Kyle Larson - "Way to go (Christopher) Bell. Way to go" | NASCAR RACE HUB'S Radioactive Bristol Dirt

Mar 30, 2021
130 343 Views

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  • Imagine the cleanup when they decide to get rid of this.

    Easy PeteEasy Pete7 days ago
  • Now I definitely wanna see a nascar dirt Bristol car vs a WoO unlimited late-model... now thats a race I'd want to see hands down!

    Tyler OutingdykeTyler Outingdyke9 days ago
  • Dirt races during the day all around arent as good as night races.

    Adam LamphereAdam Lamphere10 days ago
  • If nascar dont have more dirt races there nuts..get your fans back

    silentghost74silentghost7411 days ago
  • If only they woulda prepped the track better

    Larson Racing.Larson Racing.11 days ago
  • I'm 56 been watchin Nascar since the 70's THIS was One of the FUNNEST RACE'S I've ever seen....Thanks NASCAR YOU FREAKIN ROCK....MUCH LOVE from California"!!

  • Actually the 4 ran over the 14th

    Boris SaidBoris Said12 days ago
  • How many times has Larson lost it and ended someone’s day. That guy falls out of the seat more than anyone

    samuelalmanza49samuelalmanza4912 days ago
  • So can I get out and pee? 🤣

    Blake TerryBlake Terry13 days ago
  • Elijah

    Jamie CrockettJamie Crockett14 days ago
  • Top 10 for Erik Jones 👦

    Dr StupidDr Stupid14 days ago
  • The best dirt driver in the world (Kyle Larson) gets taken out by Christofer Bell. And Bell in his interview after the wreck did not apologize for taking out the other drivers!!!!!!

    Jeff GapenJeff Gapen14 days ago
  • that is the dumbest thing I have seen so far this year and there has been some dumb stuff already! Cup cars on dirt LMMFAO!

    Punisher65Punisher6514 days ago
    • You know nascars roots are literally dirt oval tracks... this is going back to nascars roots with people who have never driven on dirt and we got to see who can actually drive vs who's just an over paid seat filler...

      Tyler OutingdykeTyler Outingdyke9 days ago
  • This was actually a getter race than many expected. If the weather cooperates and the dust is a little better next year, it will be awesome!

    Jimmy, Making it workJimmy, Making it work14 days ago
    • You must not watch a lot of real dirt races then do you. This is a shit show with shit cars on a fake ass dirt track

      Boris SaidBoris Said12 days ago
  • Crybaby K. Busch whining as usual...

    Gatchaman_Bird_StyleGatchaman_Bird_Style14 days ago
  • Love that they did this but can you imagine the cleanup time lol

    Timmothy McCandlessTimmothy McCandless14 days ago
  • We need this is nascar heat 5

    random android userrandom android user14 days ago
  • What’s next nascar rally cross? You had a good run but it’s time to say your good bye’s

    The GentlemenThe Gentlemen14 days ago
  • Yall need to learn how to drive

    Jasen GiulianoJasen Giuliano14 days ago
  • After all the hype, I couldn't even watch it on FOX.

    Taurus Monkey68Taurus Monkey6815 days ago
  • all hamlin had to do was drive straight

    ssodacannssodacann15 days ago
  • It’s just like the old jalopy race’s!

    Bill MoranBill Moran15 days ago
  • Never watch Nascar, have watched every bit of this.

    A J WrightA J Wright15 days ago
  • It sucked going to this race because they had a red flag every 50 laps and the rules were just super scuffed

    P1rxt3P1rxt315 days ago
  • Why is everyone so mad about the windshields the trucks have always used windshields since going to Eldora in 2012 but this is the first time for complaints

    W.S.W.S.15 days ago
  • When did this start

    Chris AChris A16 days ago
  • Good car. They mean well we got lucky

    Chris JohnsonChris Johnson16 days ago
  • Can we please get more dirt races on cup please like at Knoxville, Eldroa and more please

    King TigersKing Tigers16 days ago
  • Hamlin Just Got A Ass Whooping I Love It Biggest Cry Baby In NASCAR

    ronnie Kingronnie King16 days ago
  • “STENHOUSE sends it in!” Gets me every time. ON WHAT?

    Tyler EvansTyler Evans16 days ago
    • its an expression for going into the corner "sending" it harder than what you know will work hoping it sticks and works out. iow a hail marry

      webduelistwebduelist14 days ago
    • He means he sent it in into the corner

      Polished PunkinPolished Punkin15 days ago
  • At the end of the day, there is a winner. Congrats joe

    Roberto WembleyRoberto Wembley16 days ago
  • Absolutely a disaster ! Never again will I waste my time watching this crapp !!

    Dana GibbonsDana Gibbons16 days ago
  • Spoiled brats it sounds like

    Noah BoltonNoah Bolton16 days ago
  • I was right along with bowman thinking they will never do this again. And then they announced it’s coming back. Haha.

    Blake HeptinstallBlake Heptinstall16 days ago
  • Truex gets his first stage win and we don't have to hear "stage winner...MTJ...come on". Gonna be a good year.

    Jeremy MurphyJeremy Murphy16 days ago
    • wdym, stage winner mtj was a classic line

      James CostlowJames Costlow15 days ago
  • Cry Hamlin you do that very well.

    Tommy DoggettTommy Doggett16 days ago
  • What a bunch of crybabies !

    Susan UphamSusan Upham16 days ago
  • Put those cars on Eldora and I’ll be bringing the family

    SpeedProductionsSpeedProductions16 days ago
  • Yes Kyle get pissed on because stupid bell dose not no what to do

    Daniel PosDaniel Pos16 days ago
  • LOL, dirt racing. Well it is the states, they have to keep things as simple as possible.

    So IsaidtogodSo Isaidtogod16 days ago
  • Next time,no spotters,mirrors or windshields.Then we can see how the “professionals do it.

    Lehman BarfieldLehman Barfield16 days ago
  • The dirt was my favorite race in Nascar to date! I quit watching it for the last few years but now im looking for tickets to go to Bristol next year.

    Victor DahnVictor Dahn16 days ago
  • Great race, minus the fact Logano won.

    John C HolmesJohn C Holmes16 days ago
  • I wish radio active for trucks

    Jefferson KosterJefferson Koster16 days ago
  • Now that is racing right there. 👍👍

    Chad KunkaChad Kunka16 days ago
  • This race was so much fun and I know it was a learning experience too. I hope they can keep the Gen 6 cars for this race next year and figure out the Gen 7 the year after.

    Storm KellyStorm Kelly16 days ago
  • Hamlin pussed out and next year remove the windshields like real dirt cars..

    Bill KanneBill Kanne16 days ago
  • Couple more laps and Stenhouse would've won the thing

    Indiana Race FanIndiana Race Fan16 days ago
  • this race was really fun if you ask me. hopefully this becomes an annual thing

    Damon RodolffDamon Rodolff16 days ago
    • ik, i just hope it goes beyond 2022

      Damon RodolffDamon Rodolff15 days ago
    • They announced mid race they are doing it again next year.

      RazgrizWingRazgrizWing15 days ago
  • Need to put a cone on the front stretch when they do single file restarts.

    Takem Down FilmsTakem Down Films16 days ago
  • Single file restarts, totally lame

    Eric BurtonEric Burton16 days ago
  • First try at it, i think they did a damn good job. It will be even better next year i think

    henry22lrhenry22lr16 days ago
  • Who knew Christopher Bell would run out of talent on dirt

    Sweet NastySweet Nasty16 days ago
  • nascar is a joke stage racing is crap

    Michael SettlesMichael Settles16 days ago

    Gavin HaynesleyGavin Haynesley16 days ago
    • @James Lee sounds like the spotter from the 4 is at fault here too and just blamed the rookie. Briscoe will be a dog here in a year or two to race with kids got so much talent

      Gavin HaynesleyGavin Haynesley16 days ago
    • Yeah I know, it’s never Harvick’s fault. He cut Briscoe off & then blames him for running over him.

      James LeeJames Lee16 days ago
  • Taking a Nascar and just throwing dirt tires on it and putting it on this track was just a piss poor attempt really. Just go with cars meant to race on the dirt. Unpopular opinion, this race was very sub par and I will probably just stick to watching the highlights next day unless they actually make changes. Maybe the changes should start at the track crew. They don't know how to run a dirt race.

    GuyBroDudeTVGuyBroDudeTV16 days ago
    • Oh yeah, just throw the drivers in a new car, that's a great idea! /s

      James CostlowJames Costlow15 days ago
  • Sure, it wasn't perfect. But I think it was a lot of fun to see.

    Wayne LutwiniakWayne Lutwiniak16 days ago
  • Wow what a race !!!!!

    Loofy 26Loofy 2616 days ago
  • Almirola: "Dammit the 77 turned down on me" No Aric. No he didn't. He was clearly running that lane and you stuck your nose where it didn't belong... Missile man. And I think your spotter needs some new glasses too. Or he was just making you feel better... - Anyone who didn't like that race, you either have a snooty attitude toward dirt racing, are once again judging a race based on who won it, and not how good a RACE IT WAS, or were just looking for something new to complain about. You don't wanna support the sport trying new things to stay relevant and attract new fans? Well now you know how I felt when they went 3 stage circus and stick and ball playoffs on us. I've been dealing with that crap for FULL SEASONS for 15 years trying to stay a fan of NASCAR, you can deal with one dirt race a year. Get over it. DIRT IS GOOD.

    JD Racing 84JD Racing 8416 days ago
  • After blaney got crashed he restarted in 21st in the last 15 laps he moved into 10th at the finish, that was impressive!. Other than the crashes in fully enjoyed the race on dirt!.

    Steve AshworthSteve Ashworth16 days ago
  • Hamlin gave him a GIFT. Free win to Logano

    Will MoonWill Moon16 days ago
  • Nobody: MTJ on the final restart: tUrN rIgHt To Go LeFt

    David ZanelliDavid Zanelli16 days ago
  • What a stupid idea

    MartyMarty16 days ago

    RC Homemade HobbiesRC Homemade Hobbies16 days ago
  • Still dreaming about the cup cars at Eldora

    Josh S.Josh S.16 days ago
    • Completely agree.

      Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams16 days ago
  • Now if only they went back to Bowman Gray...

    Fred DittoFred Ditto16 days ago
  • I’ll be honest, I hope they do this again next year

    XANApwnsXANApwns16 days ago
  • Thank you NASCAR for making this fans dreams comes true! I’ve been watching for over 20+ years now. I can still remember talking with my dad about wanting to see the Cup cars back on dirt. Even if it was just for the All-Star event. We never thought the day would come, but here we are! It did not disappoint. Incredible action and I hope to see a couple more dirt races added in the mix. Just wish the old man were still with us to have been able to see it. At his favorite track too!

    Shawn SperryShawn Sperry16 days ago
  • That’s why I love Ryan Newman lol that comment killed me.

    R SullR Sull16 days ago
  • wow what a horribly edited video!

    Booch 4 SnoochBooch 4 Snooch16 days ago
  • This is too classic and way too dangerous

    super gamersuper gamer16 days ago
    • @Linda Miller it's the dirt

      super gamersuper gamer16 days ago
    • What do you mean way too dangerous? I was at the first Dover race and it looked like that. Also, every week they race on the dirt and are not as safe in those cars as they are in the cup cars.

      Linda MillerLinda Miller16 days ago
    • What danger?

      mike letsonmike letson16 days ago
    • How so?

      steamyhotpoosteamyhotpoo16 days ago
  • Ooh awesome race coming from this new nascar fan. Can't wait for the next race.

    Benjamin KohBenjamin Koh16 days ago
    • @Benjamin Koh 51 years ago in 1970. Richard Petty was the winner of that race. Held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

      Shawn SperryShawn Sperry16 days ago
    • @Shawn Sperry when was the last dirt race held?

      Benjamin KohBenjamin Koh16 days ago
    • Welcome to the club! I’ve been watching over 20 years and this dirt race was an actual dream come true for me. Never thought it was going to happen. The big boys return to their roots!

      Shawn SperryShawn Sperry16 days ago
  • I wish kyle Larson would of won. That accident took him out smh

    Brandon HearnBrandon Hearn16 days ago
  • Hope they can make this race under the lights next year.

    Brent WBrent W16 days ago
    • As long as it doesn't take the real Bristol night race away. And really they need to go to a real dirt track. This one was crap.

      Daniel MackeyDaniel Mackey15 days ago
    • 👍👏👏🙏🙏🙏❤️

      BryPlayzBryPlayz16 days ago
  • 25 second skip countdown on a 30 second ad?? Unacceptable.

    BryPlayzBryPlayz16 days ago
  • Let's get the "lady in black" dirty!!! Who's in for Darlington in the dirt!?

    Dyna TC88Dyna TC8816 days ago
  • No joker lap?

    The DudeThe Dude16 days ago
  • Larson def. Had the car to beat specifically after the track rubbered up unfortunately C bell ruined his day. 👋 let's do it again next year with some changes to the new car. ✨

    Stephen LukovichStephen Lukovich16 days ago
  • I hate the single file restarts

    MoneyJoe FilmsMoneyJoe Films16 days ago
    • Same It killed the race

      Uke KidUke Kid12 days ago
    • I don't hate single file restarts I eat more when a racing series just changes the rules in the middle of a race

      Ethan WhismanEthan Whisman16 days ago
  • denny isn’t a finisher and that’s why he lost this race

    Cade MaestasCade Maestas16 days ago
  • Who woulda guessed the two dirt guys would ruin each others race.

    Accelr8rAccelr8r16 days ago
    • I'm pretty sure Bell ruined both his own and Larson's race...

      rod lamportrod lamport16 days ago
  • Hamlin had the biggest all bark no bite moment ever

    4-14 FAN4-14 FAN16 days ago
    • @11BravoKilla they need to lean a thing or 2 from Kyle Busch lol

      4-14 FAN4-14 FAN16 days ago
    • That's always been him. Both him and Truex are all bark, and no bite!

      11BravoKilla11BravoKilla16 days ago
  • Only thing helping me through covid

    FesperFesper16 days ago
  • Iam a simple woman i come to Radioactive for my Man Kyle Busch 5min Rants You let me down sweetie

    Beautiful Angel BlossomBeautiful Angel Blossom16 days ago
    • Nobody cares.

      Hacksaw JimthugginHacksaw Jimthuggin16 days ago
  • You could hear the pure pain in Bowman's voice at the 2022 announcement

    Wilbur CutterWilbur Cutter16 days ago
    • I dont think he hated this race, he hated his luck. I mean losing 4th gear screwed him and he was running second. He'll be competitive at this race next year.

      David AmosDavid Amos16 days ago
  • Keep the splitters off permanently!

    Lynn Hardy JrLynn Hardy Jr16 days ago
  • I know I'm going to get creamed here...but I wasn't crazy about the race.

    Tonya WatsonTonya Watson16 days ago
    • I thought it was really cool, but also incredibly dumb to do it without making the cars ready for the dirt properly. It really should have been held up to next year to allow teams to build cars without windscreens and better engine setups.

      David Fabish-WoodDavid Fabish-Wood16 days ago
    • @Jim Johnson why don't disagree with you I don't like the fact that NASCAR just changed the rules in the middle of the race Because of dust I've raced on dirt in real life they've never once did that from me they told me to deal with it And personally the best situation should have could have been knocked out and about 5 minutes if they just brought him down pit road and red flag the race but I never like it when I think anybody and changes the rules because the only reason that happens in dirt racing is when on restarts we start wrecking too much I say wrecking too much is when you had two consecutive restarts or more and you haven't completed a dream fly lap is usually when they change the move to the alternate rule but once you get some green flags in that rule goes back to the previous restarts where it was double file And personally I'm not against this becoming a thing again but at the same time I would like to see live pit stops instead of mainly because teams game positions on pit stops or lose them to be fair they had to go through a tough thing and the race needs to be moved moved to probably the end of May or June Just to start it if they're going to continue to do it at Bristol they're going to have to move that Bristol race there's no way around that

      Ethan WhismanEthan Whisman16 days ago
    • Well I agree with you but I thought the first 50 laps were great But I will say if there was a way to get Bristol to race that way where it is dominated by the bottom on the concrete I would love it because that would bring a little bit of old back but I still have an opinion that if you're going to do a dirt race do it at a dirt track is facility with people who actually know what they're doing

      Ethan WhismanEthan Whisman16 days ago
    • @Jim Johnson I agree with you 100%!! All this dirt did was cost these teams money cause the cars were mostly destroyed by wrecks, or all the dirt in the engine, etc. These cars are not dirt track cars and never should have been raced on dirt.

      Brad SmithBrad Smith16 days ago
    • I thought it sucked too! Need to go back to Bristol pavement, way better race. Not having side by side restarts even made the race worse as if it couldn't have been any worse having to wait till Monday cause the cars couldn't drive on a little bit wet track cause they cant see and the radiators are clogged.

      Jim JohnsonJim Johnson16 days ago
  • Whos idea was it to put Nascar on dirt

    300ZX Turbo from Team EXcite300ZX Turbo from Team EXcite16 days ago
    • Nascar

      connor tremmelconnor tremmel16 days ago
  • It ain't big boy nsacar racing when you have trended tires. Go back to concrete.

    Grant GallowayGrant Galloway16 days ago
    • Obviously Nascar knew they were in trouble or they wouldn't have turned to the Dirt track fan base. And from what I've seen and by the ratings. It was a huge success

      PlumCrazy DuecePlumCrazy Duece16 days ago
  • Christopher bell choked super hard. He screwed Larson. Kyle was the fastest on track until wrecked.

    Jonathan_WJonathan_W16 days ago
  • Next Year=No mirrors or radios! A Spotters job is to get drunk and throw hands! Come on Man!

    Jimmy NealJimmy Neal16 days ago
  • What? MTJ’s spotter is with the 34?

    F4T4LITY0 RF4T4LITY0 R16 days ago
    • Truex fired him at the end of last season because he claimed he was the reason he wasn’t good at super speedway forward to Daytona 500 Clayton Hughes helped #34 to the win.

      Alex FigueiredoAlex Figueiredo16 days ago
    • Yeah Clayton Hughes moved to the 34 this year

      Gaming With EthanGaming With Ethan16 days ago
  • This race was awesome from start to finish, cant wait till next year

    Brandon LBrandon L16 days ago
  • That's how you race.

  • Man I'm gonna miss these 2nd-era Gen 6 cars. The Mustangs and the Camaros look so badass. The Gen 7's just don't look that attractive to me and neither did the original Gen 6's outside of the Chevy SS's, and that's coming from a Ford guy. Love the way those Fusion's looked on the street but these Mustangs kick ass.

    aaronkristofer18aaronkristofer1816 days ago
    • @Mauricio Rojas I know, I know, I'm excited to see what the car will bring, but these last-model Gen6 cars just look soooo good I'm hooked on them. Ever since 2019 when Ford changed over to the Mustang's and were still competitive man, I'm hooked.

      aaronkristofer18aaronkristofer1816 days ago
    • WAIT UNTIL THE FINAL PRODUCT, that’s not the car, it is just a test car

      Mauricio RojasMauricio Rojas16 days ago
  • We just got ran over by the 14? Really! He was up there the whole time lol

    Don WonDon Won16 days ago
    • But he stayed full throttle through a field of wrecking cars. 4 wouldve had room to move up if he had slowed for the wreck

      Steezy RacingSteezy Racing16 days ago
  • Would love to see 2 a year. One in the regular season and one in the playoffs. Would make sense bc they would race on all types of tracks; short tracks, super speedways, cookie cutters, road courses, and dirt.

    LGPnJR8788LGPnJR878816 days ago
  • They need to have a race at Eldora too.

    ItzMikeOmgItzMikeOmg16 days ago
  • I might be a huge minority (or maybe the only one lol) and thats ok, but in all honesty Nascar Cup Series shouldn't really make this a regular thing. It was fun, really fun to watch to a certain extent. But something is really off and personally it feels like it has way too many downsides. Like I said I might be a minority but its my own personal opinion and you don't have to agree. I wouldn't race Cup Series on dirt, doesn't feel right at all.

    RobWilliRobWilli16 days ago
    • Well it is a huge risk racing on dirt, so I'm sure they're keeping it to 1 race a year

      DyllDyll16 days ago
  • the spotter of the 4 said the 14 ran them over when hardvick ran into briscoe avoiding the wreck. Idk if im right here

    Racerpacer85Racerpacer8516 days ago
    • I think it's more like he said he meant that is the literally you just got ran over by your teammate

      Ethan WhismanEthan Whisman16 days ago