International Sandwich Taste Test

Oct 19, 2020
2 630 971 Views

Where in the world did these international sandwiches come from? GMM #1835
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  • i'm from belgium and i've never seen that sandwich before but i now i want it

    Jens ThysJens Thys4 hours ago
  • wait wait wait wait what happened to the let’s talk about that thing

    Bill DotriveBill Dotrive11 hours ago
  • Been watching you guys omg

    Christian StoleskiChristian Stoleski19 hours ago
  • These two startin to get on each others nerves

    BennygBeats _BennygBeats _19 hours ago
  • I appreciated them not saying "ay-raan" and pronouncing it correctly. Like, seriously can you teach others plz

    NeginNeginDay ago
  • Rhett: you don’t win this game by hedging your bets Also Rhett: has won every other time they’ve played by hedge his bets

    pamela angelapamela angelaDay ago
  • I always feel such pride when Link wins. He rarely ever gets it so it's always a special occasion.

    Kevin LebbyKevin LebbyDay ago
  • Rhett loves to guess Argentina

    tuwordzzforeyatuwordzzforeyaDay ago
  • We missed a whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’m sad 😞

    PikabooPikabooDay ago
  • Link "it's unsmushable" Neil

    Shak WaghatShak WaghatDay ago
  • Link has grown so much. He took a bite of brain sandwich WITH TOMATO and didn't even gag.

    asmit317ifyasmit317ifyDay ago
  • Rhett: you don’t win this game by hedging your bets Also Rhett: has won every other time they’ve played by hedge his bets

    Luis LopezLuis LopezDay ago

    vania rsvania rsDay ago
  • Pj

    Adrian LopezAdrian Lopez2 days ago
  • If you can't pick it up and eat it, it's not a sandwich.

    JonO387JonO3872 days ago
  • That Finnish "bread" is not what we eat. I have never seen anything like that XD

    Tokzz69Tokzz692 days ago
  • Can someone tell me if Australia has been an answer?🇦🇺

    Jonathan Ch'ngJonathan Ch'ng2 days ago
  • Ive been living in Finland for 25 years and have never see that ” sandwich ” ever! 😂 Porilainen is not that THICK!!

    Le MonkeLe Monke3 days ago
  • NA education we don't eat brain in arg, at least not as a popular dish

    Radeon VectorRadeon Vector4 days ago
  • this is the first video that I am dissapointed in Rhett, Link took a bite of that brain sando and you didnt.

    Shamus 727Shamus 7274 days ago
  • Please do what animal faux skin/fur is that?

    maemae5 days ago
  • That is not a proper porilainen...The slice of onion sausage is supposed to be 1-2cm not 1-2 inches and the bread should be toasted and buttered(dont forget the garlic on the bread, along side the crushed garlic topping). thats how You get a tasty porilainen :)

    mistboostermistbooster5 days ago
  • That is NOT a porilainen 😂😂😂😂🤔

    JustAPersonJustAPerson5 days ago
  • This is my favorite game. I love the international taste test episodes

    Cracc 216Cracc 2165 days ago
  • I’m starting to not like any of the games where they’re head to head because Link doesn’t even play the game he just plays Rhett

    David 1298David 12986 days ago
  • Me just shouting at the screen that Hawaii is not a country

    JunkyardBash SteveJunkyardBash Steve6 days ago
  • I need that Japanese one IMMEDIATELY.

    bananabuttersomethinbananabuttersomethin7 days ago
  • She said "Porilainen" REALLY well. 🇫🇮

    Jyri-Matti KorpelaJyri-Matti Korpela7 days ago
  • Rhett: “you win this game by being decisive”. Link: “I win by cheating”

    Green MachineGreen Machine7 days ago
  • I all ways thought that frys where made in France but they where made in greese

    SpizSpiz7 days ago
  • Fry sandwich is a chip buttie! Butter and tomato sauce, yum! Ppl in America thought I was so weird when they saw me make it.

    Vegan JerryVegan Jerry7 days ago
  • I went to vote then realized that I missed the whole election

    Chase PeltzChase Peltz7 days ago
  • I like that they have eaten brain so much they know what is is before ever being told.

    Andrew PerkinsAndrew Perkins7 days ago
  • Im finnish and never had a sandwitch like that😂

    aatu rautiainenaatu rautiainen8 days ago
  • Rhett hitting hawaii and all he had to do was hit the USA.

    Chris HChris H9 days ago
  • Link was a bit on edge here.

    Mikael MurstamMikael Murstam9 days ago
  • Who else thought your video paused whenever they was silent

    JamplayzsportsJamplayzsports9 days ago
  • Rhett only talks about how much Argentinians love meet

    ja vier19ja vier199 days ago
  • As an iranian i really hoped you guys bring falafel sandwich :(

    Amir SafariAmir Safari10 days ago
    • Why? They are not Iranian

      David FDavid F6 days ago
  • I love how they both say Hawaii is lower left on that map... no one says anything about the fact that Hawaii is all the way to the right next to Australia lol... Rhett aimed at blank ocean lol

    Five-0Five-010 days ago
  • I've lived my whole life in finland and I have not seen that monstrosity.

    Iivari MokelainenIivari Mokelainen11 days ago
  • why show a clip of something that happens 3 minutes in

    DiskrotDiskrot12 days ago
  • Haha, Link eats testicles, pig brains, crickets, pork blood sausage, wax, human milk, flowers... Yet still can't force himself to eat a tomato. :D

    Mordor FishMordor Fish12 days ago
  • I always get excited when I see Australia highlighted on the map but never any food from here 😔

    MyuuniMyuuni12 days ago
  • Link just copies Rhett

    flexflex12 days ago
  • I’ve actually had that first sandwich

    Kevin SherrardKevin Sherrard12 days ago
  • “ I got a tiny little deenie” -Rhett

    KempKemp13 days ago
  • A bit of an overkill on the "porilainen" but .. ahh its close enough😁🇫🇮

    J_rG3N1_98 mscJ_rG3N1_98 msc13 days ago
  • is it me or Link looks a bit like Dana Carvey?

    Kenny ZrahtKenny Zraht13 days ago
  • 10:59 Rhett checking on link during his celebration and genuinely happy to see link enjoying himself

    kaklsdkkagkaklsdkkag13 days ago
  • Rhett and Link act like a married couple that have been married for 50 years.

    Sophia RochaSophia Rocha13 days ago
  • Japanese cream sandos are so good

    Derp WolfDerp Wolf13 days ago
  • As an Iranian fan, I'm so happy that Link got to win by our country. Congrats man! much love. :D

    Mr. RzMr. Rz14 days ago
  • Rhett head bobble

    Steven WalshSteven Walsh14 days ago
  • Any type of sandwich with whipped cream on it shouts Japan to me. That's the most japanese thing to me. Whipped. Cream.

    Banana BonanzaBanana Bonanza14 days ago
    • Emmy (from Emmymadeinjapan) made this sandwich on her channel.

      lynndec22lynndec2213 days ago
  • Why are they measuring cm? 🧐

    ChrysaetosChrysaetos14 days ago
  • The video is very amazing and very action

    Alfred BenimorAlfred Benimor14 days ago
  • e

    The one and only BeanosThe one and only Beanos14 days ago
  • Im damn surprised to see Portugal first, ye dats what im talking about :3

    PetugaPetuga15 days ago
  • Rhett outright played himself in the Iran part🤣🤣

    Syrus AngiSyrus Angi15 days ago
  • As a belgian, that sandwich is not something I've ever seen in 30 years of living in Belgium lol

    StephneechanStephneechan15 days ago
    • @Your_Doppelganger I didn't say that lol, just saying that in my 30 years of being raised and living in Belgium I've never seen it, calm down lol.

      StephneechanStephneechan15 days ago
    • You've visited every single shop, restaurant, cafe, road side cafe in Belgium? Wow.

      Your_DoppelgangerYour_Doppelganger15 days ago
  • obvious japanese sandwich was obvious

    Mr. JMr. J15 days ago
  • They used too much cream in the fruit sando.

    Cristian-Ionut ApostolCristian-Ionut Apostol15 days ago
  • Army International taste test

    John ThomasJohn Thomas15 days ago
  • Link copies Rhett every time😂

    Adam PetyoAdam Petyo16 days ago
  • Something tells me Link wasn't joking about speaking with his Therapist.

    LiftOrGTFOLiftOrGTFO16 days ago
    • he wasn’t 😹

      val gutiérrezval gutiérrez5 hours ago
    • Context?

      maemae5 days ago
  • As a Finn I have never even heard about that thing.

    Joe RieperJoe Rieper16 days ago
  • i been noticing they been having tension in some videos they hide it well but i think they need a break from eatchother lol

    TwentyTwoTwentyTwo16 days ago
  • How about an international mre taste test? 🤔

    roby costaroby costa17 days ago
  • Primanti Bros!!

    Jacob AndelmanJacob Andelman17 days ago

    JJ17 days ago
  • 10:02 chase's smile when link hits Iran

    Preston PiercePreston Pierce17 days ago
  • Ohhh, “francesinha” 🤤 🇵🇹

    BlockSteveBlockSteve17 days ago
  • My thoughts at 10:16 : “Oh no. Rhett, come on dude. You didn’t know the Japanese SANDO and now this?” I feel bad but I’ve always seen Rhett superior to Link. And now he’s SEVERELY failing me. Badly.

    Rewrite LightRewrite Light17 days ago
  • What shirt is link wearing

    Daniel DyerDaniel Dyer18 days ago
  • There's actually several more popular brain dishes in Iran 😄😄

    Mitra GolabMitra Golab18 days ago
  • *I* am from Finland, that sandwich is not! Or, yes, it is, but... it's like the medieval depictions of lions and giraffes, someone tells you what it's supposed to look like, and the result is unrecognizable to anyone who has actually seen one. The sausage (sort of bologna) is not supposed to be thicker than the bread. It's supposed to look like a hamburger except with the sausage, and the condiments are a bit like what you have on a hotdog. Google "porilainen"

    Ketutar JensenKetutar Jensen18 days ago
  • lol why he wearing a crop top in the back

    StilettoStiletto18 days ago
  • So we don't talk about that anymore?

    ClaudioGClaudioG18 days ago
  • Was this the second time Link ever won this game?? Congrats, Link!!

    AwesomeCat2012AwesomeCat201218 days ago
  • I looked at the Belgian one and assumed it was from Sheetz. Hoagie with fries in it? That’s a Sheetz thing.

    Melanie MagolanMelanie Magolan18 days ago
  • How do they get these sandwiches from around the world

    Jurrassic X minecraftJurrassic X minecraft18 days ago
  • Chase at 13:30 be like 😱

    daveanand harackdaveanand harack19 days ago
  • Ahh yes the francesinha, so good

    African AscendanceAfrican Ascendance19 days ago
  • 4:34 that synchronised question was my favourite bit

    daniel kembledaniel kemble19 days ago
  • So great to see Link win one.

    teff7teff719 days ago
  • It’s after the election now but the way that Rhett and Link promote and encourage voting so much is so wonderful. Love them

    KE FisherKE Fisher19 days ago
  • Link is a cheating B!

    Cat AlvarezCat Alvarez19 days ago
  • Have not watched in some time and holy hair

    ShuritGamingShuritGaming19 days ago
  • When link said maybe Portugal it reminded me of brick from anchorman

    Barbara BeardBarbara Beard20 days ago
  • This was good. Just a suggestion though: don't tell us where it's from straight away so we can play along.

    Tom RobinsonTom Robinson20 days ago
  • 7:04 Nice ol' Rhett Wobble™

    En Zya TeeEn Zya Tee20 days ago
  • 2 grown men arguing about sandwiches, I love 2020

    Jump street StoriesJump street Stories20 days ago
  • I'm from Germany, I moved to Belgium and I'm telling you, the fries are LIFE CHANGING. Never even ate that many fries at all in Germany. We get it at least once a week haha Also, before moving here, I never thought Id ever have q mix of ketchup,mayonaise and onions ( speciaal saus) and be so obsessed with it but this just shows once again, you never know where life will take you hahaha

    RaniaRania20 days ago
  • Intro question mark

    CJ ElliottCJ Elliott21 day ago
  • Hi i just wanted to say we don't have such a brain sandwich in iran and you mythical morning could have chosen falafel sandwich because it is really from iran and sooooo gooooood

    GTXGTX21 day ago
  • "I apologize for what gets on the cabinet." Gets 70% on the cabinet 🤣🤣🤣

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung21 day ago
  • Rett was closer to japan bro that map lying to yall 😂

    Mikey BlackMikey Black21 day ago
  • I thought my video froze

    Planet JupiterPlanet Jupiter22 days ago
  • theodd1sout

    lobst inclobst inc22 days ago