I WON the 2021 FREEDOM 500!!! How did I pull it off????

Apr 7, 2021
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Yep, I won the Freedom 500.......holy smokes, I WON THE FREEDOM 500!!!!
It still doesn't seem real for myself and the rest of the KSR crew, but we did it!!! From qualifying 2nd behind Alex Bowman, to fighting it out with Hailie Deegan, Randy Pobst, Adam LZ and the rest of the amazing drivers to bringing home the BIG W!!!! Here are the highlights of our win in the 2021 Freedom 500!
Thank you all for the amazing support during this event!
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  • Congrats man!

    Brandon KesslerBrandon KesslerMinute ago
  • "I had my air conditioning on". That's something I've never heard in race qualifying before. lol Congrats Kevin and everyone from KSR. Great job.

    mckrackin5324mckrackin53249 minutes ago
  • That was an awesome video , congrats on the win. Looks like such a great time , looking forward to seeing the next one or two. What will be next ?

    adam0U812 Daviesadam0U812 Davies2 hours ago
  • The Freedom 500 is more of a short endurance race. The key seems to be to hang back and let the front guys wreck each other and run their cars into the ground. Trying to stay out the the wolf pack also helps. It was like you weren't even in the race for most of it. Then bam! Kevin from KSR is in first place! Congratulations on the win!

    Tim SmallsreedTim Smallsreed3 hours ago
  • Congratulations Kevin. Not just putting in work behind wrenches, also putting in work behind the wheel. Great job. I watched the ads for you.

    Kindaquick 1Kindaquick 17 hours ago
  • Not stock Vic sounds at all!

    Naylor FamilyNaylor Family10 hours ago
  • Why no cage in this one?

    Naylor FamilyNaylor Family10 hours ago
  • Fantastic driving, brother. Super impressive win against incredible drivers!

    Brighton LundBrighton Lund11 hours ago
  • Ya don't need brakes if you scrub off your entry speed with the tires!

    ik04ik0412 hours ago
  • I was smiling the whole time. That was sweet!

    Michael HutchisonMichael Hutchison13 hours ago
  • talent and skill (of all kinds) man! 🀘🏻🍻

    DME EMDDME EMD13 hours ago
  • You seem like a good dude Kevin. I'd love to chat with you around a camp fire.

    Alex TatkinAlex Tatkin14 hours ago
  • Did everyone have a spotter or was that your other secret weapon? Of course, the win was totally because of the bracelet. Such an awesome memory made!

    Tammy FiskTammy Fisk14 hours ago
  • This is literally β€œstock car” racing the way it should be

    Kimber JonesKimber Jones15 hours ago
  • Great job man. I’ve always said Kevin is a hell of a drag racer and an even better road course racer. Now we know he can burn circles too. Wtg Ksr. Winwithksr!!!

    Kimber JonesKimber Jones15 hours ago
  • Smart driving Kevin, Congrats

    Gen XGen X15 hours ago
  • Gratz Kevin well deserved!

    TheRzMikeTheRzMike16 hours ago
  • It looks like the Check Engine light is on in most of these cars when I see the various racers' in-car videos. It makes me curious what codes are in them. I assume it's mainly due to the nitrous mod, and maybe old catalytics/O2 sensors. They seem to hold up well and run good though. How are these cars as daily drivers in general?

    MaxxarcadeMaxxarcade16 hours ago
  • Congrats, Great race Kevin!

    Gary TuttleGary Tuttle16 hours ago
  • He seems like such a good dude. Pumped that he won it!

    Eric NEric N16 hours ago
  • aw man. i love everyone that was racing here, but when they announced kevin was racing i REALLY wanted him to win this. that's awesome. kudos! best possible outcome imo. you earned it and deserve it dude!

    W. McMasterW. McMaster17 hours ago
  • Congrats on the win! πŸ’ͺ

    DroneWolf MediaDroneWolf Media18 hours ago

    Ԁяєɰp831Ԁяєɰp83118 hours ago
  • Not only did you win the race but you replicated my FAVORITE NASCAR in car camera angle.........

    Ryan and Amy RobertsRyan and Amy Roberts19 hours ago
  • Man. That was insanely intense. I was with you all the way. You are the man. Awesome job as always.

    Keith Whiting (Locksheath Gordon Setters)Keith Whiting (Locksheath Gordon Setters)19 hours ago
  • Congrats on the win. That was fun race.

    Rick TheLDSlibertarionRick TheLDSlibertarion19 hours ago
  • Born to be a wheel man ! congratulations Kevin !

    MxHusky12MxHusky1220 hours ago
  • I've been wearing a pink white blue and purple bracelet my daughter made me for about 2 months. I'm really surprised that it's held up to all the chemicals and grease I get covered in daily. But I promised her I would never take it off. So I wear it. and because I never took it off when it brakes she'll feel bad and want to make me another one and I'll wear that one too.

    Alex DukeAlex Duke21 hour ago
  • Congratulations Kevin, those 2vs can take a beating, hallie can definitely wheel

    Danny PitcherDanny Pitcher22 hours ago
  • Not only a win but took them for a trip to gapplebees

    Ray MeyRay Mey23 hours ago
  • As we say here in the Shires "Slowly slowly Catchy Monkey" well driven Kevin, well deserved.

    Truth SeekerTruth SeekerDay ago
  • Great job!! Congratulations!! So will there be Freedom Five-hundred Champion shirts??

    Bill BarrettBill BarrettDay ago
  • Well done Kevin.

    Jason SwiftJason SwiftDay ago
  • Congratulations πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» was hoping ur luck would change at one of these

    Clayton StroudClayton StroudDay ago
  • Lol he was worried about finishing in the top 10

    brett stoverbrett stoverDay ago
  • Earnhardt for the win!

    Red Dirt RhodesRed Dirt RhodesDay ago
  • Kevin is a class act! Appreciate your content. Wishing you the continued best! Congrats!

    trupa9399trupa9399Day ago
  • if you aint rubbin you aint racing

    PaganiproductionsPaganiproductionsDay ago
  • Congratulations Kevin. Great race. Next time plug your go pro into the cigarette lighter. That footage was awesome.

    emtpayislowemtpayislowDay ago
  • Congrats on the win! was cool to see you let loose a little and not be so timid in front of the camera haha. I nominate Kevin to go on Hot Ones for a round of wings, that breaks everyone from their shell lolll.... I kid, love the knowledge and the content, thanks for doing what ya do!

    duckedupduckedupDay ago
  • How pissed off is he not getting a seat at the million $ cleat table. Green as envy. πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡

    pauly repapauly repaDay ago
  • Travis is a quiet achiever. Hats of to you.

    VolV8VolV8Day ago
  • The race had a few issues but Kevin you are the man. This win which I called you to take, made it all worth while. And to do it the way you did. Textbook baby. Congrats to your entire team. A little luck, with a lot of skill and a great team brings home the checker...

    dewbiewadewbiewaDay ago
  • I can’t the ending I just can’t bruh

    Cameron JensenCameron JensenDay ago
  • Awesome job, Kevin. You certainly earned that win. You had stiff competition from some of the biggest names in motorsports and still pulled it off. Your performance at the FF races has always been great. Its not just coincidence that you won... you sir, can drive! And fabricate, and tune, etc, etc... you're a Full Time Badass!

    brianok100brianok100Day ago
  • best footage...mad respect kevin

    Bruce JonesBruce JonesDay ago
    • and no announcer just raw sound of power!!!!

      Bruce JonesBruce JonesDay ago
  • So happy for you, you were my track favorite and grew up watching my father run late model short tracks in Midwest and finally at that track. Great in car camera to watch you catch and pass everyone. Congratulations πŸ‘

    Vince NardellaVince NardellaDay ago
  • Congrats Kevin, awesome run. Also, your hard work, attention to detail, and humbleness is quickly getting you out of the "guy from Gainesville" status. Legend in the making as far as I'm concerned.

    McGuigan21McGuigan21Day ago
  • Should have gotten in someone else's car to do the Polish Victory lap. Like Larry Mac was urging you to do...

    TheCrewChiefTheCrewChiefDay ago
  • SPOILER!!!!!! Poor gang. Sad turbo noises.

    Turbo Last NameTurbo Last NameDay ago
  • Nicely Done Sir...

    Tenright77Tenright77Day ago
  • Congrats on the win , Thanks for sharing .

    Burr-Lee TVBurr-Lee TVDay ago
  • Good race, Congratulations! Rich Rules Baby πŸ€™

    Yama DudeYama DudeDay ago
  • Deserved, well deserved! The whole experience πŸ‘

    Sam RyanSam RyanDay ago
  • What a great day and a great memory! Congratulations

    Dont askDont askDay ago
  • Why do gopros always die in a clinch. Next time, attach a battery bank πŸ˜„

    Johnny NimbleJohnny NimbleDay ago
  • everyone been saying u jumped the last caution.. all i saw was a drag racer tree'ing pobst. xD

    Ferret RiderFerret RiderDay ago
    • My video shows that I didn’t jump and Randy admitted that he wasn’t expecting a restart.

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationDay ago
  • Here because of cleetus and I'm glad! U real channel man I love how.you get indepth with alot of your builds

    Bradyn KarstBradyn KarstDay ago
  • Absolutely fantastic Kevin. Massive congratulations from the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    Mannie2kMannie2kDay ago
  • Whoever said "Nice guys finish last" should watch both Freedom 500's and LeMullets!

    Carl BackstromCarl BackstromDay ago

    Brett FoxBrett FoxDay ago
  • I love how humble this guy is!!!

    Roque RodriguezRoque RodriguezDay ago
  • Congratulations ! great race

    KrustyKrustyDay ago
  • I missed the race due to work. Machining life. Heard you won after I finished cleaning. I thought to myself, "That sounds correct." Thank you for the video letting us all know how your team pulled it off. Congratulations.

    PhyPhyDay ago
  • We all know you were hanging back with your pocket laptop tuning heck outta that crown vic.

    Hyde WhyteHyde WhyteDay ago
    • Lol, I wouldn’t even know where to start!

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationDay ago
  • Who says nice guys finish last? Congratulations on that big W sir!

    Dagley918Dagley918Day ago
  • Who better to win then ksr?

    dirkie botesdirkie botesDay ago
  • Congratulations on the win. You deserve it. One of the greatest USworldsrs out there.

    Ozarks carguyOzarks carguyDay ago
  • What a start from Derek! Great race great video

    ant16rstant16rstDay ago
  • Best part for me was when Kevin used the burnout pad to check the alignment (steering wheel straight). Something I always do after performing alignments, just on a flat road.

    Chris PetersonChris PetersonDay ago
  • Congrats Kevin, nice to see good guys win !

    Scott McNuttScott McNuttDay ago
  • So glad you won sir. Well deserved. You are such a kind man. Your daughter gave you the winning edge.

    Bill ElBill ElDay ago
  • I would've bumped and rubbed on Hailee Deegan too bro lmao I think everyone else had to bump her that race too lol

    Matthew McclintockMatthew McclintockDay ago
  • You should've knocked the shit out of the pace van that JH was driving before the race started and just said you could see him lol

    Matthew McclintockMatthew McclintockDay ago
  • Goes to show how sharp this guy really is. Calculated every lap & achieved maximum efficiency without any nitrous. Takes a serious cognitive brain to adapt that quick w/ professional drivers.

    Jovani CisnerosJovani CisnerosDay ago
  • Congratulations Kevin. Happy you won!!!!

    Ron Tronnes JrRon Tronnes JrDay ago
  • dude! you deserved the win bro! couldn't have asked for a better winner! your the greatest

    FreedomYorkshireFreedomYorkshireDay ago
  • Kevin won the race because Kevin thought about the strategy of racing. I wanted and paid to see a race not a demolition derby and Im glad Kevin won.

    Graphics By RobGraphics By Rob2 days ago
  • Soo many close calls

    aja342aja3422 days ago
  • Glassy eyed and hungover is always a good look for a racer (winner) like you Kevin!

    vVGlitchNastyVvvVGlitchNastyVv2 days ago
    • Kinda hard to be hungover when I don’t drink......

      KSR Performance & FabricationKSR Performance & FabricationDay ago
  • He won from the moment he got the camino to turn over.

    BurningGloryBurningGlory2 days ago
  • WTAF, you were right about the subscription. I was 100% for sure subscribed, ages back and just checked to see the button is red and I’ve been unsubbed?!

  • The crowd chanting USA was so awesome! Well done Kevin, congrats!

    WAY BADWAY BAD2 days ago
  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ

    yellowallisonyellowallison2 days ago
  • Gratz!! You were clearly fastest laps when you had an open track and hit your lines. Those cars handle pretty poorly and pushed when goin into corners, side by side, too hot and tried to hold the line. Haile got screed when her spotters told her to go high, and the guy in front of her checked up.

    ZZ430T56ZZ430T562 days ago
  • πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

    wayfaring strangerwayfaring stranger2 days ago
  • Congrats Kevin πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘

    Chase ChevyChase Chevy2 days ago
  • Playing the long game has its benefits !!! Well done ...!

    PipPip2 days ago
  • I hope cleetus makes some tweaks for next year. With the caliber of drivers he's able to get, it should be more of a race not a demo derby

    illiniboy17illiniboy172 days ago
  • Dude driving it in DEEEP

    subjectiveperspsubjectivepersp2 days ago
  • Win with KSR isn’t just a hashtag it is a fact

    Kyle BusheeKyle Bushee2 days ago
  • Great race kevin!! How many cars actually finished?

    phil callawayphil callaway2 days ago
  • HELLYEAH BROTHER, well raced!! beautyfull win! one for in the history books! well deserved!

    HelixplaysHelixplays2 days ago
  • 😱 Heck yeah man good stuff !! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

    RAWR MotorsportsRAWR Motorsports2 days ago
  • awesome job! really rewarding to see the humble and cleanly racing guy take the Win. I was SO FRUSTRATED with all the f*cking about on track, passing under cautions, racing for destruction. Cleet needs to do something about this, because this does not stay fun for long.

    Pieter VPieter V2 days ago
  • Great Job Kevin, Congratulations!! I am curious to who was in your ear? It seems that his point of view was a Big help? Super smart to have communication with a spotter! Edit: Travis on the Radio, Nice!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ

    GrinDiesel1969GrinDiesel19692 days ago
  • Start at the front, end at the front πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Johnny NimbleJohnny Nimble2 days ago
  • this is such a good idea with the YTubers race u get to see all their POVs

    presto1presto12 days ago
  • Great drivin, driver. Congratulations

    Jerrell KullJerrell Kull2 days ago
  • I hope you'll do a dash mount next time so we can actually see.

    J.A.Ratt85J.A.Ratt852 days ago