Insane Water Slides!

Apr 2, 2021
9 958 484 Views

We found and reacted to the world's craziest water slides. If you watch to the end you'll see my favorite one.
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  • Thanks for reacting to our water slide videos! Great to see that you guys like the slides here in Europe :D

    • I'm already in Europe

      alesha russellalesha russell18 hours ago
    • Thank you for making me vomit

      Michel DemianMichel Demian21 hour ago
    • After the pandemic u could , there are pretty cool water slides here

      ColorfulColorful3 days ago
    • W

      CoolifyCoolify10 days ago
    • X

      CoolifyCoolify10 days ago
  • You should do a 100 player waterpark building competition

    3than M3than M10 minutes ago
  • I have been on the water slides with dropping floors. They look so much scarier than they actually are. Outside looking in or on video it looks fast, but while in it feels so much more slow.

    Strangejett13Strangejett1311 minutes ago
  • I want a donut now

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsBlue Collar Men Productions25 minutes ago
  • Ahhhhhh People from Perth have u been to adventure world? Lol 😂

    My Beautiful MEmEsMy Beautiful MEmEs35 minutes ago
    • #the crackin #the abis

      My Beautiful MEmEsMy Beautiful MEmEs35 minutes ago
  • 4:21 I have been on that

    O p a lO p a l44 minutes ago
  • That water slide you need straps for is actually one of the most dangerous waterslides in the world

    YaboibwYaboibwHour ago
  • 🤣😂🤣😂

    raymundo aguirreraymundo aguirreHour ago
  • So the one you wondered about the music is in Galveston Texas and that’s super fun it’s called the monster

    Charles CoffeltCharles CoffeltHour ago
  • I went to this lazy river in Singapore and there was a part where over you there was a sting ray tank. I was always terrified the stingrays found a way in the lazy river.

    JonahWayzJonahWayzHour ago
  • It’s cool to see some of my home slides lol

    Michael KowalskiMichael KowalskiHour ago
  • 7:37 I've been on one of those slides at Orlando Studios I couldn't breathe for a bit

    Chancey CChancey CHour ago
  • 5:28 I’ve been on that water slide before but it wasn’t scary

    Brannon JohnsonBrannon JohnsonHour ago
  • Omg this is crazy

    Thomas JanzenThomas JanzenHour ago
  • 3:37 wiat that made me have tears in my eyes wth

    Emmett RoseEmmett Rose2 hours ago
  • The water slide that looks like a giant knot NEEDS MORE SPEED

    XxGaChA_KiDxXXxGaChA_KiDxX3 hours ago
  • One time I was in a tunnle with glass wall's and ceiling's there was sharks swimming above you and hammerhead's starfish and basically every under water life

    ThomasjamesThomasjames3 hours ago
  • I’m polish

    yt_mhythixyt_mhythix3 hours ago
  • 3:00 the "saw" is actualy a black carpet

    JackJack4 hours ago
  • Siam park In tenerife is just a new level

    thanos boiithanos boii4 hours ago
  • Ⓗⓘ

    Maryvung HungMaryvung Hung4 hours ago
  • 5:00 is Dubai, Atlantis

    Kaushal GunturKaushal Guntur4 hours ago
  • i have been on that last one before

    patricia fulmerpatricia fulmer5 hours ago
  • 5:30 omg i think I was on this slide like 2 weeks ago it’s in Florida but I think it’s an older clip or just VERY VERY similar lol

    AnTsAnSAnTsAnS5 hours ago
  • My brain at 00:11

    Chad KeepersChad Keepers5 hours ago
  • I always wonder what my east USworlds channel would be like with out chris

    Austin HallamAustin Hallam6 hours ago
  • 1:29 thats aquatica ive been there its so fun its in florida

    John BabbJohn Babb6 hours ago
    • 1:53 another aquatica ride lol

      John BabbJohn Babb6 hours ago
  • "Can you die?" "Yes!" 10/10

    {Sunnii_Mocha}{Sunnii_Mocha}6 hours ago
  • Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    K JayanthK Jayanth7 hours ago
  • In my town(germany) we have a water slide thats like water rafting or whats it called but without a boat or smth Sometimes there are like little stops It can happen you just rush thru there and run some kids over like bowling

    jxnnx 257jxnnx 2577 hours ago
  • I’ve been on the phone yellow one were you said “wouldn’t you just bounce off the wall” it so fun.

    Aiden LynchAiden Lynch7 hours ago
  • I feel like this guy has a ton of money and does challenges with his friends. This is a joke btw

    Nathan McManmonNathan McManmon7 hours ago
  • Wow

    Sarah NewboldSarah Newbold8 hours ago
  • Check the Tower of Power from Siam PARK, Tenerife

    Adrian HelereaAdrian Helerea8 hours ago
  • What wooow

    Sarah NewboldSarah Newbold8 hours ago
  • A shark slide

    Sarah NewboldSarah Newbold8 hours ago
  • To be fair Jimmy you destroyed some Polish fans dreams

    Komar agresywnyKomar agresywny9 hours ago
  • Jimmy: It’s bringing me tears. Me: Crying because of laughter because of the Woo.

    Samantha MasseySamantha Massey9 hours ago
  • I went to the Bahamas like a year ago and I went down basically all of the slides there. It was so fun bc a couple of them went into a shark tank you you were swimming with sharks basically

    Mustard GuyMustard Guy9 hours ago
  • i am from germany ich komme aus deutschland aber da sind die wasserrutschen nicht so geil

    Lego_Brick Stop motionLego_Brick Stop motion9 hours ago
  • .

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • .

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • .

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • .

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • .

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • #ROAD TO 10MSUBS!!!!

    Kalvin AllenKalvin Allen9 hours ago
  • 7:17, I’ve been on that water slide and I was HYPE

    Lilly KaplanLilly Kaplan10 hours ago
  • so... Brazil is also America :)

    igor tomiaziigor tomiazi10 hours ago
  • Lol the first one is in the Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

    Supernijn _Supernijn _10 hours ago
  • Send Carl to some water slides

    Meir ArbelMeir Arbel11 hours ago
  • I have been on the waterslide which is at 5:12 it is at siam park tenerife. It is so epic the pool is full of sharks

    United Gaming NationUnited Gaming Nation11 hours ago
  • Lmfao i loved the wrong lever at the end XD

    ZeroZero11 hours ago
  • Instead of reacting you should go yourself

    シYu1シYu111 hours ago
  • Hi , is there any fellow poles here?

    Blink ForeverBlink Forever11 hours ago
  • I am from Germany

    JULIAN SimmeJULIAN Simme12 hours ago
  • Wisconsin prolly has the best waterslides and rollercoasters in all of North America

    Mmm MmmmMmm Mmmm12 hours ago
  • PLgurom

    Falohalo lFalohalo l12 hours ago
  • There’s a water slide in Florida called rapids with the ride black thunder it’s practically pitch black

    Stephanie SbrocchiStephanie Sbrocchi13 hours ago
  • Polska gurom

    koksiu69koksiu6913 hours ago
  • We have one of thise in sweden where the floor drops.

    Mr _SquiidMr _Squiid13 hours ago
  • i went on the 1 one its in poland its awsome!!!!

    Lumber XXLumber XX13 hours ago
  • Chris said he would poop his pants Me: I have done 5 of those😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Marcus GamingMarcus Gaming14 hours ago
  • I recommend Atlantis in bahamas 🇧🇸

    Jodie BelliveauJodie Belliveau15 hours ago
  • 5:58 that water slide is in Dubai ! Lol

    RoyalPillows 'RoyalPillows '15 hours ago
  • We from Germany can do alot of more stuff then Waterslides!

    IchbinrandomIchbinrandom15 hours ago
  • In Germany we do have a VR waterslide, you really missed something there😄

    KinGioManKinGioMan15 hours ago
  • 90% comments I aM FroM PolAnD i am from poland :D

    Jan AugustyniakJan Augustyniak15 hours ago
  • ich bin aus deutschland im from germany

    Luis BrunkeLuis Brunke15 hours ago
  • 😶😶😶😶Speech less

    Declan ChesherDeclan Chesher15 hours ago
  • Polska?

    MaxoMaxo16 hours ago
  • I’m scared of those tube water slides bcz I’m scared of getting stuck....

    Craze -xCraze -x16 hours ago
  • I have gone on 4 of those water slides before

    Ronin WestRonin West16 hours ago

    Roblox LoganRoblox Logan16 hours ago
  • Chris looks slimmer

    Chatrban WudhiprechaChatrban Wudhiprecha16 hours ago
  • What

    Boston3233 #JMosh420Boston3233 #JMosh42017 hours ago
  • the slide you guys said that looked like a roller coaster it says that that slide was banned because a girl go diccapitated

    Marcus Ethan AbieraMarcus Ethan Abiera18 hours ago
  • Been on some of those slides, no joke

    Saskia Van GarderenSaskia Van Garderen19 hours ago
  • Polska gurom

    Veroxu _Veroxu _19 hours ago
  • I'm polind and it fun

    Noemi NiemczykNoemi Niemczyk19 hours ago
  • Daredevils peak at cococay is awesome

    The Ship GamerThe Ship Gamer20 hours ago
  • Can you make a water slide that rad

    Mr. JMr. J20 hours ago
  • Im from denmark and i had try the waterslide in germany😉 its pretty awesome!❤️

    Tanja Bay DrægertTanja Bay Drægert21 hour ago
  • 1:43 that “water slide” got shut down because a boy got decapitated on it

    ilovepatryk 21ilovepatryk 2121 hour ago
  • Unless it’s pineapple on pizza, I love it and my mates do.

    Nick ThomasNick Thomas21 hour ago
  • Video was boring

    Justin BuserJustin Buser22 hours ago
  • 1:48 OHHHH MY GOSH Edit: No I think Mr Beast says God and Chris says Gosh....or its the other way around.....

    Shafty ShafsShafty Shafs22 hours ago
  • 5:02 leap of faith

    Hannahopps90Hannahopps9022 hours ago
  • I am polish and I was born in Poland boi

    maja chaimmaja chaim23 hours ago
  • The water slide at 5:30 is in my home town

    The even cooler DioThe even cooler Dio23 hours ago
    • Galveston, Texas

      The even cooler DioThe even cooler Dio23 hours ago
  • OH NO- WHY DID I DIE WHEN HE SAID “random is funny.” MY SENSE OF HUMOR IS BROKEN- XDD I mean it *is* pretty random after saying, “it’s actually recommended you drink pee... soooo”

    Galaxy PandaGalaxy Panda23 hours ago
    • Up*

      Galaxy PandaGalaxy Panda23 hours ago
  • Pull the lever, Kronk. _pulls lever_ *WRONG LEVERRRRRRRRRRRRR* _sploosh_

    ThunderJimmyThunderJimmy23 hours ago
    • XD

      Emma dances with baby brother Emma TV Play With Me!Emma dances with baby brother Emma TV Play With Me!23 hours ago
  • my aquilc water park is open during covid

    Erin HoweErin Howe23 hours ago
  • i bet your water park got shut down cuz some one did a code brown

    Erin HoweErin Howe23 hours ago
  • Where are the water slides located

    Yuung KojjYuung Kojj23 hours ago
  • Jesus loves yall turn from sin 😁 for

    Kutaki SZNKutaki SZNDay ago
  • 7:40, did one of those, burnt my back, hit me elbow on the floor thing when I fell,overall great experience

    mlg yodamlg yodaDay ago
  • My claustrophobia says no...

    lnm8700lnm8700Day ago
  • I went on the shark tube water slide in Atlantis, can confirm it was terrifying and sick

    bowen voowybowen voowyDay ago
  • I got deshavo

    edwin melendezedwin melendezDay ago
  • My dad went down the tallest water slide in America

    Bob_the _creatorBob_the _creatorDay ago