Jordan Spieth shoots 6-under 66 | Round 4 | Valero Texas Open | 2021

Apr 4, 2021
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In the final round of the 2021 Valero Texas Open, Jordan Spieth carded a 6-under 66, finishing at 18-under par for the tournament and winning his 12th PGA TOUR title, his first since 2017.

Corey Conners returns to defend his maiden PGA TOUR title as the Valero Texas Open returns to the TOUR schedule after being cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19. A number of Masters champions are also in the field including Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson, Zach Johnson and Danny Willett. The Valero Texas Open is the final opportunity for someone to win a TOUR event and punch their ticket to Augusta National. Some still looking for their Masters invite and who are in the field at TPC San Antonio, include: Rickie Fowler (who hasn’t missed the Masters since 2010), 2016 Valero winner Charley Hoffman, FedExCup champions Brandt Snedeker and Jim Furyk, and Mackenzie Tour winners Adam Hadwin and Nick Taylor.

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  • Hi.

    Tiger Woods California,USTiger Woods California,USDay ago
  • After a drought for Jordan Spieth is back in the winners circle

    Alex ParentiAlex Parenti3 days ago
  • So awesome to have witnessed Jordan win on Sunday! Way to go Jordan!

    Fernando RazoFernando Razo6 days ago
  • these tragic masked morons out there)) Just how dumb is the mob??

    s ws w6 days ago
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  • Those short range shots late were filthy

    Matthew McCallMatthew McCall7 days ago

    Ross McvicarRoss Mcvicar7 days ago
  • 666 pops up a lot these days.

    Black HeartBlack Heart7 days ago
  • PGA Tour highlights guy must've seen the comments of getting him fired and stepped their game up! This is how you do highlights, not the putting channel

    Mr. SmirnoffMr. Smirnoff7 days ago
  • Dang...... he got out of his own way....yup.... didn't copy anybody except Jordan..... congrats young man

    Jay Thomas ResetJay Thomas Reset7 days ago
  • I feel that his tempo from the top of his swing is the best I have ever seen to date.

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI Help7 days ago
  • Beyond happy for Jordan and all of his team. What a remarkable young man he is. Anyone notice him reminding Wallace to replace his marker to prevent his fellow competitor a penalty? That is so Jordan. I admire so much about Jordan in addition to his incredible skills and talent. Keep being you Jordan. Congratulations! ☺

    Norman MartinNorman Martin7 days ago
  • Its great to see Jordan win and get out of the slump he was in. He seems like a sincerely good person.

    David CortinasDavid Cortinas7 days ago
  • Ruh roh... Somebody remembered they are supposed to be an all-time great

    Ryan Marsh-DefenbachRyan Marsh-Defenbach8 days ago
  • Man this makes me so happy. Well done Jordan, glad to see you back in the winner's circle👌🤙

    Michael BMichael B8 days ago
  • Jordon could be the next Nicklaus. Young man get out of your own head and be the man of legend you were meant to be.

    mike smithmike smith8 days ago
  • Sun zoom Jordan, knocking it down, now! go get the masters

    Max-Andrew McMillanMax-Andrew McMillan8 days ago
  • Gave me the chills. What a golfer

    Danny KosmoDanny Kosmo8 days ago
  • Always had the skills. He’s proven that. But now he has the confidence and momentum back. Dangerous going into Masters.

    Michael SpencerMichael Spencer8 days ago
  • How refreshing to watch Jordan play golf at a good pace instead of fallinfg asleep watching Bryson 2 minutes per shot DeChambeau.

    ModestModest8 days ago
    • Hahahahhaahahahahahahha

      Stephen StrangStephen Strang7 days ago
  • So happy for Jordan . It would be easy to just start juicing the HGH like Bryson.

    Keith grayKeith gray8 days ago
  • Nobody was there no top players were there but a win is a win the field was weak in my opinion 🧐

    mel legacymel legacy8 days ago
  • I'm so glad Jordan finally won again. But I hope he learned to play faster and well next week with the big dogs. As far as being good for golf, he's just another boring pro golfer.

    William DaubWilliam Daub8 days ago
  • Well done Jordan. Great to see.

    higherandhigherhigherandhigher8 days ago
  • Earthquake

    Trena TwylaTrena Twyla8 days ago
  • Wow so happy for Jordan it's been 4 yrs since he's won a tournament.

    Spomusmo23Spomusmo238 days ago
  • the sand traps look horrible

    KSA 1KSA 18 days ago
  • Great Jordan

    Paul McGeePaul McGee8 days ago
  • Would love him to take this momentum into the Masters!

    SniperDjPSniperDjP8 days ago
  • This is going to be a crazy Masters this week. So many future hall of famers playing great golf

    Jay SharpJay Sharp8 days ago
  • So glad to see fans

    Joshua NewbyJoshua Newby8 days ago
  • On fire going into the Masters !!!

    MR MEMR ME8 days ago
  • 2021 Masters champion 2X !!!!!

    MR MEMR ME8 days ago
  • What I like about Jordan he is loyal ,he didn't dump his caddy or golf coach.Most players do that when in a long slump.

    judy nicholsjudy nichols8 days ago
  • So thrilled that Jordan is back in the winner's circle. Once the face of the PGA TOUR, he will be again.

    Son Of DadSon Of Dad8 days ago
  • Greller deserves some love! #caddie

    SketchbagSketchbag8 days ago
  • Wow Jordan Speith won a golf tournament that most of the top player weren’t playing

    Jim TheriaultJim Theriault8 days ago
  • Delighted for Jordan

    gary Parkinsongary Parkinson8 days ago
  • short game looked fantastic!

    JxCruJxCru8 days ago
  • "I'M BACK"

    eduardo hernandezeduardo hernandez8 days ago
  • Look out Augusta! Jordan is back for redemption!

    MrOldrock1MrOldrock18 days ago
  • Jordan is just so compelling to watch!

    Hilding AxelssonHilding Axelsson8 days ago
  • A great win for Jordan. And let's be clear, he WON the tournament, Charlie certainly did not hand it to him. Now he heads back to the Masters for win #2. The question that keeps surfacing in my mind is "who was responsible for coaching Jordan to shallow out his golf swing". Was is McCormick or Harmon or perhaps both? Since about last November, I recall seeing Jordan"s pre-swing drill that produces the shallowing of his swing and the feel he is looking for. Here is a good article that touches on Jordan's swing change and how it takes him back to the way he was swinging club earlier in his career.

    Bruce HeysseBruce Heysse8 days ago
  • So happy for him. Massive confidence boost going into a tournament he always does well at aswell!! Hopefully he can go back to back

    Evan WilliamsEvan Williams8 days ago
  • Six under 66 round on Easter, my man you gotta go to church XD

    Christian HolmlundChristian Holmlund8 days ago
  • Looked up when he last won because I knew it had been awhile. Looked up Rory last won a Major and that was even longer. I somehow feel these two will be in the final pairing at Augusta.

    Davi ClarDavi Clar8 days ago
  • PGA Media Department: Jordan hit a ton of great shots today, let's show the best of them! Intern: Okay but how about we start off with a layup?

    GoalieLifeGoalieLife8 days ago
  • Absolutely gorgeous, I was hoping for his comeback. Now another one for Jason Day and Martin Kaymer...

    Andreas BeschornerAndreas Beschorner8 days ago
  • The Matt Kuchar curse on Jordan Spieth is over. At the 2017 British Open Speith cheated when he played his ball from the driving range on the 16 hole of the 4th round and defeated Mat Kuchar who waited 1/2 an hour in the fairway for Spieth to play his shot . 4 yrs later March 2021,playing against Speith, Kuchar cheated at the Match play championship when he asked dozens of patrons to search for his ball ,even getting a free drop when his ball was found .He defeated Spieth, who had to wait 15 minutes in the fairway, while Kuchar made his shot during that match.The curse was over .One week later Spieth won the Valero Texas Open

    Robert JolyRobert Joly8 days ago
  • Watching this yesterday none of the crowd were 2 metres apart and hardly any masks worn

    SS8 days ago
    • How did that make you feel?

      v205v2058 days ago
  • Congrats Jordan long time coming you deserve the win played fantastic all 4 days 👏

    MegaStan316MegaStan3168 days ago
  • スピースおかえり!おめでとう!

    hideki khideki k8 days ago
  • Oh no. The “get in the hole” morons are back with a vengeance.

    David MacGowanDavid MacGowan8 days ago
  • If you’re reading this and you’re one of those people shouting “Get in the whole!”, please shut the f**k up.

    Stuart BeveridgeStuart Beveridge8 days ago
  • His swing is so smooth and effortless. I'm happy he's getting back in form.

    まーるまーる8 days ago
  • I think he put the PGA on notice yesterday. Dudes been playing great lately.

    B DiddyB Diddy8 days ago
  • Rory could possibly be headed where Jordan was the past 3.5+ years

    samsar0125samsar01258 days ago
    • Thought he already has been.

      Zach SixZach Six8 days ago
  • Let’s gooooooooo Jordy

    fore gardensfore gardens8 days ago
  • This was inevitable judging by the way he was playing the last few weeks. SPIETH IS BACK BABY!

    T GT G8 days ago
  • Very Happy for him. I hope he continues this week at the Masters.

    Jim MJim M8 days ago
  • Excellent warm up for the Masters!!!!

    PPVPPV8 days ago
  • Nice to see him back to his best

    Nice PersonNice Person8 days ago
  • สุดยอกมากทำได้ดีที่สุด very good

    BedernBedern8 days ago
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    Yonny DavisYonny Davis8 days ago
  • Awesome.

    stylz1stylz18 days ago
  • Congratulations Jordan Spieth! Back on track. Keep going on! And thank you also to the people and their roaring. It feels so different with people. So good.

    Josef SertlJosef Sertl8 days ago
  • He seemed to just flow better this week

    Tomcruise123Tomcruise1238 days ago
  • I am so happy right now, I never stopped cheering for Jordan, a win in Texas, keep the momentum into Agusta😄👏🎉🤞!!!!!!!!

    TheKnuckleballPodcastTheKnuckleballPodcast8 days ago
  • Yes and the Masters is coming soon !

    Daniel WeberDaniel Weber8 days ago
  • There's always a couple of flogs in the crowd yelling "get in the hole" on every shot. Total bloody idiots.

    VicariousVicarious8 days ago
  • Let’s go Jordan!

    Axel Gemzell (elev)Axel Gemzell (elev)8 days ago
  • Watch out for him at Augusta

    Jamie JPJamie JP8 days ago
  • Good momentum for him heading into GA.

    Malcomb HardyMalcomb Hardy8 days ago

    Anthony QuinnAnthony Quinn8 days ago
  • I hope to see highlights like this next weekend!

    Lateralus27 27015Lateralus27 270158 days ago
  • Great to see Charlie Hoffman in the mix

    Chevy 4x4Chevy 4x48 days ago
  • Mind of a winner

    Alan BurchAlan Burch8 days ago
  • Morning be of a winner, this had to come. Brilliant!

    Alan BurchAlan Burch8 days ago
  • When they let spectators back in they obviously did not have a vaccination for the "GET IN THE HOLE " virus, they should be easy to spot in reduced crowds, please, please PGA make a stand and kick them out

    Graham GordonGraham Gordon8 days ago
  • Kudos to Charlie Hoffman as well, but Spieth was destined today. I'm not betting against him at the Masters this week.

    Boone DockerBoone Docker8 days ago
  • Wow hes stopped trying to mash it and started playing his regular game again

    TyphoontimmyTyphoontimmy8 days ago
  • wow good was his short game all week. Inside 80 yards was a birdie fest. Always liked this guy. Shows you don't have to smash it 370 yrds to win, but still fun to watch and dare I say it a bit more relatable for 'normal' golfers.

    Paul DaveyPaul Davey8 days ago
  • The touch he had with that putter all weekend was 🔥

    alex donaldsonalex donaldson8 days ago
  • Spieth still young but taken him 5yrs to recover from last round collapse at 2016 Masters. Could now be a favourite next week

    Andrew HarrisAndrew Harris8 days ago
    • He won the 2017 Open Championship. That's infinitely more important than beating Charlie Hoffman at the Valero.

      John BruceJohn Bruce8 days ago
  • Let’s do it again next week in Agusta

    Pit CrewPit Crew8 days ago
  • Can't believe it's been 4 years since his last win! Great win for Jordan Spieth!

    Nikhil NayakNikhil Nayak8 days ago
  • Finally Jordan! Congratulations young man awesome to see you win again!!

    PattsPatts8 days ago
  • He ate that place up for lunch all weekend long.

    W. Todd ClarkW. Todd Clark9 days ago
  • The Masters just got some updated odds.

    wreckimwreckim9 days ago
  • I would love to see Jordan play like this at Augusta this weekend!!!

    Benjamin KennedyBenjamin Kennedy9 days ago
  • Good stuff Jordan

    AmazingAsian ChannelAmazingAsian Channel9 days ago
  • Great putter!

    xiao baoxiao bao9 days ago
  • Congrats Jordan!

    Patrick KPatrick K9 days ago
  • Will there come a day when we don't have to listen to the "get in the hole" morons.

    Georgie BoyGeorgie Boy9 days ago
  • when he's lit, he's on fire🔥

    Farhan NazmiFarhan Nazmi9 days ago