇺🇸🐍🖕🏼

    Jek PorkinsJek Porkins13 hours ago
  • Gun free zones, like the Dayton Ohio shooting, are why insane shooters can do so much killing.

    Joseph MingJoseph Ming13 hours ago

    Blaine McElweeBlaine McElwee14 hours ago
  • Waiiiit a doggarn sec. How's it that using one individuals tragedy affects all people? That means everyone better go behind bars cause it now means everyone is responsible based upon reacting to a tragedy. Short sight people cannot be convinced. That can't see beyond, even when it affects them directly. Affects every law abiding citizens. Zero affects on criminals. Good luck defending yourself (narrow minded people) when a criminla is in your house and you can't defend yourself.

    Khang XiongKhang Xiong14 hours ago
  • Well said bro

    john garciajohn garcia14 hours ago