Ivan Update! #flipflopfarmer

Feb 17, 2021
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  • Love the animals.KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING . HAVE A GREAT DAY 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥳

    Helen ClineHelen Cline16 hours ago
  • I hate my madian name it's shrek but speeled different

    becca grossbecca grossDay ago
  • Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. The are you happy chemicals. They are such a cute treo.

    Daphne SmockDaphne Smock2 days ago
  • Feels like temperature also depends on the amount of moisture in the air.

    Shari YoungShari Young2 days ago
  • Is he ever gonna return to his poor mother ?

    Ivana LoveIvana Love5 days ago
  • Thankyou so good to see Ivan love LE

    Paula McGeePaula McGee5 days ago
  • I love the colors on Ivan. He’s so unique.

    Wendy Osborne - IGN: RibcrickettWendy Osborne - IGN: Ribcrickett5 days ago
  • I was wondering is Ivan ever going to be put back with his mother after he gets fattened up a little bit? Just wondering.

    Richelle NevilleRichelle Neville8 days ago
  • Is Ivan ever going to come back home?

    Alicia GoreAlicia Gore8 days ago
  • I would like to see Ivan reunion with his mother Ivy. So Ivy will know her baby survived.

    Patricia StraitPatricia Strait8 days ago
  • I understand why Ivy and Ivan had to be separated, but are they ever going to reunite...this breaks my heart💔

    Beverly WilliamsBeverly Williams8 days ago
  • Ivan is a sweet handsome little guy. Miracle is a sweetheart too.

    Dorcey RoseDorcey Rose8 days ago
  • Great

    Becky TaulBecky Taul9 days ago
  • when are we finding the names of the 2 girly piggies?

    julie aguiarjulie aguiar9 days ago
  • You should not be driving and videoing at the same time.

    Cathy BlackCathy Black9 days ago
  • Love the bond between Miracle & Ivan. 🥰

    Robin PruettRobin Pruett10 days ago
  • Will Ivan go home.

    Von QuinVon Quin11 days ago
  • Hello, I'm new to your channel, found I'm a Survivor Sanctuary and From Suits to Boots and now Flip Flop Farmer! Love y'all's videos and the genuine kindness you show! 💜🙏 from the great state of Texas!

    Dannah TaftDannah Taft11 days ago
    • Thank you! God bless you and welcome to the family!

      Flip-flop FarmerFlip-flop Farmer11 days ago
  • I love pawpaw. He reminds me so much of my dad. The way the animals connect with him, my dad was that way.

    Jennifer HerrJennifer Herr11 days ago
  • Endorphins are the feel good hormones....

    Dina NeillDina Neill11 days ago
  • Animals love the food machine...take my word for it...

    Dina NeillDina Neill11 days ago
  • When your done with putting the song together you got share it. 😉🥰

    PAL 725PAL 72512 days ago
  • What happens to the bees 🐝 in the cold?

    Tami KonowTami Konow12 days ago
  • Is Ivan going home with Ivy

    Sandy HallSandy Hall12 days ago
  • hahaha it looked like Ivan turned looked at elija like 'did you just call me a cat'

    anette engmananette engman13 days ago
  • Paw paw as shrek and Ivan as Donkey has my heart SOARING. They MUST! 🥲😂

    Miss CannablissMiss Cannabliss13 days ago
  • ohh sheesh èL E

    sheabaum20sheabaum2014 days ago
  • You can see how much Ivan loves Paw Paw

    Lisa KuchikLisa Kuchik14 days ago
  • Love how the babies all love Pawpaw!

    Jan TaylorJan Taylor14 days ago
  • Great update. Thanks LE and PAWPAW

    lolly Hurtlolly Hurt14 days ago
  • I love his ears!🥰🥰

    Megan cMegan c14 days ago
  • The wind chill makes it BONE COLD .. I know I live in alaska

    Patricia ReidPatricia Reid14 days ago
  • Your lyrics are heaven sent. The babies are great. Thanks for sharing. 🥰

    Jackie SchmellmyerJackie Schmellmyer14 days ago
  • thanks for letting all of us know how good he is doing

    Diana RichardsonDiana Richardson14 days ago
  • I keep asking and no one is answering. Lol When did Pebbles get pregnant?? Who is the pappy?? Can someone post the video pleaseeeee!!!

    Jessica BradleyJessica Bradley14 days ago
  • WOW Ivan is looking TERRIFIC ! Pawpaw Sure Does A WONDERFUL Job Taking Care OF Him ! ! * i ABSOLUTELY LOVE PAWPAWS PERSONALITY & HUMOR !!

    Denise HardinDenise Hardin14 days ago
  • Neuter him he will stay friendly.

    Cheryl BissCheryl Biss14 days ago
  • Will Ivan go back to his mama since she wanted to be a mom so badly?

    Louise LewisLouise Lewis14 days ago
  • tune of "Giligans island" lol - "this is the story of our hard knocks crew, who all call PawPaw mom. they needed some extra help in life. to be loved, fed and warm. there's Mocha, the goat who was alone, Ivan the sweet jack ass. Miracle, who was lost at birth and and found hiding in the grass"

    Daisha LeclercDaisha Leclerc14 days ago
  • Is Ivan going to go back to ivy now that they are both doing good? I hope y’all don’t keep her baby away from her that took her 30-35 yrs to finally have her own baby. Give your paw paw a rescue donkey & keep Ivan.

  • Chicago is on Lake Michigan. 😊

    Into the lightInto the light15 days ago
  • When is Ivan going home?

    Yvette ThomasYvette Thomas15 days ago
  • What state are you in? Illinois here.

    Karen RKaren R15 days ago
    • Texas!

      Flip-flop FarmerFlip-flop Farmer15 days ago
  • I’m with grandma I like my house cool.

    Donna LononDonna Lonon15 days ago
  • Awww Ivan....so sweet

    SandiSandi15 days ago
  • Papa put a ski cap on if your cold inside. You’ll warm right up!

    Karen BKaren B15 days ago
  • HOMES...Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie. Lake Superior...HOMES!

    Christina ChildressChristina Childress15 days ago
  • And Lakes Michigan and Largest of all Lake Superior

    Sharron JerdeeSharron Jerdee15 days ago
  • LOVED this video!!! Thank you!!

    Slizzie1Slizzie115 days ago

    jenell smithjenell smith15 days ago
  • Ivan is trying to get in papaws lap.

    becky whitebecky white15 days ago
  • When will Ivan be back to his mother. Papaw is doing a great job with him.

    Music110355Music11035515 days ago
  • I sure can see the Paw Paw in your dad

    Spunkygma happySpunkygma happy15 days ago
  • Look at those ears, he is just so adorable

    Spunkygma happySpunkygma happy15 days ago
  • I love to see little Ivan has gotten so friendly

    Spunkygma happySpunkygma happy15 days ago
  • Oh I love Ivan, what a sweet boy. Can you tell me what happened to the two girls who joined Cornholio? Did they not work out or not compatible for him?

    Laurine ClanceyLaurine Clancey15 days ago
  • You can tell Ivan loves PawPaw!! So sweet.

    Jackie VJackie V15 days ago
  • Awesome video LE, thank you !!!

  • I bet the issues Ivy had with keeping her weight up to feed him come from her being so small and pregnant. She was so sneaky about it all and never even looked pregnant.

    Shannon KohlerShannon Kohler15 days ago
  • Ivan looks so much better still needs a few more pounds on him, boy he knows what that white bowl means, but how cute is that furry donkey face? Makes me laugh that Miracle is using Elijah as a scratching post.

    Kay LarsonKay Larson15 days ago
  • Aww Ivan is so cute, he loves his PawPaw. ❤️😘

    Cheryl PicardCheryl Picard15 days ago
  • We haven't seen CJ in a while. Where is he?

    JoAnn VargasJoAnn Vargas15 days ago
  • LE your PaPa said Donkey just like Shrek does .

    Regina ThomasRegina Thomas15 days ago
  • I think it's because your Papa spends a lot of time with him LE .

    Regina ThomasRegina Thomas15 days ago
  • Love Paw Paw doing the Shrek voice.

    B HartB Hart15 days ago
  • Why do some guys try to tough out the cold in shorts?? Happens in the South, too.

    B HartB Hart15 days ago
  • A wet cold (like freezing rain) soaks to your bone! You can be inside but your bones feel it and you get COLD! I am someone like your grandma, I keep my house cooler. No sweaters, no blankets, nada!

    Amanda'stakeonitAmanda'stakeonit15 days ago
  • Aww I love how Pa pa has such a connection with Ivan and all his littles!! Ivan looks great & growing so fast

    Jill BeaudryJill Beaudry16 days ago

    Laura PetrilliLaura Petrilli16 days ago
  • Thank goodness for Papa!! Ivan looking good. With year coming up for Trudy it would be cool to do a video with your cousin that saved her and your Dad..a year of Trudy

    Melody YOUNGMelody YOUNG16 days ago
  • " noble stead".

    Susan MetzSusan Metz16 days ago
  • Wow Ivan loves paw paw . Awww

    Vicki CerullaVicki Cerulla16 days ago
  • Animals know who loves 💘them

    Midge GraveleseMidge Gravelese16 days ago
  • So sweet

    Debra OlsenDebra Olsen16 days ago
  • LE you should do a video on Heidi!!! I love her so much and she doesn’t get enough screen time! 😁😁😁💖💖💖

    Lyn SLyn S16 days ago
  • Michigan. Erie. Ontario. Huron. Superior.

    Lori ReevesLori Reeves16 days ago
  • 5 lakes is like Huron Ontario Michigan Erie Superior Remember the 5 great likes as homes

    Maria ArrudaMaria Arruda16 days ago
  • Lake Michigan, Huron, Superior, Erie and Ontario

    Linda SpragueLinda Sprague16 days ago
  • I was confused when you said the weather was "blistering," LE, because that refers to intense heat....so I thought you were having a heat wave while it's snowing in Illinois where I live. Love you, your family, your videos and sweet animals.💔

    Eileen BeyerEileen Beyer16 days ago
  • LE, you probably won't see this but if you do can you please go out to the barn at night and show us if Moo and Pearl are cuddling together to stay warm? We have all noticed that they were hanging together both in the barn in the morning and then in the pasture. I bet he does let her snuggle up to him for the body heat. It would be great if you could show us that!

    Tracey BoyerTracey Boyer16 days ago
  • I wasn’t sure which one was you LE you onesie was the same colour as miracle 😂

    Anne PrescottAnne Prescott16 days ago
  • Cool. Now that Ivan is drinking from a bucket, getting nutrition, can he be reunited with his mom && lester jamie can feed him? They did goats via bottle before. Ivan drinks easily from bucket.

    Ann SchmidtAnn Schmidt16 days ago
  • Ivan’s just a baby.....why is he not given some extra love ya he’s friendly because he needs nurturing....shouldn’t he have a bottle?

    Angel12 BoucherAngel12 Boucher16 days ago
  • Pawpaw, women get that way at a certain age. I don't think that they ever go back to normal.

    cemwalkercemwalker16 days ago
  • I am so glad that he is doing well. I can't wait for him and his momma to get back together. She misses her baby. I know that you have to wait for her to dry up.

    cemwalkercemwalker16 days ago
  • Pa paw knows how to raise sweet babies !

    Erica MillerErica Miller16 days ago
  • he is so cute and he is doing so good now so thank you Pawpaw for caring for him

    J SJ S16 days ago
  • When you feed them as babies they think you are mommy, they will always love you and never turn on you.

    Christine RobinsonChristine Robinson16 days ago
  • I would love to hear the song you come up with about the orphans L. E.

    Margaret HendersonMargaret Henderson16 days ago
  • Where I'm from its this cold all the time until spring🙄 This winter has been mild to me 🤣

    Stephanie St. amourStephanie St. amour16 days ago
  • Ivan looks great! Thank you Paw Paw for your magic touch with "bottle" babies and the commitment it takes

    Angel NolanAngel Nolan16 days ago
  • That would make a cute kids book....a donkey and a cow.

    Jane BallengerJane Ballenger16 days ago
    • Yes! Three little orphans.

      Jane BallengerJane Ballenger16 days ago
  • Ivan and Paupau have a beautiful relationship......love donkey 🐴 Ivan...... .

    Linda NicholasLinda Nicholas16 days ago
  • Lake Michigan if you want wind chill and lake effect snow (born and worked in Chicago)!

    Pat LeePat Lee16 days ago
  • Thanks for the update on Ivan. Any word on how long it will be until he go back to Ivy? Papa won't want to let him go.

    Diane StanfordDiane Stanford16 days ago
  • What a cutie and he looks so healthy.

    Sharon OakesSharon Oakes16 days ago
  • Thanks LE for the update on Ivan. He Loves PawPaw.

    CalondraLorraine ReedCalondraLorraine Reed16 days ago
  • Glad Ivan is doing good. Pawpaw is taking good care of him and all the other animals. GOD bless Y'all.

    Linda HippLinda Hipp16 days ago
  • Where's his mom?

    Hope HartsookHope Hartsook16 days ago
  • I love Ivan's fuzzy head.

    Tracy PattonTracy Patton16 days ago