iPhone 12 - Unboxing, Setup and First Look

Oct 21, 2020
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iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro are releasing soon. In this video I unbox the iPhone 12 in blue. I show you what comes in the box, talk about price, specs, and take a look at the cameras. #iPhone12 #iOS14 #Apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 - Introduction
00:06 - Colors
00:17 - Price
00:40 - Unboxing
01:23 - Weight
02:21 - Comparison with iPhone 11
02:45 - Design overview
03:17 - Display
03:48 - Specs
03:57 - Camera specs
04:40 - Setup
05:39 - Face ID Setup
07:01 - iOS version installed
07:12 - Wallpaper
07:45 - MagSafe charger
08:28 - Magsafe Cases
08:52 - Camera settings and overview
11:32 - iPhone 12 RAM
11:39 - 5G speed test
12:32 - Battery life
13:12 - IP Rating
13:27 - Display and PWM
14:17 - Performance
14:26 - Heat
14:59 - Camera test
15:38 - End
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  • When you buy an iphone 12 do you have to connect it to iTunes to set it up!! Just wondering..

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  • Just ordered mine. Wanted the 12 Pro but I'd have to wait 6-9 weeks.

    Patrik BlombergPatrik Blomberg5 days ago
    • Dm. *icloud_plug* to get your iPhone 12pro and unchipped at a cheaper rate

      Rejoice GabrielRejoice Gabriel5 days ago
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  • my iphone 12 pro max was unlocked by *Cyberwizard01* on 1nsta'

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  • Awesome unboxing! I also got it and just released my unboxing! Have a look on my channel 😊

  • Ugh I'm growing to hate the blue, I ordered it by accident (I wanted white) my company won't cancel the order so I'm stuck with this ugly color. Case will cover it up for the most part. Anyone else planning on getting the supcase?

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  • Hey Aaron, great review as always. I have a quick question; how does the 12 (non pro/non mini) compare to the iPhone X/xs as far as size is concerned? You mentioned that it’s a little smaller and narrower than the 11 (which was similar to Xr), but I’d like to get an idea, if possible, of how it compares to my existing xs. Thank you, and hope you’re keeping well

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  • Could it only be me or did anyone else see the joy in his eyes when he was signing off

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  • So ur tellin me you pay $800 and don’t get a block🥲

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  • Wow I'm so happy I don't have the OLED issue. I have an acoustic issue where I can hear lower frequencies others can't here and a visibility issue where I can see certain frequencies in infrared spectrum (including the constant red beeping on iPhone FaceID). The struggle is real. Stay strong man! The tech has caught up with PWM issue at least.

    hereforbeerhereforbeer23 days ago
  • Hi, I’m planning to buy the iPhone 12 next Tuesday, still trying to decide which colour to go for, but the blue does look cool.

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    • *finally these woman deztoolz on Instagram really help me out with my iPhone fixed successful in some minute and she is the best of the best*

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  • Recently purchased a 12 coming from the 11. Pwm is causing me issues as it did on my xs. You say you didn’t have any issues with the 11 pro max? Need a solution quickly so I don’t get stuck with a display that’s going to cause me migraines. Thanks!

    Manderson 32Manderson 32Month ago
    • No, I didn’t have any issues with the 11 and I believe the iPhone 12 is that an even higher rate and doesn’t cause me any issues at all. I could not use the iPhone X or XS. Unfortunately if this is a problem for you on the new phone the only thing you can do is return it and get one that is a LCD

      zollotechzollotechMonth ago
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    • No

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  • thanks for mentioning about oled flickering because it bothers me

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    χρηστος Μπακολουκαςχρηστος ΜπακολουκαςMonth ago
  • I still don’t get the idea of using the magsafe charging possibility. Please don’t get me wrong, it seems like the iPhone 12 is a great and powerful device, but I struggle to understand the advantage of the magnetic “something” in the back of the phone. Though it was not introduced in this video, I have a feeling that the Apple card cases that attach to the back will drop off every time one puts the phone back in the pocket. Anyhow, great video Aaron, keep up the great work!

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