Liberal Redneck - Georgia Boycotts

Apr 6, 2021
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The South is complicated and I’ll always heart Georgia. As well as all y’all.

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  • Trae got in some great points about how this move punishes the people in GA who are against voter suppression of any type. Well, sorry to break it to ya Trae, but that goes for every progressive or liberal in the country who lives in a red or blue swing state. We all get the short end of the stick because of what state we happen to reside in, our political beliefs be damned.

    DVDADVDA14 minutes ago
  • Good point

    Miss SunshineMiss SunshineHour ago
  • I'm having a COKE and a smile. Georgia enjoy the Pepsi.

    Runner GirlRunner GirlHour ago
  • Dem no different than republican. They'll turn on you on a whim. Your right. Punish the one who brought you to the ball! Typical politicians. All of them are so corrupt it's sad. Screw em all. Vote these pricks into oblivion. Find decent people to represent us not rich pricks.

    Jeffrey BookJeffrey BookHour ago
  • I drink more coke now just cause I know Georgians are salty.

    J-TVJ-TV4 hours ago
  • There’s free cornbread in the south?

    Kathy WhiteKathy White6 hours ago
  • "We thought Georgia good, but, Georgia BAD :(" Yeah same thing when certain people were like "I feel sooooooo bad for Texans but maybe they deserve it because they voted for that government" Like Gerrymandering doesn't exist as the go-to ace in the pocket everyone agrees to pretend isn't a disgusting loophole around any semblance of democracy, why is this still allowed to be a thing. Remember those GOP maps showing how red the US supposedly is? Remember how much unoccupied dirt they claimed? I hate this

    Ms VonneGutPunchMs VonneGutPunch6 hours ago
  • Quantum shift....🤣🤣😂😂 I experienced that when I moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. I thought I was a Southern Liberal....but sounded like a radical Republican here.! I am so happy now, living in such a beautiful state.

    Monique EnglemanMonique Engleman8 hours ago
  • Keep doing what you do!

    70sVibe!70sVibe!10 hours ago
  • Funny how the GOP goes from saying cancel culture is the biggest problem facing the nation to this.

    Big FootBig Foot10 hours ago
  • Nah, these people are not being "hurt" by missing out on a completely pointless baseball game and some coke (which they're choosing not to drink). Meanwhile, people are actually getting hurt by these laws. History has proven that in a capitalist society, money talks, so I hate to disagree with you but this is EXACTLY how you fight these laws. When the NCAA tournament threatened to boycott NC, that state changed their tune real fast and the people didn't suffer. The responsibility for limiting damage to the people falls on the government who just passed these laws, not the corporations trying to stop them.

    Wrestling OptimusWrestling Optimus10 hours ago
  • Smile, badly needed, thanks, Trae!!!

    Jean WonnacottJean Wonnacott12 hours ago
  • Colorado thanks Georgia.

    Dan BrownDan Brown13 hours ago
  • I agree with you. Boycotting a state is going to punish regular people a whole lot more than it will the politicians.

    niazumaniazuma14 hours ago
  • Instead of following the “tail” on this, i.e., complaining AFTER the fact...we need to start getting ahead of these “neanderthal-republican-knuckle-dragging representatives” who are pulling us back...then we WON’T HAVE TO BOYCOTT. Where were these multinational corporations when THEY KNEW these voter suppression tactics were in the pipeline? Covering their ass-trays.

    Urban DwellersUrban Dwellers15 hours ago
  • Coca Cola has no worries. They can't quit it.

    Mikki220Mikki22015 hours ago
  • Cancel culture. Sure. GA is engaged in the biggest attempted cancellation of them all: the attempted cancellation of Black votes.

    MrBlaktoeMrBlaktoe15 hours ago
  • Fun to just watch your face as you speak!! Next step is to become an actor. This was probably your greatest video, based on presentation. Enjoy you always.

    Jon EricksonJon Erickson15 hours ago
  • I understand what you are saying but let’s look back in history. People boycotted the bus and it was a hardship for everyone especially the poor who needed transportation to go to work and it lasted for a long period of time. Because of the boycott, laws were changed for the better. I feel that our society wants and demands change but we are not willing to make the sacrifices that will make change happen like society would do in the past. I mean we protest for awhile and then it fizzles out and there is no change just people feeling defeated. Politicians know this. All they have to do is wait it out fir a few weeks or sometimes just days. They use are unwillingness to make sacrifices or to be inconvenienced to benefit their agendas which do not represent the majority of the people. Therefore, there is no change.

    Mary GriseMary Grise16 hours ago
  • let's meet up at the Cracker

    Nathan HanNathan Han16 hours ago
  • Libs are often politically inept. I hope the local organizers keep up the necessary work of fighting for voting rights and labor rights.

    SMARTARTSMARTART16 hours ago
  • As a Yankee who refuses to cross the Mason Dixon Line, I endorse this video wholeheartly.

    Patrick MassonnePatrick Massonne16 hours ago
  • hahahahahhaha

    jann hebrankjann hebrank16 hours ago
  • stop cheating

    Daa3.1416 SaaDaa3.1416 Saa17 hours ago
  • in English now...

    Daa3.1416 SaaDaa3.1416 Saa17 hours ago
  • Reminds me of the massive boycott of Apartheid era South Africa, which lasted decades. The people who suffered most were the 90% of the population who are Black. In the end, THEY overthrew the Apartheid government, not those Western countries that were boycotting SA.

    Ine LouwIne Louw17 hours ago
  • As a liberal Texan,I feel this.

    bodhimind108bodhimind10817 hours ago
  • Great video.

    Sandi BillingsleySandi Billingsley17 hours ago
  • Thanks for calling out dumbass liberals on this one

    Vlog MoorVlog Moor18 hours ago
  • Let's to the base of the problem - people are easily led. They're even easier to lead when you make things simple black/white, right/wrong, left/right, pro/con, coke/pepsi. The majority of people do not want to analyze the issues, consider the nuance, and make thoughtful decisions. This goes for BOTH parties. "My side good, your side bad" That's what average people want. They want a popular figure to tell them what to think/do. They want to fit in as a member of a tribe. They won't admit to this because it would show them to be mindless followers, and they don't want to see themselves that way. Until we get past tribalism, we will continue to do what we're doing...

    farmerboybillfarmerboybill19 hours ago
  • I’d listen to you speak any day and now that I’ve listened I agree with all of it. I do believe the boycott is needed but good ppl are being affected by it. In terms of the game.

    Ursula MoonUrsula Moon20 hours ago
  • hi tray you have sexy green eyes ty for vids

    clarence fieldsclarence fields22 hours ago
  • 100% agree!!

    Steven WilliamsSteven Williams23 hours ago
  • Do you know why boycotts are inconvenient? Because they are supposed to be. If these companies had not made the statements and decisions that they had made, would there be any discussion and loud noises regarding these negative and borderline illegal laws that were being made? Hard to say, but I doubt it. Real pressure has been placed in a real way where it counts, in the state's pocket books. Yes, the state is gonna suffer, and yes individual citizens of the state are going to suffer. And they are going to make a lot of noise and hopefully there will be some redress. But it won't be forcing the All Star game to be in Atlanta, and Coca-Cola is not going to be hurt by local boycotts. And I doubt major international conglomerate Coca-Cola will be hurt even IF Republicans turn against them. 25% of Americans identify as Republican. If HALF of them prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi as it is, that's 12.5% of Americans that are Republican Coca-Cola drinkers. If even 80% of THOSE truly Boycott Coca-Cola, that is only 10% of Americans that will boycott Coca-Cola, potentially, and likely way less than that. Now in 2019, North American sales for Coca-Cola accounted for 31.9% of its total global revenue, and "Mexicans are the largest consumers of Coke." ("Fun Facts",,years%20to%20try%20them%20all) So that being said... Republican boycotters of Coca-Cola won't really hurt. Coca-Cola decrying voter suppression laws stands to make a pretty big splash. Republicans are hoping that if they tantrum loud enough, the grown-ups will cave to try to appeal to them.

    Carlos RobinsonCarlos Robinson23 hours ago
  • Trae, it ain't just the south. It's everywhere. Georgia is just loud about it.

    Cyn HanrahanCyn Hanrahan23 hours ago
  • They didn't say anything about Coke Classic

    Robert PrenticeRobert Prentice23 hours ago
  • Kentucky should have checked out, have you tried Bourbon and Pepsi? Tastes like assholes

    Matt JenereauxMatt JenereauxDay ago
  • That’s the motherfucking truth! Georgia lawmakers couldn’t help but get all Georgia on their asses and make people hate GA. Pity.

    blonde lebaneseblonde lebaneseDay ago
  • Georgia liberal here.... Miss Stacy will change the entire country, not just Georgia's future. 2024!!!

    Build not DestroyBuild not DestroyDay ago
  • Thanks for explaining the problem, but if you don't have a better idea.....

    chris qchris qDay ago
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Julie GillelandJulie GillelandDay ago
  • Damn good point, Trae. Love ya

    Laurie JewettLaurie JewettDay ago
  • So glad I found your channel, you are funny boy.

    baldon26baldon26Day ago
  • I almost choked on the "quantum shifted into San Franciso line" XDD It's hilarious but so sad that this is our reality

    aazhieaazhieDay ago
  • I won't boycott Georgia but they have to get rid of those monsters.

    laura higdonlaura higdonDay ago
  • Wait....there is free corn bread at Cracker Barrel?

    Jeanne RaschJeanne RaschDay ago
  • Seriously great take Trea, and something I'm not sure most pundits would have the bravery to say.

    SinaskafitchSinaskafitchDay ago
  • Lol...Coke Zero up his butt!

    James SherlockJames SherlockDay ago
  • Stacy was against MLB taking the All Star game out of Georgia.

    Lianne459Lianne459Day ago
  • It’s just the corporations speaking out. And the GOP isn’t really going to punish the corporations, much as they squeal. Mainly the MLB took away the all-star game. You and Stacey Abrams are right, but I don’t think an actual boycott of the state will happen.

    KamwickKamwickDay ago
  • While I agree - and don't even want to punish the trumpians; stupid isn't a sin (though the racists can go fk themselves) - anyway, while I agree, there don't seem to be many other weapons to use; and if you don't have the vote then absolutely nothing else matters - that needs to be the only target you have in mind while it's up in the air like the gop just threw it. Also, that sports thingy is high-profile, so packs a real punch and puts a highlight on the issue that other companies couldn't command. Though, if you and Stacey Abrams are both for still fighting before boycotts, then I would have to stand with you - because I do respect you very much and that woman is plain gold.

    DipitySDipitySDay ago
  • Georgia ain't giving up Coke. They just have to run a "4 for $10"/ 12 packs at Kroger. Done! And...yeah- MLB bitch slapped Kemp- but needed to happen. The guy is crooked af. People may not follow politics- but they will follow money. And when you screw with their money...oh yeah...that's an attention git-er! Love it or Hate's a conversation about bigger problems. Long overdue conversations. Luv u Trae!

    Jana AtkinsJana AtkinsDay ago
  • Word

    Paul Anthony DonahuePaul Anthony DonahueDay ago
  • Well, sometimes one has to make a point to make sure this kind of BS doesn’t happen again. Trust me, those GA based companies didn’t do it because they’re liberal. They took a look at their books and realized that they would lose more money by pissing off the entire country than just the state of GA. The south hasn’t learned its lesson. Y’all lost the civil war and y’all keep holding on to it. Let’s be honest, I don’t blame the south for pulling this crap year after year. I blame the rest of the country for allowing it to keep happening. We Americans are too spoiled and we don’t learn by compromising, we want our way and our way only. Guess what? There are consequences and such is life.

    Marco MMarco MDay ago
  • What a solid video, bud.

    Miloh JohnsonMiloh JohnsonDay ago
  • I'm in Texas, can I use that? People like to say... things... about how we must have all voted for the assholes and we get what we deserve. .. they must believe that literally every one of us are rediots. See what I did there? Red/idiots..rediots... anyway..."it's not my fault that the state I was born in is ran by assholes."

    Christopher TomlinChristopher TomlinDay ago
  • Coke should issue a Blue Coke can instead of their Red corporate color in protest untill the law is changed and made fair and just.

    Michael JonesMichael JonesDay ago
  • I love Georgia! Yes she is still the belle of the ball . I’m a Cuban American Miami woman moving to GA to grow trees to save our planet. Thank you my fellow Dems in GA for all of your hard work paid off and change is coming. Thank you Trae 🙏

    Ivette AIvette ADay ago
  • why you have me cackling with all these excellent points you are making?!

    VeronicaVeronicaDay ago
  • Kudos for noting Stacy Abram's position on boycotts, for real. I applaud MLB and the NBA for the stand they're taking, but yeah it does hurt the economy of people who are indeed on our side. Georgia has a real chance to go full blue, especially if the state legislature can flip. I suppose the only line of equity is that, Atlanta's (because it really is primarily Atlanta) loss will be someone else's gain, and they matter as well.

    Just AguyJust AguyDay ago
  • Bless your heart for keeping it clear. Rock on

    Violet LightViolet LightDay ago
  • How does it/suppose to work?! A question a "true-believer" never asks..... Keep preachin' to da choir son, cause' you're funny!

    B BarnettB BarnettDay ago
  • Funny as hell, but an EXCELLENT POINT. 😉👍

    Artist N RecoveryArtist N RecoveryDay ago
  • A a Georgian we knew as soon as we put Trumps ass in the road that that the GOP would do "Empire Strikes Back" like this.

    Paul ThompkinsPaul ThompkinsDay ago
  • The republicans have admitted that they do not represent the majority of Americans because their stand is undemocratic, bigoted, racist and criminal. I agree with you that it would serve Georgia and the US better if companies targeted politicians and organizations rather then the whole state. Stop giving money to politicians that do not embrace Democracy and Equality don't punish the whole populace.

    michellejean11michellejean11Day ago
  • Thank you, Trae. I’m still here and I’m feeling devastated. Everything trump wanted has been fixed up now, for next time.🤢

    Kerly GerlKerly GerlDay ago
  • Add some tactic-cool sunglasses to complete the "white guy, with a beard, in a cap, in a truck, ranting at a camera" parody look.

    Jman5001Jman5001Day ago
  • They probably don’t know Coca Cola has other drinks

    Skeptic DankSkeptic DankDay ago
  • Ronald crumpf: don't drink coke 👐 Also crumpf: *hides bottle*

    discman15discman15Day ago
  • I have to agree, if you punish the state you punish ALL of the people and that is not fair! Great video!

    Mind of a Dark HorseMind of a Dark HorseDay ago
  • You know, I didn't think of it that way. It didn't occur to me that we were going to make things more difficult for democrats in Georgia as well. Thanks for bringing a different point of view Trae!

    Sandra I RamirezSandra I RamirezDay ago
  • Right... the state will suffer greatly. And it is unlikely to touch the politicians whose reps are so far down the toilet they will never fish them out again. There are some things that don’t recycle well... Trump, Lindsey, Guilani, Gaetz. Greene, McConnell, McCarthy, seriously. Is it worth it being a ho for a defacto unAmerican traitorous party? Boycotts are not fair since the pressure applied does not affect those dolts.

    katherandefykatherandefyDay ago
  • I wish, at times, that USworlds had the Face Book emoticons rather than thumbs up or down. This deserves a heart.

    Reliable RonReliable RonDay ago
  • Good grift but i think it got stale.

    he gone give us free fOnEshe gone give us free fOnEsDay ago
  • I havny once felt like we lost Georgia. I knew this whole thing would happen before trump even lost the election. I knew once mail in ballots became a talking point. They have work to do there and if people think the presidential election is what mattered they are wrong. The Republicans losing office showed that voters turn out to lose the senate is next. They lost the house and they WILL lose the senate next voter turnout. With or without these new laws they will still lose. While Republicans are busy making it harder to be a democracy the dems are actually doing their jobs and it shows. No worries squad, another speed bump on a straight road is only there to draw awareness, make you slow down and pay attention do you can see the nice open safe road ahead. Lets get it!

    Anthony BrownAnthony BrownDay ago
  • Nah uh, ya can't triple boycot a double boycotter!

    Anthony BrownAnthony BrownDay ago
  • You are awesome 👌👏

    deileen64deileen64Day ago
  • Trae makes a good point saying it's not fair to "punish" all Georgians with boycotts ... including those who voted for Democrats and helped flipping the state blue.

    SteinbockhaseSteinbockhaseDay ago
  • Too bad Tennessee is as backward and ignorant as Georgia. As a Tennessee gal, I sympathize with y'all. "Southern man better keep your head. Don't forget what your Good Book said." - Neil Young

    Susan BSusan BDay ago
  • Even Trump couldn't boycott Coca-Cola for a hot minute - as proved by his woeful attempt to hide his coke bottle behind a lamp in his office photoshoot a short while later. (He'd probably have got away with it as well, if he hadn't been wearing such a nasty, shit-eating grin that people were desperately trying to look ANYWHERE ELSE except at his orange face when confronted with said photo.) But... really? BOYCOTT Georgia? Sound to me like it's one of the best states to be in right now - especially if you want your vote to be fairly counted.

    MaerahnMaerahnDay ago
  • As one of those Georgians who helped flip GA blue, I appreciate everything you just said. Thank you for putting it into words.

    K. LaneyK. LaneyDay ago
  • Accept it, your dollar is worth more than your vote.

    sensualeyesensualeyeDay ago
  • Every registered voter has a right to vote. The Republican party needs a full frontal lobotomy. History was changed when the Tea Party blew up the Republican Party. Thank God for the Second Amendment.

    AmericanPatriot14AmericanPatriot14Day ago
  • How many of them good Georgians were gonna go to the All Star Game? AND maybe, just Maybe, vote out ALL the republicans who are pulling this shit. AND it is NOT just GA. The state I sadly live in, TX just pulled the same bullshit. Do I think TX should also be boycotted, HELL YES!

    Robert DownerRobert DownerDay ago
  • Coke sales are up. The soft drink sales are also up 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

    Robert Sans SouciRobert Sans SouciDay ago
  • Coca Cola sells everything from soda to water to tea. Just trying to avoid buying something they make could dehydrate the entire population.

    Meghan FredericksMeghan FredericksDay ago
  • Well said Trae! Well said.

    Balazs SzalaiBalazs SzalaiDay ago
  • UNIFY! Pitting us against each other is exactly what capitalism wants us to waste our time doing. We must find common ground and UNIFY to take down the real villains: dark money, monopolies, billionaires. Thanks for always reminding us of the plights/efforts of our southern comrades

    Bill's BeardBill's BeardDay ago
  • Thank you for Trae, while I never drink soda I gave money for the first time to politicians from Georgia this year. Yes, my name screams the South, but have lived in SF all my adult life.

    Troy GaspardTroy GaspardDay ago
  • Your southern accent is funny! I wanna see you onTYT!!

    Bob JobBob JobDay ago
  • That ... is ... good!

    The Dry TortugaThe Dry TortugaDay ago
  • Love you too. ❤️

    Cate DossCate Doss2 days ago
  • 🧡 ya, Trae. And I agree. Often there is collateral damage in any battle, and the losses will be hard felt. But this shit with the new Grand Q Party and their dumbass shit has to stop somewhere. And if it takes a smackdown with some of our team getting bruised to reach the goal we have to consider it worth it. I wish there was another way.

    David AndersonDavid Anderson2 days ago
  • Hey, I think you're great, and agree with you 90% of the time. However, if major companies come out against what Georgia did, perhaps other states such as Nevada, Flori duh, etc. may think twice before implementing their own "stop the vote" legislation... it would have been nice if MLB, Coke and other companies had spoken out sooner. No easier answers, but keep up the fight! Love your videos!

    Shel WShel W2 days ago
  • Sweet Lort, cute much..

    Christopher FairchildChristopher Fairchild2 days ago
  • Trae looking 7 years younger here.

    Amber PortlandAmber Portland2 days ago
  • Love y'all even more than squirrel dumplings, Trae. ❤

    Carolyn TalbotCarolyn Talbot2 days ago
  • For all those saying don't boycott Georgia, how else would you convince Kemp and the legislators repeal the law?

    Colette WilliamsColette Williams2 days ago
  • MLB wanted to move the game to a lilly white city for more money. Black people in Atlanta will end up feeling the negative economic repercussions. Even though everybody can still vote. Nice going though.

    Heath SkilesHeath Skiles2 days ago