I Tried Lifeguard Academy

Nov 18, 2020
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Without any prior training, I decided to see how I would fare against some of the world’s best lifeguards. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next Challenge Accepted! :)
Thank you so much to San Diego Lifeguards for showing us a piece of the amazing work you do. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit: www.sandiego.gov/lifeguards/about/employ
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  • You should train Like a rhythmic gymnast

    Celina VerheesCelina Verhees3 hours ago
  • Train like an Olympic swimmer.

    Sky armstrong !Sky armstrong !3 hours ago
  • She should do state trooper academy.

    Catherine's BookIslandCatherine's BookIsland7 hours ago
  • so nobody talking bout the shark in the beginning?

    Zach CiardiZach Ciardi8 hours ago
  • The last test is like real life

    Roblox GamesRoblox Games9 hours ago
  • 11:03 thats my dad!

    jenna ballsjenna balls18 hours ago
  • The overt line taxonomically glow because beret revealingly love underneath a mere hole. parallel, axiomatic temple

    Stephanie HebertStephanie Hebert21 hour ago
  • I'm in the mood for some Bondi Rescue now.

    Isabella LaurensIsabella LaurensDay ago
  • I think it would.be cool that u trained to be a gymnastic....

    Jolene SohJolene SohDay ago
  • Hi Michelle! It was amazing video. I have an idea for the next video, training like a paramedic.🙂

    Izabella TóthIzabella TóthDay ago
  • Baywatch watching 👁️👄👁️

    Radical GamersRadical GamersDay ago
  • wow

    Carol Lenah SeitshiroCarol Lenah SeitshiroDay ago
  • she brings kidzania into real life. seriously

    _dinahnnh_dinahnnhDay ago
  • Very impressive, Michelle..

    Robert BucknerRobert BucknerDay ago
  • You should try being an adult entertainment actress jkjk

    B BB BDay ago
  • Hey Girl you did really good for a first timer. Can you try acting next?

    Nii FlawlessNii FlawlessDay ago
  • filling a resume-

    Lyra Birch'eLyra Birch'eDay ago
  • Hi Try To Be A Radio Dj

    Rod smithRod smithDay ago
  • I wish they had talked about the fact that panicked drowning people will try to push you down to get themselves above the water. When I originally trained to be a lifeguard they made us practice on very large flailing muscular men, so we could get a real feel for it. They also trained us on how to get out of chokeholds etc when underwater.

    Laura SauriolLaura SauriolDay ago
  • If Michelle ever loses a job she has nothing to worry about

    •Emma••Emma•Day ago
  • Pls do hockey

    Matt MartinezMatt Martinez2 days ago
  • You should try Singing Opera.

    daniel baumgartnerdaniel baumgartner2 days ago
  • you should do horse back riding

    Anna Tonija UpmaneAnna Tonija Upmane2 days ago

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  • she should learn to surf

    Tmatt3uzTmatt3uz2 days ago
  • Can u do a ufc boxing challenge acceptor video please

    jodi decastillojodi decastillo2 days ago
  • @ 18:40 I applaud from nowhere u did well Michelle ✨💫

    sonia g sesaysonia g sesay2 days ago
  • Michelle's Parents: "Michelle, when you're grown what do you want to do?" Michelle: "y e s"

    EchonEchon2 days ago
  • Mad respect for the lifeguards

    Stephen PiedraStephen Piedra2 days ago

    Leslie MartinezLeslie Martinez2 days ago
  • Super super intense

    Magic ParkerMagic Parker2 days ago
  • “Oh he’s been through in and out a few time” the best part of the video

    McKennah EmbryMcKennah Embry2 days ago
  • Please try Secret Service! It is my dream to go into the secret service and I am curious what it’s like :)

    King ProxxKing Proxx2 days ago
  • do all ilfeguards do this or just certain types?

    Ryan ForsterRyan Forster2 days ago
    • all

      jenna ballsjenna balls18 hours ago
  • Should train to Drive a Monster Truck!

    MoXawkMoXawk2 days ago
  • Can you do a contortion challenge accepted video please because I am a contortionist

    E McCarthyE McCarthy2 days ago
  • I would love to do life guarding as a summer job here were I live in Greece but I’m not old enough

    SCOOTER2KSCOOTER2K2 days ago
  • This is so interesting! I always assumed being a lifeguard was hard but I knew nothing about the process or training so it was impressive to see how hard it is and how well you did!

    SangeetaSangeeta2 days ago
  • It would be cool if u could come out on a scallop boat with us

    Kyle NewellKyle Newell3 days ago
  • "Brad's backstory?" Lol! 😹

    Arctic IntelArctic Intel3 days ago
  • My goodness Michelle your so gorgeous

    Sam GallagherSam Gallagher3 days ago
  • Hello Michelle pls do training like a professional horse eventer!!?

    HxneylaHxneyla3 days ago
  • POV: your coming to see if someone commented what about your thinking

    SoggyWaffleSoggyWaffle3 days ago
  • Intenseeee. So much respect for lifeguards. Wow

    Jamie SmithJamie Smith3 days ago
  • I love how honest she is to herself more than anyone and encourages herself she can do better.

    Laiba MoeenLaiba Moeen3 days ago
  • U cant swim wtf

    ZellexzZellexz3 days ago

    InjusticeGaming_YTInjusticeGaming_YT3 days ago
  • Michelle, you should take on the challenge of training like a Army Recruit!!

    Aubrey WillisAubrey Willis3 days ago
  • She should do “I tried to be a doctor” if she did it I didn’t see it, but it would be a cool episode, if she can because of corona

    Boo 3015Boo 30153 days ago
  • Just watch In a few years she’s gonna tryout for the CIA aka. Central Intelligence Agency Maybe even tomorrow

    Mr. Jackson :PMr. Jackson :P3 days ago
  • Im amazed with what you can do i seen your fire training im jr cadet for miami dade fire rescue but when is time for the Academy i might fell Because i Dont know how to swim well but i really look up to you.

    Jermy JohnsonJermy Johnson3 days ago
  • if he watched your channel, he wouldn't have doubted your ability

    MimDieselMimDiesel3 days ago
  • What you should do next is how to train like a professional artist

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  • Next up I tried navy seals buds?

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  • Yup that's the kind of girl I want to date and married. The one who save life and not take life.!

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  • A idea for a video is "" I try Roller Derby'' ! If you don't know what that is I recommend searching it up!

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  • next you should try a ski patrols.

    Brandon MetivierBrandon Metivier3 days ago
  • Train like to be a professional rock climber!

    Leksa WendellLeksa Wendell3 days ago
  • Go to the air force

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  • Can you train as a professional rock climber. You can try lead climbing or top rope or even bouldering. Rock climbing is so fun!

    yourshitsweakx100yourshitsweakx1003 days ago
  • Life guards are in such good shape

    Justa ComputaJusta Computa3 days ago

    ScottyScotty3 days ago
  • you should try secret service academy!!!

    Simon BerglundSimon Berglund3 days ago
  • Imagine her resume when she gets a job😭

    jovani gittensjovani gittens4 days ago
  • Dear every lifeguard out there: Thank you! I can't even express how thankful I just realized I am for those people dedicating their life to help people!

    Hazel Grace LancasterHazel Grace Lancaster4 days ago
  • train like a professional volleyball player!

    allison thringallison thring4 days ago
  • "Brad slipped" footage of people throwing Brad off Me: "I see..."

    Atena Rajaei KermaniAtena Rajaei Kermani4 days ago
    • lol

      jenna ballsjenna balls18 hours ago
  • She looks like Indian... Love from India ❤️♥️

    100 subs with 1 video100 subs with 1 video4 days ago
    • Her father is Indian

      Sisipho VeeSisipho Vee3 days ago
  • You should train to be a stunt double

    Kori MathewsKori Mathews4 days ago
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu!!

    Kansas JayhawkKansas Jayhawk4 days ago
  • i'm still waiting for the one where she trains as a gymnast, please, please do one as a gymnast :D

    Mike LeonhardtMike Leonhardt4 days ago
  • the intro kinda felt like an intro of a CW Superhero show...which is pretty cool ❤💖

    AjitAjit4 days ago
  • Try an F1 racing driver!!

    PainZdevilGamingPainZdevilGaming4 days ago
  • Garett: Hope I don't die! That is such a messed up quote to say for such a dire situation

    Robert SunRobert Sun4 days ago
  • You should train like a spy

    Harvey WallisHarvey Wallis4 days ago
  • You should try CIA TRAININGGGGGG

    ArleattArleatt4 days ago
  • Lmao “I’m moving to extract BRAD” “sTaY wiTh mE bRaD” I can’t- She’s anyways so bright and funny at any situation

    FloofyCloudsFloofyClouds4 days ago
  • So beautiful and more in soul as life guard, marine, police, and other models wow, hi there Michelle Khare, how have you been by the way?

    J.J. Erickson.J.J. Erickson.4 days ago
  • you should definitely train like a flight attendant

    Daisy CarvajalDaisy Carvajal4 days ago
  • The fact that I don't even know how to swim is just awful

    HanshikaHanshika4 days ago
  • Omg I'm terrified of drowning and can't swim and I was so tense watching this. Michelle, you're an absolute beast

    brittannie burrisbrittannie burris4 days ago
  • Michelle: Oh Brad has been to In and Out few Times Me: HAHAHA LOL

    Inspire OthersInspire Others4 days ago
  • Garret professional drowning victim 😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Gaming zoneGaming zone4 days ago
  • Why are people wearing sweatshirts?

    LTPineconeLTPinecone4 days ago
  • Great video!. So let´s forget my comment from a couple of weeks ago about wanting to see you in a water enviroment. You obviously already had a video with you and water in the making. Next suggestions: skydiving, climbing (mountain rescue), cave climbing, but still diving. When thinking about jobs, that you like to portray, for diving I can only think of bomb detonation divers, we have here in Germany, but that would be way to extreme (I don´t want you to die!) and I suppose you don´t have these, since you don´t have that many undetonated ww2 bombs just laying around everywhere, like we have, but maybe there is some other sort of professional divers in the US - maybe ocean scientistis - maybe something in between? Or something less physically challenging, but more mentally: helping homeless people/ social work. That´s always a good topic for every season, but might reach people right before christmas very well, since people are more sensitive to these topics around christmas.

    Jessica RudolphJessica Rudolph4 days ago
  • You are truly amazing! But the most amazing thing you do, is bringing focus to all the lifesaving professionals around the world. Well done, Michelle, I like watching your videos as much as I´d like someone to rescue my ass if I am stupid enough.

    Ole NilsenOle Nilsen4 days ago
  • Michelle can save me anytime! ok joking aside this was an amazing episode, i always look forward to a new episode of this show as i just never know what she's gonna do next! BUT.. I wanna see more of you and Garret maybe an episode where you both compete at something like this with a scoring system no lovey dovey mercy though! but yeah great episode cant wait to see what you do next.

    joseph normanjoseph norman4 days ago
  • Train like an EMT or paramedic

    JoeyJoey4 days ago
  • do you accepte

    Alexander DownsAlexander Downs4 days ago
  • i challenge you to go to a gymnastics school that starts a t 1am and ends a 11 pm for a week

    Alexander DownsAlexander Downs4 days ago
  • You are one determined, adventurous and brave young woman. I am a 73 years old who just found your USworlds channel yesterday and I’m hooked.

    oliveoil315oliveoil3154 days ago
  • do a EMS challenge accepted

    Cashtyn Van BaaleCashtyn Van Baale4 days ago
  • This girl is absolutely amazing and tries so hard to entertain us ❤

    SUMMER MuntonSUMMER Munton4 days ago
  • This looks intense, I give props to everyone being hero’s. But ocean or dark water frightens me but great job.

    LieuLieu BearLieuLieu Bear4 days ago
  • The smallest girls always end up rescuing the biggest guys during training. It’s like an Unspoken tradition.

    Elizabeth SharpElizabeth Sharp4 days ago
  • All the ppl that kept requesting this LITERALLY just just wanted to see her in a swimsuit. What pervs... 🙄😂

    Error ErrorError Error4 days ago
  • okay but how is she so pretty ?

    Aya ChtiouiAya Chtioui4 days ago
  • Wow you look amazing!!! I haven’t watched you in so long holy

    KaythlinKaythlin4 days ago
  • Michelle is sooo talented

    Tessa NykampTessa Nykamp4 days ago
  • Who thinks she needs a netflix show 👇

    Rose FowlerRose Fowler5 days ago