Jeff Gordon dominates at Martinsville Speedway: Best of NASCAR

Apr 6, 2021
23 751 Views

Relive Jeff Gordon's nine wins at Martinsville Speedway, from the very first time he won a grandfather clock in 1996 to the final victory of his Hall of Fame career in the fall of 2015. Take a ride down memory lane with us and relive Jeff Gordon's domination at Martinsville Speedway.
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  • The real GOAT of nascar. Dude could do it all. Was awesome being a fan my entire life. Nascar hasn't been interesting since Gordon left. Seems like they're panic changing way too many things to save the sport. Can't replace guys like this though.

    Ronald MedfordRonald Medford5 days ago
  • He shoulda won in 2001. He shoulda won when Ruettiman stopped for no reason. He shoulda won when he refused to spin the car he owns which is the 48. Dude shoulda had like 3 - 5 extra clocks.

    Diecast Nation VideosDiecast Nation Videos5 days ago
  • Truly one of the masters of Martinsville he was my hero i miss seeing him on the race track. My favorite race is the 2007 fall talladega race i was there that day he took the win . Getting to see him win that race in person and the way he went about it not even leading a half lap . I remember watching him and Jimmie and Casey all of them hanging around each other running 25 , 26 .27th or farther back at times. I think Jeff qualified around 34th and didn't practice any at all i was worried about his car for Sundays race but I guess he knew what he was doing.

    Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
  • Jeff Gordon

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey8 days ago
  • Bobby Hamilton compilation lmao

    Chef BoyardeeChef Boyardee8 days ago
  • Gordon spun in the spring 97 race and still won

    William KirwanWilliam Kirwan8 days ago
  • I love Jeff Gordon.

    Seth PowellSeth Powell8 days ago
  • Martinsville was the 24's personal playground. I know he had that race circled every year

    Jamaica RobinsonJamaica Robinson8 days ago
  • Let’s not forget he should have one more I believe in 2004 when a chunk of the track came apart and destroyed the right front of his car. He REALLY got hosed on that deal, NASCAR should have let the team repair the car under the red, the track is ultimately their responsibility and it clearly cost him a win after he led something like 180 of the first 380 laps when it happened.

    Brandon EnglundBrandon Englund9 days ago
    • @Ronald Medford true, that’s a hard one to swallow too.

      Brandon EnglundBrandon Englund5 days ago
    • Or when Newman took him out on a GWC in 2012 I believe.

      Ronald MedfordRonald Medford5 days ago
  • 🐐

    Christian GalarzaChristian Galarza9 days ago
  • Based on Stats, Jeff Gordon was far and above anyone he raced against for more than one race (Petty out scored everyone)

    John BoyJohn Boy9 days ago
  • Request: all of Gordon’s Kentucky wins

    BerylliumBeryllium9 days ago
    • And he also won the last at North Wilkesboro and has the most Southern five hundred wins with six which he won four in a row 95,96,97,98, that's a record that will probably never fall. So suck one with that Kentucky shit.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
  • GOAT.

    Seth SilverSeth Silver9 days ago
  • Martinsville, Indy, Sonoma... he owned these places.

    David ShihDavid Shih9 days ago
  • Jeff Gordon was the reason i started watching nascar back in the 90’s.. I kept hearing about him winning all the time.. I had to check it out.

    MaverickMaverick9 days ago
  • This is back when i used to like watching nascar

    cbs2669cbs26699 days ago

    Meet the CreativesMeet the Creatives9 days ago
  • So much nostalgia!

    Marshall DaleMarshall Dale9 days ago
  • Please. !!! Can we get a suspension camera angles. ??? Watch that right rear in action. !!!

    Tim GarrantTim Garrant9 days ago
  • That rainbow car brings back memories

    Avari KoyiAvari Koyi9 days ago
  • Should be about 10 more

    wizzjo1nt5wizzjo1nt59 days ago
  • 2015 Fall

    NascarAviationDudeNascarAviationDude10 days ago
  • 2015 was the biggest of his career

    NASCARFAN93100NASCARFAN9310010 days ago
  • WE’RE GOING TO HOMESTEAD! Thats how we do it boys, fighting and digging! I still get emotional seeing that race.

    C Squared 24C Squared 2410 days ago
  • Ah yes, Jeff Gordon winning at Martinsville. I love it. Especially the 2015 race that's something very special. ❤🏁🏆😁👍

    Joe SheltonJoe Shelton10 days ago
  • When Jeff retired I lost all interest in the sport !!!!!!

    Bobby MartinBobby Martin10 days ago
    • Yep I don’t even watch it now

      BerylliumBeryllium9 days ago
  • Been a fan of Gordon since I was a kid That last win made me cry

    AniCavAniCav10 days ago
    • I didn't cry but I was glad he got the win . I guess as a Jeff Gordon fan we owe Matt Kenseth a big thanks i am not going to say that he would've have found a way to have won the race. But Matt made it a lot easier just to think I never really liked him I didn't hate him just never really liked him but since then I owe him a debt of gratitude.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
  • Jeff Gordon is one of the Greatest Of All Time, no question. He will always be my favorite driver

    BerryBoiBlast24BerryBoiBlast2410 days ago
    • @Robert Robinson yep!

      Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid5 days ago
    • He is the GOAT in my book.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
    • @BerryBoiBlast24 well nascar fan 88 doesn’t seem to agree and I’m not surprised. The rivalry between Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt is still going on strong because that is the biggest rivalry out of any sport! Those two drivers sparked NASCAR’s popularity in the 90’s! I always respect the Earnhardt’s for being some of the best drivers but Jeff Gordon will always be the greatest driver. I don’t blame nascar fan 88 addressing his opinion about this. I actually do wanna keep the rivalry going! It’s more fun that way! I never thought I say that but still. Now I will say this, I also have been a Dale Jr. fan ever since he joined Hendrick Motorsports and come on, the wins he pulled off are still impressive even though he had 26 wins. Also, he beat Carl Edwards to the Hall of Fame last year! Plus, he’s a superspeedway master, especially at Talladega tieing Jeff Gordon for the second most amount of wins of 6 over there. I will miss him and Heff racing each other but Jimmie Johnson’s story as a race driver, is not over yet as he is heading for Indycar and I’m actually pretty hyped to see that!

      Ethan SchmidEthan Schmid9 days ago
    • @Ethan Schmid Hell yeah dude I totally agree. I just said one of the greatest so people wouldn’t come after me saying “Ahem, actually the greatest of all time is this driver right here” 😂

      BerryBoiBlast24BerryBoiBlast249 days ago
    • @Ethan Schmid goron is the 2nd best alltime dale is the greatest

      nascar fan 88nascar fan 889 days ago
  • I'm glad circle tracks are going away. Nascar needs more road courses. Circles get boring.

    IanIan10 days ago
    • I am glad to that they added more road courses to i have always loved watching them. Which i guess has something to do with being a Jeff Gordon fan seeing how he was so kick ass on them.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
  • I kinda forgot that was HIS track.

    6.0 King6.0 King10 days ago
  • Gordon won on every track on the NASCAR circuit the Cup series ever raced at during his career except Kentucky (only had 2 shots at that one I believe). Nobody else has ever been that well rounded. And Martinsville is arguably his best track, but he also has the most all time restrictor plate wins

    Matthew ComfortMatthew Comfort10 days ago

    anandguruji83anandguruji8310 days ago

      anandguruji83anandguruji8310 days ago
  • That's your GOAT people, his stats at Martinsville ALONE prove that.

    • @nascar fan 88 but if are not a troll once again " no offence but can you read? I just said tell me why dale Sr is the goat not why he is better then Jeff"

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins4 days ago
    • @nascar fan 88 yep definitely a troll

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins4 days ago
    • @Austin Higgins why because im far smarter and know nascar far better than u dumb dumb

      nascar fan 88nascar fan 884 days ago
    • @nascar fan 88 the more me and you talk the more I think you are a troll account

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins4 days ago
    • @nascar fan 88 no offence but can you read? I just said tell me why dale Sr is the goat not why he is better jeff

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins4 days ago
  • I rarely watch videos on this channel because there are so many ads on every single video!

    S_L_HS_L_H10 days ago
    • Search "youtube vanced" download install, disable current USworlds app and thank me later 👍

      A Man With No NameA Man With No Name10 days ago
  • NASCAR pls add: All Jeff Gordon’s brickyard 400 wins

    Amer AnimationsAmer Animations10 days ago
  • 👍

    Imran AbbasiImran Abbasi10 days ago
  • Watching this generation makes me miss bobby and mark

    Shanathan RaikonenShanathan Raikonen10 days ago
    • i miss those 2 drivers too but i miss dale most

      nascar fan 88nascar fan 889 days ago
  • Yeah it does

    djmeduna2009djmeduna200910 days ago
  • Hamlin and Gordon has probably 1 of the best statistical stats in modern day Nascar

    Johnny So FreshJohnny So Fresh10 days ago
    • @Johnny So Fresh hes the guy that almost won the title in his rookie season. Thats all..

      Just a sober guyJust a sober guy5 days ago
    • @NASCARFAN93100 I'm not a Johnson fan or know anything about him

      Johnny So FreshJohnny So Fresh10 days ago
    • Jimmie Johnson: Am I a joke to you?

      NASCARFAN93100NASCARFAN9310010 days ago
  • Also would’ve won the spring race in 2004 had it not been for the track coming apart.

    Homer J FongHomer J Fong10 days ago
    • I remember watching that race he had such a dominate car that day. Michael waltrip is the that kicked up that piece of asphalt that hit the right front of Gordon's car and crushed it in . IT Wasn't Michael's fault for the track coming apart i think Jeff finished 6th that day but it still sucked.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
    • And also the fall race had they not re paved it because of the event you mentioned

      BerylliumBeryllium9 days ago
  • Gordons win after being down 3 laps. Was all the proof you needed, that Gordon was one of if not the best ever to race and win at Martinsville. The guy was a master of Martinsville and Indianapolis.

    Montana BownMontana Bown10 days ago
    • I think Rusty Wallace has the most short track wins in what is considered the modern era with 35 . But I am a die hard Jeff Gordon fan he is the king of road courses and Indianapolis and did have the most wins at Pocono unfortunately Denny Hamlin matched him last year with 6 wins. But Jeff Gordon is the iron man of Nascar with 797 consecutive stars, 325 top 5s third most. 477 top 10s second all time 81 career poles third most all time and grab at least one pole for 23 straight years a record that will probably never be broken considering how they have just about done away with qualifying. I can't remember exactly how many laps he has lead but I know it is over twenty four thousand dam near twenty five thousand. So I guess you can say that he had one hell of a career.

      Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson6 days ago
    • @FTC SD yea my bad though I really like jeff he has always been my favorite 09. Or 08 before that I like him but never rooted for him......i think chase Elliot can one day be the all time short track winner he is one of the best or the best at Bristol and martinvile and Richmond he is emeproiving on

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins7 days ago
    • @Austin Higgins Yeah I remembered that stat wrong. That was a active driver stat when him and Jimmie were racing. A few drivers have more short track wins than him for sure

      FTC SDFTC SD7 days ago
    • ​@Montana Bown Yeah I'm talking about points paying super speedway cup races. Move the goal post all you want. Jeff has literally 1 start at Daytona in Xfinity so I don't even get why you would bring that up. Earnhardt raced it every year for 13 years

      FTC SDFTC SD7 days ago
    • @FTC SD no one has more wins at Daytona than Dale Sr. No one has more wins at superspeedways than dale sr. Between Cup, Xfinity(Busch), and Iroc no one comes close to him at Superspeedways. Gordon is A master of SS but he is not THE master. This is coming from someone whose been a jeff Gordon fan since the mid to late 90s. Gordon was THE master of Road Courses and Indianapolis. He is A master of SS racing and tracks like Martinsville and Darlington, but not THE master of those tracks.

      Montana BownMontana Bown8 days ago
  • Unpopular opinion: the original flames are better than the rainbow

    Kodiak3Kodiak310 days ago
    • @ACDancy that would’ve been cool!

      Kodiak3Kodiak310 days ago
    • Haha, I liked both. Too bad we never got rainbow fire.

      ACDancyACDancy10 days ago
  • NASCAR is not a sport.

    Pewdiepie SucksPewdiepie Sucks10 days ago
    • @Beryllium so how does f1 being better then nascar make NASCAR not q sport?

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins9 days ago
    • F1 is better. They get paid more too. Change my mind

      BerylliumBeryllium9 days ago
    • @James Walker lol it's good

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins10 days ago
    • @Austin Higgins yeah I was talking to him lmao sorry it usually automatically pings the person I was commenting to but it didn't

      James WalkerJames Walker10 days ago
    • @James Walker I hope you are talking to him not me lol

      Austin HigginsAustin Higgins10 days ago
  • He was that good

    John Vandeventer the motorsports fan 2021John Vandeventer the motorsports fan 202110 days ago
  • commentator was so excited, he couldn't get any names right lol

    Matthew McLaughlinMatthew McLaughlin10 days ago
  • 7th

    MarcisAwesome04MarcisAwesome0410 days ago
  • "EhHh ShOrt TrAcK rAcInG" -Denny Hamlin, 2019

    Random ReviewsRandom Reviews10 days ago
  • 5st

    Angel samuel VasquezAngel samuel Vasquez10 days ago
  • That rainbow car, brings back memories

    Train Fan ProductionsTrain Fan Productions10 days ago
  • notified fast

    Jjacob8600Jjacob860010 days ago
  • 1997 Was His Best

    Rainbow WarriorRainbow Warrior10 days ago
    • Yep. The spin and win. 400+ laps led. Yeah, 97 was the best.

      Steve McCallSteve McCall9 days ago
    • 2015: Hold my Pepsi

      NASCARFAN93100NASCARFAN9310010 days ago

    Dwane SmithDwane Smith10 days ago
  • Second


    Maaason BeamsMaaason Beams10 days ago