Let's Try Out Tiktok Cheap Wine Trick tiktok arnesdei

Apr 5, 2021
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#shorts #tiktok
Let's Try Out Tiktok Cheap Wine Trick tiktok arnesdei
Credit is in the title.
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  • When you check the youtube page and there's no promised part 2: 👁👄👁

    ProfessorBerry IceProfessorBerry Ice49 minutes ago
  • Who taught Luigi how to use TikTok

    Shota AizawaShota AizawaHour ago
  • where the fuck is part two

    kaɪden ɪs badkaɪden ɪs badHour ago
  • 😂

    {Bunnii•Pops}{Bunnii•Pops}Hour ago
  • I m French to

    Jett WoodJett Wood2 hours ago
  • This guy's a little off but I dont want to say anything

    ImmortalGamerImmortalGamer3 hours ago
  • Plot twist he isn't even French 😲

    Jordan JonesJordan Jones3 hours ago
  • In the beginning: hey bitch, At the end: blaaackk pinkkk in yo airrrreaaa 😛

    Chloe ShapiroChloe Shapiro4 hours ago
  • “Black pink in your air-ee-AHHHH

    Camdyn The UnboxerCamdyn The Unboxer4 hours ago
  • Something is very off with this man

    Steve The BarberSteve The Barber5 hours ago
  • not only does he have to change his voice to be gay he also has a french accent bro sound stupid af.

    Eli -Eli -5 hours ago
  • Idiots

    Digvijay ParmarDigvijay Parmar5 hours ago
  • Is he gay or just European?

    Dj Hemp2oDj Hemp2o5 hours ago
  • Just cause your French doesn’t mean you know about wine

    78787 hours ago
  • The best wine is Moldovian and French

    alexandra cuciucalexandra cuciuc9 hours ago
  • only me thinking he looks a tiny bit like hitler? just me? okay 😄

    CottonStrawberryCottonStrawberry10 hours ago
  • It was 43 seconds, my guy still had 17 left

    Bailey MainBailey Main10 hours ago
  • So if blending bad wine makes it good, would blending good wine make it even better?

    Spruce BentonSpruce Benton10 hours ago
  • gay

    MR. NiggaMR. Nigga10 hours ago
  • I have no idea who he is But I love him

    Avleen RandhawaAvleen Randhawa10 hours ago
  • No thanks

    Teddy FreshTeddy Fresh11 hours ago
  • Alternate title: Frèñçh màñ Blèñdíñg wíñè

    GamerManShakGamerManShak12 hours ago
  • bro I'm starting to hate this channel for never posting pt 2s. @viralblock get pt 2 and repost both or dont post parted videos

    D PoD Po13 hours ago
  • no

    __Aymen Gamin____Aymen Gamin__13 hours ago
  • He looks gay

    Daniel BDaniel B14 hours ago
  • Ah yes the good french accent i could relate to when I was younger and tried to speak English xD

    †Shaman ,That idiot ††Shaman ,That idiot †14 hours ago
  • 3€ is expensive wine... 🇵🇹

    Patricia MeirelesPatricia Meireles15 hours ago
  • I lived in Germany for 4 years and I can tell you that 1 euro old wine is good enough by itself at the stores my family bought it at.

    tommy a smithtommy a smith16 hours ago
  • Jesus, and I though gay American guys were extra.

    michael99087michael9908716 hours ago
  • if he was out of time i didn’t have to film all the 30 secs..? but nvm

    Naly KNaly K19 hours ago
  • kArEn~🤣

    Ashly RoyAshly Roy19 hours ago
  • He suis français Aussie😝😝🍷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    Sascha MarieSascha Marie19 hours ago

    Irene TamanisauIrene Tamanisau20 hours ago
  • He’s gay

    Timofey BochkovTimofey Bochkov20 hours ago
  • *I can tell he's a European, coz he's GAY*

    John VicJohn Vic21 hour ago
  • last thing i wanna say frech are fckers as well as donkeys and dogs easy right

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
    • I agree

      SuhaybSuhayb12 hours ago
  • h

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • c

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • t

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • i

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • b

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • ill easly keep logging into different accounts

    عبدالله خضر صالح عليعبدالله خضر صالح علي21 hour ago
  • As holes

    Abdallah my GamerisAbdallah my Gameris21 hour ago
  • Why did he say “Blackpink in your area” like that...

    Billy LiangBilly Liang21 hour ago
  • If France was a guy

    enjoy 12enjoy 1221 hour ago
  • bLaCkPeNk iN yA aRe-YAH

    diadia21 hour ago
  • Is this really how people act? This dude is annoying as hell

    NickNick22 hours ago
    • It's tiktok, I swear tiktok is full of this crap

      SuhaybSuhayb12 hours ago
  • Cringe to the max.

    Stick Stickley • 100 years agoStick Stickley • 100 years ago22 hours ago

    angie_isstokedangie_isstoked22 hours ago
    • 🤡

      SuhaybSuhayb11 hours ago
  • I love black pink Lisa jisoo rose and Jennie

    Amira ChavezAmira Chavez22 hours ago
  • this guy was on something i can tell

    Galactic GuimoGalactic Guimo22 hours ago
  • I already liked him when he greeted me plus I’m his accent but that “blackpink in your area” sold it for me. This man right here needs to be protected at all cost 😭😩✋

    Bakuguo Wifey bitchesBakuguo Wifey bitches22 hours ago
    • 🤡

      SuhaybSuhayb11 hours ago
  • Burp

    Salinascali 200Salinascali 20023 hours ago
  • Don't worry drunk french people can't hurt you: Drunk french people:

    Pinoy in Vegas YTPinoy in Vegas YTDay ago
  • annoying

    Sloane HowardSloane HowardDay ago
  • To get things out of bottles faster pot a straw in there and put the straw on the side of the opening goes fast as fuck

    Kevin LorKevin LorDay ago
  • TikTok, come pick up your garbage off of USworldss lawn.

    Sean DunnSean DunnDay ago
  • This is the most annoying Frenchmen I’ve ever seen.

    Dave RudabaughDave RudabaughDay ago
  • Omfg 😂

    Francine ErivezFrancine ErivezDay ago
  • This person obviously wants to end up being on drugs

    Aesthetic VibesAesthetic VibesDay ago
  • It’s putting air in the wine witch makes it taste better there is a thing the you pour the wine into that puts air into it idk the name but my parents say it makes it 3 times better

    Parker MckeeverParker MckeeverDay ago
  • Anyone who knows a bit about wine knows about airing it. I guess the blender achieves a similar effect.

    VolfVolfDay ago
  • You asked why was pink. Here's why when your blending that it makes bubbles. The bubbles can make one look pink especially when there is a lot of tiny little bubbles. That's why it looks pink in the blender.

    Kandi HinshawKandi HinshawDay ago
  • Come se i francesi ne sapessero qualcosa di vino, PASSATE IN ITALIA

    hobbyhobbyDay ago
  • Hey bitch. Beehahahahaha

    Michael WanyoMichael WanyoDay ago
  • I just ruined the 666 comments

    Gamezilla 56Gamezilla 56Day ago
  • 35 seconds I’ll never get back!

  • What’s his tiktok ?

    Gabriela JurgeaGabriela JurgeaDay ago
  • Don't ever call me that name again that makes me mad are you one apparently you are and is that why you're so cheap too

    Annie DivinsAnnie DivinsDay ago
  • Part 2 hasnt came

    green pencil BFUPgreen pencil BFUPDay ago
  • Lol he talk like the best wine comes from France 😂

    palyasu 1234palyasu 1234Day ago
  • I smiled when he said and I’m fremch

    cruisepaigecruisepaigeDay ago
  • Honestly he just looks french

    Gaege CabronGaege CabronDay ago
  • Where part 2

    Alexis LewisAlexis LewisDay ago
  • It’s because wine gets better the more air it comes in contact with this is why wine people swirl their wine around

    TheHazeOW YTTheHazeOW YTDay ago
  • French man surrenders to blender after running out of time colorized 1943

    Chavi OliaChavi OliaDay ago
  • Geh

    Ask PAsk PDay ago
  • Maggot F

    jarski440jarski440Day ago
  • Never thought I’d see the day I’ll see a Gay French man

    Juicy TootJuicy TootDay ago
  • This guy is French.... That's all

    Kenan BayernKenan BayernDay ago
  • It is just disgusting

    golycpgolycpDay ago
  • Am I the only one who saw it on that cheapskates show with the guy blending cheap leftover wine he collected at the beach for his class?😭

    GiselleGiselleDay ago
  • "I'm French I know what I'm doing" -10 sec later "What the hell am I doing"

    Zack LanoisZack LanoisDay ago
  • I can tell you that insecure about this video

    Theresa RussellTheresa RussellDay ago
  • This is a waste of time

    Mano 35000Mano 350002 days ago
  • The "BlAcK PiNk iN yOuR aRea" had me so weak🤣

    Tianna TuckerTianna Tucker2 days ago
  • Oh so your French? Back stab a Texan then

    RepleteJester23RepleteJester232 days ago
  • It’s called airing and you do it with a large flat dish usually, blending seems odd

    ITSyABoiNgindaITSyABoiNginda2 days ago
  • I’m not French but by the accent I could tell

    Christmas Saint NickChristmas Saint Nick2 days ago
  • "Zzizz is ouine fog like free euros". For 6 Euros, you can get Argentine Merlot / Cabernet / Malbec - A 20 euros value - and you don't have to use a fucking blender.

    Mark FioreMark Fiore2 days ago
  • First the energy is fine. But him saying bish doesn't feel or sound right and the continuesly lip licking is uncomfortable. He seems like he could be funny guy or laid back funny type person but i get the vibe he trying to be like everyone else instead of being himself. I know that happens alot an it be nice if people would just be themselves more often

    Sarah ParkinsonSarah Parkinson2 days ago
  • Screw it imma go check out the account since I have a better chance at finding it there than on here

    Jackie StriderJackie Strider2 days ago
  • He got through a tiktok without throwing his hands up in surrender. Bravest Frenchman I've seen

    Flex GunshipFlex Gunship2 days ago
  • You would think if something that easy was able to improve the quality of your wine, the maker would just do it. Like with cars, if a $10 intake improves your car in any way, the manufacturer would probably use it. They usually know quite a bit about their own products.

    JrezkyJrezky2 days ago
  • This doesn't work b'cuz science Your not changing the matter your just throwing it around not adding or subtracting

    âřtø_ føxöâřtø_ føxö2 days ago
  • If I ever have a boyfriend I want them to be like him

    Fortnight NoubFortnight Noub2 days ago
  • I hate French people I just don’t like them idk why but that’s that

    Drek Eater of worldsDrek Eater of worlds2 days ago
  • It all tastes nasty

    Tom HTom H2 days ago
  • Anyone know this dude's name??

    Cat MCat M2 days ago
  • Him: bLacKpiNk iN youR arEa Blinks: *dies*

    KenmaKenma2 days ago