If 🅱️OVID was an STD

Feb 18, 2021
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How might the left respond to civil liberties violations? In today's cartoon, we find out...

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    FreedomToonsFreedomToons13 days ago
    • sure

      OleT967OleT96721 hour ago
    • Yeah I'm pretty sure youtube unsubbed me at some point recently, that's nice right?

      CourierCourierDay ago
    • You just gave the virus an idea let hope anything worse will happen happen how bad can it be.

      Wild FireWild FireDay ago
    • the fucking guy setting himself on fire... amazing

      Capt. RagealotCapt. RagealotDay ago
    • @Tristan DizZo stop being right.

      Jerimiah YoungJerimiah Young3 days ago
  • Mack was getting some slop until he said that

    John WillarJohn WillarHour ago
  • Obviously the left is filled with sex crazed lunatics with weird fetishes

    ׄׄHour ago
  • Hmmm... That escalated quickly.

    Lucas MarienwaldLucas Marienwald3 hours ago
  • Sad how true this is. 👀 the fact that “abstinence” is absent the topic of abortion is proof enough.

    Better Left SaidBetter Left Said6 hours ago
  • pee pee

    jojjeistjojjeist6 hours ago
  • That table flip was beautiful.

    tonyblitz1tonyblitz17 hours ago
  • Lol

    Caleb BarkerCaleb Barker7 hours ago
  • Welcome to the UK!

    Phil CPhil C11 hours ago
  • This is hilarious XD

    SkinnymannSkinnymann14 hours ago
  • Mask up slaves. Next Bill Gates and George Soros have a shoot for everyone to take.

    HumansofearthHumansofearth15 hours ago
  • Commented below

    Mitchell MegeeMitchell Megee17 hours ago
  • So if we're not allowed to have sex with strangers, is my sister fair game? Just saying

    keagan markkeagan mark18 hours ago
  • 0:40 he’s in his underwear lol

    Jacque LebobJacque Lebob18 hours ago
  • ONU 2030 Agenda ?!

    Beck HaleenBeck Haleen19 hours ago
  • It do be like that. This hits home on so many levels.

    Radio PushkaRadio Pushka20 hours ago
  • So how long does a video have to get to get Patreon money?

    BastealBasteal20 hours ago
  • Mostly peaceful STD

    Al SimmonsAl Simmons22 hours ago
  • Who would let a new yawker be in charge of anything? Can’t even control the rats after a hundred yrs.

    C WilliC Willi23 hours ago
  • For the algorithm

    Dave DaveDave Dave23 hours ago
  • Boost! Boost!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSST!!!!

    Totally Child FriendlyTotally Child FriendlyDay ago
  • “Let’s make fun of people who are smart enough to protect their families by wearing a mask and not complaining that they can breathe!”

    shing shingshing shingDay ago
  • boosting in progress ... done.

    heart burstheart burstDay ago
  • ok i am commented

    Josh_EJTGJosh_EJTGDay ago
  • you say that, but in England, sex with strangers IS illegal, and has been for like, a year

    Zenn_ChanZenn_ChanDay ago
  • This was hilarious 😂

    Mama LeeMama LeeDay ago
  • I mean... technically, it is.

    The DaygolThe DaygolDay ago
  • Lockdowns are inhumane tbh, humans are social creatures by nature, we unify in groups, religion, jobs, and society as a whole.

    Mr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leaderMr.Drowzee TSNP Clan leaderDay ago
  • lol this is soo fuccin accurate

    I zackI zackDay ago
  • so true.

    Chr0m3d D347HChr0m3d D347HDay ago
  • Ha ha, yep, that sounds like the lust-hungry Libtards. Honestly, people really just shouldn't have sex with strangers regardless. In fact, people make themselves look bad by having sex with anyone but the uniquely special individual that qualifies for such an important connection. Folks simply don't seem to understand that there's a certain amount of restraint and respect that reproduction should be treated with. It's not a matter of taking away reproductive rights, it's a matter of dignity and self-respect.

    The King of SorrianthumThe King of SorrianthumDay ago
  • haha i know someone who contracted (D)OVID from Tinder, but was the self-declared king of social distancing/flatten the curve/follow-the-science otherwise.

    xxTheMajorxxxxTheMajorxxDay ago
  • I love that the news reporter is in his underpants. It's tiny details like these that make these videos so amazing.

    SomeSomeDay ago
  • Cheekily break ivdamke

    Leon BennettLeon BennettDay ago
  • Im leaving a comment

    OceanmanOceanmanDay ago
  • Just...magnificent

    Kyle SmileyKyle SmileyDay ago
  • nice

    NarrosNarrosDay ago
  • Umm... Just a thought... if you can't have a game of football or go out for dinner because it passes the virus. Then having sex with a stranger, if said stranger has the virus, would definitely pass it on... Like say, an STD buy way easier to catch. Look I'm no epidemiologist, but that seems kind of elementary.

    C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13Day ago
  • This is my comment. There are many like it but this one is mine.

    Ryan BrennanRyan BrennanDay ago
  • Explains the buttswabs. Frankly though, i'd be unsurprised at anything being attributed to Covid, to the point where i'm so jaded that if it actually became like, overall like 5% lethal, i might not even believe it. Thats the problem with the constant and disproven rhetoric. You cry wolf enough, eventually i don't give a fuck.

    WeAre HarbingerWeAre HarbingerDay ago
  • Minimizing the birthrate is a key part of the Marxist agenda, so there's no way they would object to banning sex, especially since those with power don't have to obey the dictates.

    Palace Of WisdomPalace Of WisdomDay ago
  • What an amazing animated documentary!

    knriggzknriggzDay ago
  • pog

    OkOkDay ago
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    DrifterDrifterDay ago
  • comment

    JsonJsonDay ago
  • COVID lockdown protests = dangerous BLM riots = completely safe from covid

    Smasher DevourerSmasher DevourerDay ago
  • I hope this happens. The Left not having sex would be a fantastic thing for the entire world.

    Mechazoid5116Mechazoid5116Day ago
    • Breeding leftism out of this country is probably my favorite solution I've heard thus far.

      SomeSomeDay ago
  • Do people not know that upper respiratory infections are technically sexually transmitted?

    youmakeitwhatitisyoumakeitwhatitisDay ago
  • Boost!

    incub8incub8Day ago
  • In California. Its encouraged to spread ur stds. Like an eagle spreading their wings.

    redmangoatyredmangoatyDay ago
    • I've read a lot of these comments and this is definitely my favorite.

      SomeSomeDay ago
  • "The government not letting me infect unknowing people with a terminal disease is a violation of my civil rights" - unironic California leftist position

    Thundermark PerunThundermark PerunDay ago
  • lmao

    Dave SchuttDave SchuttDay ago
  • 0:39 Nice heart boxers Shamus.

    jgallantytjgallantytDay ago
  • Shoutout to the girl who would go to Sam's club and lay on carts and her job but didn't want to come talk from 6 feet away lol.

    Alan MorrowAlan MorrowDay ago
  • Yhea.... I mean like people cant handle the fact that they cant eat indoors Imagine how they feel if theyncant have sex

    WhatIsMyLife ATGAWhatIsMyLife ATGADay ago
  • A little on the short side, but funny.

    Chrisfragger1Chrisfragger12 days ago
  • Intersting.

    Benju LCBenju LC2 days ago
  • yuh

    SnifferSockSnifferSock2 days ago
  • Alright, now we have a fool proof strategy.

    Official HEB-AV-clubOfficial HEB-AV-club2 days ago
  • So very, very true!!!

    Adam WoodwardAdam Woodward2 days ago
  • ...and that was how we learned that the virus is a hoax created by the Huwhyte Supremacist Patriarchy....

    R. Marcus GaudryR. Marcus Gaudry2 days ago
  • Yo

    Alexey VovkAlexey Vovk2 days ago
  • I never understood why people want to have sex with strangers so much.

    Sabastian BraggSabastian Bragg2 days ago
    • Satisfying a basal instinct = fun. Sometimes.

      ReharlReharlDay ago
  • To be fair, if COVID was a STD the religious conservatives would say it is a punishment from God.

    Jason RJason R2 days ago
  • Lol

    SupaSupa2 days ago
  • If we treated AIDS in the 80’s like we treated COVID today, the gays would be demanding reparations for violating their civil rights

    Gyre BrilligGyre Brillig2 days ago

    Elizabeth PuchailoElizabeth Puchailo2 days ago
  • If Covid was an STD I'd be safe

    StonithStonith2 days ago
  • interesting take

    Tamás SzalayTamás Szalay2 days ago
  • cant believe it been close to a year now since lockdowns started it's time to recall all the governors and mayors that been abusing there emergency executive powers whos all with me on this

    Moneybags777Moneybags7772 days ago
    • @Moneybags777 I don't think you get what I'm saying when I mention 500,000. Although with your grammar I didn't expect much.

      Sup BoiSup BoiDay ago
    • @Sup Boi have fun with you abusive governor or mayor you get what you voted for

      Moneybags777Moneybags777Day ago
    • 500,000. Yeah no.

      Sup BoiSup BoiDay ago
  • Why the hell are the left so obsessed with having sex and then just turn around and just... condemn straight couples

    The Halo ScrollsThe Halo Scrolls2 days ago
  • accurate

    Cezar BarbuCezar Barbu2 days ago
  • Awesome 🤣

    Trey OwenTrey Owen2 days ago
  • Dat masked sex tho...

    Aldon MorrisAldon Morris2 days ago
  • "During the covid lockdown, No more having s3x with strangers" should be a given as a result of the close proximity of the people involved.

    Zyvo2Zyvo22 days ago
  • To please the algorithm.

    Jordi ZierzJordi Zierz2 days ago
  • God I wish I could do one of these, I love this shit.

    GlaceonicsGlaceonics2 days ago
  • Before I saw this I thought what would happen is Covid was an STD

    Austin TVAustin TV2 days ago
  • haha too true XD

    Chris ColeChris Cole2 days ago

    zeta9009zeta90092 days ago
  • A comment for the algorithm. I love your toons.

    M_ DM_ D2 days ago
  • this tbh

    spartain gamerspartain gamer2 days ago
  • This is truth

    LGD 4033LGD 40332 days ago
  • The government did invent this BS disease to strip us of our rights though. Bring forth the day of the rope

    BCGxKirbyoneBCGxKirbyone2 days ago
  • Put a mask on the condom.

    Wesley KelchnerWesley Kelchner2 days ago
  • Truth! No one will put off with their freedom to fornication.

    John JavaJohn Java2 days ago
  • I would absolutely love to see the left go hysterical over C - v i d being an STD.

    SirRachaBoiSirRachaBoi3 days ago
  • California - no longer a crime to purposely spread COVID!

    MS1711MS17113 days ago
  • your videos give me hope, keep it up!

    Show BusterShow Buster3 days ago
  • 🅱️enis

    Liam RichardsonLiam Richardson3 days ago
  • Wow he had the title so it didn’t get censored lol

    RagingOakTree ProductionsRagingOakTree Productions3 days ago
  • Just came across this

    AdjectiveAdjective3 days ago
  • Lmao Dr. Mac wants wearing pants. Subtle

    Arcraz522Arcraz5223 days ago
  • std bad

    LukeSkyMasterLukeSkyMaster3 days ago
  • Im here for the news

    MXCMXC3 days ago
  • You know it's true.

    FransensFransens3 days ago
  • Hilarious and true.

    James BJames B3 days ago
  • Love it

    NukeNadeNukeNade3 days ago
  • Awesome way to get around the USworlds bots with that title

    PhantomOfMinecraftPhantomOfMinecraft3 days ago
  • I mean, it's pretty simple to avoid STDs, and STIs, and people still think it's worth the risk of having intimate relations with people they don't actually know... Just so you know, I'm only commenting because you said to in your comment. So here's a comment to increase engagement.

    AdelardRenAdelardRen3 days ago
    • @Brickles Brickleson Also fear-mongering to bully the older generation into it. It's pretty sickening.

      AdelardRenAdelardRen2 days ago
    • @AdelardRen Amen brother and now they are just making up long term effects from having covid to trick people into getting the vaccine.

      Brickles BricklesonBrickles Brickleson2 days ago
    • @Brickles Brickleson No argument from me. Covid-19 numbers are also vastly inflated. Funny how the numbers rise by ridiculous amounts when there's money to be had for every positive diagnosis and death... 🤔🤔 It's also perfectly okay in California to knowingly spread STDs to unknowing partners. But if you open your small business during covid to feed your family, you've committed an unpardonable crime.

      AdelardRenAdelardRen2 days ago
    • A lot of STD's if left untreated are more dangerous than silly covid

      Brickles BricklesonBrickles Brickleson2 days ago