Lakers Sign Ben McLemore

Apr 6, 2021
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The Lakers appear to have improved their three-point shooting...
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  • great

    Amirbahador ghorbaniAmirbahador ghorbani5 days ago
  • Is not fair man lakers signing Ben makes the NBA so unfair that's securing a Ring I'm not gonna watch nba anymore

    Uncle RuckusUncle Ruckus5 days ago
  • Our savior

    LeafyBreeze 79LeafyBreeze 795 days ago
  • Trevor said it best! Sometimes the good players with stats on other teams who transfer and sign with the purple and gold somehow just seem to fizzle out. Trez is one player taking it up a notch.

    SUPER KATSUPER KAT6 days ago
  • Well deserved! 👋👋👋👋👋 LETS GO LAKERS!!!!

    Prof3ssor ***Prof3ssor ***6 days ago
  • Shooting comes and goes. I want to see who defends better

    hbks lazyeyehbks lazyeye6 days ago
  • Shooting comes and goes. I want to see who defends better

    hbks lazyeyehbks lazyeye6 days ago
  • They needed another star to compete with the Nets. Now the Nets will win the Championship this year over the Lakers.

    ConvexSpys 8335ConvexSpys 83356 days ago
  • Thank you very much Trevor, your updates are concise and onpoint

    paul maguchupaul maguchu6 days ago
  • He needs just good point guard. With Harden he was one of the best sniper from the corner. But he had never played with LeBron-level point guard.

    AleksandrAleksandr6 days ago
  • Is he better than Otto Porter🤔

    Durand SimpsonDurand Simpson6 days ago
  • Yesss Please sit KCP if he can't make a shot he is absolutely no use on the floor

    Taylor DavisTaylor Davis6 days ago
  • Wanted Gerald Green but I can live with Ben I guess

    Dominic RomeDominic Rome6 days ago
  • I prayed for this signing, the biggest remaining weakness = 3-point shooting. 😄😄😄 Lakers 2nd Unit needed a 3-point shooter like Ben McLemore.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre Page6 days ago
  • When u join Lakers u are a saint. Giving small market teams dubs for money purposes and brand growth. Playoffs and finals politics. The end.

    New DorkNew Dork6 days ago
  • I like him, but is he really offering that much more than Quinn Cook who was important factor on the bench?

    Adasqo88Adasqo886 days ago
  • Wes, KCP, Kuzma and now McLemore = The Brick Squad :( Please find some form come post season!

    Jay TowelteaJay Toweltea6 days ago
  • He’s better than Mathews wtf

    chrischris6 days ago
  • Needed 3&D but none available. So he’s the best shooter available 👏🏼Pelinka ➡️ 🏆x18!!!💪🏼

    Guy TGuy T6 days ago
  • Lakers is now picking scraps around the streets - desperate move i guess.

    coyzcoyz6 days ago
  • I just hope he's better than Dion Waiters/ Jr. Smith were .

    DreDre6 days ago
  • I better not see or hear any Ben slander

    RickyRicky6 days ago
  • Is Matt Peralta a Filipino?

    Bel ShazzarBel Shazzar6 days ago
  • We need Dame lol 😂 Bron’s getting old, AD’s afraid of the big stage, and Kuz is just average. Dame can come shine on the big stage. He’ll be ready to go, while Talen is still developing..

    Shaun McClendonShaun McClendon6 days ago
  • Somebody gets Isaiah Thomas, we get Mclemore. Seriously??? On top of that 1.75m Thomas has 2.0 reb/g and 1.91m Mclemore, and here is the interesting part - 2.1 reb/g. Terrific! I will not even touch the scoring because it will get nastier. The so called SG Mclemore is shooting less than the PG Thomas. Just great!

    Valeriy LekovValeriy Lekov6 days ago
  • Fun Fact: AD, Drummond, KCP, & Mclemore all graduated in 2011.

    Mr. RobertsonMr. Robertson6 days ago
  • What is the update on the NBA with Lakers Deng contract? Plus I’d get rid of Gasol and Mathews for Whiteside and one of Ellington /Bradley/Stephenson.

    Garren EdwardsGarren Edwards6 days ago
  • Ben McLemore is going to shine like a new penny. And I’m hoping that everyone on the team finds there shot starting to drop. A healthy Lebron AD and Drummond and Lakers supporting players are going to turn some heads!!! Go Ben McLemore Go Lakers Lakers Fan For Life 🟡🟣🟡🟣🏀🏀

    The RodThe Rod6 days ago
  • Why not just keep quinn cook?

    Dookie ChipsDookie Chips6 days ago
  • I hope Ben McLemore is not another Quinn Cook in the roster.

    グティエレスザルディグティエレスザルディ6 days ago
  • He is having his worst shooting percentage this year. To add, he is a 1st round bust.

    Acc1 TesterAcc1 Tester6 days ago
  • This dude say (if) Wesley and KCP are having a tuff time shooting. Haha 😂 when are they not having a tuff time shooting? man get real dude.

    Rasta TafariRasta Tafari7 days ago
  • Everyone is super excited about this guy and his 33% from 3, but wants to cut KCP and Caruso who both shoot 40%.

    Dookie ChipsDookie Chips7 days ago
  • Give him mathews minutes and throw wes on the bench next to gasol

    Julio GJulio G7 days ago
  • What? No Damien Jones? but another a 5 ppg guy?? Everybody is raving up and down about his 3 pt shooting ability. Now, where have we heard that before, oh yeah, just like the hoopla over the Mathews trade which didn't pan out.

    Leisure CommentsLeisure Comments7 days ago
  • We should have signed Steph Curry instead.

    shlobs422shlobs4227 days ago
  • This is a great fit, and he is also a underrated defender

    Arthur CaldwellArthur Caldwell7 days ago
  • Lets go

    Marlou PoquizMarlou Poquiz7 days ago
  • I like this move

    Robert BrownRobert Brown7 days ago
  • Is Matt Peralta a Filipino?

    Piv PivPiv Piv7 days ago
  • Shooters gonna shoot! Bring the rain!

  • Goat 🐐 james like bacon 🥓 he make everything taste better

    L BoogieL Boogie7 days ago
  • Maybe kcp n morris can shoot better n will turn up with Ben with those three's ..

    Joshua JohnsonJoshua Johnson7 days ago
  • Goodness looks like Rich Paul is the Lakers general manager...LOL

    Political LiLPolitical LiL7 days ago
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!

    Vince JonesVince Jones7 days ago
  • JR = OG Dion = JR 2.0 Ben = JR 3.0 Yeah this is ring season 😁😂

    DMK Anthony 07DMK Anthony 077 days ago
  • Nice ⚡💜💛

    PFM PLKPFM PLK7 days ago
  • Trevor we got Clippers fans spying & trolling it’s time for u to play some defense & Blocc them 😂

    deezy_untameddeezy_untamed7 days ago
  • A very good addition to matthews, kcp inconsistencies.

    Roberto CuenzaRoberto Cuenza7 days ago
  • We basically got another Mckinnie 😂🍻🍺

    Duff Man187Duff Man1877 days ago
  • Solid signing hes not bad a defense either

    oMyGunnyoMyGunny7 days ago
  • Man I wish they gave him a 10 day contract first but hey

    DAVON DDAVON D7 days ago
  • Take KCP spot

    shaun avalonshaun avalon7 days ago
  • He is a good shooter and the last roster spot. Why this dude talking about he aint 6’7 or he can’t guard K.Lenard. Stop saying what he isn’t. He can shoot he can shoot. Welcome to Laker Nation. Shooters are all welcome.

    David GarciaDavid Garcia7 days ago
  • I hope lakers will became rockets as good in offense

    James Hirrard BalondaJames Hirrard Balonda7 days ago
  • Who cares. Just get AD , Lebron, and Drummond back.

    Raymond BruceRaymond Bruce7 days ago
  • I tried it won't let me

    Donnie WysingerDonnie Wysinger7 days ago
  • Good low risk high reward signing

    no nameno name7 days ago
  • LeBron does ok with a Kansas player on the team

    Jose VasquezJose Vasquez7 days ago
  • This guy takes like 10 shots just to get going

    Cris HernandezCris Hernandez7 days ago
  • I’m gonna shit myself if he gets injured in his first game. Lol

    Eric LozagaEric Lozaga7 days ago
  • I'm wishing on a star.. Should b Trevor theme song 🎶 🎶 🎶

    Real SkillsReal Skills7 days ago
  • Ben McLemore to be is just MEH....

    Smooth OperatorSmooth Operator7 days ago
  • Hahahaha. gather as many leftovers as you can. The Lakers are obviously doomed this season. Ben maclemore? C’mon as if it will make an impact. I see a sense of desperation here hahaha

    Vincent George RanolaVincent George Ranola7 days ago
  • Skip called it

  • I just said this this morning. So bro, give me my props.

    Kola AladeKola Alade7 days ago
  • Every shooter that goes to the Lakers end up sucking

    Brandon 30Brandon 307 days ago
  • #100%LAL#B,MClamore

    denmark loft Tvdenmark loft Tv7 days ago
  • #100%LAkers#BEn MClamore

    denmark loft Tvdenmark loft Tv7 days ago
  • Wonder what’s going on on that front office, last 2 signings doesn’t makes sense(unless AD will be out longer) and Ben isn’t a 3 and D guy

    Mark SinesMark Sines7 days ago
  • Lakers are desperate lol

    rob H-tine!rob H-tine!7 days ago
  • What a great pickup nice job 👍🏽

    Nova NimbusNova Nimbus7 days ago
  • i feel the signingings they're making is to keep them from falling any lower than they already have

    JPJP7 days ago
  • Why areLakers fans acting like Drummond and Mack are 5 star players?? They are good but not the answer

    Lizette MoralesLizette Morales7 days ago
  • Wow another liability we was better off getting Avery Bradley again for perimeter defense smh

    Brew SpittaBrew Spitta7 days ago
  • “The Brick Brothers” LOL y’all are wild. 😂😂😂

    Marcus BrumfieldMarcus Brumfield7 days ago
  • Whts the use of final spot if he’s not getting any minutes

    Zed LopezZed Lopez7 days ago
  • When did this dude shrink?lol he was 6'5 coming out of Kansas and now he's listed everywhere at 6'3

    Actually, it's Emilio Estevez EstevezezzzActually, it's Emilio Estevez Estevezezzz7 days ago
  • Lakers is Smart as shit lol, they’re are ready for ad bro and drum to return

  • Oh yea 💪🏾

  • Dam I wanted Sixers to get him! What the $uck! I want Jabari Parker as well

    Diverse ConsciousDiverse Conscious7 days ago
  • bruh wtf ???

    Zidhane DewayaniZidhane Dewayani7 days ago
  • The king Kong lakers are beating the Raptors

  • So if you think picking up Drummond and Mclamore is going to match the pickups of Harden, Griffin and Aldridge you’re delusional. Lakers need to pickup Bradley when he’s waived and pickup Dedmon or Whiteside.

    Reasonable BBReasonable BB7 days ago
  • No effect as long as LBJ holds on to the ball for 20 seconds before deciding to pass off.

    Felipe C.Felipe C.7 days ago
  • I hope this isn’t their last move. Waive a couple of guys that are non contributors. Pickup Bradley. Also pickup Dedmon or Whiteside.

    Reasonable BBReasonable BB7 days ago
  • Damn we are really hyping our 15th spot roster. Honestly i like jr smith more for bench cheer. Lakers dont have bench cheer anymore.

    Dark of nightsDark of nights7 days ago
  • That's good

    洪儀方洪儀方7 days ago
  • Can we cut somebody and get Austin Rivers?

    Scott HendersonScott Henderson7 days ago
  • How do I get unsubscribed from this channel everyday, stop it youtube!!!!!

  • He's got talent and can be a big factor in playoffs.

    Leslie AyresLeslie Ayres7 days ago
  • Yea! Brotha friom St Louis Mo!

  • I want the Lakers to get a girl shooting coach or somebody to shaKE things up.

    ChrmngbllyChrmngblly7 days ago

    Tyler kTyler k7 days ago
  • Ben Macklemore, the rapper, would probably be more useful to the Lakers lol. Good for moral.

    Benny CBenny C7 days ago
  • Since whoever sign for another player Mr. McLemore?

    Reshia Moore-ColemanReshia Moore-Coleman7 days ago
  • I cant believe we just got Ben McLefcknMore baby!!! I'm literally jumping up and down screaming in excitement right now 😀 Ben is the final piece to the puzzle, exactly what we needed a 3 and D wing who can guard anybody and make shots like Lou Williams when you need him to. Rob Pelinka is the best GM EVER!

    Fair playFair play7 days ago
  • Oh yeah Ben McLeMore baby! Lets Goooo! Lmao flippers must be mad they couldn't get him #Back to back

    Fair playFair play7 days ago
  • Is Matt Peralta Filipino?😁

    Tuff JuiceTuff Juice7 days ago
  • Yawns

    ThatNerdIsCoolThatNerdIsCool7 days ago