Lemon demon I ain't got no iPhone - Animation

Mar 31, 2021
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  • Aw hell naw dey trrn broifen from fnf into ipon

    Nyårs jordnötterNyårs jordnötter36 minutes ago
  • who love games roblox or minecraft or friday funkin or craftman or d mod or e mod

    Maikero IsuraMaikero Isura58 minutes ago
  • Sad

    StarAmongbloxcraft ProNNoobStarAmongbloxcraft ProNNoobHour ago
  • 😢

    Astrid BeatrixAstrid BeatrixHour ago
  • Is no body gonna talk about boyfriend is a ipad/i phone-

    Ana Hayezza Ellisse SierteAna Hayezza Ellisse SierteHour ago
  • Fun fact: Lemon demon don't have money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

    Elle GamerElle GamerHour ago
  • Sad 😞 I feel bad

    Nic ChartrandNic Chartrand2 hours ago
  • “Boyphone” *wheeze*

    AmbianceAmbiance2 hours ago
  • He ain’t got no iphone

    AshTheTeaAshTheTea3 hours ago
  • dont bully lemon demon 😔

    GhostyGhosty4 hours ago
  • I just realized why Lemon Demons eyes might be pink. His head is a lemon, his eyes are in it, lemon juice stings eyes.

    The Penguin from MatMartThe Penguin from MatMart4 hours ago
  • I Love seeing Lemon demon sad

    Márcio CruzMárcio Cruz4 hours ago
  • this is why his mom does not live him( talking about bf not lemon demon)

    Lisa GomezLisa Gomez4 hours ago
  • Lemon monster

    the terrarianthe terrarian4 hours ago

    Christina KuhnChristina Kuhn5 hours ago
  • This does not help my depression

    • still a good vid

  • 남친폰 넘 꼴받는....

    예비작가1228예비작가12285 hours ago
  • OzsssAE

    Junior PrietoJunior Prieto5 hours ago
  • nOoOo rE triste

    luna worlluna worl6 hours ago
  • Ok, but why would a Lemon want a Apple product?

    Box in the JackBox in the Jack6 hours ago

    Engie 143Engie 1437 hours ago
  • *"I hate my life, I wanna die. I ain't no IPhone... My heart is making me commit suicide."*

    Edgar GarciaEdgar Garcia7 hours ago
  • Me when i hit 50% in english

    jerry i hate tomjerry i hate tom8 hours ago
  • lemon demon with hatsune miku hair is'nt real, he can't hurt you lemon demon with hatsune miku hair: 0:17

    XAlbertÖntin08XXAlbertÖntin08X8 hours ago

    Hanna GamerHanna Gamer9 hours ago
  • That aint a Iphone. Thats a BeepBoop 3000.

    Mr man man duck duck duckMr man man duck duck duck9 hours ago
  • 0:18 miku??

    wow okwow ok9 hours ago
  • Бедный Лемон демон

    Румянцев ДимаРумянцев Дима9 hours ago
  • Eu odeio esse bicho ele é chato

  • Poor lemon demon

    Adrianna AlvaradoAdrianna Alvarado10 hours ago
  • I got Not iPhone

    Paulina Camacho PadillaPaulina Camacho Padilla11 hours ago
  • The real one is from 2010

    Mr XMr X11 hours ago
  • I Geus lemon demon got a ds

    Dr snoesDr snoes11 hours ago
  • When he cried his hair looks like. Miku. Lol. Just saying

    Benita HunterBenita Hunter11 hours ago
  • Poor lemon demom

    ꨄ ꧁møshi꧂ ꨄꨄ ꧁møshi꧂ ꨄ12 hours ago
  • 0:07 his eyes XD

    Manzi manziManzi manzi13 hours ago
  • Is this why winter HorrorLand doesn't have lyrics I'm just questioning

    Qawvy MobleyQawvy Mobley14 hours ago
  • **gives lemon demon an iphone :D**

    Fran._.X DFran._.X D14 hours ago
  • Meanwhile me, a android user with a nokia battery attached to a Redmi 8, looking at the iPhone: Oh? So you're approaching me?

    Gorgeous FreemanGorgeous Freeman14 hours ago
  • Bf:dies Lemon:plz iphoneeeeeeeeeeee

    Z_gamin9Z_gamin914 hours ago
  • 👌👍👍👍👍👍

    Eloine FlorianoEloine Floriano15 hours ago
  • all he wanted was an iphone

    HiHi15 hours ago
  • i dont have an iphone but sarv wont let me end my misery

    RuvRuv15 hours ago
  • What happend if we give him a iPhone?

    Azzam maheswara atmodjo Azzam maheswara atmodjoAzzam maheswara atmodjo Azzam maheswara atmodjo16 hours ago
  • so sad for lemon demon i feel bad first he was cursed en he by daddy dearest/Gf's Dad then he has no iphone

    NG E TONG MoeNG E TONG Moe16 hours ago
  • i really want to buy him an iphone because of his face lmao

    KQ- ROBLOXKQ- ROBLOX18 hours ago
  • What

    Elie vernetElie vernet18 hours ago
  • 0:20 why does this make me regret everything

    giratina entertainmentgiratina entertainment18 hours ago
  • But Lemon can buy redmi

    Agayeva SakinaAgayeva Sakina18 hours ago
  • Nu lemon is sad :c me too sad :c

    Agayeva SakinaAgayeva Sakina18 hours ago
  • How sycophants blink (0:00) AND YEZ RELATEBALE "I GOT NO IPHONE" TTTTTTnnnnTTTTT

    Gabbie MirandaGabbie Miranda18 hours ago
  • 🍋📱

    Mabel JavierMabel Javier18 hours ago
  • rip the lemon press f for respects

    Burnt BonnieBurnt Bonnie19 hours ago
  • And I feel bad

    Kristen DeniseKristen Denise20 hours ago
  • I think this is why he killed millions of people to make himself feel better

    Kristen DeniseKristen Denise20 hours ago
  • Iboyfriend

    Emilie McCartyEmilie McCarty21 hour ago
  • Lemon demon: sad Ad: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    Yin yangYin yang22 hours ago
  • Like=give iPhone for Lemon demon T_T :( =(

    Mr SANS XRMr SANS XR22 hours ago
  • )= T-T iPon

    Mr SANS XRMr SANS XR23 hours ago
  • *Latinoamérica: XD*

    Alfredo del Mazo Maza MasizaAlfredo del Mazo Maza MasizaDay ago
  • sorry bud I dont have one heres an ipad tho

    SPYSPYDay ago
  • Here is a iphone :D

    •Ghosty_ Paw••Ghosty_ Paw•Day ago
  • When your parents don’t want to give you an iPhone -

    Pastel_waffle playzPastel_waffle playzDay ago
  • Did it say eye ball or i phone i am confused 🤔😕

    Elmer RodriguezElmer RodriguezDay ago
  • Didn’t get his iPhone oh it’s ok later does get me iPhone intell I died me i will shot my self with a gun

    Nick BeeNick BeeDay ago
  • Me: *watches this video* Phone: *falls* Me: .... Lemon demon: He got no iphone

    NeverSwordBG_YTNeverSwordBG_YTDay ago
  • I don't 📱 🍋🔫

    felipertxd profelipertxd proDay ago
  • Someone please give him an iphone.

    Kelsey JohnsonKelsey JohnsonDay ago
  • Lemon demon:☹🔫

    Jake Eizen Howard MaJake Eizen Howard MaDay ago
  • 1. look how close his hand is to the phone JUST JUMP AND GET ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    29 Miguel Enrico Uy29 Miguel Enrico UyDay ago
  • The bad ending: u lost your temper and killed girlfriend and boyfriend The good ending:you got and iphone hooray! The secret ending:you turned into an iPhone The normal ending:You did not get your iPhone so you killed yourself The lemon ending:The iPhone was actually your friend lemonade

    Matthew The RobloxgamerMatthew The RobloxgamerDay ago
  • Q DÓ 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Leonan FelisbinoLeonan FelisbinoDay ago
  • quiere un phone?

    Osmar Miguel SerranoOsmar Miguel SerranoDay ago
  • Pico: HERE *literally throws an iphone X at his face* Lemon demon: :DD *now going back to killing kids and your girlfriend~*

  • Why.

    The poem & story guyThe poem & story guyDay ago
  • Poor Lemon Demon he just wants a iPhone

    Mysterio UnknownMysterio UnknownDay ago
  • bruh that iphone is saying such political things omg

    HytenHytenDay ago
  • I will buy him a iPhone

    Ulises ChaconUlises ChaconDay ago
  • plot twist: lemon demons mom got him a beep phone

    Poop DumpPoop DumpDay ago
  • I hate my life I don't have a iphone

    Amanda GuzmanAmanda GuzmanDay ago
  • For some reason boyfriend's voice fits an iphone so well

    WurmWurmDay ago
  • *turns into hug demon* c'mere imma give you one with hugs

    SPYSPYDay ago
  • poor lemon monster, dude just wants an iphone

  • This is sooo fucking bad LOL

    BlueJelloColaBlueJelloColaDay ago
  • Why do I want to hug the lemon demon cuz of the end face

    rodin animationsrodin animationsDay ago
  • i just wanted a iPhone mom.

    NinjaFoxxNinjaFoxxDay ago
  • i got a iphone 900 for u ! 😗📱

    Mateo PlaysMateo PlaysDay ago
  • Lemon demon:I don't iphone My:me to ;3 but i got tablet

    Haly la gatta misticaHaly la gatta misticaDay ago
  • Omg, he looks cute, but sad ;-;

    Gabriel AlmeidaGabriel AlmeidaDay ago
  • Lemon Demon : :"0

    Paulina Camacho PadillaPaulina Camacho PadillaDay ago
  • bruh get a android its way better

    Trevor Philips90Trevor Philips90Day ago
  • Poor little Lemon demon somebody give him an iPhone

    Luigi’s AdventuresLuigi’s AdventuresDay ago
  • Traduccion: Lemon demon: odio mi vida y quiero mori* no tengo iphone Boy friend: beep bop bop bap bap bap Lemon demon: mi corazon se rompe pensando en el suicidi* no tengo iphone Denada :)

    hilos con el sr cheemshilos con el sr cheemsDay ago
  • Cute lemon demon LOL

    Red the foolRed the foolDay ago
  • Why demon lemon want iphone 👁👄👁

    girl friendgirl friendDay ago
  • ngl the iphone looks like an ipad with that rotation thing

    _ b r u h _ A m y __ b r u h _ A m y _Day ago
  • *give he iPhone *

    даниил ладыгоданиил ладыгоDay ago
  • cringe

    Stick the LawyerStick the LawyerDay ago
  • Say I if you think we break boyfriends iphone

    Jason Allan LuspianJason Allan LuspianDay ago
  • Boyfriend is taunting lemon demon

    Jason Allan LuspianJason Allan LuspianDay ago