I Went On Tinder To Find A Boyfriend!!

Feb 18, 2021
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#DatingApps #NewMan #Tinder
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  • 15:34 at first I thought it was twitch from Ellen DeGeneres Show

    Brian The Canadian AdventureBrian The Canadian AdventureDay ago
  • John said he's not looking for a one night stand

    Surenity PerezSurenity Perez2 days ago
  • lmao i cracked up the whole time love ur videos 😅☺️

    Magda MartinezMagda Martinez3 days ago
  • mamma lisa you should try getting ling hair extensions 😍

    Magda MartinezMagda Martinez3 days ago
  • you know what , you should put her on Hily !

    b geeb gee4 days ago
  • Come on... who wouldn’t want mama Lisa!? ✨GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS✨ you go mamaz‼️

    keanuonalani pohaikealoha makanaleikeanuonalani pohaikealoha makanalei4 days ago
    • Thank you 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

      Mama LisaMama Lisa4 days ago
  • Love you guyssss

    Bustoss NenahhBustoss Nenahh5 days ago
  • Yes mama Lisa show the girls!!

    Marley TorresMarley Torres7 days ago
  • Mamá lisa go for a light brown 🤗

    Marley TorresMarley Torres7 days ago
  • Mama lisa . You really make me laugh. Especially when you were cutting your hair

    marisela hernandezmarisela hernandez7 days ago
    • 😆💗💜💗💜

      Mama LisaMama Lisa7 days ago
  • I met my bf on tinder and we’ve been togethor for 2 yrs now 💗

    Michelle BMichelle B7 days ago
  • The "how you get on there bitch" killed meeeeee lmao. You're so hilarious I'm totally here for it 😂. I would love to see a hair transformation on you mama Lisa, I bet you would look even more beautiful! Blessings 💕

    Rose AnRose An7 days ago
    • 💗💗💗💗💗💗

      Mama LisaMama Lisa7 days ago
  • I would love to see u happy Lisa

    Michelle HowardMichelle Howard8 days ago
    • 💗💗💗💗💗💗

      Mama LisaMama Lisa8 days ago
  • Girl it is okay to leave people on read !! That’s what online dating is about , having options and having fun , also take your time and know that they all don’t need a response

    Alma LopezAlma Lopez8 days ago
  • Try being a brunette i bet you would look so pretty. With straight hair. New look

    ReynaReyna9 days ago
  • Mama Lisa when are you going to post ?🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️ I miss you 😢 just post anything I want to see you ❤️❤️❤️❤️love all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Marii ValMarii Val9 days ago
  • Mama Lisa is a baddie 🤣♥️ gorgeouss 😍

    Emily torresEmily torres9 days ago
  • Mama lisa yass! You have a great personality i love it! Please go on dates your such a strong beautiful women ! Confidence is 🔑 key! Im excited for what life will bring you 💛💛💛💛💛

    Tequila N Kartoon GTequila N Kartoon G9 days ago
  • Mamalisa where is the tattoo???

    andrea padillaandrea padilla9 days ago
    • Coming soon, I promise

      Mama LisaMama Lisa9 days ago
  • Becareful mama Lisa in dating apps. I’ve heard so many crazy stories. From guys being creeps/pervs/stalkers/murders you never know what kind of people are out there.

    Ivet LeonIvet Leon9 days ago
  • Mama Lisa we want to see a make over without the bangs 🥺

    Ivet LeonIvet Leon9 days ago
  • Omg you guys are the best Lisa there are big people at the gym its not just the fit people but I really hope you find yourself a great man who will appreciate you for the wonderful woman you are you should try Plenty of fish that is where I met my boyfriend but becareful their are a lot of creeps out there watch out for the ones that don't post a picture or have picture of their animals a lot of sketchiness and so many guys are very pushy when I was on dating sites It turned me off when guys came at me with oh your sexy or your hot or I got money I was like get the hell out of here if they came at me with how are you then I would respond don't rush it I would never go just meet a guy I had to talk to them for a while first but that is just me and just wanted to give you advise about these sites Goodluck keep us posted❤❤❤

    Grace MedeirosGrace Medeiros10 days ago
  • Don't bring them to the house they might be stalkers . Have them go with you but sit kinda away and if all goes good thumbs up them and they can go home but make sure you get they tags so incase they cant get hold of ya

    Stephanie MeadowsStephanie Meadows10 days ago
  • Ma you need a sugar daddy.

    Stephanie MeadowsStephanie Meadows10 days ago
  • John wasn't bad.

    Stephanie MeadowsStephanie Meadows10 days ago
  • The Billy ray guy lol was thinking the same thing haha

    Stephanie MeadowsStephanie Meadows10 days ago
  • Like amish people do onion lol

    Stephanie MeadowsStephanie Meadows10 days ago
  • I love yours and Jeheliy relationship. Mama Lisa you deserve the world! You will find him I know you will 💗💗 Love you Jeheliy and Mama Lisa!

    Stephanie ValdezStephanie Valdez10 days ago
  • Don’t bring strangers into your house. A public place is better. Jehiely and Alex can follow you from a distance. Stay safe guys

    kassandra bernalkassandra bernal10 days ago
  • Red hair

    Sandra PonceSandra Ponce10 days ago
  • Headphones users beware 😖😖

    Susana Diaz-AmadorSusana Diaz-Amador10 days ago
  • Who wouldn't wanna be with mama lisa?! Shes BEAUTIFUL shes got a good HEART and shes a great MOTHER!! Full perfect package 😍💓

    paige Gobblepaige Gobble10 days ago
    • 😲💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

      Mama LisaMama Lisa9 days ago
  • Yes I would love to see mana Lisa go on different dates😁,but just be careful with people bcuz you never know who they really are or what they can do. Just plz be careful

    Maricruz MartinezMaricruz Martinez11 days ago
  • " I'm Aloud To Touch Them, I'm A Women" 😂❤

    Maricruz MartinezMaricruz Martinez11 days ago
  • Mama Lisa can start by going on long walks throughout the day and when she's ready, running... And if she feels uncomfortable running outside, she can run up & down her stairs. Then she can move on to more exercises... I think eating better is key though so she'll have the energy and not feel sluggish during the workouts... That happens to me 😭

    LizLiz11 days ago
  • But your showing your goods so they expect you to be easy maybe if you posted a classy picture without the goods all out you might get attention from they type of guy you want

    Frances MedranoFrances Medrano11 days ago
    • I’m saying it in a nice way mamma Lisa . Your going to attract a guy the way you put your self out there .

      Frances MedranoFrances Medrano11 days ago
  • Mama Lisa , you go girl !!! I’m so proud of you. You are so beautiful you definitely deserve happiness. S/o Jordan & Alex

    Benny tha BullmannBenny tha Bullmann11 days ago
    • 💖💜💖💜💖💜

      Mama LisaMama Lisa11 days ago
  • Look like she was only looking at gay guy just saying!

    ramon lararamon lara11 days ago
  • Noooooo don't do it at your house do it at a public place please let your home remain sacred and private and safe

    Blessing MamboBlessing Mambo11 days ago
  • When are you getting that tattoo girl? Love your videos!!

    Jordan BurgeJordan Burge11 days ago
  • Mamalisa looks fun to hang with ❤️ I live in Alabama I would love to meet you one day ❤️ & make you a cake! 😊

    Cesii Luna J.Cesii Luna J.12 days ago
  • What is Haley eating/drinking? 🤤

    Lesli HernandezLesli Hernandez12 days ago
  • I am so happy for Mama Lisa🤗🥰

    V VV V12 days ago
  • Yessssss 🥰🥰

    Single Mom RealitySingle Mom Reality12 days ago
  • I think mama Lisa should dye her hair brown and cut it to a A-Line

    Sabrina LopezSabrina Lopez12 days ago
  • Lisa you’re absolutely beautiful!! Hey just a tip for your hair (coming from a Licensed cosmetologist) Keratin treatments will be so amazing for your hair !! You will feel amazing afterwards and your stylist could recommend more if needed but I think one keratin treatment will do wonders ! Plus you don’t need them too often !! I hope you see this !! I love y’all can’t wait till you find your man!!! ❤️🌹🌹🌹

    Miss Nailz13Miss Nailz1312 days ago
  • Oooo lisaaaaaaaa girl any man would be so lucky to even get to talk to you !!!!

    Megan MunnMegan Munn12 days ago
  • Mamma Lisa! I hate hearing u talking down on ur self u are stunning ⌛️men love women with ur figure u are fine!

    Arianna PerezArianna Perez12 days ago
  • Yes I would love too do it momma lisa 🙌

    CHULA MelissaCHULA Melissa12 days ago
  • Mama lisa you are beautiful already but if you grow out your bangs and die your hair brown I feel like you would look soo so beautiful ! Try something new girl🥰

    Shaki UShaki U12 days ago
    • 💜💜💜💜💜

      Mama LisaMama Lisa12 days ago
  • Yes we would love to see her ❤️

    Brenda RodriguezBrenda Rodriguez12 days ago
  • I met my 3 year husband on tinder😂 we were just a hook up at first then he fell for me and it all went down hill from there!😂❤️

    Carolina ChavarriaCarolina Chavarria12 days ago
  • Just ask your son to put a gym in the new house put like treadmill, and weights.

    Hope GarciaHope Garcia12 days ago
  • I wouldn't not bring strangers to your new home cuz they can be stalkers after that if Mama Lisa turns them down or stop seeing them they will know your location and address... Play it safe.... Please love y'all 😍

    Angie ZunzaAngie Zunza12 days ago
  • Of course I would love to see you more videos anything for mama Lisa I love you mama Lisa!!!

    Aly GAly G12 days ago
  • Mama Lisa... I feel like you should work on yourself prior to actually start dating. If what you want is to meet people then try to start meeting FRIENDS not Juan papi Pablos. From personal experience, if you try to start dating and your esteem isn’t there with you - IT WILL SHOW. You want people to see the confident Lisa. While working on yourself and meeting new FRIENDS - you will know the right time to start dating.

    Minerva FloresMinerva Flores12 days ago
  • Lisa you need a new hair look, cut it and dye it professionally I promise you, you will feel a whole lot better!

    Verano Mejia GonzálezVerano Mejia González12 days ago
  • Mama Lisa you are so beautiful.. I found someone after I was completely broken felt my worse my ex husband left me for my brother ex wife she was like my sister . I still lack confidence hard to stop but I found someone that tells me I’m beautiful everyday treats like a Queen something I was never used to. So stay positive the right man will come to you and treat the way u deserve ❤️

    Heidi EsparzaHeidi Esparza13 days ago
    • 💖💖💖💖💖

      Mama LisaMama Lisa12 days ago
  • Please meet them in public not at y’all’s house it can be really dangerous:/ there’s a lot of stalkers and crazy people

    janette Veejanette Vee13 days ago

    Lizz SanchezLizz Sanchez13 days ago
  • I love you lisa and your videos ❤️they always make me happy🥰

    Ana DiazAna Diaz13 days ago
  • Do it publicly but with you guys around bc then they’ll know your address..

    Karen GarciaKaren Garcia13 days ago
  • 💜💜💜💜💜

    rachel rosalesrachel rosales13 days ago
  • New hair for mama lisa 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 She would rock a change!

    Gabriela ParrishGabriela Parrish13 days ago
  • Speed dating in a restaurant that will let you film bc I’d be scared of inviting a stranger to your home

    Mi MiMi Mi13 days ago
  • 22:00 then Jehiely 22:32

    endlezz .1802endlezz .180213 days ago
  • How about mocospace, it was big at one point, not sure about now. Many Hispanics on there back in 2012 lol.

    Rea TorrezRea Torrez13 days ago
  • Mama lisa getting a man but u have to know if there married or single

    Thomas PinedaThomas Pineda13 days ago
  • Mama lisa try chispa its another dating app but it mainly has hispanics 😌

    J I M E N AJ I M E N A13 days ago
  • You look good!!! But True true when I go to the gym I feel like a fat a$$ lol everyone is all fit and I’m looking at them like why r u here hahahaha so I feel u

    Dezi RoseDezi Rose13 days ago
  • Jehiely! Call the girls and give mama Lisa a make over. Hair, make up & clothes. Even if clothes she already has I know y’all will put something cute together 💕 I would love to see mama Lisa’s hair straight 😍

    Rw17 WhitRw17 Whit13 days ago
  • Im about to move there they fineeeeeeee

    Elizaa BanksElizaa Banks13 days ago
  • “I am allowed to touch them! I am a women” omg, love that!

    Monica RomeroMonica Romero13 days ago
  • Awe mama Lisa. I started going to the gym when I was about 250lb & I did feel self conscious but I realized I am also paying for my membership so I took advantage of it. I would go around 10 or 11pm when it was kinda slow. I went down to 150lb. I have then stopped going to the gym ... I have gained 30 lbs since but I’ll be going again as soon as we start going to the next phase. You got this Lisa lips! I believe in you chica 🥰

    Monica RomeroMonica Romero13 days ago
  • mama lisa you should let your natural hair color grow it really compliments you 🥰

    ASN ProductionsASN Productions13 days ago
  • Mama Lisa I love to see your hair straight I think u should try it out

    Keilanie GonzalezKeilanie Gonzalez13 days ago
  • Mama Lisa you should go black and new hair style 🦋 your fans would like to see you with Straight hair

    Exbeiry TovarExbeiry Tovar13 days ago
  • Good luck part 2❤️

    Tiffany GormleyTiffany Gormley13 days ago
  • Mama Lisa you would look amazing with strawberry blonde hair!!! And do this speed dating in public in an outdoor setting! Get her a mic and ear piece lol

    The Bello FamilyThe Bello Family13 days ago
  • Jehiely is def mama Lisa's wing woman ❣️

    Aiswarya ChakrabortyAiswarya Chakraborty13 days ago
  • Lets get a vedio dying your hair brown😜

    McmxcMcmxc14 days ago
  • We’re all here for you mama Lisa ❤️😫 Go get your Manz

    alexis reyesalexis reyes14 days ago
  • I say meet someone naturally not on the internet, you would have no problem meeting someone at the stores or the park or through friends, please be careful💜💜💜

    Jibby RoseJibby Rose14 days ago
  • You need to dye your hair dark so the fryed areas aren’t noticeable

    Syn DeeSyn Dee14 days ago
  • Lmaooo she's doing he most 16:50

    Pain ExoticPain Exotic14 days ago
  • Ooouu okkk when lisa got a match 🥰🥰🥰

    Tele VegaTele Vega14 days ago
  • Mama lisa I know exactly where you are coming from with the whole gym situation. Too bad you are a few hours away , I would literally be your gym partner and we could overcome our fears together 😊 love you ! ❤️

    Tele VegaTele Vega14 days ago
  • An onion 🧅 😭😭😭 alex roasting big time!

    Tele VegaTele Vega14 days ago
  • You look like an upside down ice cream cone 🍦 🤣🤣 ☠️

    Tele VegaTele Vega14 days ago
  • i wouldnt bring a stranger to your home because you never know what could happen. Maybe you should do a public place and have Mama lisa give u a signal if she isnt feeling it and you could call her with some excuse and then y'all leave together. i dont think it is safe to invite someone over to your house because if they become obsessed with Mama Lisa they could stalk y'all.

    Princesita LindaPrincesita Linda14 days ago
  • Waait, just curious what was jheiley eating ? Hahaha it looks kind of good 😬😅..

    Brandy B.Brandy B.14 days ago
  • Ok so what is Jehiley eating???? It looks good!! Lol

    Its LupitaIts Lupita14 days ago
  • I think when a guy immediately messages you saying he’s going to be “in your town for one night/couple of days” he’s just looking for a hook up 🤷‍♀️

    Adilene SanchezAdilene Sanchez14 days ago
  • Mama Lisa , I’m the man for u will come one day , no reason to rush (I’m not saying u r) but I’m saying the man for u is out there , no matter what age you are and if u never find the one for u then I think you should be happy cuz u don’t have to deal with the problems but at the same time Ik u wanna feel the affection and love from someone but there is someone out there for u

    Lexii And AlexLexii And Alex14 days ago
  • tell Jehiely to come cut my hair! mama lisa you are beautifulll😍you will find the one💕just be safe on the apps!! Love you Lisa❤️❤️

    Alyssa PerezAlyssa Perez14 days ago
  • I think speed dating would be awesome to do for mama Lisa n Patricia but I agree with other not in ur home. Maybe find a place you can go.

    Mimi FloresMimi Flores14 days ago
  • Tinder is trash. Nobody decent on there just serial killers & bums

    776alpha677beta776alpha677beta14 days ago
  • Agree momma Lisa should get a whole new makeover hair color and straighten it

    Mayra MendozaMayra Mendoza14 days ago
  • Mama lisa should do a full hair makeover like extensions and new hair color and everything 😍 I can see her going black 🥰

    Betsyslife nmoreBetsyslife nmore14 days ago
  • Why did I get a edward scissores hand with timothee chalamet ad?

    paper airplanepaper airplane14 days ago