KNEE ON NECK: Crowder Tests The Theory LIVE! | Louder with Crowder

Apr 7, 2021
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There was a MAJOR piece of new evidence uncovered during the Derek Chauvin trial, one that the mainstream media refuse to cover, because it BUSTS their narrative. Crowder also has a few choice words for the leftist hacks at “60 Minutes” over their DeSantis hit piece. We cover the latest on Biden’s immigration crisis. And Crowder has his producer kneel on his neck for nine minutes just to see what happens.
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  • What is the most egregious effect of the lies about George Floyd’s death?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowder6 days ago
    • Hi

      Mc’scuse me bjtch?Mc’scuse me bjtch?10 hours ago
    • That you make money off spreading them

      Deadly NeurotoxinDeadly Neurotoxin16 hours ago
    • George Floyd died? One hell of a boxer. I’ve gotta stop drinking.

      Artistic ExpressionArtistic Expression2 days ago
    • @Derek Clark he didn’t kill Floyd

      SchmidtGainzFitnessSchmidtGainzFitness4 days ago
    • All to make someone look guilty...eiyher way this ends. Should he not guilty. Having said that riot is happening anyway only problem this time people may be fighting back

      Eric CarrEric Carr6 days ago
  • I am shocked that Crowder did this. Also all of the cop’s weight should be on that one left knee!

    Sean O'BradaighSean O'Bradaigh30 minutes ago
  • If someone stabs someone else and they are on blood thinners, and bleed out and die, do they go to trial for murder or assault?

    Sean AdachiSean AdachiHour ago
  • I love that crowder sounds like the alien on American dad when he does Katelyn jenner

    Sheena TallutoSheena TallutoHour ago
  • Hahaha he hasn't even got he's full weight on his neck. The thing is Chauvin had he's feet of the ground. His Full body weight was on his Carotid Artery in the neck. Your Not doing it right. The other cop didn't have a hold of his legs. Chauvin had his hands in his pockets. His feet were Off the floor. Chauvins Knee was more in his neck than this. He's Not doing it anywhere near as bad as Chauvin did. Stop trying to prove something you can't do. Chauvin Murdered George Floyd. Simple as that. You guys are just Morons Fact

    susan parkinsonsusan parkinsonHour ago
  • Yeah but I bet he doesn't kneel on your Carotid Artery in your neck. Or his full body weight on your neck. Kneeling on the Carotid Artery for 9 minutes and 28 seconds. Can kill you. I'm a veteran and a 10th Dan black belt in Martial arts. You can kneel on someone's carotid artery in their neck. In 7 seconds they Will be unconscious. In less than 5 minutes their heartbeat Will stop. In another minute. Your organs will shut down. Causing death by suffocation . I can guarantee. Your experiment Will fail. Because you Won't be doing it the way that Chauvin did. He Murdered George Floyd. Simple

    susan parkinsonsusan parkinsonHour ago
  • In the actual video, you can see that Derek had his one knee on Geroge Floyd's neck, and the other leg partially on his back and partially on the street. This "recreation" Is so disingenuous.

    OozletOozlet2 hours ago
  • Really unfortunate they didn’t do it the way it was done to Floyd. They should’ve pushed harder.

    lacroixboi marxlacroixboi marx2 hours ago
  • Also where's the share button?

    Brittney FarrisBrittney Farris2 hours ago
  • And you're missing a whole other police officer on your back

    CigerroGreenbackCigerroGreenback2 hours ago
  • Don't need to be a lib to see how this is done in bad taste

    Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller2 hours ago
  • This video should be used in court for the defense.

    Rich DelgattoRich Delgatto2 hours ago
  • Watch the trial. You'll get the entire picture, not just cherry picking in your favor. Y'all are trash 🗑️

    CigerroGreenbackCigerroGreenback2 hours ago
  • Stephen Crowder needs to run for president.

    Brittney FarrisBrittney Farris2 hours ago
  • It wasn’t a cry, he was trying to cover a laugh.

    JayJay CannonJayJay Cannon2 hours ago
  • 1:16:30

    Danny MlinarDanny Mlinar2 hours ago
  • George Floyd robbed women and children at night inside of their homes while his friends beat the women. I’m black and I can’t ride or defend that man. In all actuality I don’t even trust meth addicts at all. I don’t care for Chauvin I also think it was personal since Floyd and Chauvin knew, worked with, and had disputes with each other over paychecks. As a black conservative it’s crazy seeing how BLM uses death for their propaganda. I blame a lot of this on the Republican Party, how distant they are from the majority, they didn’t weed out the confederates and racists now most people and youth hate conservatives. When you don’t weed out the bad apples it makes everyone look guilty, same applies to police officers. If the good cops weeded out the bad cops and don’t practice the Blue code of silence bs a lot of these events wouldn’t occur.

    James ClownzJames Clownz2 hours ago
  • Imagine being so delusional that you have to try and disprove someone's unjust death. Hey Crowder, is your next video gonna be you getting "non-fatally" shot by a .45?

    SangthSangth2 hours ago
  • Crowder has twice as much weight on him and nothing happened. From new video footage we can see that floyd didnt had the knee on his neck all the 10 mins. and had only 1 knee on him , crowder had 2. Autopsy showed that there was no damage to the neck, but floyd died from the 3 drugs in his body (over dose).... thats it. BLM got richer and buying houses for millions of $ on the back of suffering of people.

    HealzHealz2 hours ago
  • Wow, this is cringe, even for Crowder

    Quinn CooperQuinn Cooper3 hours ago
  • Once those cuffs clicked you should've started violently resisting

    Jake MillerJake Miller3 hours ago
  • Back massage moment

    Ian FinkIan Fink3 hours ago
  • Not even on his neck bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 crowder you evil *insert some insult*

    Frenky's Prod.Frenky's Prod.4 hours ago
  • It warned me twice about content that may offend viewers lmao this world is a whole pussy.

    FauvanFauvan4 hours ago
  • Steven Crowder is a coward wholly devoid of moral principles or integrity. Change my mind.

    The Dawn Has Been GreetedThe Dawn Has Been Greeted4 hours ago
    • @No Soup For You "you sound like a tool." Says the person blindly defending a man unworthy of anyone's defense through the usage of adhominems rather than logical rebuttals. Ok buddy. And if my vocabulary is too complicated for your comprehension, return to the leftist indoctrination centers immediately. Good day.

      The Dawn Has Been GreetedThe Dawn Has Been Greeted2 hours ago
    • @The Dawn Has Been Greeted You live in a hollywood film buddy, go outside once in a while. Btw using a thesaurus doesn't make you smart, make you sound like a tool

      No Soup For YouNo Soup For You2 hours ago
    • @Healz The adaquete, complete, and thorough answer to this question requires time I do not contemporarily possess. So we will instead focus soley on this video. The fact that he is so desperate to invalidate the authenticity of man's murder by the state, that he would perform the actions that led to Floyd's death in a manner that substantially REDUCED the pressure applied to the victim's neck for the purpose of fallaciously propagatating doubt regarding his murder, is disgusting. There is no moral grave to which crowder will not stoop in an attempt to justify his unjustifiable ideologies.

      The Dawn Has Been GreetedThe Dawn Has Been Greeted2 hours ago
    • and why?

      HealzHealz3 hours ago
  • This experiment fails on so many levels one of which is the high intensity situation where your heart rate and breathing increases dramatically..add that to the fact you’re now trynna get 2-3x your air and can’t..then do it again and let’s see

    Jerry GabrielJerry Gabriel4 hours ago
  • Lol love this white privilege experiment

    Alex CastanonAlex Castanon4 hours ago
  • sick and punch acres LMAO

    Julie sJulie s4 hours ago
  • dude, what the actually hell is this? no way this is still up

    socialist raidsocialist raid5 hours ago
  • he was literally on his back and not on neck

    Couch941Couch9415 hours ago
  • No autopsy or medical official argues that he died of an overdose. At best the defence is that his use of drugs could’ve built up CO2 in his body making him more prone to death by hypoxia or asphyxiation. There are people out there with varying levels of heart and lung health, it is entirely feasible that the same effect could’ve happened to someone with a heart or lung condition. Keeping your knee on someone long after they stop breathing is murder, whether or not drugs may have helped that process out, the fact that he kept his knee there, to me, is a cold blooded as murder gets.

    Jean's TunesJean's Tunes5 hours ago
  • Doesn't matter. The jury knows what will happen if they dont vote guilty. Here is their choice: Vote innocent and be branded a hitler forever, lose your job. Have BLM show up at your house and burn it down, beat and kill you and your family, and more. Vote guilty and be rich and famous. Hmmm. Wonder how they will vote???????

    Cavemen DaysCavemen Days5 hours ago
  • Um have your friend take his foot off the ground and lean forward and then re record this vid

    Brian H.Brian H.5 hours ago
  • I believe based on your video...Mr. Crowder had more weight on his body than Mr. Floyd, because it looked like Officer Chauvin had his right knee on or nearer the ground than Tokenawin, thus able to balance the majority of his weight on the right knee and use the left knee more for maintaining balance at the higher position/stance. Good job guys

    namelessnameless5 hours ago
  • I used to watch 227! Great show!

    Becky RozeboomBecky Rozeboom5 hours ago
  • I used to watch 227! Great show!

    Becky RozeboomBecky Rozeboom5 hours ago
  • Ha ha! A 130 lb girl with a fake moustache sitting on Crowders' back. Where's the knee on the neck? Why aren't his hand and wrists being pulled upward in order to force his upper torso toward the ground? Where's the bouncing?

    strangerathomestrangerathome5 hours ago
    • I watched the bodycam footage which I will link to you if you need, and at no point were any officers pulling George Floyds wrists and hands upwards after he had been forced belly down onto the ground.

      TylerTyler4 hours ago
  • Honestly. The fact that people care about this so much is even more offensive than the video itself. I don't care about Chauvin or Floyd.

    John DoeJohn Doe5 hours ago
  • Can't share.

    S RCS RC6 hours ago
  • Forgot to add the pound of fentylanll.

    joey loganjoey logan6 hours ago
  • comment

    Sean GibsonSean Gibson6 hours ago
  • For anybody that takes Crowders word for it that Elisa Lam was some kind of junkie just go look up the toxicology report. She was only on prescribed medication and had such little amounts in her that she wasn't even taking enough of it. I'm not sure why Crowder summed it all up to "Drugs". Very weak take.

    Brandon WalliserBrandon Walliser7 hours ago
  • Take just a moment to laugh at the people who think Chauvin killed George Floyd and not his heart condition and lethal drug use🤣

    pAtRiCk StArpAtRiCk StAr7 hours ago
  • Now have a wrestler do it and you'll be saying something else, it's like having a 55 pound manlet on your traps not putting any really weight on you is equal to knee on belly style pressure you can clearly see in the video 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Smash di O'connelSmash di O'connel7 hours ago
    • @Smash di O'connel I do agree the photo ( if we are talking of the same one ) does imply more pressure, with that in mind, there are minutes of footage after the photo where the pressure and force could be exacerbated or released throughout the duration. You also have to keep in mind the effect of the drugs and stress on his motor functions during it as well. Stress being an immense factor in respiratory ability without the additional affects of any outside factors.

      TylerTyler4 hours ago
    • @Tyler I would say potentially more force because there is more leverage you're able to get from having the leading knee closer to the ground and the fact that your back leg can brace the side of the body to better engage the core. The way he's on top in the photo makes me think he isn't trying to position better or press too overtly but I would still say a similar amount of force because of how he's positioned and where his weight appears to be. Enough to smother his windpipe if he was unable to push himself up in any way.

      Smash di O'connelSmash di O'connel4 hours ago
    • @Smash di O'connel I agree that is a lot of force to apply to a small and vital area on a human. You explained it well but I am failing to understand what exactly you meant. Are you saying that the pressure applied to the neck is similar to the pressure that would be applied in the same scenario to the belly of someone? i.e The force applied to the neck is comparable to the force applied to the belly in the situation and thus similar OR that the pain/discomfort from a knee on the belly is similar to that of a knee on the neck? I will also add that, in personal experience, a knee directly applied to the belly is immensely more uncomfortable than a knee to the back of the neck. Which just from physiology is a much more dangerous act (and possibly damaging :during the immediate act, barring what it could potentially exacerbate in the future) than a knee on the back of the neck.

      TylerTyler4 hours ago
    • @Tyler It's the same leverage, knee on belly requires one knee on the belly usually center mass and one further back to leverage it, much like what we see in footage of Derek Chauvin (except think center neck not mass) and nothing like what the imbicile on Chowder was doing. The only real difference is that Chauvin didn't fully extend the other leg for maximum pressure, not that it changes anything as a full person and duty belt are 180 in this case which is quite a lot for a human neck to bear sideways.

      Smash di O'connelSmash di O'connel5 hours ago
    • How do you have knee on belly and knee on back of the neck? Was George Floyd a Tetris piece?

      TylerTyler5 hours ago
  • The fact that you all hate blacks so much you act like this little charade is the same as what happened to George Floyd. Also you don't know nearly enough about grappling to speak on that matter stick to the race realism grift.

    therealGuerrillatherealGuerrilla8 hours ago
    • @Tyler your question was so designed by bias that you can't even understand what you were asking or what my reply was. It's weird you're not even confident enough to stand by what you just said previously either you're just mindlessly arguing about nothing essentially.

      therealGuerrillatherealGuerrilla5 hours ago
    • You insert bias into asking me a question pertaining to what sort of training you assume a cop has. You're arguing about if it is or is not an excuse with yourself, I didn't say anything regarding that.

      TylerTyler5 hours ago
    • @Tyler so disregard the fact that was directed at crowder specifically because he was speaking as if he was? Also that's not an excuse for murder being poorly trained, you care so much about cops why don't you care that they're not being trained properly?

      therealGuerrillatherealGuerrilla5 hours ago
    • Cops are trained grapplers?

      TylerTyler5 hours ago
  • A disappointing reenactment. It's a shame you didn't rehearse this beforehand. As it is, it's nothing like the actual situation and I doubt this will change anyone's mind.

    contrappostocontrapposto8 hours ago
  • 1:16:49 here everyone

    Jesus Is LordJesus Is Lord8 hours ago
  • For a murder conviction, the court requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt and all 12 jurors to agree. 3.5x the lethal amount of Fentanyl creates reasonable doubt; therefore, based upon our judicial system, Derek Chauvin would be considered innocent, regardless of anyone's personal feelings about the case. They could find Chauvin guilty of negligence at best.

    ConsultantMasamuneConsultantMasamune8 hours ago
  • The store's called Cup Foods because there's a big popular local supermarket called Cub Foods so this one's named Cup to fool people who can't distinguish Cub from Cup

    Neal BlanchettNeal Blanchett8 hours ago
  • kaitlin jenner can’t even sing a Ke$ha song well.... better not be a governor

    Mia FalconeMia Falcone9 hours ago
  • The problem with this poor excuse of a video, is that it bears no resemblance to what actually happened. Now obviously, a braindead conservative like Crowder is not interested in anything even remotely approaching reality. In the Floyd video, the officer places his KNEE, not his SHIN, on the NECK of Floyd (primarily), not his Upper Back (Primarily). What's more, Chauvin's left foot leaves the ground, with his hips and shoulders forward and over the primary axis of Floyd's body, meaning the majority of the force of Chauvin's body is being directed over the neck, and not through the back foot, as is clearly the case in this video. Evidently, a rudimentary understanding of physics was not on the menu for Crowder today. The ability to form abstractions and analogies are two of the chief signifiers of higher intelligence in humans, if this is your attempt at recreating the situation, I have some bad news for you, cognitively speaking.

    BiocontaminatorBiocontaminator10 hours ago
  • Talk about confusing. I am an NP and I go to people's homes for health assessments. I see a man, who identifies as a woman and I have to ask about mammograms and pap smears! "So, have you gotten your fake cervix checked for cancer?"

    Courtney NelsonCourtney Nelson10 hours ago
  • It’s 5 seconds in and you don’t like it 😂

    Kailuamazon _Kailuamazon _10 hours ago
  • Maybe figure out the details beforehand rather than doing it in real time. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    NESNES10 hours ago
  • The knee should be on the NECK not the back

    FF10 hours ago
    • even floyd didnt had it on the neck , look at the actual body cam video. on top of that crowder had twice as much weight.

      HealzHealz3 hours ago
  • Why can’t the original news agency that selectively edited the video be charged with inciting violence?

    davedonedisdavedonedis10 hours ago
  • Dave seems slightly more reasonable than the rest of them

    Newb TubeNewb Tube10 hours ago
  • A missed the point when George Floyd repositioned the officer's

    Newb TubeNewb Tube10 hours ago
  • I stand with Chauvin! I knew that the whole story was fake!!

    Traquan JacksonTraquan Jackson11 hours ago
  • The knee on your "neck" was so disingenuous lmao, he was barely on your upper back and had his weight distributed on your mid-back as well. You're such a weaselly little liar, Crowder. You're lucky your fan-base don't care about the facts at all

    FerretSecFerretSec11 hours ago
  • Lmao the knee isnt even on his neck. Its on his back the entire time, completely different to floyd. What a tasteless thing to do

    asmodeusasmodeus11 hours ago
    • @HyborianAge if he wanted to make an accurate recreation yea sure why not

      asmodeusasmodeusHour ago
    • go watch the body cam video , floyd didnt had the knee on his neck.

      HealzHealz3 hours ago
    • So Steven should've overdose several times in the past, gotten covid, gotten high on meth and fentanyl, and fought a couple guys too?

      HyborianAgeHyborianAge4 hours ago
  • Lmao look at all these commies trying to explain away why crowder is doing so well while getting a knee to the neck. 😂😂😂

    RetroPlaysRetroPlays11 hours ago
  • ehh dude, Chauvin placed his knee directly on floyds neck, you can go compare the images taken to this recreation you are having, all in all you cant even claim the knee was needed as he was handcuffed with 3 officers on the scene that had the duty to intervene especially if one of their fellow officers used excessive force unreasonably, like what would floyd do? barrel roll away from him into the tire of the car?

    Lio Local Chibi ThiefLio Local Chibi Thief12 hours ago
  • I'm only watching this for Dave Landau, I turned on Crowder almost a year ago I hate him know but Dave is awsome

    RoyleTVRoyleTV12 hours ago
  • First off knee needs to be on base of spine. Doctors already testified that George had a knee on his neck. Not his back. All the doctors say he died from being choked out.

    Jason AchillesJason Achilles12 hours ago
    • nope not really , autopsy showed theres no damage to the neck. On top of that from the ACTUAL BODY CAM VIDEO you can see that the knee is not on the neck. Crowder on this video had twice as weight and nothign happened to him.

      HealzHealz3 hours ago
  • My favorite things are Bernie saying it’s a good thing and now the illegal alien saying basically basically lol

    ClayZi BlyClayZi Bly12 hours ago
  • Yeaaaahhh not the brightest crayon in the box. 107 positional asphyxia deaths since 2010. Where all of them on drugs? Or was the mechanism for positional asphyxia not recreated exactly. Occam’s razor would suggest the latter. And the police training instructed the officer to place flyod on his side. Even the rookie knew this and said it in the video. Fake funny news. Daily show better.

    The notorious buuThe notorious buu12 hours ago
  • I am a corrections officer, and the way I was trained was to get the person/inmate off of their chest as quickly/reasonably as possible to at least the rescue position (laying on one side or the other) middle ground being seated position, and best back to their feet if needed. This is because of what is called “ positional asphyxiation”. One Dr. will say G. Floyd died from x and another Dr. will say he died from y. What was the real cause of death isn’t going to matter much anymore because one side just wants to beat up on the other. OPINION- should the ground work been handled differently? My answer would be, yes Did the way the officers handled the situation kill G.Floyd? My answer would be, I don’t know. (Because I don’t have all the facts) At the end of the day, we as a society need to evaluate the department policy and training of all officers, and remember that you get what you pay for. Society expects officers to be tier 1 operators, accompanying degrees in mental health care, first responds, mind readers, and counselors. Then go to the streets and deal with child molesters, killers, domestic abusers, and put a smile one their fact when the see John Q. Public with no outlet for the trauma they deal with. A real conversation needs to be had about societies expectations and the money, tools, and training to meet those expectations. And a large point to go with that conversation is the laws that are expected to be enforced and how they entrap people (As a hole not necessarily in this case). DISCLAIMER-- The statement and opinions in this post are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the opinions and mission statements of the department I work for. Ect, ect, blah, blah, blah.

    Adam HenselAdam Hensel13 hours ago
  • Can you have some type of gecko say Ahoy on the T shirt?

    ClayZi BlyClayZi Bly13 hours ago
  • Is this supposed to be funny?

    Damian JackDamian Jack13 hours ago
  • Imagine thinking kneeling on someones upper back is the same as a neck, have you been to school?

    JoiiJoii14 hours ago
    • Imagine thinking that Chauvin wasn't kneeling on his shoulder after new video evidence shows that.

      PalavenPalaven5 hours ago
  • I think the intern pinning Crowder could've angled his knee more to a 3 o'clock position than a 6 o'clock position (assuming 12 o'clock is facing towards Crowder's head). That was the main flaw I saw compared to the picture of Chauvin and Floyd shown. It probably would've helped if Crowder wore a lower-back shirt so we could more easily see where his neck is since his physique is different from Floyd's and the raglan shirt wasn't particularly helpful. Still, all things considered, this was a good shot at recreating the scenario. I would love to see three trained officers restrain a dummie with this technique and have the PSI calculated (like they do with bullets and the like) just to see how much pressure was being put on those areas. You could even compare the pressure to what ordinary people would assume and see the differences. You could even make a comparison to what amount of pressure would be lethal. So, I vote for a follow-up experiment from here, or really anywhere that would do it legitimately.

    FoirelleFoirelle14 hours ago
    • Thank you for giving proper criticism unlike the braindead other lefties who make baseless claims lol

      No Soup For YouNo Soup For You2 hours ago
  • Not an accurate comparison Steven wasn’t geeked on fentanyl

    RecrystallizeRecrystallize15 hours ago
  • Please don't let Crowder's back massage shift your opinion of the case, watch the trial and listen to experts. Bless

    ThinkerThinker15 hours ago
  • This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed. The man was unconscious. Why would you remain on his neck after he is unconscious? This is a racist joke. I will NEVER SUPPORT CROWDER AGAIN. And I’m a Republican, true conservative. This is disgusting

    2K_VEGA2K_VEGA15 hours ago
  • It’s not about the knee on the neck, as much as it’s the man going unconscious and then continuing to kneel on his neck for another 5 mins after that. Your a clown for this bro. Distasteful doesn’t due this justice. You seem racist at this point. And I was I a big fan for a long time

    2K_VEGA2K_VEGA15 hours ago
    • @La Campana Libertaria hable mierda.

      joal doboahjoal doboah8 hours ago
    • barely know the guy, but this seems barbaric even to me and I'm a colombian who lived in times of pablo escobar

      La Campana LibertariaLa Campana Libertaria14 hours ago
  • Ya know, he was not even close to the same position. Then to say it's the closest we can get, is a cop out.

    Yo BitchYo Bitch15 hours ago
  • Leftist: *Uses persona account argument* Crowder: Trash argument right there. Police and Medical experts: A proned position and physical restriction of the airway has been shown to cause oxygen deprivation. Crowder: I did it and i was fine.

    AlexMaster343AlexMaster34316 hours ago
  • 1st Degree Professor of BJJ here, and I could not agree more with the results of Stephen’s experiment here.

    Quincy BJJQuincy BJJ16 hours ago
  • Great show

    Matthew PhelpsMatthew Phelps16 hours ago
  • Jenner looks like Ozzey 10 years ago

    alan donaldsonalan donaldson17 hours ago
  • next time let a leftist do the knee

    KodightKodight17 hours ago
  • Drugs and prior conditions were killing Floyd. Chauvin kneeling on his shoulder blades and denying medical access finished him off.

    TeachTeach18 hours ago
    • @Never Gonna Give You Up Dude, you said this was a neutral standpoint but then proceeded to end your lengthy comment with, "From a liberal..." I'm just saying, if you were neutral, you wouldn't feel a need to mention your political bias in the same comment. Mentioning it shows to me that you care, and caring to affiliated with one side shows bias. Simple logic. Now about the content of what you said, you failed to acknowledge Floyd was in a constant state of "I can't breathe" for several minutes *before* Chauvin (and the other officers) pinned him down. He sounded and looked to be very dyspneic (aka out of breathe) during that whole encounter. He was found to have potentially lethal drugs in his system (a mix including fentanyl, over twice the lethal dosage actually). Who knows when he did those drugs exactly, it could have been a few minutes or an hour prior to the encounter, but not for much longer. Floyd clearly wasn't going to last long regardless if Chauvin (and the other officers) had restrained him or not. From the way it looked to me with the footage and pictures available, Chauvin appeared to have placed his kneecap up to where Floyd's cervical (top part of the spine) is, but with the center of the knee more towards the top part of the thoracic (the middle part of the spine). All of this was at an angle; imagine the top part of the head being 12 o'clock, the knee was pointed more at 3 o'clock. His knee didn't sit on Floyd's cervical the whole time, more it was maneuvered between the bottom of the cervical to upper thoracic area. In other words, between the shoulder blades. The height is of where Chauvin's knee is on Floyd's spin is what matters here. I do have to point out that it could've been worse by ways of making it so the knee was pointed directly towards Floyd's head and with any and all weight on top of his cervical. The fact that it wasn't even close to that shows to me that it wasn't a murder on Chauvin's end at the very least. All in all, I'm not denying that the way Floyd was restrained or the stress from the situation couldn't have _ever_ played a role in his death, but I am pointing out that it isn't the only factor. Just like correlation doesn't equal causation, two or more things can be true at once in equal or different capacities. However, whoever thinks this was a murder isn't thinking about the intent and what that means to the court system. You may think differently, but the legal definition holds to one factual standard for a reason.

      FoirelleFoirelle15 hours ago
    • Trigger Warning- Logic, Big Words, Actual Facts, Neutral Standpoint Disclaimer- No Offence Intended; Simply Direction. Unless you misunderstand my argument, you’re close-minded, or you’re a “police supremacist” who thinks all cops are above the law, ur mind will be changed. Now’s ur time to show that u are not a hs dropout but a potential harvard admit! All jokes aside, let me begin this logical, unbiased argument-which doesn’t even include all the points against Chauvin but are enough to win the “debate”-, which I hope you follow along with. First of all, you shouldn’t confuse correlation with causation. If a person had COVID-19 and was an at-risk patient, but then he got crushed by a car, would you count that the person’s death as COVID-related? Secondly, all of the credible medics confirmed that the C.O.D was positional asphyxia, and all confirmed it was a homicide. But hey? Religion triumphs science 24/7, right ;) Thirdly, if you randomly sample 100 of the world’s healthiest humans and kneel on their necks for minutes after they passed out, I can assure you that 96+ would’ve died, and that all of the survivors lives would be impeded forever because of the pressure and the lack of blood flow in the head-neck area for so long. Therefore, it is irrelavent whether George had all the drugs in the universe in his system or if he was among the healthiest ppl in the world(Furthermore, Floyd has gained tolerance to drugs bc was struggling with addiction; therefore the relatively high drug-level in his blood is not fatal to him, and in fact may only be slightly higher than his blood’s average drug-level. To put this concept into simple terms, if you beat the meat or flick the bean everyday, u are more likely to last longer in bed than if u do the same once a week/month, bc of ur gain in tolerance to $eXûāL Stimulation). Lastly, let’s assume your assertion is correct, and that Floyd was on a lethal dose of drugs(which was lethal enough to kill him, surprisingly, and kill him when Chauvin happened to be prohibiting his airway, surprisingly). By that logic, Floyd would’ve died in that same week if he had never interacted with Chauvin. Is it a coincidence that he was murdered the same day he would’ve died anyways? Let’s assume by pure chance that it is. Would that justify Chauvin’s actions and give him freedom forever? If someone pushes one of your grandparents to the floor and he/she dies, would u believe that the pusher is freed of murder bc the grandparents were already in bad shape(assuming they’re senile)? In Conclusion, Chauvin is going to get charged with something pretty serious as he has murdered Floyd. I wish he didn’t. I wish Floyd was still alive and that none of this chaos would’ve ever erupted. But life is life, and u can’t politicize facts and logic. I hope you don’t have belief perserverance bias after reading this and that you are willing to change ur mind at-least to some extent(even if it is minimal, any change is good change😀). If you’re stance hasn’t changed a single bit after reading my comment once, then congrats- you have failed to comprehend my rhetoric(and to counter that, I would try reading this comment with a trusted adult or an intelligent and unbiased friend). From a liberal to a respectful conservative, have a great week regardless of beliefs!👍 p.s if u choose to reply to this comment, like my comment beforehand so that i get notified that u replied. thx for reading this far!

      Never Gonna Give You UpNever Gonna Give You Up17 hours ago
  • 33:13

    Kitty KawaiiKitty Kawaii18 hours ago
  • Also, no 40 pounds of equipment on his belt

    Tina LTina L18 hours ago
  • There were THREE guys..two on the neck and back, and one at feet...

    Tina LTina L18 hours ago
  • The businesses around there are like wth?!

    Theresa PetersonTheresa Peterson18 hours ago
  • "This content may be inappropriate"

    Steven BerlingerSteven Berlinger19 hours ago
  • I love how Dave plays devils advocate. 🤣

    ILLuminaughtyILLuminaughty20 hours ago
  • I sure didn’t know about the DHS story.

    ColeCole20 hours ago
  • Do us all a favor and have your pal actually put his weight on his knee.

    Deadly NeurotoxinDeadly Neurotoxin20 hours ago
  • Grift that money Crowder.

    FidgetBear911FidgetBear91120 hours ago
  • Great headline; i can’t sit through all the banter to wait it out

    Art RemsikArt Remsik20 hours ago
  • unsure what this proves. that you're running out of ideas? it's not quite the same pressure that's applied to your backside by your buddy. I think Chauvin was trying to subdue and at the very least attempted to make it uncomfortable for Floyd... just maybe. having the same posture and position (which your buddy did not) can still have different centre of gravity.

    Sungmin Josh KimSungmin Josh Kim20 hours ago
  • My ears feel violated by Crowder's s screaming and shouting. Dude just because you say it loudly, doesn't make it funny. Jesus Christ...

    ELNiñoLukeELNiñoLuke20 hours ago
  • Lol 227. "I thought the hurricane season was over"

    NickPapaGiorgioFromYumaNickPapaGiorgioFromYuma20 hours ago
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    andr333yandr333y21 hour ago
  • didn’t really like steven and dave arguing.

    Mason GarrityMason Garrity21 hour ago
  • Just trying to do my research... Where exactly did you get the statistic in the chart that says that the average percentage of fentanyl for an overdoes? I tried looking up the source in the graph but it went to something different.

    Nathan EdensNathan Edens21 hour ago
  • You think he paid a guy to actually hurt him? No. Crowder paid this guy to dress up as an officer and put literally no pressure at all on crowder for a few minutes even at one point moving the knee to the middle of the back etc. Well crowder if you're reading this let ME do it. Not some guy you paid to do it nothing like Chauvin did. Guarantee you end up like floyd

    PeezaSlisePeezaSlise22 hours ago
    • @Tyler I do agree that the drugs helped, but Chauvin killed floyd and 2 autopsy reports agree with that. Floyd was suffocated to death and even wolithout the drugs its clear floyd still wouldve died. On top of that, the fake officer that crowder paid not to kill him didn't even get remotely close to the same amount of force applied by Chauvin and didn't even have his leg in the right spot majority of the time. Its obvious that this is for views. Crowder isn't going to let someone kill him on live stream and the guy also probably doesn't want to kill crowder. I usually like what crowder says and does but this stunt is absolutely ridiculous and is closer compared to a bad back massage than what Chauvin did to floyd

      PeezaSlisePeezaSliseHour ago
    • @PeezaSlise Do you think the drugs didn't have an affect on his motor functions? I do fully disagree with minimal application/denial of medical (or any) assistance after loss of consciousness. He does also state that the demonstration is specifically for the weight/mass and force applied during the restraint without EVERY external (and internal, regarding the drugs/stress involved) factors weighing into the outcome.

      TylerTyler4 hours ago
    • You can even see that crowder easily picks his head up and adjust himself because the guy isn't putting any pressure

      PeezaSlisePeezaSlise21 hour ago