i want to live in a skyrim house

Feb 20, 2021
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i like skyrim
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thank you for listening to my skyrim song. you can listen to it everywhere i think.
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Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

  • if you like this song you can get it on spotify and other places and you can get summa this ass on www.twitch.tv/gusjohnson

    Gus JohnsonGus Johnson8 days ago
    • This is unironically a great song

      Good stuffGood stuffDay ago
    • Congrats on 3 million 🎉

      DrStinky.R6DrStinky.R6Day ago
    • Gus you look like a discount Quicksilver from X-men... So in the Spirit of Things you should make a skit where you are quicksilver being a quick boi

      Thomas RiceThomas RiceDay ago
    • Put this on Spotify

      Dmalhar __Dmalhar __Day ago
    • preach brother, this song is just how i feel the few moments im not playing skyrim

      O AO A2 days ago
  • Never heard of this game. Song is fire though

    Etsy JakesRockHouseEtsy JakesRockHouse13 minutes ago
  • I fuckin' love this jam!!!

    Charlie MastinCharlie Mastin26 minutes ago
  • physically incapable of taking this off my watch later list bc I will always be watching it later

    DollyDollyHour ago
  • lowkey listening to this unironically

    Filipe MateusFilipe MateusHour ago
  • when i get my ass waxed on valheim i come here to calm down

    Justin LuseJustin Luse2 hours ago
  • Great song but subtitles would be appreciated if anyone has time!

    SarahSarah3 hours ago
  • Not bad

    Marissa BonesMarissa Bones3 hours ago
  • This is legitimately better than any shit they play on the radio

    Seth BSeth B3 hours ago
  • Watched this over 15 times

    Ben PackerBen Packer3 hours ago
  • 0:10

    Steven LSteven L4 hours ago
  • Have you considered playing Skyrim VR?

    MultiTuTomanMultiTuToman6 hours ago
  • This honestly makes me feel so safe~

    chocolate. mllkchocolate. mllk6 hours ago
  • The amount of times I've replayed this banger is unhealthy

    bilinas minibilinas mini6 hours ago
  • I love you, Gus

    Derek WeiandDerek Weiand7 hours ago
  • Gus could make a funny video about setting a table cloth its actually insane

    AHumanBeing 999AHumanBeing 9997 hours ago
    • it reminded me of tax write off and I have two songs looping endlessly on top of each other. This is some damn good songwriting.

      bilinas minibilinas mini6 hours ago
  • Ah yes.... Musique

    spartacusmallspartacusmall7 hours ago
  • you can't tell me this isn't joba

    Bugs McKinneyBugs McKinney9 hours ago
  • Now where do I find a Skyrim house.

    AnonOne666AnonOne6669 hours ago
  • If you made a whole project like this you could contend for album of the year. Shit is 🔥🔥

    AbcadeazAbcadeaz9 hours ago
  • The fact that I can’t like this video twice upsets me

    Yeetus VanitasYeetus Vanitas9 hours ago
  • I've watched this countless times at this point and my favorite part has to be his skooma dance.

    pimpddychkrchzpimpddychkrchz10 hours ago
  • Blowing up proud of you homie

    Handmade-everythingHandmade-everything11 hours ago

    Bennett BrownBennett Brown13 hours ago
  • i unironically want a whole album like this

    Ame-SenpaiAme-Senpai13 hours ago
  • idea, buy skyrim vr

    BabyBaby14 hours ago
  • i will physically fight anyone who says this is a "meme song"

    breh lolbreh lol15 hours ago
  • I stole some alchemy ingredients from Arcadia and wasn't caught, or so I thought. An Argonian Dark Brotherhood member chased me with dual wielded swords. After I killed scaly boi, I realized the contract was signed by Arcadia. Moral of the story: If you're gonna be evil, fully commit to your evil deeds, no loose ends.

    YosiahWYosiahW16 hours ago
  • This is such a calm song i listen to it when I'm angry it helps me calm down

    the ballas of yt mfthe ballas of yt mf17 hours ago
  • I love this song

    Buttery TomatoesButtery Tomatoes18 hours ago
  • How is it possible that this song is as addictive as "this video is for a tax write off". I enjoyed it, saw Gus mention it was on spotify, listened again and have been hooked for days just like the former. The words just play over and over indefinitely. At one point I had finally gotten tax write off out of my head, and now not only am I addicted to skyrim house, but it reminded me of tax write off and I have two songs looping endlessly on top of each other. This is some damn good songwriting.

    Bobby McPrescottBobby McPrescott18 hours ago
  • My favourite song

    Jake the Half baked pancakeJake the Half baked pancake18 hours ago
  • Now I want to play skyrim so badly. This is the reason why Your my favorite USworldsr

    Red gunRed gun19 hours ago
  • i quietly vibe to this, oh the memories. I might actually cry from the nostalgia

    ****19 hours ago
  • This is just great.

    Mr. MansMr. Mans20 hours ago
  • Gus you are so pure. Go and eat that cheese wheel

    susiesansusiesan20 hours ago
  • I have no idea why Gus made this video, but god damn am i happy he did.

    Bro & Co.Bro & Co.21 hour ago
  • Did todd make you do this?

    QuillyikQuillyik21 hour ago
  • I've rewatched this at least 10 times. It's so calming.

    JarvoJarvo21 hour ago
  • This is exactly, got me out here vibing 🔥

    Connor's_art_dripConnor's_art_drip21 hour ago
  • this is actually fuckin good

    SNOWFlakSNOWFlak21 hour ago
  • gus you real good at singing

    ya yee de peeya yee de pee21 hour ago
  • I wanna raise a big pet mouse [rat] and eat a cheese wheel whenever I damn feel too Gus.

    E ValenicE Valenic21 hour ago
  • The guard at 1:44 : Ah god damit, he’s back again

    『O N I』『O N I』22 hours ago
  • You don't want to live in a Skyrim house, I used to live there until I got an arrow to the knee... place is ghetto af

    Danny FirestineDanny Firestine22 hours ago
  • à [Musique]

    Paul AldonPaul Aldon22 hours ago
  • This got me back into playing skyrim😂😂

    Abby BAbby B22 hours ago
  • My girlfriend really just asked me "do you actually listen to this song like a normal song?" Damn right I do

    samiboi2527samiboi252722 hours ago
  • I will play Skyrim to this now, thanks 🙏

    Chase GreenChase GreenDay ago
  • The worst part of this video is when it ends.

    Melch VagquestMelch VagquestDay ago
  • I was expecting a skit but u deliverd

    Captain CommandoCaptain CommandoDay ago
  • This video should get an oscar. The greenscreen, the artistry, its... its beautiful. Now im a grown man and Im not afraid to say that this video made literal tears pour out of my gaping soul. Listen here kids, all you hollywood punks buying your gucci gang from your billionaire trust funds, this THIS RIGHT HERE IS HOW YOU MAKE A GOODAMN MUSIC VIDEO. Ok, im done. That's it. You can keep scrolling nerds.

    Jacovich StabsJacovich StabsDay ago
  • Nice

    michaelflash123's stuffmichaelflash123's stuffDay ago
  • Listened to this song enough to the point where i have the lyrics memorized. I just love the chill vibes, the well thought out lyrics and the satisfying edit job!

    Joshua StreetJoshua StreetDay ago
  • Dude what a banger, I listen to this constantly

    zoe taylorzoe taylorDay ago
  • Wow this is a well made video, just unsubbed.

    The Queen’s Loyal FoolThe Queen’s Loyal FoolDay ago
  • I can't even tell you how many times I've watched this already

    joe costellojoe costelloDay ago
  • 2 reasons I love this: 1: Gus ingeniously captured the most relevant issues of today's socioeconomic realities here and gave voice to millions of us. 2: I can keep watching it and smile every time which is perhaps my strongest indicator that depression is fixable.

    Camel SaddleCamel SaddleDay ago
  • The amount of times I've replayed this banger is unhealthy

    pida siouypida siouyDay ago
  • Still not as much of a masterpiece as “this video is for a tax write off”

    • You take that back.

      Funny ValentineFunny Valentine19 hours ago
  • you know this man played like 600 hours of skyrim.

    Stijn Ter LaakStijn Ter LaakDay ago
    • hey umm what about

      pida siouypida siouyDay ago
  • Song has been locked in my head for days now.

    Robert GreenRobert GreenDay ago
  • The best white rapper.

    Jänö JussiJänö JussiDay ago
  • this is so satisfying, like the dance you did in sven's video "hey man check this out"

    Mule The DonkeyMule The DonkeyDay ago
  • We all do Gus, we all do.

    Purple RaptorPurple RaptorDay ago
  • Came back after about a week. It's got staying power Gussy Wussy; you're gonna be a ⭐

    SavageDoesSomethingSavageDoesSomethingDay ago
  • Captions? :(

    moogenmoogenDay ago
  • This has been been stuck in my head literally every day since it came out.

    LillyianPuppyLillyianPuppyDay ago
  • I used to be an adventurer like you but then I got the Covid vaccine.

    Bruce McClellandBruce McClellandDay ago
  • Never even played Skyrim yet I like this song

    ÆgonÆgonDay ago
  • Same bro

    Brody MccranieBrody MccranieDay ago
  • Careful about having a rat in your home, I hear they have no moral compass.

    JKBlohmJKBlohmDay ago
  • You groove you lose

    Nick XxNick XxDay ago
  • Yo this song actually slaps and sounds amazing

    Noah LaPorteNoah LaPorteDay ago
  • I have listened through this masterpiece multiple times every day since it was released. Mozart better fuckin' beware

    NachoFastNachoFastDay ago
  • i heard about you and your honeyed words

    Max a millionMax a millionDay ago
  • nice song, but i heard about you and your honeyed words

    Max a millionMax a millionDay ago
  • So Bill wurtz was Gus Johnson all along!

    JacobJacobDay ago
  • I love

    SkyydogSkyydogDay ago
  • Absolute banger

    SkyydogSkyydogDay ago
  • im gonna play this song as i redecorate my skyrim house when i inevitably go back to the game

    Aimless VirtueAimless VirtueDay ago
  • Put this on Spotify

    Dmalhar __Dmalhar __Day ago
  • Gus is my senpai

    Mithrandir SilvertongueMithrandir SilvertongueDay ago
  • Can we appreciate how beautiful this song is? Your voice magical, Gus! Thank you 🥰

    Cathryn FaithCathryn FaithDay ago
  • I miss normal life

    WarGamingKimWarGamingKimDay ago
  • You're just a babe, babe.

    Brady WallBrady WallDay ago
  • I need more music like this. Just something that's so incredibly pleasant to listen to. Does anybody have a playlist of "Happy, Nice, chill rap?"

    Noah MeyerNoah MeyerDay ago
  • Okay but why does this actually slap?

    Danny KosakDanny KosakDay ago
  • [LYRICS] I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Raise a couple kids and a big pet mouse, Eat a whole cheese wheel when I damn well feel, as practice my shouts, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house. Burnin’ Cidhna mine down, Turn the lantern lights out, My man Balimund dishin’ out the fire salts, Workin’ on my speech craft, Tryna get the price down, Honey-Nut treats got me ridin’ off to spice town, Keep my caps white,cappin’ wizards in the white hall, Treat my girl right from the Second Seed to Frost fall, Septim’s stackin’ in my bank account. I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Raise a couple kids and a big pet mouse, Eat a whole cheese wheel when I damn well feel, as practice my shouts, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house. Cruisin’ through Riften makin money griften, Pop a few bottle now the skooma got me driftin’, Pick a few pockets cause you know I be regiftin’, Livin’ like a thief like my name Arvel the swift an- I don’t even care if I’m rackin’ up a bounty, Laila Law-Giver gonna fuck around and crown me, If I pay the guards the right amount. Yeah my man Belethor never been in debt before, Pull up with my dragon bone he headin’ for the exit door, Pull up on Arcadia she about to close the store, Feelin’ bit heavy drop some shit off on the cobble floor, An we ain’t gotta worry about the witbane or attacks yeah, As long as you be with me we be countin potion stacks yeah, Ima Thane baby I run this town. ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Mjoll the Lioness gonna be my spouse, ‘Cause life makes sense when I’m kickin’ it in breeze home, Suckin’ on a taffy treat and flippin’ through a freeze tome, Proventus Avenicci won’t you let me take the keys home, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house.

    Keith StockerKeith StockerDay ago
  • 100 speechcraft at level one, my guy got moves

    Syntax ErrorSyntax ErrorDay ago
  • How do you consistently make unique and entertaining content

    Andre Chestnut IIAndre Chestnut IIDay ago
  • I've watched this 5 times and I still don't know what he is saying half the time

    MelonsnipeMelonsnipeDay ago
  • This be a real vibe

    Doom guyDoom guyDay ago
  • When you download the hearthfire dlc

    Justin BassitJustin BassitDay ago
  • *ahem* Skyrim VR *ahem*

    ToastyyyToastyyyDay ago
  • Yep

    Sailboat RBLXSailboat RBLXDay ago
  • I also want to live in a skyrim house

    JaxanGamingJaxanGamingDay ago
  • I love this

    JaxanGamingJaxanGamingDay ago
  • Good to see I wasn’t the only one replaying skyrim

    Neptune tKNeptune tKDay ago
  • reply to this comment with "babalooey if you wanna live in a skyrim house" don't worry there's 500 skyrim houses left

    Za RattoZa RattoDay ago