Kawaki Meets the Uzumakis | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Apr 4, 2021
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Ep 193: Kawaki meets the Uzumaki famly in their home! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll: got.cr/Boruto193
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  • Watch episode 193 here! got.cr/Boruto193

    Crunchyroll CollectionCrunchyroll Collection9 days ago
    • @Slipstreamz wrong

      Shadow MillerShadow Miller4 days ago
    • @Itachi Is Invincible Madara is way above Itachi

      Ryan RahmanRyan Rahman5 days ago
    • ➡️⬅️

      Shehzad Ahmed SiddiquiShehzad Ahmed Siddiqui5 days ago
    • Where the hell is her CHEST

      Johnathan JaboinJohnathan Jaboin6 days ago
    • @The Zoom no gucci man is better

      Nyle CallaoNyle Callao7 days ago
  • When WILL lets August into his home type of vides.

    queen Koolqueen KoolHour ago
  • Jotaro is that u? 0:50

    JecifaithJecifaith2 hours ago
  • Boruto: Phantom Blood

    JJ7 hours ago
  • Greed

    Linzhou HanLinzhou Han8 hours ago
  • It’s like introducing your new shelter cat to your first spoiled cat.

    M0chi CuddlyPoopM0chi CuddlyPoop9 hours ago
  • I'm sorry but I have to say this- Hinata in Naruto and shippuden: 🔫🙂 Hinata in Boruto: 🙂🔫

    - yuiiki- yuiiki10 hours ago
  • Naruto: yare yare Jotaro: 😐

    AccelAccel10 hours ago
  • Sasuke and naruto are fighting together lol reminded me of this just trying to put this as a memory for all the ones who r Naruto’s fam 😊💗💝

    Anime AngelAnime Angel12 hours ago
  • 5 years ago, naruto is the one who invented the japanese slang "sankyu" for thank you. and now a lot of japanese people are using it.

    green housegreen house12 hours ago
  • Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 Jesus loves you!

    Jen’s Violin WorshipJen’s Violin Worship13 hours ago
  • Yare Yare... -Naruto

    Jui KujoJui Kujo14 hours ago
  • Kawaki would good so good with the Uchiha family

    Seri MasumiSeri Masumi15 hours ago
  • Naruto should have been like “I’m the Hukage if I can protect you I’ll get the Anbu to do it” 😎

    SloothmanSloothman17 hours ago
  • Yare yare??!

    duriankawenduriankawen18 hours ago
  • "Stop right there Boruto" Naruto realizing how Kakashi felt when he and Sasuke fought

    Tejas SabnisTejas Sabnis19 hours ago
  • How do u watch that boruto show where they grow older and fight kawaki?

    Joseph KataryJoseph Katary20 hours ago
  • Well, there goes Naruto chasing after over-powered, brooding orphans with curse marks, again. But, I have to admit, the Japanese voice actor for Kawaki is freaking perfect.

    a lotus storya lotus story23 hours ago
  • Naruto should have given boruto the look to intimidate him like Jiraiya did to Naruto

    Zackarie BranscombZackarie Branscomb23 hours ago
  • Yare yare dawa

    Russel Rome BATISANRussel Rome BATISANDay ago
  • He is Just Mean

    Romico JacksonRomico JacksonDay ago
  • I love the way how Naruto says "thank you" 😁

    JaniJani YesPapaaaJaniJani YesPapaaaDay ago
  • Kawaki now you have and awesome stepdad, stepmohter and sister, brohter!

    Öğrenciyim stresliyim Dediklerine dikkat etÖğrenciyim stresliyim Dediklerine dikkat etDay ago
  • I like how Boruto doesn't cut off his dad in the middle of talking and listens amd understands him and then makes his point. Really shows his development.

    PeinPeinDay ago
  • The right and left finnaly reuntited

    Thirdy CatulposThirdy CatulposDay ago
  • Which one of you heard the JoJo reference

    Shinobi For lifeShinobi For lifeDay ago
  • Ffc

    Frenklin DavidhiFrenklin DavidhiDay ago
  • imagine if Boruto got folded right then

    Giyuu TomiokaGiyuu TomiokaDay ago
  • 0:50 was that jojo reference

    Hardcoore_G YTHardcoore_G YTDay ago
  • People don’t understand that this show sucks it ruined naruto

    • No it dident

      Random GuyRandom GuyDay ago
  • Boruto: “What are you doing in my house?” Hinata: “YOUR house? Do you pay rent with that lil Genin paycheck?”

    Boruto no JutsuBoruto no JutsuDay ago
  • If I'm wrong if kawiki steals Bourto Girl That's Just Messed up

    BrooklynboyNaz05 GamingBrooklynboyNaz05 GamingDay ago
  • The way I thought Himawari was gonna go six palms on Kawaki when he broke her vase😂.

    TheChampionTheChampionDay ago
  • Naruto is jotaro cuz yare yare

    Sharifo Abdi MayowSharifo Abdi MayowDay ago
  • someone tell me the kids voice actor he sounds like other characters in diff show i wanna say fushigoro? or hmmm bakugo or todoroki? IDK BUT IM TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHO HIS VA IS 🤣

    brendabrendaDay ago
  • i love how his tone is so much like sasuke's

    Namita TahenguriaNamita TahenguriaDay ago
  • This has turned into a Naruto Reality Show, and its great

    Rake1087Rake1087Day ago
  • has this show gotten good yet or is it still 95% fillers?

    CuteKiwiKittyCuteKiwiKittyDay ago
    • it was good since ep 160 u have to watch from thre till 194 which is this episode, the epic fights were in 165,166,175,186,189

      Beast Anime fightsBeast Anime fightsDay ago
  • This is what you get Naruto 🍥 😂

    Ruben Third KingRuben Third KingDay ago
  • The way Boruto reacted to Kawaki was not his fault, if Boruto didn't have his karma activated and absorbed the blast from Kawaki in early fight, team 7 would all be dead.

    Heal HoHoHeal HoHoDay ago
  • When u realize people are liking kawaki for the same reasons people disliked sasuke.

    Dragon BorneDragon Borne2 days ago
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    Matin jonsonMatin jonson2 days ago
  • Jotaro??? 0:50

    joannalinejoannaline2 days ago
  • did i just heard Naruto saying Yare Yare

    Topzy TVTopzy TV2 days ago
  • 0:50 wait naruto.... IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE

    ___ Subz _______ Subz ____2 days ago
  • Yeah.. I’m over here waiting for Naruto to show his Kurama mode when Kawaki threw the attitude & flipped the table to break the vase but like always.. the anime changes everything. I swear they better not change the Naruto vs Delta fight

    Javii' ArroyoJavii' Arroyo2 days ago
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    Nate HughesNate Hughes2 days ago
  • I think I’m gonna start boruto from here lol

    lillewdlillewd2 days ago
  • It’s like Clay Jensen and Justin Foley all over again haha

    Gusion PaxleyGusion Paxley2 days ago
  • Kawaki looks like a trapper!!!

    AmnSynAmnSyn2 days ago
  • 0:51 (Jotaro theme starts)

    awaken my masterawaken my master2 days ago
  • Why don’t people understand Baruto will become the villain in the end.

    Queen Fu FuQueen Fu Fu2 days ago
  • And that kid is how kawaki become the main character of the series.

    Avishrant GuptaAvishrant Gupta2 days ago
  • didn’t naruto get angry when he destroyed the vase?

    KostKost2 days ago
  • If anyone wants to watch the full episode download anime tv

    legendary sayianlegendary sayian2 days ago

  • 2.5 million views and says I don't watch Boruto bruh

    Nate RiverNate River2 days ago
  • seems like borutos starting to get good in the anim

    cyclone.cyclone.2 days ago
  • Boruto y ese güey se pelean igual que la historia repetitiva boruto odia el Elodia boruto igual que saske y Naruto por eso yo no vi los capítulos finales de

    Alex free fireAlex free fire2 days ago
  • Why do i get the feeling kawaki is from the future

    Unknown YTUnknown YT2 days ago
  • This so cool!!!!

    Seth Daniel MamarilSeth Daniel Mamaril2 days ago
  • you forgot the part where he breaks the vase

    SockxxxSockxxx2 days ago
  • Naruto Uzuma- JOESTAR!!!

    アマリジョースターアマリジョースター2 days ago
  • 2:18 flashback scene material for the whole show incoming

    Hakeem LeccoHakeem Lecco3 days ago
  • which season?

    hyper zonehyper zone3 days ago
  • Naruto sounds the same

    Honey BearHoney Bear3 days ago
    • 0:50 POV: Naruto turning into jotaro

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt2 days ago
  • why is kawaki so damn tall

    smdsmd3 days ago
    • And I conclude here by saying kawaki is my new anime crush

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt2 days ago
  • How is that his son?

    Kai brothersKai brothers3 days ago

    Xavier ClermontXavier Clermont3 days ago
  • Isn’t this the punk that ends up killing Naruto

    Zion ChavarriaZion Chavarria3 days ago
  • Looks like Naruto was scared of baruto

    EBT GEBT G3 days ago
  • Anybody know what episode?

    Skylor MortonSkylor Morton3 days ago
  • bruh kawaki has a deeper voice than a person in their 30s

    TooMuchKetchupTooMuchKetchup3 days ago
  • It shows naruto with sasuke personality

    Ashok KumarAshok Kumar3 days ago
  • It seems sasuke impact 9f naruto talk no jutsu

    Ashok KumarAshok Kumar3 days ago
  • Why they changes old look of Naruto Anime lol

    Atharva SagavekarAtharva Sagavekar3 days ago
  • This is probably the first time I've seen talk no jutsu not work

    Underground TechUnderground Tech3 days ago
  • Funny how Kawaki remains Naruto of Himself yet those brain-dead’s in comment section compares him to Sauske

    Arthur LeywinArthur Leywin3 days ago
  • 0:50 naruto is a jojo reference...

    poubelleKid -Gaming_YtKid 377poubelleKid -Gaming_YtKid 3773 days ago
  • trash

    Arif JArif J3 days ago
  • And I conclude here by saying kawaki is my new anime crush

    Pickle CactusPickle Cactus3 days ago
  • 0:50 POV: Naruto turning into jotaro

    SumAsianDudeNameDiamondSumAsianDudeNameDiamond3 days ago
    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha funny jojo reference

      Vison TVison T3 days ago
  • Heyy Naruto... boruto and kawki Like you And Sasuke 😑😑

    Nova Andriani PNova Andriani P3 days ago
  • I'm a BANNANA shut up you liar

    Shakira ShakiraShakira Shakira3 days ago
  • Finally getting there

    firestonegraywolffirestonegraywolf3 days ago
  • I ship it-

    heather weatherheather weather3 days ago
    • Me too. Don't tell anyone tho 😣

      Mineta MinoruMineta Minoru3 days ago
  • Hinata is waifu material

    Raiziel 78Raiziel 783 days ago
  • boruto be like : you pick up the wrong house foollll.....

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 days ago
  • Spoilers!!! These two will become rival in the future like naruto and sasuke. TT^TT

    Wittyclip TrailerWittyclip Trailer3 days ago
    • That's hardly a spoiler, I mean the first scene on the first episode pretty much lets people know where this is going.

      DiViNe SaGe-16〰61DiViNe SaGe-16〰613 days ago
  • Ok my boi is chilling in naruto's house

    • The last part is like Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi stopping the fight...

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt3 days ago
  • when naruto stoped em he should have done the whole kurama thing it would have earned him easy respect from kawaki

    REDEYEREDEYE3 days ago
  • isn't weird that sarada didn't use her sharingan??

    adam gavin agramonadam gavin agramon3 days ago
  • naruto & sasuke 2.0

    adam gavin agramonadam gavin agramon3 days ago
  • Boruto was right the whole time

    Larkin HancockLarkin Hancock3 days ago
    • Yes & no. Kawaki is actually a good guy and will eventually start respecting and looking up to Naruto. But whatever happens to him to cause such a change is very key.

      DiViNe SaGe-16〰61DiViNe SaGe-16〰613 days ago
  • 0:50 j-JOTARO

    Don WoodsDon Woods3 days ago
  • Sick

    Manofmen BruhManofmen Bruh3 days ago
  • Dang it we was about to see the first Uzumaki belt whooping

    TidooTidoo3 days ago
  • This is why I love Naruto he is the living of my day and night of my night 😩🥱

    That Girl BriahThat Girl Briah3 days ago
  • P

    Ana onayAna onay4 days ago
  • I just realized kawaki is sauske 2.0

    Your MomYour Mom4 days ago