If My Mom Runs the Restaurant / Funny Situations

Feb 21, 2021
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When your mom is the owner of a restaurant, you can forget about paying for dinner. You can also make noise and disturb visitors. Or is it better to help mom?
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  • My dad is a company owner and my mom is a employee

    Shivapaarthiban PalaniShivapaarthiban Palani7 hours ago
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    Arisha JannathArisha Jannath23 hours ago
  • Melissa your mom will loose her job like this

    Zahra MiralZahra MiralDay ago
  • Ummm....when your the manager it does not mean u own the restaurant....my dads the manager of sonic and he does not own it LOL we get free food sometimes but we still pay sometimes not like we can do anything.....gosh lol I’m 11 and I’ve known that since I was 7 lol

    Impulse BakerImpulse BakerDay ago
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    Esther NoelEsther Noel3 days ago
    • Idiot

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  • My father is a advocate ( lawyer )

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  • So if your mother owned a restaurant you would basically just ruin the customers day

    The Wilson familyThe Wilson family4 days ago
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  • melisa is a computer virus

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