Feb 25, 2021
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  • Is your favorite series that I do packed out or is it something else??

    YoBoy PIZZAYoBoy PIZZAMonth ago
    • Weekly goal... throw to ur wide recivers more than 5 times each

      Easton HanniEaston HanniMonth ago
    • @Garrett DelValle good

      deepak narayanandeepak narayananMonth ago
    • Yes

      Carson RussertCarson RussertMonth ago
    • It the gontlet

      Justin CrackedJustin CrackedMonth ago
    • Packed out or week plays

      Aight PapiAight PapiMonth ago
  • The rainbow rom was the og rip for the rainbow rom cause it’s not here anymore

    Natalie HarperNatalie HarperDay ago
  • you forgot to put damien willmanes to rb2

    Tiktok VideosTiktok Videos3 days ago
  • Weekly goal: win by more then ten

    IdkIdk9 days ago
  • Weekly goal score 2 touchdowns in the first quarter or in the second

    Destaney LealDestaney Leal17 days ago
  • Hey pizza can you try to traft Golden ticket bo Jackson and power him up.

    Drake PetersDrake PetersMonth ago
  • What’s

    Ann FarrautoAnn FarrautoMonth ago
  • Weekly goal get a touchdown in the first quarter

    Jimmy BrownJimmy BrownMonth ago
  • 🎀❤🎀❤🎀❤🎀❤

    jerry coxjerry coxMonth ago
  • Face of the franchise

    Easton HanniEaston HanniMonth ago
  • Whiteboard comment Pizza chance of winning the super bowl is me winning the lottery

    Taser TeamTaser TeamMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: Play a different game

    Morena MolikoeMorena MolikoeMonth ago
  • #Weeklygoal: Kick 2 field goals

    Joshy 2Joshy 2Month ago
  • It is when you do every single team

    Dan WenbergDan WenbergMonth ago
  • Weekly Goal Score a pick 6 with a player under 90

    James CorriganJames CorriganMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: score a td with a 60 or less overall player

    DarLynn KauffmanDarLynn KauffmanMonth ago
  • "With a pancake" That oughta hurt.

    San FranSan FranMonth ago
  • Week goal throw 7 touch downs

    Kathy GioffreKathy GioffreMonth ago
  • #weeklygoal After every touchdown you score you have to rap

    Gabriel VergaraGabriel VergaraMonth ago
  • #weeklygoal win by more than 21

    Ethan ThomasEthan ThomasMonth ago
  • That Tychus Finley sound clip from SC2 in the beginning :)

    Avery BulotAvery BulotMonth ago
  • I did the 91+ and got 97 ovr Travis Fredrick

    Jamez WizardJamez WizardMonth ago
  • weekly goal: get three turnovers in one half

    litlevilitleviMonth ago
  • Weekly goal win a game

    Noah GutierrezNoah GutierrezMonth ago
  • karen

    Darren HofferDarren HofferMonth ago
  • weekly goal lose

    Darren HofferDarren HofferMonth ago
  • #weekly goal: get a tipped int with no tip drill chemistry

    Nolan ReedNolan ReedMonth ago
  • I was checking my sons phone to see what He watches and I watched your vid and you said the c word and now he is grounded for a year like the comment to get him ungrounded thank you

    David AbadiDavid AbadiMonth ago
  • Weekly goal Score an extra point but you have to hit the post

    Graham OwcarzGraham OwcarzMonth ago
  • #God

    Graham OwcarzGraham OwcarzMonth ago
  • I have ur notis on on my school chrome book and went off in the middle of class

    TDB25TDB25Month ago
  • We need to One V one

    Preston MoranPreston MoranMonth ago
  • Pretty cool!🏈👍🏼

    BillyMelte MeltebrinkBillyMelte MeltebrinkMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: get a 50 yard rushing td

    Bronson BurgeBronson BurgeMonth ago
  • Weekly goal get a golden ticket lineup

    Joy KnightJoy KnightMonth ago
  • #weeklygoal complete a pass in the air over 30 yards

    b1r_jellyb1r_jellyMonth ago
  • weekly goal get good at madden

    Charlie McEleneyCharlie McEleneyMonth ago
  • Weakly goal: get a rage quit in the first half

    Aiden DeSanzoAiden DeSanzoMonth ago
  • White Board Comment: Teacher: You know you can’t sleep in my class Student: Yeah, I could if you talked quieter

    Cooper SellCooper SellMonth ago
  • Weekly Goal: Get a touchdown with Vita Vea at Fullback.

    Cooper SellCooper SellMonth ago
  • if they score you haft to quit the game

  • weekly goal: get a win with the bengals

    Mastermind9052Mastermind9052Month ago
  • You can play it in 2005football collectors addition

    D PD PMonth ago
  • Play john maddenfootball

    D PD PMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: score a fake punt with a kicker

    Etrends HatchbackEtrends HatchbackMonth ago
  • PIZZA VIDEO 46 Weakly goal: block a punt or kick with a wide receiver

    Ty WorthingtonTy WorthingtonMonth ago
  • Do a only common draft in superstar ko

    ee bearee bearMonth ago
  • God bless anyone reading this! Hope you have an awesome day! Seek him while you can! Jesus is the way and he is coming soon! Whenever you think you aren't loved... Remember the ultimate sacrifice was for love! SUICIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV Have a blessed day!

    lopezfamlopezfamMonth ago
  • I can read what your face spells. It spells stupidity

    Cage’s NFL CountdownCage’s NFL CountdownMonth ago
  • #weeklygoal Get a girlfriend

    Cage’s NFL CountdownCage’s NFL CountdownMonth ago
  • Weekly Goal: get a kick return onside kicks are acepted

    l like pandasl like pandasMonth ago
  • I have the same sweater as yoboypizza I feel speical

    Zany SixZany SixMonth ago
  • I’ve seen this exact same thing happen so many times in this series since madden 17

    superhero fights06superhero fights06Month ago
  • What happened to highlights? Of the season irl u gotta do Super Bowl

    FelipeYtFelipeYtMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: leave the CPU control the defense for 5 plays or a decent long drive

    Myangel CMyangel CMonth ago
  • Score a two point conversion please I’m not famous

    Mason ToutounMason ToutounMonth ago
  • Score a extra point

    Mason ToutounMason ToutounMonth ago
  • I dare you if you can not int a ball before the 2nd qd start

    WR BoyWR BoyMonth ago
  • Weekly goal get a defense touchdown

    Josh JensenJosh JensenMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: Score a 10+ yard QB sneak

    DaBigJDaBigJMonth ago
  • You should play GTA v

    Chevy TriceChevy TriceMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: punt a 5 times in one game

    Abby ClaytonAbby ClaytonMonth ago
  • Weekly goal run a read option with Tom brady

    Abby ClaytonAbby ClaytonMonth ago
  • My brother got into a game with a person named yoboypizza and i thought it was you but it wasn't

    Melissa SpringMelissa SpringMonth ago
  • #weeklygoal score a touchdown with a player from your front seven. (putting them on your offense is acceptable)

    Beck AdamsBeck AdamsMonth ago
    • #adifferentweeklygoal get 100 completion percent at the end of the first qaurter

      Beck AdamsBeck AdamsMonth ago
  • It's Packed Out

    Vonn PeirsolVonn PeirsolMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: score a touch down with a 70 ovr player as quarter back

    Meggan ThomasMeggan ThomasMonth ago
  • Wow. Nice job getting sponsored by Warburg Parker. I got glasses from them and they are so good

    Mrmultiply412Mrmultiply412Month ago
  • The economic detail counterintuitively blot because skill preoperatively repair forenenst a unequal radish. rough, judicious list

    Chuck FoxChuck FoxMonth ago
  • Win

    Carter TranCarter TranMonth ago
  • Weekly goal:play ncaa 21 u can find the name of it from rbt

    Slime MinecraftSlime MinecraftMonth ago
  • Weekly goal. Get ten completions in a row

  • Why do you let the comments bother you

    Brady BollesBrady BollesMonth ago
  • Get a TD with QB, RB, WR, and CB

    McCartney FamMcCartney FamMonth ago
  • Packed out

    McCartney FamMcCartney FamMonth ago
  • The only time I like his videos are when he wins. So I have never liked any of his videos

    Joshua BonkJoshua BonkMonth ago
  • Friend: hey wanna hang out after school? The kid named out: 😅😅w-what?

    Wyatt ButtonWyatt ButtonMonth ago
  • Pizza VS Kayz like if want 👍

    Billy BallerBilly BallerMonth ago
  • Do you eat pizza rolls

    Moneka JonesMoneka JonesMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: throw for 350 passing yards with tb

    Christine SullivanChristine SullivanMonth ago
  • Weekly goal play 1 play with your remote upside down.

    RC AdventuresRC AdventuresMonth ago
  • Weekly Goal. Get an interception with a defensive lineman

    Garrett BerkebileGarrett BerkebileMonth ago
  • Packed out

    Dorian SalaDorian SalaMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: get a 30+ yard rushing touchdown with your fullback.

    Essence VulcanEssence VulcanMonth ago
  • Day 7 Challenge play a quarter of a game backwards using an mirror to see

    Troy AldrichTroy AldrichMonth ago
  • What’s the name of that song you used that beat drop right before you gotta good pull in a pack opening in madden 20? Please tell me the name if you know it guys

    YToxiciTY RynoYToxiciTY RynoMonth ago
  • To watt

    Joseph LacertosaJoseph LacertosaMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: get a pick with a defensive lineman

    Jaxon CoulterJaxon CoulterMonth ago
  • What ever happened to pack a punch

    Kurt ThomasKurt ThomasMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: get a turnover in the fourth quarter

    WannaKnowSomethingWannaKnowSomethingMonth ago
  • Weekly:goal um score without getting touched

    FernFernMonth ago
  • Weekly Goal: Get A touchdown without your glasses

    Eli BishopEli BishopMonth ago
  • weekly goal throw a 50+ TD

    Deagan TaberDeagan TaberMonth ago
    • i made n acount just so i can see my weekly goal up there

      Deagan TaberDeagan TaberMonth ago
  • Jeez this dude fell off heavy. 1.8 mil and can barely pull 100k views in 24 hours

    big Lbig LMonth ago
  • weekly goal: end the game with more rushing yards than passing yards

    Jonny RussoJonny RussoMonth ago
  • #weelygoal: score a touchdown with the minny mouse glasses on

    Sport BrosSport BrosMonth ago
  • 3:00 thats a 78 overall Bo Jackson. Am I blind, is the editing wrong. I am in raw confusion

    MLGProYTMLGProYTMonth ago
  • 6:23 when the first game starts thank me by a like

    VinnybagofdonutsVinnybagofdonutsMonth ago
  • Weekly goal: score two defensive touchdowns

    Travis SuttellTravis SuttellMonth ago
  • weekly goal: close your eyes and score a toucdown

    kidsbelikewookidsbelikewooMonth ago