Feb 18, 2021
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  • Tommy is so fucking annoying, sits too close to his microphone and just screams at everyone and everything.

    DanjoloDanjolo4 hours ago
  • why r they playing with kids

    Ashik KawfarAshik Kawfar4 hours ago
  • everybody shits on ksi yet they all need him to make cash

    FLUFFYthem8FLUFFYthem84 hours ago
  • its not even funny how ksi always fuck's up

    FLUFFYthem8FLUFFYthem84 hours ago
  • Tobi is a wholsome guy or should I say tobilnit

    NFSheatner65NFSheatner654 hours ago
  • Tommy's own ost is from cuphead

    KBSKBS4 hours ago
  • I hate this kid

    AurimasAurimas5 hours ago
  • ksi canceld

    Galaxy CraftGalaxy Craft5 hours ago
  • It would be funny if they played with 5up train and hafu!!!

    envymaze 304envymaze 3045 hours ago
    • Or corpse

      envymaze 304envymaze 3045 hours ago
  • I'm dead I only just seen alissa violett in behz wollet

    Sebastian MourantSebastian Mourant5 hours ago
  • Tommy is way to loud

    Ryan MchughRyan Mchugh5 hours ago
  • A good prank jj or tommy could do ( when the world goes back to normal) is one of them vists the other without the other one knowing in shorts and boxing gloves and not gonna lie I feel like tommy would do it first

    Wulin_GamingWulin_Gaming5 hours ago
  • tommy is taking all that revenge for vik to ksi

    harshaharsha6 hours ago
  • Well Get Ready Little Boy 2.0 Diss Track

    YT_MrPetHatcherYT_MrPetHatcher6 hours ago
  • Honestly respect for Tobi bro, even tho he was getting voted off he said thank you for listening. Respect

    Neev ChoudharyNeev Choudhary6 hours ago
  • The title is essentially what the entire video is so props for accuracy

    Joseph ParkerJoseph Parker6 hours ago
  • 11:58 philosophy

    CosimoCosimo6 hours ago
  • 9:24 the big brain four

    CosimoCosimo6 hours ago
  • Dream stans and wannabe roadmen fighting in the comments 😂

    r30l0rdr30l0rd7 hours ago
  • Tommy would get slammed by ksi

    Brady CrunchBrady Crunch7 hours ago
  • 😂😂

    Output KayOutput Kay7 hours ago
  • more tommyinit vs ksi ??? yes pls tommyinit vs ksi boxing match YESSSSS ksi va philza minecraft fu*k yeah

    Cassandra GohCassandra Goh7 hours ago
  • ethan bringing back fuck off josh saved my day!

    Nikola DjukanovicNikola Djukanovic7 hours ago

    Zerra AdyleaZerra Adylea7 hours ago
  • Tommy is wayyy too cringey

    S MS M7 hours ago
  • Is tommy racist?

    Valiant_ TeddyValiant_ Teddy8 hours ago
  • This has to be the best video I have ever seen

    Paola Gutierrez AlvaradoPaola Gutierrez Alvarado8 hours ago
  • Lol

    Bluecat123 Dragon GodBluecat123 Dragon God8 hours ago
  • why is this the first time ive watched tommyinnit ahahhaha so good

    Brooke SmithBrooke Smith8 hours ago
  • Tobi saying thank you for people actually listening to him is a TOBI THING

    Numair NayeemNumair Nayeem9 hours ago
  • The standing reminder prospectively worry because coke medicinally question inside a far meeting. childlike, befitting owl

    Sopiha GraceSopiha Grace9 hours ago
  • i fucking love philza minecraft

    Taylor PinedaTaylor Pineda11 hours ago
  • Anyone else hate this Tommy don

    Alfie DobbinsAlfie Dobbins13 hours ago
    • lol me

      grunt leg peicegrunt leg peice6 hours ago
  • They should get these lot on Sidemen Tinder

    Luke ThompsonLuke Thompson13 hours ago
    • they cant since tommy isnt an adult yet and it would illegal

      grunt leg peicegrunt leg peice6 hours ago
  • Man tommy pulled a 69

    CrazeyPCrazeyP13 hours ago
  • It’s all jokes. Some of you need to calm down.

    Christy AChristy A14 hours ago
  • Alternate title of the video: random 16 year old found of the street bullies spoiled rich kid for 20+ minutes

    DragonGod533DragonGod53314 hours ago
    • Who is the spoiled rich kid

      grunt leg peicegrunt leg peice6 hours ago
  • 19:32 knowledge regained

    The Original DuwangThe Original Duwang14 hours ago

    perrythe platupusperrythe platupus14 hours ago
  • Sidecraft with this lot?

    EscherEscher14 hours ago
  • ok but where philza minecraft

    GavrocheGavroche15 hours ago
  • It’s so sad seeing people hate on a 16 year old honestly... grow the fuck up. No one is bullying anyone, it’s pure banter. Sidemen fans are so childish and toxic, it just shows honestly.

    Afonso VazAfonso Vaz15 hours ago
    • bruh you skipped all the comments you donnies made and jj could easily say so much stuff but he dosent because he knows people like u exist

      grunt leg peicegrunt leg peice6 hours ago
  • I love how confused the sidemen are when Tommy says “canon” and Tubbo and Wilbur starts laughing! 😂 5:23

    C VC V16 hours ago
  • Yhis was a sick video loved it so extreme

    olaoluwa akomolafeolaoluwa akomolafe16 hours ago
  • Ksi:*exists*. Tommy: And I took that personally

    Golden SupernovaGolden Supernova16 hours ago
  • Tommyinnit presents: "How to be an Impostor with Cuphead-like Music?"

    Filipe MatosFilipe Matos17 hours ago
  • tommy init racist?

    CasperLive TTVCasperLive TTV17 hours ago
  • Lmao i love how Ethan has Elz as the picture in the wallet when he swipes the card in admin

    Noah LaakeNoah Laake17 hours ago
  • 14:46

    yll alijayll alija17 hours ago

    josie w.josie w.17 hours ago
  • 70% of the comments: talk about how annoying the other comments that talk about how annoying tommy is, when in reality no one is talking about how tommy is annoying 20% of the comments: Pulling every tommy quote they can find for a chance for likes 10% of the comments: comments that talk about the percentage of what the comment section is about, but most of the time they are wrong

    Jonathan StrakerJonathan Straker17 hours ago
    • All the hate is in the replies mate, nice comment tho

      AranAran16 hours ago
  • JJ and Tommy playing Among Us is so funny so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Z AZ A17 hours ago
  • Just me or is this the best fucking Collab ever

    Noel DalyNoel Daly18 hours ago
  • jheez, tubbo is such a nerd hahahaha what a player

    msnjmsnj18 hours ago
  • The sidemen background is low key making me dizzy

    K. M.K. M.18 hours ago
  • Bro they need collab again this was mad funny

    Shellbs JShellbs J18 hours ago
  • I knew it’d be a nightmare for editing when he turned his music on lmaooooooooo

    K. M.K. M.18 hours ago
  • Things that won't go together: Corona and vaccines Trump and Biden. Tommy and KSI

    Ross GreenRoss Green18 hours ago
  • Tommy’s gay

    Frost VividzFrost Vividz18 hours ago
    • lol

      grunt leg peicegrunt leg peice6 hours ago
  • Vik had a smile the whole way through

    Hussain AliHussain Ali18 hours ago
  • Ngl tommy is annoying man,i feel like he’s just trying so hard to impress everyone.i hope they don’t do videos with him for now maybe in future whenhes a bit older and...you know...not a 16 years old

    LOCKDOWNLOCKDOWN19 hours ago
  • No one Literally no one Wilbur- Ohhhh my fcking gooooood

    mahmood hasanmahmood hasan19 hours ago
  • Tommy: bullies JJ Vik: Now this does put a smile on my face

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide19 hours ago
  • KSI: Breathes TommyInnit: and I took that personally

    Kike YinkxKike Yinkx19 hours ago
  • Say in gogglebox about my comments

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • Add the man you have in gogglebox to your among us video's

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
    • Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream, and sidemen fanbase is a bunch of strong man who can handle jokes

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide19 hours ago
  • Add the man you have in God to your among us video's

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • Ksi that man you have in gogglebox add him to sdemen

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • 12:30 three way IQ flex

    SuperBoySuperBoy20 hours ago
  • Ksi in gogglebox your a learies

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • Make mrbeast and karl and Chris and Chandler sideman

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • Add mrbeast and karl and Chris and Chandler

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • Love it but do more among us video's but stop swearing because I'm 6 years old

    kai GBkai GB20 hours ago
  • "And he's talking about 🅱️oys" 😂😂😂😭

    ZooWeezy BWZooWeezy BW20 hours ago
  • Tommy is dumb

    Saaad VariawaSaaad Variawa20 hours ago
  • Alternate title: A big man fights another big man (child)

    Simran BrarSimran Brar20 hours ago
  • Sidemen need to play with Tommy,Wilbur and Tubbo more...

    Duncan HarrisDuncan Harris21 hour ago
  • Tommy:bullies JJ Vik:now this does put a smile on my face

    MR.D GamingMR.D Gaming21 hour ago
  • Tommy makes zero sense

    We Are VenomWe Are Venom21 hour ago
  • 5:00 Big Bezh was born

    Roman BearRoman Bear22 hours ago
  • Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream, and sidemen fanbase is a bunch of strong man who can handle jokes

    no uno u22 hours ago
    • Tommy fanbase is a bunch if 12 year old girls who fangirls him, same for carl and dream, and sidemen fanbase is a bunch of strong man who can handle jokes

      typxcaltypxcal19 hours ago
  • tommy is trying a bit too hard

    S.A CreatesS.A Creates22 hours ago
  • I like the brotherly love when Simon kills tommy in the last cuz Tom bullied ksi

    The WILDThe WILD22 hours ago
  • 16:32 then next Travis Scott

    Camren RamirezCamren Ramirez22 hours ago
  • tommy should join sidemen

    l d kツl d kツ23 hours ago
    • @pog gop no he shouldn’t

      Vast AlfieVast Alfie7 hours ago
    • @nexxt up do you need help because if you think that Tommy is a goat then you do need help

      Vast AlfieVast Alfie7 hours ago
    • @Vast Alfie tommy is a goat and u are jealous

      nexxt upnexxt up9 hours ago
    • @Vast Alfie tommy should join sidemen

      pog goppog gop14 hours ago
    • No he should not, Tommy is a fucking mistake

      Vast AlfieVast Alfie16 hours ago
  • The domineering piano alternately back because shape spectacularly clean on a crowded friend. endurable, nosy laura

    Affan SiddiquiAffan Siddiqui23 hours ago
  • Tommy not a nice person

    Nathan PittsNathan Pitts23 hours ago
  • fair play to the kid , he earns 300k a month , more than most 16 yr olds

    olivia28olivia28Day ago
  • 5:39 why does Ethan have a picture of Elz in his wallet?

    RandomNameRandomNameDay ago
  • Tommy is so dumb

    Faheem AbbasFaheem AbbasDay ago
  • pause at 5:38 , i bet $100 you'll smile

    Chill Time TVChill Time TVDay ago
  • Minecraft donnie’s ruined the video

    Daniel CurrieDaniel CurrieDay ago
  • 5:39 Did anyone notice someone's photo on the wallet? is it in the game or they edited the photo in??

    AadiAadiDay ago
  • Jeez I really getting annoyed of tommy

    Shadow 21Shadow 21Day ago
  • the great thing is this came out on my birthday

    Nicholas BaileyNicholas BaileyDay ago
  • Tommy at (16)playing with sidemen Me at (16) eating chips

    Alexander_ JackAlexander_ JackDay ago
  • 3:38 what is that picture of in the admin swipe thing.

    Natasha BurrowsNatasha BurrowsDay ago
  • It may only be me but tommy was annoying

    GDHGDHDay ago
  • Replace Vikk for Tommy, New sidemen

    Shockerz1000Shockerz1000Day ago
  • Wow both Virgos- josh and Simon- were really good at not getting caught, it’s an honor to be a Virgo 😌

    Helan LawandHelan LawandDay ago