ImDontai Reacts To WHO I SMOKE / Flight Back With That Girl!?

Mar 30, 2021
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  • Get Sosa on the remix 😭😭😭😭

    Mylo KingaraMylo Kingara21 minute ago
  • She has to have somethin on Flight that he doesn't want us to know, smh

    Slouching DFSlouching DFHour ago
  • flight a simp!

    munchisdeadmunchisdead2 hours ago
  • they are dissing julio fulio because he was shot by someone in ace's crew and survived bibby was one of foolio's homies who was a upcoming rapper cuz foolio put him on and he was killed by someone in aces crew basically moral of the story yungeen ace's crew and julio foolio's crew are rivals

    munchisdeadmunchisdead2 hours ago
  • wtf was this background dontai

    Lil zoLil zo5 hours ago
  • Dontai straight up disappointed

    big Fbig F6 hours ago
  • foolio gonna come w some heat

    rocstartyrocstarty8 hours ago
  • WHO ELSE THINK THE SONG IS HARD ASF BUT CANT EVEN BLAST IT?😭 I live in Cali and still scared of gettin shot out here LMAOOO

    OgKevWOgKevW9 hours ago
  • That was so disrespectful 😭👍🏽🪦

    MabryMabry9 hours ago
  • Man's moving like Caleb Town

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar10 hours ago
  • My bones are hard

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar10 hours ago
  • That punani slaps

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar10 hours ago
  • Didn't know I could lose things I never had

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar10 hours ago
  • Just the fact that we laugh because of a song where these guys been rapping about killing people shows how fcked up the world is 🤷‍♂️

    FirstVanZFirstVanZ10 hours ago
  • King Kong ain't got nothing on Jews

    Sirzechs QuasarSirzechs Quasar10 hours ago
  • Rod k teki Bibby aren't they all dead rappers?

    Dxrk ClanDxrk Clan11 hours ago
  • They opps gon be on tiktokers asses like wanna smoke the charli pack... tiktokers needa kno what they dancing to shit will get u killed

    Paige DugganPaige Duggan12 hours ago
  • The fact they made the beat loop to “and I miss you” every time they dropped a name was so disrespectful and petty😅

    Changed ManChanged Man13 hours ago
  • boyy flight really said yall not supposed to care about my love life, why the fuck you publicizing yall relationship then ?!?! don't show us shit if you don't want yo business out there ! my nigga lookin real ignorant out here let em know dontai. flight really did his best to make her look crazy just to get back with her and expects us not to say shit lmao GOOFY

    Jay VJay V13 hours ago
  • dontai been the GOAT🥴🤷🏾

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant15 hours ago
  • Flight need to get his shit together

    MastertobsMastertobs16 hours ago
  • I give it 2 weeks then she goes berserk..again

    PAiiNT GamingPAiiNT Gaming18 hours ago
  • F who ever made this song

    Shawn on 120fpsShawn on 120fps19 hours ago
  • Love dontai and I just feel like he could be more poppin and be making more money simply because of USworlds like, if he stayed on the main channel or connected them both better or advertised this channel...... I’m not saying that he can or will, I’m not a USworlds specialist, just logically I feel like he could record a reaction or just get rid of the chat for videos or something because people on USworlds that aren’t on twitch feel like they get left out if they aren’t there live lmao

    Joseph RagostaJoseph RagostaDay ago
  • Lmaoooo DJ ghost got more views than you on this vid 😂😂😂 that man drops like 100k max on average but probably less... I’m just saying dontai I don’t care if I wanna watch watch I’ll join the stream, I just feel like you’re missing out on money

    Joseph RagostaJoseph RagostaDay ago
  • I wanna see the girl who did the original so react to this soooooo bad

    David LyndonDavid LyndonDay ago
  • Vanessa Carlton is gang affiliated now

    Magikilller365Magikilller365Day ago
  • best reaction to this vid by far. i'm not even into the music scene at all, it's not my thing, but i caught wind of this and holy shittttt. hard af but super disrespectful damnnnnn lol

    DinkasaurusDinkasaurusDay ago
  • I have never heard a diss this good that it like when Ice cube diss all his fellow friends

    Alejandro LozaAlejandro LozaDay ago
  • 3:31

    poohheaddpoohheaddDay ago
  • Can the chat plz stop putting in W when do ntai is bobbing his head like stfu

    KennyKennyDay ago
  • When you realize the golf clubs they carrying are called "Irons and Nines"!

    Sumthnblu ?Sumthnblu ?Day ago
  • who i smoke...

    FamousLinkzTvFamousLinkzTvDay ago
  • those are their dead ops they dissin

    Makiah 35Makiah 35Day ago
  • Flight leaving his Fight, L

    xpossedxpossedDay ago
  • im not ashamed to sing this song anymore

    J'amir EllisJ'amir EllisDay ago
  • dontai your alright because they cant find you because yungeen ace is encouraging people to say who they smoking

    J'amir EllisJ'amir EllisDay ago
  • Everyone in ur chat gonna get shot after saying some of that stuff...

    Megalodon32Megalodon32Day ago
  • The fact when Dontai said 12 paramedics couldn’t save to freaking like boy he sounded like dangotsmith

    Lilskeez2x LilLilskeez2x LilDay ago
  • do tjays new album

    Caleb HallCaleb HallDay ago
  • L chat

    javin dagoatjavin dagoatDay ago
  • He could have a girl who is so much better than her

    Megalodon32Megalodon322 days ago
  • Disrespectful song

    Yusuf GaziYusuf Gazi2 days ago
  • Bruh

    QuieteronQuieteron2 days ago
  • Idgaf what anybody say I fw sad frosty

    outcast proxyoutcast proxy2 days ago
  • Me watching this not knowing what's going on or who they are talking about: 👁👄👁

    A Random Armin LoverA Random Armin Lover2 days ago
  • But if it was 6ix9ine dissing dead ppl on his song there would of been alot of hate for him but ya are ok with them to diss the dead ones Smh🤦🏻‍♂️

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki2 days ago
  • Most disrespectful diss song in the industry with no guns 😂😂

    Big FoogiBig Foogi2 days ago
  • :)

    EpikMurkEpikMurk2 days ago
  • What is the backstory behind this song??

    Tanner BassTanner Bass2 days ago
  • Lmao the does she really gave me "oh no thats disgusting, where" vibes

    B.F.A The GuildB.F.A The Guild2 days ago
  • Yungeen finna be a Bobby

    Young MacYoung Mac2 days ago
  • She got a only fans

    Midnight_ FoxyMidnight_ Foxy2 days ago
  • Gay

    Damon PattersonDamon Patterson2 days ago
  • We need to hear a verse now from Bibby, tikki and lil nine now😂

    Wicked AlexWicked Alex2 days ago
    • Lmao

      RY12NHRY12NHDay ago
  • This is what Quando Rondo listens to when he wants to be romantic

    Timjim53Timjim532 days ago
  • 6:34 it has happened before on TikTok

    Nehemiah DeanNehemiah Dean2 days ago
  • The nigga in the blue shirt shot Joolio 🤣😭

    YNL_ SvGeYNL_ SvGe2 days ago
  • Named them RESPECTFULLY

    WaveCap ReviewWaveCap Review2 days ago

    Its_yo_boi-14Its_yo_boi-143 days ago
  • I’m getting Grimm vibes from this video. He was the og who did the remix of this song

    Arav SandhalaArav Sandhala3 days ago
  • kind of sad tbh

    gg3 days ago
  • the disrespect they have to put they dead opps' name on the screen

    Sebastian DizonSebastian Dizon3 days ago
  • 5:07 tiktok ain’t ppl ain’t gon understand shit lmaooo

    Acs_ AndyAcs_ Andy3 days ago
  • Big L's To Flight Bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    YoKratozYoKratoz3 days ago
  • I see self snitching is picking up speed

    Said IbrahimSaid Ibrahim3 days ago
  • I can sense the smoking spongebob emojis incoming

    SemiSemi3 days ago
  • On that read to 1 mill , soon come

    OppzyOppzy3 days ago
  • It had no right going this hard🔥

    Joe MommaJoe Momma3 days ago
  • Ayoooo yall see his comment in the chat y'all gotta chill out

    Danny JonesDanny Jones3 days ago
  • That was one of the most disrespectful diss tracks in recent history

    Danny JonesDanny Jones3 days ago
  • this song is disrespectful but fite

    Khaamir WilliamsKhaamir Williams3 days ago

    J FIGJ FIG3 days ago
  • gosh* dont say the lords name in vain

    ItsBetrayedItsBetrayed3 days ago
  • 3:26 He really wanted to vibe but if he said the names he knew he gon die

    Dorrian EnninfulDorrian Enninful3 days ago
  • flight is dow worst than sway

    LempyLempy3 days ago
  • I don't condone any of this but fuck this shit is fire 🔥

    Dom SkywalkerDom Skywalker3 days ago
  • These fools going to jail

    connorconnor3 days ago
  • Best Reaction. 🤝

    Quashun King-HardyQuashun King-Hardy3 days ago
  • dam wocky chill

    C BC B3 days ago

    Samaad johnsonSamaad johnson3 days ago
  • This shit trash. And they gon be on the remix 😂😂 and they gon be talking about them

    Blem ForrealBlem Forreal4 days ago
  • So you watched it already.... then recorded this for what?

    joshua casselljoshua cassell4 days ago
  • The I need you and I miss you disrespectful af 😂😂😂

    Paco CuevasPaco Cuevas4 days ago
  • If you thinking is the choice then yikes lol you’re like actually fucked in the head if you think taking someone’s life is “hard”

    Im_cappinIm_cappin4 days ago
  • So catchy my new fav song lmao

    doggodoggo4 days ago
  • Who I smoke?

    VinqVinq4 days ago

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant4 days ago
  • I bet she’s gonna play him

    IX JrsWrld XIIX JrsWrld XI4 days ago
  • Mans got shot up in broad daylight and crashed into a dealership dropped dead out the car

    YorkYork4 days ago

    ElevendimesElevendimes4 days ago
  • she most give the best head

    AOF_sellfree -AOF_sellfree -4 days ago
  • This shit is the coldest and hottest shit I've heard in a while😰😂🥵🥶

    Prince TPrince T4 days ago
  • Dontai said whoever look at this angry they dead 😂

    Samuel CarrSamuel Carr4 days ago
  • Who got the name of the intro song

    Matheuj SmithMatheuj Smith4 days ago
  • dontai/flight undercard ??

    hAH hahhAH hah4 days ago
  • 14:18 🤣

    Kush PatelKush Patel4 days ago
  • Yo it’s Franklin me and avi got a job for you. Check my bio.

    Franklin StFranklin St4 days ago
  • He's going to hell

    Idayah FranklinIdayah Franklin4 days ago