JJ Redick gets ejected for passing ball to the ref, a breakdown

Feb 22, 2021
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#pelicans #celtics #NBA
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  • Playing basketball while being white

    bidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscumbidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscum56 minutes ago
  • I think JJ said: "He's not Lebron..."

    Rester JinangRester Jinang2 hours ago
  • Redick actually got tossed for nutmegging the ref

    Tim WengerTim Wenger5 hours ago
  • Get him out, see yaa

    Josh AmatoJosh Amato6 hours ago
  • jajajajaaj ur inside the whistle LMAO u crazy man . been watching some of ur baseball ejections. i feel the least i can do now is subscribe. thanks u mayn love ur content wish u all the success

    alwaysgabrielalwaysgabriel7 hours ago
    • hello from the Philippines!!!🇵🇭🇵🇭

      alwaysgabrielalwaysgabriel7 hours ago
  • 20 years ago it was tough now its the softest sport in the world ffs

    tony mazzeotony mazzeo7 hours ago
  • Jonboy inside the Whistle at the end talkin' 'bout everyone getting Butt Hurt about stuff that doesn't matter...hilarious / owns the internet

    Kevin A KruegerKevin A Krueger8 hours ago
  • Jomboy's having too much fun with these edits in his outros now lol

    Rayan HamedaniRayan Hamedani9 hours ago
  • I’d eject the whole pelicans squad just for coming on the court in those jerseys like who tf thought those uniforms were okay ?

    matthew heastanmatthew heastan11 hours ago
  • Maybe some sort of covid whistle to keep him from blowing germs all over?

    David LynchDavid Lynch12 hours ago
  • You can't pass the ball like JJ did or you get a technical. You can't drop the ball on the ground lile James harden did or you grt a technical.

    Cow WinCow Win12 hours ago
  • "Hes being mean I don't like it"

    Mike O'MoranMike O'Moran13 hours ago
  • I called games for 10yrs from 6yo all the way to college. And yes a lote of ref make the game about them.

    MOLON LABEMOLON LABE16 hours ago
  • "JJ was being a big meany head to me mommy!"

    pascalrouenpascalrouen17 hours ago
  • It’s a pandemic whistle. Designed to prevent the official from spitting into a small object that further aerosolizes the contents before ejecting them directly towards the sky.

    dannymac63dannymac6319 hours ago

  • “Say what’s up with this whistle” the whistle game has blown me by🤣🤣🤣

    No OneNo OneDay ago
  • Yet another clip for the "nba refs are soft" compilations.

    J SJ SDay ago
  • The chief hawk respectively heal because toothbrush nomenclaturally time behind a direful button. superb, kindhearted explanation

    jorge britojorge britoDay ago
  • Refs ass this year

    TooGuud69TooGuud69Day ago
  • Holy crap that was soft.

    paulluccipaullucciDay ago
  • and the new Devon Booker one for passing the ball even lighter is crazy.

    Samuel FeldmanSamuel FeldmanDay ago
  • Dog whistle.

    Donnie LangDonnie Lang2 days ago
  • Devin Booker just got ejected last night for passing the ball to a ref too. oof

    Nover HoltNover Holt2 days ago
    • don't forget about what they just did to Donovan

      lilly 3.0lilly 3.016 hours ago
  • Weird... my view of this vid if I were a ref is the same. "Get lost loser"

    Josh MardenJosh Marden2 days ago
    • That guys a wimp. If you want to have soccer, this is how you get soccer.

      Josh MardenJosh Marden2 days ago
  • NBA refs are cry babies

    jake wilkinsjake wilkins2 days ago
  • Dumbest ejection ever

    yoyo2 days ago
  • MLB umpires are glad that NBA refs exist

    mckerobmckerob2 days ago
  • The worst part about it, the ref got the wrong call, then missed a call.. I fell JJ in this one, just be consistent and they arent

    Cody EbleCody Eble2 days ago
  • Dude has a wedding ring?! Yikes.

    RabbiBongstienRabbiBongstien2 days ago
  • Big ass whistle 😂

    Donte BrooksDonte Brooks2 days ago
  • Ref u should jbow better then to do that man #face it like a man not taking it out on the player. Not cool😤

    Nolan KNolan K2 days ago
  • Nba is a joke

    Ivan Al HamedIvan Al Hamed2 days ago
  • This is one of the reasons why I prefer a sport like hockey where the ref doesn't dictate the game as much.

    demilishingdemilishing2 days ago
  • Basketball is full of snowflakes

    TheDeytowTheDeytow2 days ago
  • Basketball is straight up the pussiest sport.

    Canadian Farmer SimCanadian Farmer Sim2 days ago
  • Surprise surprise, Basketball still sucks.

    ben haugerben hauger2 days ago
  • What are the qualifications for being a ref? Lmao this is so sad

    ktbDashktbDash2 days ago
  • These refs ruin the game. I wish they got fined.

    Victor W.Victor W.2 days ago
  • “He’s being mean”😂done

    Corsair CreeCorsair Cree2 days ago
  • What a loser ref

    Justin JohnsonJustin Johnson3 days ago
  • Sorry man. No matter what i see in any sport. I just cant imagine a ref worse than angel hernandez in baseball. Dude makes other refs in any sport look actually qualified

    Kid SplashKid Splash3 days ago
  • Dude looks kinda like pauld rudd

    TR0LLZ0R260TR0LLZ0R2603 days ago
  • in basketball, you gotta respect refs more... it’s different

    Linus BakoiLinus Bakoi3 days ago
  • another reason why the NBA sucks

    Rob MedRob Med3 days ago
  • I would not hold my temper in that situation. I would be absolutely apoplectic

    Ian CurranIan Curran3 days ago
  • The whistles are a COVID-19 thing I believe. When they reopened last season in the Disney bubble, the refs had cloth coverings over their whistles to prevent spraying a bunch of aerosolized saliva when they blow into them. I think this is the same thing. It's a stretchy, elastic piece of fabric.

    Zach BergerZach Berger3 days ago
  • Guy licks big things in his mouth

    joewaynejoewayne3 days ago
  • That ref is just as bad as any Mlb ump

    TurtleSploodge GamingTurtleSploodge Gaming3 days ago
  • This ref would probably file a lawsuit against a blackjack dealer for aggressively laying his cards on the table.

    Zone BlitzZone Blitz3 days ago
  • we should all riot and get this man fired, there are millions of people who want this job that could do better than 50% of the refs in this league, this fucking guy looks like the woman in the relationship. He plays golf for a living, not surprised he craves power. Fire this soft ass joke of a ref.

    AspireGDAspireGD3 days ago
  • looks like he says "that's not a technical"

    TylerTyler3 days ago
  • Looks like Mr. Referee owed the bookie. 😒

    KasperKasper3 days ago
  • this is too funny

    Christian ReyesChristian Reyes3 days ago
  • 2:15 Silicone, You can make anything with that shit, I swear.

    bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas3 days ago

    bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas3 days ago
  • Ref bet money on the game “JJ Reddick will get thrown out of the game”

    jdm7766jdm77663 days ago
  • DUH!!!!!!...He's "too white"...he didn't get the memo!!!!!!!!...act less white J.J.!!!!!!!!!

  • Lol you in the whistle 🤣

    The RamThe Ram3 days ago
  • Paul Rudd had every right to get upset!

    Christian TanChristian Tan3 days ago
  • Just another reason why basketball is fuckin boring as fuck to watch

    Glockey17 7Glockey17 73 days ago
  • I don't know much about basketball but that was some blatant BS

    KurbstompKittyKurbstompKitty3 days ago
  • He threw it at the ref ejection warranted

    Jrock AzJrock Az3 days ago
  • They probably should just fire that ref to save themselves future embarrassment.

    Danny DDanny D3 days ago
  • Ah this made me crack up, fr tho the refs need to cool it down, tf you scared of a ball for and eject a player for it. You could've easily stopped it!

    Justin AnnanmanthodoJustin Annanmanthodo3 days ago
  • Snowflakes in the NBA.

    Ab Cd MD. PHD.Ab Cd MD. PHD.3 days ago
  • I like how the Draft Kings promo lgo is there. Almost like the ref is controlling the game. Almost like he has money on the Celtics.

    69dildozer69dildozer3 days ago
  • As a non-NBA fan, these referee calls are an absolute disgrace

    Amirul AshrafAmirul Ashraf3 days ago
    • As an nba fan it’s also a disgrace for us too

      Logan JipsonLogan Jipson12 hours ago
  • Replace refs with coaches/player challenges that get reviewed on the fly by Head Office. Games would take just as long and probably be better for it.

    TostkyTostky3 days ago
  • If these "professional" refs act like that and are supposed to be at the top of their game, you see why so many games at the lower levels become absolute disasters. Lower level officials have the same ego/mentality and it ruins the experience for our kids. Definitely should be a grading system or at least let the officials answer questions after the game like pros are forced to.

    CoachCoach3 days ago
  • Those jerseys are really dope.

    billygowhoopbillygowhoop4 days ago
  • "thats not a tech for sure"

    camcam4 days ago
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    Chris SteeleChris Steele4 days ago
  • This commentary though..... must make @draftkings proud to see a commentator use their name to insult referees. Bad call or not, grow some manners.

    Maarten ThuisMaarten Thuis4 days ago
  • Sure dude spun the ball but in my opinion it kind of looked like that spin helped him pass it around a guy to get it closer to the ref sure it ended a little low but sheesh glad he didn’t paralyze him with that “forceful throw”

    Logan RogersLogan Rogers4 days ago
  • That whistle though bahahaha . Is that whistle regulation?

    Mr. TennesseeRHECMr. TennesseeRHEC4 days ago
  • At 0:45 seconds the ref calls for a two pointer when it's clearly a 3 as well

    Colin CossolottoColin Cossolotto4 days ago
  • I bet that whistle collects excess spit, cuz ya know covid

    Noah S.Noah S.4 days ago
  • you know what they say about refs with big whistles..........

    Lloyd ChenLloyd Chen4 days ago
  • He intentionally throwing ball in spinner....but this is a small matter shouldn’t be ejected. Referee is not professional

    John JonJohn Jon4 days ago
  • “THE WHISTLE” “THE WHISTLE” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I was thinking the same thing when I looked at it, like damn I never noticed it before. Then Jomboy says “THE WHISTLE” “The whistle game has passed me by” Thank you Jomboy for not making me feel alone!! 🤦‍♂️😂

    Ralph PorcelliRalph Porcelli4 days ago
  • Dead ass probably a COVID safe whistle😂

    PJ SmithPJ Smith4 days ago
  • The whistle looks like a keyfob lol

    AreYuExperiencedAreYuExperienced4 days ago
  • if you had Reddick on Draftkings that day in your roster you would be SO mad.

    Cosplay Time CapsuleCosplay Time Capsule4 days ago
  • Dude should be ejected from reffing for a couple games after that one.

    Stephen WStephen W4 days ago
  • Good toss. Especially after two barks and a previous T, Redick was, at best, careless about understanding the situation. It CAN get to the point that if you literally breathe on them wrong...

    Michael FalknerMichael Falkner4 days ago
  • next time chuck its at his face lol

    Matthew MurtaghMatthew Murtagh4 days ago
  • Looks like he's got a key fob in his mouth

    The king sceneThe king scene4 days ago
  • A good example why I don’t watch sports but mma and boxing. The softness of sports nowadays. It’s honestly sad. Sorry son you have to grow up in these times

    Jon OrnelasJon Ornelas4 days ago
  • If I was in the league it would be way too tempting for me not to punch these clowns and have their eyeballs out of their heads maybe they’ll start seeing things right for once

    Akram KAkram K4 days ago
  • Man bowls a basketball to him & the ref lost it bruh

    Røss WilliamsRøss Williams4 days ago
  • ref: if this was an anime, that spin wouldve torn up the floorboards and leave a round abyss where my legs used to be

    Neddard LeNeddard Le4 days ago
  • That's when you lay hands

    Matthew MolinaroMatthew Molinaro4 days ago
  • For the rest of the game, when the refs need the ball, players should just set the ball down and walk away. force the ref have to walk over and bend down to pick it up.

    dfhowesdfhowes4 days ago
  • 2:10 "COVID whistles".

    RCJH2019RCJH20194 days ago
  • Ref's egos are as big as the players'.

    Bizzy DizzBizzy Dizz4 days ago
  • The whistle game has blown me by🤣

    Joey DJoey D4 days ago
  • That ref clearly has a grudge

    Total LobsterTotal Lobster4 days ago
  • They call the most bullshit tech's. Fucked up the NBA refereeing like bitches.

    Stewart grangerStewart granger4 days ago
  • What a gay thing to do JJ was holding his composure and I am a fan of the green call me what you will

    Angus ThermopyleAngus Thermopyle4 days ago