If You See This While Swimming, Get Out Of the Water Right Away

Mar 31, 2021
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The oceans and the seas of the world are beautiful and majestic: but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. As dazzling and as pretty as the oceans are, lurking in their depths- is all manner of horrifyingly haunting things that you will want to get as far away from as possible. These are animals you should never swim with!

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  • The snake one isn’t real😂😂

    Paul _bear09Paul _bear0941 minute ago
  • 15 most dangerous and 14 are found in the Amazon...

    ABN PTHFDRABN PTHFDR57 minutes ago

    Crystal MarijancevicCrystal Marijancevic3 hours ago
  • Also why do you scare people for them to follow you page and subscribe and like it??? you might act like you're joking but you are actually SERIOUS and are playing on their fear to get more subscribers which is PATHETIC... STOP THAT AND REPENT IT'S NOT TOO LATE

    Jimmy ChimounJimmy Chimoun7 hours ago
  • Of you can turn those animals to be friendly WHY wouldn't you swim with them? Answer my question with HONESTY PLEASE. Amen🙏🏽

    Jimmy ChimounJimmy Chimoun7 hours ago
  • #ODDTOPIC THAT IS MESSED UP but I bet it’s was a sight to see that. No wonder I don’t go swimming except for a swimming pool lol

    JAJA11 hours ago
  • Good bye Amazon!

    ravepalravepal22 hours ago
  • That Goonch fish sorta looks like my ex wife!.

    packingtenpackingtenDay ago
  • And I tought tornados carry only sharks -_-

    AibattAibattDay ago
  • I would have had an heart attack if I seen anything like that

    David DillonDavid DillonDay ago
  • Odd topic why does that look a bit photo shopped. That would be scary though even though I like snakes I definitely don't want to get bit by a venomous one.

    Nature ImposterNature ImposterDay ago
  • The snakes, Big Fat N-O-P-E!

    Corrina EvansCorrina EvansDay ago
  • Are you kidding if I see a green anaconda I'm definitely not getting away from it they are beautiful creatures and pretty slow they may be hella strong but I could keep a short distance

    Joe DabbsJoe Dabbs2 days ago
  • That creeps me out🥴

    Reta CardinalReta Cardinal2 days ago
  • The narrator sounds like Chris Collisworth the NFL commentator

    Jerome BrownJerome Brown2 days ago
  • Anyone else clearly see the snakes r Photoshopped and that there diamond back rattle snakes if u actually believe this then the world in a whole is fucked.

    SUBZEROSUBZERO2 days ago
  • Would you show creature's that frequent hotels in foreign countries while on vacation for those unsuspecting visitors please. I'm a ex-merchant marine and traveled around the world often. We once had to retrieve items and they were filled with over 100 different spiders alone so many different dangerous that we had to call the zoo to remove them all.

    Jerry NormanJerry Norman2 days ago
  • Omg I would catch a coronary! #Foh

    Bebe GlobeBebe Globe2 days ago
  • #ODDTOPIC I just watched a video that had a click bait photo for the content, that ruined it for me. So when you asked to leave a comment about the snake video, well here we are. Although the photo looks like it was created for the content, it has a few editing clitches, that doesnt take away from the content of it in anyway. It gives us a visual while you are giving us the story behind it. I enjoyed it and loved it and I would share and recommend your video's to my friends, I would share your video's in my FB groups as well. Thank you for not letting us down too btw (which is what I said under my breath as I clicked this video) So when you asked us to leave a comment about the snake story, well I was already planning on it!!!

    Lynette HarrisLynette Harris2 days ago
  • Story be told that sharks were sucked up by a tornado and made into a movie

    Mauricio JrMauricio Jr2 days ago
  • What idiot did the editing for this? Showing moray eels while talking about electric eels?

    Ronald GuidryRonald Guidry2 days ago
  • That's true

    Sherrie Roberson subasiSherrie Roberson subasi2 days ago
  • The huge fish that looks like it has whiskers looks like a type of 'catfish' native to north america they make like a barking sound

    tdhltdm. tafbsc.rta2020tdhltdm. tafbsc.rta20202 days ago
  • Wondering who would conquer honey badger versus river otters?

    Jon WeaverJon Weaver2 days ago
  • #oddtopic HELL NAW

    Zaylie SamsonZaylie Samson2 days ago
  • OH Gosh

    shawnte Pittsshawnte Pitts2 days ago
  • 1:07 u know, those really don’t look like water snakes tbh, I see some rattles on some of them. Also there might be snakes but why that much? I don’t know. But I’m really concerned about snakes that got rattles and they called water snakes. If that thing isn’t a rattle then just never mind

    WeakLink GTWeakLink GT3 days ago
  • Bull shark do nothing in clean water

    sleekzsleekz3 days ago
  • Never mind the fish in world-wide waters, there is nothing more dangerous than a land shark.

    RogerUSARogerUSA3 days ago
  • This the bets Chanel ever

    keith wittmankeith wittman3 days ago
    • No hell no

      aryan aggarwalaryan aggarwalDay ago
  • #ODDTOPIC I hate snakes I would faint right there

    Vickque's Intuitive TarotVickque's Intuitive Tarot3 days ago
  • JESUS CHRIST loves y'all

    Richard BogereRichard Bogere3 days ago
  • lose the stupid threats not subscribing to this because of them.

    Lily SmidLily Smid3 days ago
  • #oddtopic

    Joel EnnisJoel Ennis3 days ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/bWx1poSdh51rrH8

    FANKAN TVFANKAN TV3 days ago
  • If you have to be told that...then its better you stay in the water!. Natural Selection

    jlong0wjlong0w3 days ago
  • Tornado ended up pulling a fish out and throwing them on land in the United States

    Liz ToddLiz Todd3 days ago
  • Pretty sure I won’t be swimming anywhere in the Amazon...

    Frank BoffFrank Boff4 days ago
  • Seriously odd falling snakes.

    Houndsman OneHoundsman One4 days ago
  • Those snakes are fake as fuck and the sky is clear. I call bullshit.

    Oldwhale401Oldwhale4014 days ago
  • Behold, the most irritating voice on the planet.

    Chuck BuntingChuck Bunting4 days ago
  • The swimmer says that they fell from the sky, and the narrator says that he saw them shoot up into the sky. I don’t know how to comment on that?!.

    Cassie CraftCassie Craft4 days ago
    • 🤦🤦

      Deloies KilgoreDeloies Kilgore3 days ago
  • Snakenado!?!

    Manny CanadayManny Canaday4 days ago
  • Snake.jpg

    sea slugsea slug4 days ago
  • Basically all or rather most dangerous animals are in the amazon South America i certainly would want to go on adventure there🤭

    Ian DiruIan Diru4 days ago
  • On the #OddTopic those were rattlesnakes, not water snakes, methinks photoshop, I'm pretty sure anyone in the middle of raining rattlers isn't going to be telling anyone about it, unless they got a lot of antivenom.

    Scottrick LaRoqueScottrick LaRoque4 days ago
  • Emm...so be careful from now on..always brings your umbrella.🤣🐍☂️

    Fran SiskaFran Siska4 days ago
  • z%@

    Herminia SiaHerminia Sia4 days ago
  • Yeah you should run away when photoshopped snake's start raining from the sky

    the donegal fermerthe donegal fermer4 days ago
  • Yes, I have to ran away from the seashore if I have seen a lot of snakes falling from the sky that's very scary

    arsenio halleraarsenio hallera4 days ago
  • The Candiru, whose urethra did these creatures crawl into and were they male or female?

    Pat ReddingPat Redding4 days ago

    Terry PerrTerry Perr5 days ago
  • Most shark attacks recorded by great whites were actually bull shark attacks maybe they aren’t 3rd on the list after all

    Arrien TallynArrien Tallyn5 days ago
  • Stupid ads

    Tj BishopTj Bishop5 days ago
  • That turtle on the list made no sense.

    Morrow SindMorrow Sind5 days ago
  • Clickbait how dare you treate Me!??!!?!??!!?!?!?!?!??!

    Karabelo KgwareKarabelo Kgware5 days ago
  • IF snakes 🐍 are falling from the sky, then GOD is definitely trying to tell the world something.

    TheShortee44TheShortee445 days ago
    • Amen to that" Jesus'

      Deloies KilgoreDeloies Kilgore3 days ago
  • Why isn't stone fish on the list or platypus I mean like there really deadly

    Marvellous MaysMarvellous Mays5 days ago

    Haston JoanieHaston Joanie5 days ago
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  • i love snacks but i hate sentaped

    Nariah Turinese_27Nariah Turinese_275 days ago
  • stop acting like they are animals that can kill you they have heart you now!!!

    TheKfreerTheKfreer5 days ago
  • I learned not to waste so much time watching silly videos on youtube, and to get out and do something productive instead.

    scrumpymanjackscrumpymanjack5 days ago
  • Is it me or do the sea snakes look really fake

    Hunter BiallasHunter Biallas5 days ago
  • Oh no not the snakes run very fast

    N BlackN Black5 days ago
  • ME thinks, amazon looks great on TV!!!

    robin vannrobin vann6 days ago
  • Horrible voice jesus

    Jeffrey LappingJeffrey Lapping6 days ago
  • omg what the fuck

    Melinda Nurse-BrownellMelinda Nurse-Brownell6 days ago
    • jjjjjj ggg haha hhhjj haha hhh hhh hhh

      Melinda Nurse-BrownellMelinda Nurse-Brownell6 days ago
    • yo stop cursing 🤬

      Melinda Nurse-BrownellMelinda Nurse-Brownell6 days ago
  • What a joke 🤣🤣 Nobody will believe you by seeing your first vedio scene. Snake raining form the sky🤣🤣🤣🤣. You kill it bro

    Thupuo CukhamuThupuo Cukhamu6 days ago
  • No snakes

    pittroadsixzerosevenpittroadsixzeroseven6 days ago
  • No way

    Check Stub MakerCheck Stub Maker6 days ago
  • Me and Caymans swim together all the time. We bite each other for fun, just playing tag, you're it.

    semaj wellssemaj wells6 days ago
  • The flying snakes were an obvious reason to question this video. Then the so called 20 foot black caiman confirming the BS. Crocodiles are the longest coming in at 20 feet alligators around 17 feet in cayman's around 15 ft. Kamins are the smallest group of croc and gator spices. I learned that on the Discovery Channel years ago come on guys

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson6 days ago
  • the largest caiman recorded is 8' 7" get ur facts right its not 20'

    paul edmondsonpaul edmondson6 days ago
  • Shootum billy bob shootum billy bob lol

    Angel BaltimoreAngel Baltimore6 days ago
  • U just need to stay out of the waters.

    Debra HarrellDebra Harrell6 days ago
  • The unsightly bestseller trivially suit because nut systemically nod during a irritating sneeze. ratty, fresh south africa

    linda pawlelinda pawle6 days ago
  • that is NOT a Moose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ron ReaRon Rea6 days ago
  • Why do they keep blurring out the mouths of the fish?? They do this a lot.. They may think it intrigues people but its just annoying and pointless.

    Sally-Anne StrawberrySally-Anne Strawberry6 days ago
  • Drs used leaches on a severed finger case to increase the blood flow after reattachment. I actually saw it while working in a hospital.

    Barbara JohnsonBarbara Johnson6 days ago
    • They actually breed medical leeches specifically for this purpose. Leeches secrete an anticoagulant in their saliva so that they can continue to feed on your blood. When used with an reattached finger etc. this saliva allows blood flow to the reattached part so that it will remain viable.

      Ian PhilbrickIan Philbrick3 days ago
  • This narrator should quit smoking 3packs a day

    Follow The BuzzardsFollow The Buzzards6 days ago
  • Out of topic, lier

    Arnel DeunaArnel Deuna6 days ago
  • #oddtopic I hate snakes ,I hate family of reptiles. Weldone job for you crew

    Abdulrahman IdowuAbdulrahman Idowu6 days ago
  • Oh heel no. Snakes enough for me

    Vickie SandersonVickie Sanderson6 days ago
  • Damn the snakes, it's raining men

    Valerie DyerValerie Dyer6 days ago
  • Omg..I wouldn't be in the water but I would have a heart a tack if one snake fell near me that is crazy

    Deborah PetersonDeborah Peterson6 days ago
  • Also... Bull Sharks inhabit both oceans and at least 2 schools of them have been filmed attacking and killing a great white shark and eating it. So they can travel in small groups st times even though they are natural loners. Bull sharks can also enter fresh water rivers and survive in fresh water and that makes them predator number one in. Some lakes.

    Little Shepherd FarmLittle Shepherd Farm6 days ago
  • Actually the Salt Water Crockodile is the largest of the crocodilians but the Black Caiman is a close second and Caimans are almost all naturally aggressive. Weve had several Dwarf Caimans and several American Alligators in the past and the Caimans are either always hungry or looking at anything else as a predator that wants it for dinner so they are naturally aggressive to ward off potential rivals and enemies.

    Little Shepherd FarmLittle Shepherd Farm6 days ago
  • Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏👏👏✌️✌️✌️

    Thanh NguyenThanh Nguyen6 days ago
  • Tornadic waterspouts ,,,,,,Okay ,,,,,I'm with you. Sea life flying up on a beach , ,,,,,,Yea,,, I can by that . Only ?? Sea Snake ??, mostly solitary snake's. Duh And The photo is of Rattle Snake's , I use to catch them when I was young. But this was funny as hell tho'. Nice Job.

    • @R C Believe it or not , we have rattle snake round ups every year in Ga. and Yes I've caught every snake S.Ga has to offer ok king snake's some how avoided me.

    • You caught rattlesnakes when you were young? Sure you did.

      R CR C13 hours ago
  • I'll even be checking my bathwater from now on! 😂🤣

    David CallardDavid Callard6 days ago
    • 😅🤣😂

      Amy ArlottaAmy Arlotta3 days ago
  • Oh creepy.

    Janet BakerJanet Baker6 days ago
  • About the leech, plastic surgery uses leeches to bring blood flow to areas where a possibility of gangrene is very real. The surgeon places the leeches to the affected areas, often nipples, so the leech can “suck” blood flow back to areas that were not receiving blood at normal levels. Gross? Yes. Very needed for those who want nothing to do with their nipples turning black and dropping off? YES!!!

    Lainie FryeLainie Frye6 days ago
  • bs

    kitty lingkitty ling6 days ago
  • The voice narrating this video is very very very very annoying.

    Amy BushAmy Bush7 days ago
  • You?mento?

    Randy BoteilhoRandy Boteilho7 days ago
  • And y'all can hate if y'all want❤

    Sireena GabrielSireena Gabriel7 days ago
  • The snake one is so fake there is no way snakes can be falling from the sky stupz

    Sireena GabrielSireena Gabriel7 days ago
    • Like I said y'all can hate if y'all want not my care I have other stuff to do and.yes half past ten in the night bye 😐

      Sireena GabrielSireena Gabriel5 days ago
    • *steups. It is possible.

      Have NotsHave Nots5 days ago
  • I would have to be blind crippled and crazy. To do that.

    Eartha GilbertEartha Gilbert7 days ago
  • All ur odd topics r fake

    Chris RoebuckChris Roebuck7 days ago
  • and plus+ I love ❤️ snakes 🐍 and dogs 🐶 I have 2 Great Dane 🐕 they are brothers and I have 2 Garden 🪴 snakes 🐍 they are not related.

    Skylar HawkinsSkylar Hawkins7 days ago