Let's talk about education and national security....

Feb 21, 2021
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  • Part of the reason we have The Cult45 is because there isn't enough emphasis placed on education in the U.S.

    llongone2llongone27 days ago
  • 100% we have so many of our workforce that is as essential to national security as the military, who without them our country fails. And we treat them like shit, don't pay them, and expect the world from them. Teachers should have a bank of their own, preferential loans, unlimited healthcare, unlimited budgets, and more. So should Farmers Essential workers who we couldn't send home during a pandemic and many more.

    EraNex97EraNex978 days ago
  • Thanks

    joe dyerjoe dyer8 days ago
  • Great rant. America is great (or was) because we cared about education

    Christopher BrideChristopher Bride9 days ago
  • The teachers unions are useless. The pay issue could be solved in a month if every single teacher worked ONLY their contract hours. No strike necessary. No disruption of parents schedules. But then the union would have nothing to do.

    Fight to Fly PhotographyFight to Fly Photography9 days ago
  • I find the juxtaposition between top education producing the sort of military gear that "the dumbest 17 year old can use them" (referencing your other video that I love) very interesting. Then there are "warrior monks" at the top of the ranks of decorated military, and then there comes the typical "bottom feeders" that grunts often get called. Education must be prioritized. I agree.

    Nick LaiNick Lai10 days ago
  • Education is critically important to the future of the nation and should be funded better. But when it comes to teachers pay everyone seems to overlook something significant - teachers only work about 9 months out of the year. Where most full time employees may only get 2 weeks off per year, teachers get somewhere around 12 weeks off. When you normalize teacher's pay to 50 weeks per year it turns out teachers are actually well paid. Unfortunately schools are underfunded and there is a lack of school supplies. So many teachers end up buying supplies that should be supplied by the school out of their own money, that is not reasonable. Schools should be fully funded, equipped and supplied and teachers should be well paid in line with the amount of time in a year they work.

    Me Myself IMe Myself I10 days ago
  • Another way to think of it is before people become soldiers and show up to be educated by a drill sergeant, they report to schools for 12 years to learn fundamentals.

    Me Myself IMe Myself I10 days ago
  • Everyone needs to get comfortable with the reality that if we fundamentally shift the rewards systems to make teaching more attractive economically, the better and brighter will displace some considerable segment of the current crop. today, C students who want summers off go into teaching alongside some truly talented people for whom economics alone doesn’t trump the vocation. Even at today’s price level there’s an oversupply problem. in a free market, you’d fix that by either raising the qualification bar or letting prices erode. i think we can agree the latter just exacerbates the quality problem. The reason to raise both standards and rewards together is to ensure we emerge with a better product. if you raise only one, you either still overpay for indifferent quality or find yourself w a teacher shortage.

    Kevin AveryKevin Avery10 days ago
  • 100%

    AlbastrelAlbastricaAlbastrelAlbastrica10 days ago
  • France literally follows a student at a young age until after college....paying for instruction and then hires them when they are done with their education.

    SSCSSC10 days ago
  • Nice thanks..im retired military and now teaching!!!

    Louis BonsteelLouis Bonsteel10 days ago
  • Your depth of subjects and knowledge is amazing!

    LocNLocN10 days ago
  • If the US spent money on education like it does on military... I'd be living on Europa, Ganymede or somewhere in space.

    KMCA779KMCA77910 days ago
    • What do you mean?

      AkaiAzulAkaiAzul10 days ago
  • It is richly while also sad and disgustingly ironic that Republicans who say they are all about national security and our veterans, are the ones who by their actions push to keep americans uneducated so they don't have a voice to question how their politicians are continuing to keep them oppressed.

    William StefensWilliam Stefens10 days ago
  • The real threat to national security is ignorance, we were taught civics in school if a person knows about the Constitution the way government is supposed to work then you will not have all this civil unrest. The road teachers have is vitally important, because if a student or person doesn't know how government is supposed to work which is taught and civics class then it is easier for the government and politicians to lie to them. Wake up America!!! 🤔🤔🤔😎

    Bryan ForemanBryan Foreman11 days ago
  • I'm not sure what point you're making or what Adams was either. What is the point?

    pigtailsboypigtailsboy11 days ago
  • Can you imagine if the public education of the US was as lauded and desired by the nations of the world as it once was?

    CalvinCalvin11 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/eIqOmIjKkoCqrWY Just finding something dumb through something else, and thought of you.

    trickstapriestxmtrickstapriestxm11 days ago
  • I'd also say that when you know better you do better. We wouldn't have screamed "build a wall" if we understood why they were coming. and so many things we get involved in, depends on how educated we are about it.

    Lisa DixonLisa Dixon11 days ago
  • This is why Scott Adams shouldn't be consulted as an expert in anything other than some electrical engineering topics. Libertarians like Adams are fundamentally pro-business, even if they make a big song and dance number about being for the little guy (yeah, the little guy with the most money and biggest guns. Sure.). The other problem with Adams is that he has a serious disdain for organizations and most people (he shares this with Ayn Rand).

    M MuraseM Murase11 days ago
  • Our government does not fund education adequately because knowledge (of US history) reduces the likelihood of recruitment (notwithstanding the relatively short period immediately following some sort of an attack against the US). I took the ASVAB when I was still in HS, maybe '98 or '99, and I had recruiters calling for months. Three squares and a cot was not enough incentive for me to quit smoking weed, so I took my talents elsewhere.

    #YourGovernmentHatesYou#YourGovernmentHatesYou11 days ago
  • Absolutely awesome 🤙. Teachers are truly the backbone of a prosperous society 🤙

    Bruce MartinBruce Martin11 days ago
  • That’s how you know Repubs are so messed up bc they try to underfund schools.

    Heidi H.Heidi H.11 days ago
  • Honestly I don't get Dilbert guys initial argument at all. Why can't the army unionize? I mean, i could think about it for a while and come up with answers that are better I'm sure but my initial thought was "because they have tanks". We don't necessarily want the guys with armor and artillery to form alternative lines of organization that could be exploited to supersede the command structure. I'm not sure I actually buy that, I'm not sure I'm necessarily against army unions at all. But the point being: I'm not worried about teachers forming their own command structure and rolling tanks through Manhattan. Empowering teachers does not seem to pose any immediate threat to national security. Am I missing something critical in the initial argument or is he just saying they shouldn't be allowed unions because theyd be too powerful (i.e. we need them too much but we cant actually afford to pay them what they are worth)

    TheJesusaurusTheJesusaurus11 days ago
    • Consider how the police are unionized and how well that's turning out....

      AkaiAzulAkaiAzul10 days ago
  • Love the shirt. Loved watching School House Rock as a child. Got the dvd for my son so he could learn in a fun way.

    Veronica Reither ReeseVeronica Reither Reese11 days ago
  • My grandmother was a teacher. She was awesome. I have only had three awesome teachers in my 16 year education. That number should be higher. Well done sir.

    Andrew EverstineAndrew Everstine12 days ago
  • Reminded me of this sketch by Key and Peele usworlds.info/slow/video/lo6Dnm2piH5mbYs

    Ante MajetićAnte Majetić12 days ago
  • This is a brilliant argument, Beau.

    gracelandonegracelandone12 days ago
  • As a teacher and educator for the last 21 years..... Thank you for this!

    Jennifer LosekeJennifer Loseke12 days ago
  • Mind blown.

    keithprivkeithpriv12 days ago
  • Pleeeease expand upon that last point in another video. I love education talks.

    Griffin Han-LalimeGriffin Han-Lalime12 days ago
  • A real comprehensive education makes for a better citizen. Fewer vaccination "sceptics", because they know how biology and evolution works. Less gullible voters, because they know what the US Construction actually says and means. What happens when one politicians says: "Don't do this, because god", and another politician claims the opposite? Well, an educated person might actually look for good quality evidence for and against the case. Or use a bit of logic and critical thinking. To be brutally honest though, most politicians don't want people to be "too educated". Sure commerce and industry want the population to have a skill-set, and training, but with a few exceptions, they don't want people to be too sharp. Because most of how society operates is based on myths and traditions, and that makes it easier for elites to control the masses. [One thing Karl Marx got totally correct-religion is the opium of the masses] And I am not just talking about religions here, but political and ideological myths too. Like "trickle-down economics". The idea that if the rich make plenty of money, then some will trickle down to you-it almost never happens, and when it does, it really is a trickle, a few crumbs, at best. How secure is a nation where many people cannot evaluate information properly? You get infestations of people who believe that elections were stolen, and crazy cults like QAnon become mainstream. And people who don't wear a mask during a pandemic "Because FREEDOM?". All this boils down to the need for a good, universal education. Yes, soldiers should be highly educated and unionised- ALL OF THEM! That way, perhaps there will be fewer unnecessary and immoral wars. And less war crimes. I am not so naïve that I believe that some Ghandi-type passive resistance is a strategy that can be used very often. It worked because the British had faced a long exhausting world war, and a growing sentiment at home that Britain should not have an Empire. So sometimes, you have to use the sword. If people are to be used as cannon-fodder, the the cause must truly have merit, and war a last resort. Our armed forces should be truly professional , not just "skilled". Almost anyone can be trained to kill with skill, given enough time and effort, but real warriors never use that power, that privilege, wantonly.

    Robert HunterRobert Hunter12 days ago
  • Adams is right wing nut.

    Andrew WerlingAndrew Werling12 days ago
  • This just in. Suspected militants on motorcycles ambushed a vehicle carrying instructors from a private vocational school in northwest Pakistan on Monday, killing four women and wounding the driver before fleeing, police said. The attack took place in the village of Epi in Mir Ali, a town in the North Waziristan district in a former tribal region bordering Afghanistan, said Shafi Ullah Khan Gandapur, a district police chief. Police said the slain women were sent to the village by the Bravo Institute of Technology, Peshawar, under an agreement with the Sabawon Pakistan charity. They had planned to train 140 residents for skilled occupations that would allow them to open their own businesses. "Is this the way to give back to someone for the hard work they were doing for the poor?" Fayaz Khan, the school's chief executive, told NBC News.

    Shawn RShawn R12 days ago
  • 5th rd body blow ko

    Google Me ChuckGoogle Me Chuck12 days ago
  • Teach your children to read and make them understand that learning is a life long proposition.

    Mary MastersMary Masters12 days ago
  • The American People (The trump followers) will be in for a big shock when they will realize in the next 10 years how much damage they have done to the American superiority in education, military, technological innovation, etc. The education system has always been the real power that made America great. But China is catching up quickly. Chinese researchers have published more AI research papers than the US for several years. These anti-immigrant, anti-education people don't realize how America is slowly losing to China. A lot of people get shocked when I tell them Chinese teachers (including primary school teachers) on average make more than their American counterparts given the cost of living. Putting more tariffs on Chinese goods will do nothing to stop this uprising unless America really rethinks its own education budget and immigration policies. When it comes to overall fundamental research China is still lagging behind the USA but they are not far behind. American people have to sober up unless they want their children to grow up in a world dominated by China. Denying the reality will make things only worse.

    Suhrid SarkarSuhrid Sarkar12 days ago
  • i think the german army has a union

    Gary FarrellGary Farrell12 days ago
  • To address something that you mentioned as being said about Teachers not storming the beaches at Normandy. Pretty sure a lot of Service Personnel who hit those beaches had other jobs before enlisting. Including teachers, carpenters, silversmiths and farmers.

    Steve EastealSteve Easteal12 days ago
  • In the state i'm from, Teachers *Can't* unionize. And just like everywhere else, they're underpaid and overworked so it's not like that state is just real good for teachers, cause it sure as hell ain't. (it's also worth noting that education in my state is not doing great because of standardized testing and I say that coming from the "good" part of the state)

    Ori FoxOri Fox12 days ago
  • A well educated population is less likely to fall victim of information warfare, aka propaganda.

    Prime FluxPrime Flux12 days ago
  • Love it! - Teacher.

    Lisa BaergaLisa Baerga12 days ago
  • The Green Berets didn't learn their subject matter expertise in public schools and teaching differential equations ain't the same as writing that proverbial blank check. Taking a second job to see you thru the summer ain't the same as living the rest of your life with a TBI because you rolled on an IED. Just about every occupation, short of investment bankers, is vital to national security, mechanics, welders, dock workers, ag workers, grocery clerks and unskilled laborers, even advertising professionals are vital to national security. I have mad respect for teachers. It is among the most noble professions. They should get what they can out of their union. Education should be adequately and publically funded. But I think you might want to rethink your comparison. Maybe this time think about the level of sacrifices you are comparing.

    Gary JohnsonGary Johnson12 days ago
  • And this is why I'm retiring from teaching.

    Tracy BaileyTracy Bailey12 days ago
  • Green Berets also build self-sufficient communities, fresh water supplies, sustainable food, and in some situations, sustainable (read "renewable") energy sources. It's a great model, as you've shown before. It's also transferable to education. It happens already but it's privatized. Perhaps it is time the country takes a similar approach with ensuring quality teachers who have a much deserved security net, as we had in the military

    Brian BoyerBrian Boyer12 days ago
  • Great points, Beau. Been letting all my friends know about you :)

    FinnFan33FinnFan3312 days ago
  • Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

    Marilyn KnepperMarilyn Knepper12 days ago
  • I'm sure that everyone submitting comments below has a real life experience with one of their teachers that motivated them and instilled in them the power to succeed. I did, and that teacher installed in me the will to never stop learning. See quote below by Thomas Jefferson from Toughen up, Fluffy.

    Bob PasquerettaBob Pasqueretta12 days ago
  • Yes, recruitment of excellent teachers!🌎💚☘

    MichelMichel12 days ago
  • Remember when Biden promised to cancel student debt? Ah, the good ol days.

    DrewSorensenMusicDrewSorensenMusic12 days ago
  • 100% agreeing with you, Beau.

    Kay AllenKay Allen12 days ago
  • thank you

    Sue AlexanderSue Alexander12 days ago
  • People these days, particularly those in politics and media, are so full of their smug 'false equivalencies'. So, well done Beau for drawing real world, systemic equivalencies between the military and education - as the military themselves did regarding (1) obesity AND ALSO (2) climate change - within the complexity-cognisant FRAME of, yes, NATIONAL SECURITY. National security does not have a sound-bite definition. Like your US Constitution it is concerned with protection from enemies foreign and domestic. The difference being that a constitution, a mere paper document, can be actually shredded (which the Capitol insurrectionists may have attempted?) and functional organisations such as the military, education and health services are very real, time-evolved systems without which societies quickly founder. Bear in mind that your body-mind system operates without any semblance of a 'constitution' but it cannot do without three Life-support systems operating in parallel: (1) an INTERNAL Life-support system: physiology plus micro-biome (2) a SOCIAL Life-support system: anthropological socio-biome (3) an EXTERNAL Life-support system: Gaia's macro-biome All without paper constitutions but none without interwoven complexity-handling Life-support ORGANISATION. And those Life-support systems must be mutual otherwise the whole system begins to fall apart from bottom up: first to go are individuals, then societies and then local ecosystems. Planetary level systems may be changed beyond measure but will likely re-adjust....

    lobopixlobopix12 days ago
  • A good segment. Another way of looking at the comparison of military vs educators is in value creation. Teachers are creating value constantly; the military for most of the typical day, are not. When the military are called to do so (the D-Day example), they may do so in massive quantities. Or not at all. You could say that the military create value by simply being there as deterrent, but that is like saying that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are doing the same. Why do we think that the founding fathers didn't want a standing army? Was it politics? Or economics? Maybe both

    John DuffyJohn Duffy12 days ago
  • I would add the soldiers who is running the tech & being able to perform complex maneuvers are all originally trained by teachers !!! This is something that does set teachers as being the foundation of our national security!!!

    Chris McKimieChris McKimie12 days ago
  • Bo man, you're my Spirit Animal

    Apsara SangrealApsara Sangreal12 days ago
  • Actually, there use to be things like that for teachers. What happened?!

    DeNisey BLM-MyLifeMattersDeNisey BLM-MyLifeMatters12 days ago
  • If America mass produced Teachers and Scientists like they do with the Military, climate change would of been fixed 5x over, that we would be having a climate cooling crisis.

    DrumtotheBass WoopDrumtotheBass Woop12 days ago
  • But if the citizens are well educated how will they fall for our BS and propaganda we feed them?

    Chris RobertsChris Roberts12 days ago
  • I took education for National Security in a different way. If people were better educated they wouldn't be voting for slugs like Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell. They'd be able to recognize if and when their rep becomes a self-serving millstone around their state's neck. The people are educated they would understand the importance diplomacy and would be more discriminant in supporting military actions. And so on.

    Alexis WinterAlexis Winter12 days ago
  • Some of the greatest instructors AKA teachers I had in my life were military. I learned the power of language from my Drill Sergeant. I enlisted right after they were told they couldn't curse AT us in 1984. They explained that they could not call us "dickhead" for example but the could call us hotdog head, weenie head, etc.. My drill sergeant was a linguistic genius. When I started working with emotionally disturbed boys after ended my first enlistment and went into the Reserves I used that technique with the kids. They cursed us out a lot and would lose points for it. I went and bought a huge dictionary and told them they could use words that meant the same thing as a curse word and not lose points. I taught the all how to look up words and synonyms. They spent a lot of time looking words up for combinations. Eventually I added they had to know the meaning for whatever words they were using to not lose a point. In my dorm cursing was effectively eliminated and didn't last long when we got new kids because the kids already there would explain how it worked to the new ones. Even better their vocabularies increased from using the dictionary all the time. I came in one day and they were doing a "language battle" over who knew the most words. I was very pleased that they came up with that on their own . I patterned my instructor and substitute teaching style after my Drill Sergeant and MOS instructor style.

    mrjmorovismrjmorovis12 days ago
  • The fact that it’s has to be EXPLAINED to legislators and the general public is just one more reason why this county’s days are numbered.

    Dearyvette TNDearyvette TN12 days ago
  • I am compiling stories of bad-assery among educators. Near the top of my list is Livio Librescu an engineering professor at Virginia Tech. When the VA Tech shooting occurred, this Holocaust survivor held the classroom door closed while his students kicked out a window and escaped - all while the gunman was shooting through the door. He was shot five times before he succumbed but several of his students survived. They say only an idiot brings a knife to a gun fight but a hero may go in empty handed expecting to buy time with his blood. If you have any stories please share them with me - I have heard of 90-pound principles rushing out to stand between a moose and children in a playground and many other stories. Alas, the news media does not seem to see the nobility of an unarmed grandma facing down 1000 pounds of death on the hoof.

    John BeckJohn Beck12 days ago
  • I was playing a game while watching this for the first time and when beau said that you don’t see teachers at Normandy the ramp dropped and I stepped onto the beach. I’d argue that teachers like me would be proud to do so... but we have more important things to do.

    David CamaforteDavid Camaforte12 days ago
  • In addition to the STEM-type education and the other types of education mentioned in the video, I would add that critical thinking, as taught in the liberal arts, and understanding of history, is also extremely important. As you said, it permeates every aspect of our daily lives.

    Katerine459Katerine45912 days ago
  • Beau, This one seems close to your heart.

    Nathan MNathan M12 days ago
  • Scott Adams of 2020 would be a Dilbert character if written by Scott Adams of 1990.

    SandricSandric12 days ago
  • The reason for the military not being able to unionize should apply to police.

    jolalo123jolalo12312 days ago
  • The political extremes see education as a problem because people with the ability to think critically see through the rhetoric.

    chrisosechrisose12 days ago
  • I dig your shirt.

    Mitchell smithMitchell smith12 days ago
  • My hat off to you. From a city boy from NYC who is rarely impressed, I just want to say you got my utmost respect and admiration, and it is not “just a thought”.

    jecmchojecmcho12 days ago
  • Thank you Beau for your support of educators! Why can't we build a better system? 1. We left it to the states, so all are differently funded. 2. The changes since 1981 have punished those who are wildly successful with unfunded mandates and created cheaters of those who need SUPPORT and retraining. 3. Because of current economics, schools are "needed" so parents can work.

    Vicki DiodatoVicki Diodato12 days ago
  • An old CIA head replied to the question of "what is the greatest security threat the united states is facing.?" his reply was "our education system." i will try to find out where i saw that it was on bill maher show.

    ConkyvsRickiConkyvsRicki12 days ago
  • I need a school house rocks shirt.

    Melissa AndersonMelissa Anderson12 days ago
  • I would go one step further and say that we could replace part of our military with teachers. If we sent educators to countries in need instead of bombs we would have a lot less threat of being attacked! *IMO

    Brett NicholsBrett Nichols12 days ago
  • When someone is done getting rich off things the way they are now and ready to retire or whatever, someone has to take their place to preserve the systems in place now (not the systems put there by the elite, but for the people by the people). It can't just be someone's best friend or a kiss ass, brownnoser that isn't qualified. Sort of like we have now, crony politics.

    rich2rockrich2rock12 days ago
  • Beau SPOT ON!

    Kelly PriceKelly Price12 days ago
  • Not to mention the fact that more intelligent people are often those who will discover alternatives to military force, thus saving lives and dollars alike. Another GREAT video!

    defensebydesigndefensebydesign12 days ago
  • Education if done properly is not about getting that great job, but the primary purpose of Education is to teach people how to learn. Great teachers spark the desire to learn.

    Gehres WeedGehres Weed12 days ago
  • We've seen the uneducated army fall in line behind trump - that's what un-education does to a nation.

    Yes To HappinessYes To Happiness12 days ago
  • I watch you every day and I learn something every day. I live in Canada. We are one of the most educated countries in the world, about 50% of our country has some post secondary education. I am not one of that 50%. My wife and I travel to the USA every year and really like and enjoy the wonderful people that we meet and have befriended in your country. BUT... we are amazed at the ignorance of a large portion of your society. I was taught about Canadian history and civics in school, I was also taught about American history and civics in school. I constantly am asked " how do you know so much about America ? ". I wonder if your politicians realize that an ignorant citizenry is a controllable society and deliberately underfund education / Just a thought.

    Despondent GuyDespondent Guy12 days ago
  • Imagine wasting the world's collective knowledge as a species on developing ways to kill each other more efficiently...

    BarnCat FarmBarnCat Farm12 days ago
  • Anybody who ever did or became anything of importance, had teachers/educators. And for most of them, they were formal.

    Jesse MinerJesse Miner12 days ago
  • People who rant about unions have no idea what goes on in education. It is a giant bureaucratic mess in every district. Every school wants results and standards are pushed aside to achieve this. The teachers, being the lowest rung on this ladder, can try to work outside the bureaucracy because we have a union that protects our jobs. Some people seem to think that getting rid of the teacher unions would get rid of all the bad teachers. Think of any workplace and think if this has ever been true. In honesty, those teachers who tend to fight for your kids and aren't afraid to anger administration will be quick to go. Those who do very little teaching but pass all their students will still have a job. They are meeting the priorities of their bosses.

    jermoxjermox12 days ago
  • I look at unions as a corporation that is selling labor to other businesses. When you think about it that way, it fits perfectly into a capitalist market, and others. When people are grouped together it gives them better negotiating power. Sure, people say union labor is lazy, but have you noticed that people not in unions are lazy too? That's everyone everywhere, union or not, who seeks to get the maximum gain for minimum input.

    Master ThnagMaster Thnag12 days ago
  • I agree!!!!!!!👍😇😁

    Tina McLaughlinTina McLaughlin12 days ago
  • What do you think parents are? They’re unpaid teachers - no, they PAY to be teachers for life.

    CareKat 68CareKat 6812 days ago
  • yep... I agree... in WWII, the first thing Gen George ("Marshall Plan") Marshall did was go out and recruit the best teacher/coaches in the US....so they could become "Trainer's trainers"... they went out and plucked all the best high school football coaches (of course mostly from Texas and Oklahoma) who then trained all the other DI's/CPO's, drill sergeants, etc... so that when we were combat ready... we were are well conditioned as any All American... (PS my grandad was one of the trainers) PS... my grandad even trained legendary Coach Bud Wilkinson... who wrote me once saying Coach Rogers was a "fine man and an excellent football coach"

    ridl8006ridl800612 days ago
  • Thank you for this! Our teachers are invaluable and bureaucracy doesn't care.

    Lisa KLisa K12 days ago
  • John Greene says, "I support healthcare and education because I don't want to be surrounded by sick and stupid people."

    Stephen WilliamsStephen Williams12 days ago
  • Well said ... let me add that according to WW2 historian Steven Ambrose, 30% of draftees were ineligible for military service due to malnutrition. This was the effect of poverty during the Great Depression years. With the gap widening in STEM graduates between China and the US as well as the Chinese closing the gap on patent applications, our oceans may not be enough to protect us in this digital age. The US needs every mind (male, female, black, white, etc) working to its potential to meet the scale at which the Chinese can operate. Demographics are changing in the US as well and we won’t be competitive on many fronts just relying on white males to create and innovate.

    Lyle DavisLyle Davis12 days ago
  • Interplanet Janet!! Knowledge is power!! ✌🏻❤️

    Dug NantzDug Nantz12 days ago
  • My father helped liberate the Netherlands as a Canadian officer in the Black Watch. He was also a teacher, and returned to that role after the war. I grew up understanding service as a way of life. Not long ago, I retired as a teacher.. Throughout my career, though, I felt dishonoured every time we had to negotiate contracts with governments. We were portrayed as lazy and useless parasites who didn't contribute to society in a meaningful way. That would become enhanced when we withdrew services, though, with insults that labelled us as cowards who were using children for selfish purposes. That forms a career load of shame on the public who hired us, as far as I am concerned. As for the economics? Pathetic lies. We were told for decades that if we just cut back now, the "tax-payer" will be able to reinvest back into education in four years or so. Never happened. And as a tax-payer, that really made me angry. Instead of a better eduction system, centred in the needs of children, we were told to do more with less, to provide a Rolls Royce service for the price of a Volks Wagon, and as a bonus, we would be monitored by never ending provincial testing of the children to figure out why they weren't learning. Now, I loved the role, the contact with young minds, watching them grasp concepts. The children came first to me and my colleagues. They did not come first to those in charge, though. The results are beginning to become alarming.

    Ian PatrickIan Patrick12 days ago
  • So glad you made this video Beau. I am passionate about this topic. And I am so exhausted with many in this country making teachers and schools out to be the villains, and the siphoning of school funds to “charter” schools. It’s gutting our public education.

    Chelsey LChelsey L12 days ago
  • Unfortunately, education isn't a guarantee of common sense. Scott Adams*, an engineer, has been a long time Trump supporter. I don't know if recent events have changed that. That said, education is the foundation of a strong and stable society. *In the run up to the 2016 election Adams typed, "If you're an undecided voter, and male, you're seeing something different. You're seeing a celebration that your role in society is permanently diminished. And it's happening in an impressive venue that was, in all likelihood, designed and built mostly by men."

    Euan SmithEuan Smith12 days ago
  • I'm an educator, and I have watched your content for years. I really appreciate hearing this from you, especially when I have considered quitting during the pandemic. Thank you for reminding why I do what I do: for my country, and for my community.

    Kyle JohnsburyKyle Johnsbury12 days ago
  • While we're talking about education being key to national defense - if the school education was done properly, those people who stormed the legislature would have been able to think, this isn't a good idea. People could look at things on the Internet and be able to sort out true from false from probably false to .. maybe I should check for unintended consequences before I do that, that thing he said didn't happen because it doesn't happen that way, to let's figure out how to get better public services from our local/state/nat'l gov't, to any number of things.

    Meg NakanoMeg Nakano12 days ago
  • There are now multiple & varied laws against Unions throughout the US most involve not only Right to work (Right of employers to cut wages & benefits while it is illegal for the same employees to Unionize & bargain with Management) also it is illegal to walk out & shut down production with protests the consequences for Unionization are arrest, jail, & firing. The teachers in Oklahoma held class on the State Capital lawn to keep from going to jail. So they got noticed but without the shut down of production tool they got nothing. We voted to expand Medicaid to include workers making up to 8.25 per hour & state legislature turned Medicaid into an insurance program requiring single mother's with 2 children to pay $6000 a month out of a $1200 a month paycheck for Medicaid. So it's still a choice between access to the emergency room in a pandemic or food. We need to eliminate all anti-work legislation & give workers rights back to fight & negotiate for better pay & benefits.

    Ann RamseyAnn Ramsey12 days ago
  • Every generation, we start from scratch. We are only as smart as we are able to make the new generations. Great insights don't necessarily hang around in the air to be naturally picked up by younger generations, save for what accretes in language and culture.

    Strange BirdStrange Bird12 days ago