Khabib Crashes The Schmo’s Interview with Matt Serra & Din Thomas

Jan 18, 2021
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The Schmo interviews Din Thomas & Hall of Famer Matt Serra in the W Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Topics include:

- Watching fights with Khabib on Lookin’ For a Fight
- GSP fight with Matt Serra
- Khabib vs GSP
- Matt Serra vs Diego Sanchez Trainer
- Dana White Behind The Scenes
- Breaking Down UFC Title Fights

Graphics: @jamescdzn
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  • 3:50 Khabib Entrance

    Fai ZeeFai Zee8 days ago
  • Khibib has such class.

    Tj LanceTj Lance10 days ago
  • 3:50 thanks me

    Raja FawadRaja Fawad11 days ago
  • best interview ever so funny

    philip grayphilip gray13 days ago
  • I disagree with Serra that Conor was the most accurate striker. Lyoto Machida was the most precise striker ever.

    MaximillionMaximillion13 days ago
  • Khabib Time

    Ramzi YousefRamzi Yousef13 days ago
  • 3:49 is what you probably are looking for 😉

    c'est la Viec'est la Vie24 days ago
  • I hate it when people put on a fake persona for interviews. f'n annoying

    lennyhipplennyhipp24 days ago
  • speak to the devil.. matt just say khabib n few sec khabib came out

    Nosmalija YunosNosmalija Yunos25 days ago
  • Snooki🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    John WulfJohn Wulf26 days ago
  • Khabib is not the 🐐

    mikeychappsmikeychapps26 days ago
  • Serra is a goddamn clown xD ahaha

    Nature BakerNature Baker27 days ago
  • I love this guy. hahaha

    Avery ParksAvery Parks27 days ago
  • Khabib didn't crash the interview, he blessed it.

    Merc EnumMerc Enum27 days ago
  • Hanging out with Matt is always a laugh fest.

    EntrepreneurrEntrepreneurr27 days ago
  • The smo is the balance

    wrexshuntwrexshunt27 days ago
  • Just watched that movie lol

    t wt w27 days ago
  • The Schmoe got so excited when he saw Khabib he broke character 🤣

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy27 days ago
  • Matt is right, oculus quest 2 is the truth

    David DarmondiDavid Darmondi27 days ago
  • The Schmo is amateur hour with the one mic. Get some lapel mics Schmo. Come on man.

    Anthony RosenAnthony Rosen28 days ago
  • Dana white executive order “DONT FLIPPIN TALK ABOUT CAIN VELASQUEZ”!!!!!

    Ivan SIvan S28 days ago
  • matt serra is funnier than joe rogan. shake my mind.

  • Damn! the Schmo forgot how to speak when he saw Khabib!

    Rock girlRock girl29 days ago
  • whos the freak in the middle wt

    ABA SAABA SAMonth ago
  • Great interview I like all three of you guys. And on a personal note I think khabib vacates the belt and fights GSP at 165 possibly 170 that will be khabibs last 30 for 30

    Steve SchmidtSteve SchmidtMonth ago
    • Serra is so cringy in this.

      Rock girlRock girl29 days ago
  • helen yee is jealous on how schmo looked at khabib

    SerjohnSerjohnMonth ago
  • Serra looking like Sean sherk/ frank trigg mutation

    libbs schmidtlibbs schmidtMonth ago
  • Very fun interview, good job Schmo

    Betta Babe PilipinasBetta Babe PilipinasMonth ago
  • “I’m gonna come back, I’m gonna come back, say hello to GSP”

    abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMonth ago
  • Ariel has a yeast infection, glad schmo is here and ariel isnt.

    Integrity BuildersIntegrity BuildersMonth ago
  • Dana and all these people are asking the wrong person if Khabib will come back to fight. You have to convince the mother lol

    Sal ASal AMonth ago
  • GSP

    Philippe PoulinPhilippe PoulinMonth ago
  • So this is Colby Covington's real job.

    nobodynobodyMonth ago
    • Matt calling khabib, Habib, lol priceless. I'm a long islander, the verbiage is real lol

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseMonth ago
  • Matt is the best ... Im Tom Cruise

    I'm Tom CruiseI'm Tom CruiseMonth ago
  • WTF they are all wearing this BLACK RING &&

    Антон БрюханцевАнтон БрюханцевMonth ago
  • khabib has answer it : " i will come back"...

    iskandar mohamediskandar mohamedMonth ago
  • Matt Serra neck is crazy

    spafro101spafro101Month ago
  • Schmo got starstruck by Khabib and broke role a moment 😂

    peeteerpaanpeeteerpaanMonth ago
  • Why isn't Dean Thomas a Hall of Famer?

    The Kyzitemelos93The Kyzitemelos93Month ago
  • Serra is so cringy in this.

    Adelina RodriguezAdelina RodriguezMonth ago
  • Why is this guy talking like a dummie

    Richard TruesdaleRichard TruesdaleMonth ago
  • I enjoyed this one....keep it up schmo....

    JF FAJF FAMonth ago
  • Matt Serra is so Long Island it’s nauseating.. lol

    KunstizzKunstizzMonth ago
  • Someday, i would love to see Khabib work with RIZIN or Bellator

    World EliteWorld EliteMonth ago
  • The Schmo tried to give Khabib the old "Scmope a dope" and get an interview on the spot but Khabib wasn't having it.

    Scott SchipperScott SchipperMonth ago
  • If Han catches izzy, it's over. Them polish dudes are a different bread. I'm a iron worker, my boss is polish, this dudes fingers are like sausages, he is a big tree, the steel this dude picks up, his strength is crazy, makes me never bet against the polish lok

  • Matt calling khabib, Habib, lol priceless. I'm a long islander, the verbiage is real lol

  • The Schmo rules.

    Neon ThunderbirdNeon ThunderbirdMonth ago
  • Best episode ever, minus when that Cuban beast was singing lol

    Tiddy SprinklesTiddy SprinklesMonth ago
  • Schmo pls u have to get the khabib interview 🦅

    Yasser786Yasser786Month ago
  • 00:01 I didn't know dana had a son?

    YoungNBoostedYoungNBoostedMonth ago
  • The Schmo is the best interviewer.

    Luke SamuelLuke SamuelMonth ago
  • Matt Sarah HOF !!?? One lucky hit ,one hit wonder champ!! That's debatable in my opinion.

    Victor BarajasVictor BarajasMonth ago
  • lol Khabib the only one to make Schmo break his character.

    Bav the manBav the manMonth ago
  • OMG, the look on Schmos's face when he thought he could get a Khabib Interview. He wanted it so bad, can't blame him tho.

    Shauka HodanShauka HodanMonth ago
  • People want to see khabib vs Conor 2, not GSP. He's past it. Dana wants the rematch aswell it seems...

    libbadlibbadMonth ago
  • this guys like the Nardwuar of UFC

    Mattington BehMattington BehMonth ago
    • Does the schmo talk and act like that off camera

      Shauka HodanShauka HodanMonth ago
  • It's funny people may comment trash on Khabib but they all would drool crossing paths with him. Khabib truely is another LEVEL!

    abdulhameed aminabdulhameed aminMonth ago
  • The Most Watched video of schmo around here I mean fight island 8🔥🔥🔥

    محمد آزممحمد آزمMonth ago
  • Schmo used to talk shit about Khabib with Tony, in person "Khabib you're the GOAT" 😂

    hassan Waleedhassan WaleedMonth ago
  • Schmo, you're interviews are very engaging. Thank you for the content.

    jeremy812jeremy812Month ago
  • Wow khabib said he wana comeback bruh.

    AsekelokopAsekelokopMonth ago
  • Hahah the Schmo, he’s so crazy. I luv’im!!!!😜😜😜

    Ariel PAriel PMonth ago
  • 3:50 Khabib entry

    AKA CompilationAKA CompilationMonth ago
  • WOW Matt Serra Is a great guy too.. guy who mauled gsp

    AKA CompilationAKA CompilationMonth ago
  • "I'm gonna come back, I'm gonna come back..." Ok. We're all waiting Khabib.

    Bobby MulliganBobby MulliganMonth ago
  • This interview was wholesome

    thetruth 1thetruth 1Month ago
  • The schmo matches the wall paper

    Seth MattesonSeth MattesonMonth ago
  • The nardwar clone

    Ky TyKy TyMonth ago
  • Schmo, you're the fuckin man.

    witheredandobsoletewitheredandobsoleteMonth ago
  • 3:30 lol

    Blue 7lvnBlue 7lvnMonth ago
  • Does the schmo talk and act like that off camera

    Wuh SuhWuh SuhMonth ago
  • Khabib said it "was #1 bullshit" and I almost died laughing. 🤣

    Tier 1 Gear & EDC ReviewsTier 1 Gear & EDC ReviewsMonth ago
  • Khabib!!!!!!

    Erikas SavickasErikas SavickasMonth ago
  • Matt Serra is at least half-orc

    Chris ThrasherChris ThrasherMonth ago
  • Khabib😃💕

    Zeneb OsmanZeneb OsmanMonth ago
  • Matt Sara is the love child of Joe Rogan and Dana White

    Walid FilmsWalid FilmsMonth ago
  • Grande Khabib

  • you can tell din thomas loves hearing matt sera talk ahhah

    AngeloAngeloMonth ago
  • Im just laughing about the premise of GSP calling Matt Serra snookie.

    The Graceful SavageThe Graceful SavageMonth ago
  • The schmo got hyped looking at KHABIB🔥🔥🔥

    محمد آزممحمد آزمMonth ago
  • Khabib ALLHAMDULILLAH HES the baddest end game

    Awaited OneAwaited OneMonth ago
  • Straight to the point. “You dont want to fight gsp” lol Get it while it’s hot.

    Jamie CrespoJamie CrespoMonth ago
  • Khabib is wearing his mask upside down.

    hsksksbwksn jwoahsksksbwksn jwoaMonth ago
  • Crazy they were just talking about him and he just popped up. Thats wild!

    sosickhcdrumssosickhcdrumsMonth ago
  • Din Thomas has a great smile.

    sosickhcdrumssosickhcdrumsMonth ago
  • Who’s better than Serra

    Prospect 86Prospect 86Month ago
  • Khabib is not event fighting in this event but he is the STAR of the event, the spotlight is on him!

    ReddsReddsMonth ago
  • Khabib isn’t top 5

    mxamiss5mxamiss5Month ago
  • Khabob is not the best . And definitely not the goat

    Jon CorreaJon CorreaMonth ago
  • Schmo wth are u sayin at 4:38 LMAO?? All like a bunch of cheerleaders around Khabib LOL!

    allstardesirajaallstardesirajaMonth ago
  • lol i want that suit

    Andriy KorobovAndriy KorobovMonth ago
  • That Schmo reaction to Khabib just made me a Complete fan, also Matt Serra! This interview was Great!!!!

    DraziwDraziwMonth ago
  • 04:10 no one paying attention to Fedor.. or maybe his stunt double?

    Gorilla VinesGorilla VinesMonth ago
  • Man Shmoo is sooo Cringe

    Charles BronsonCharles BronsonMonth ago
    • it's "The" Schmo

      The SchmoThe SchmoMonth ago
  • 3:50

    Cok JagaCok JagaMonth ago
  • Khabib would beat Jon jones, change my mind!

    Danger GustDanger GustMonth ago
  • What the hell is a Schmo?????

    John SchmidtJohn SchmidtMonth ago
  • He never came back lol

    Aaran AddisAaran AddisMonth ago
  • What an interview! 😂

    The HhThe HhMonth ago