Apr 2, 2021
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#shorts I finally did it! Now it's time to find Elon...
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  • For those who doubt the legitimacy of my journey, I'm answering your top questions in my recent uploads. Also, proof the guitar for tour bus trade is real - usworlds.info/slow/video/dqqbmZ3Dp2h9qJ0

    Isaiah PhotoIsaiah PhotoDay ago
    • r u a villager

      Hello ThereHello There2 hours ago
    • How much for shells

      Sweetinia ColemanSweetinia Coleman4 hours ago
    • What about other trades??

      RakibRakib4 hours ago
    • @Rannear Veluz but he didn’t even sale it and he trade it

      Arianne ArmyArianne Army11 hours ago
    • @A V C get out of here seriously lol

      Arianne ArmyArianne Army11 hours ago
  • This is the most white privileged video I’ve seen in a while.

    WamaiR6WamaiR629 minutes ago
  • Sand for 2 wetsuits?? Ya lost me chief

    Brian BooneBrian Boone30 minutes ago
  • Woah!

    Mr. MaximMr. MaximHour ago
  • Who here from nas daily video: guy trade paper clip for a house

    Tôi không bao giờ Chửi bậyTôi không bao giờ Chửi bậyHour ago
  • Didn't last time he trade sand for a 120 dollar sin glasses ? So if you are famous you get advantage in trading.

    Sr JuliousSr JuliousHour ago
  • 20 thousand dollars worth of shoes for a 70$+ Tesla? Whaaaaaaaaaat

    George The PoohGeorge The PoohHour ago
  • Now someday a cup of sand will be the same value of bitcoin, so let’s now invest some sands

    StelaracaStelaracaHour ago
  • You cheated life bruh

    IllegalToastIllegalToastHour ago
  • Elon has to know by now right?

    Walking CorpseWalking Corpse2 hours ago
  • This is like those csgo videos where the guy trades his 3 cent skin to a knife

    Consume BeeConsume Bee2 hours ago
  • Try this in India 😂😂

    Arun EaArun Ea2 hours ago
  • Eyy Ive got a plant.... Who wants to trade?

    Some DudeSome Dude2 hours ago
  • Those headphones you got are the ones in wearing right now-

    •LatteCookieGacha••LatteCookieGacha•2 hours ago
  • Who gives away a tour bus for a guitar?😂

    Horacio LleverinoHoracio Lleverino2 hours ago
  • I can trade my brain for your rotten brain one

    Karl VasdireKarl Vasdire3 hours ago
  • Hold up if I get a guitar I CAN GET A TOUR BUS YES


  • Bullshit first trade! a cup of sand for two wet suits? FUCK OUTTA HERE

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez3 hours ago
  • A cup of sand for 2 wet suits?

    sub backsub back3 hours ago
  • Who would trade a guitar for a Tour bus

    ProconezProconez3 hours ago
  • Headphone for guitar and guitar for tour bus wtf who trades that

    Rishikesh SRishikesh S3 hours ago
  • Honestly, the hustle is admirable. Something average people could do if they really went all in on accomplishing their goal. Not sure how famous he was before hand but I’m guessing he was not nearly as famous. In the end, I think this is a great concept on so many different levels, it teaches you a lot more than face value.

    AquafeenaAquafeena3 hours ago
  • Yea being somewhat known on this platform would help this so much easier then the average person.. Not really impressed.. Sorry

    Roy RodriguezRoy Rodriguez3 hours ago
  • Yo, Elon! Trade your boy here a Tesla. But first, bring security. You know. For protection.

    James NinoJames Nino4 hours ago
  • GG

    cristle play 12cristle play 124 hours ago
  • "Getting donations and buying a tesla with it"

    ZekiZeki4 hours ago
  • you're telling me he's gonna trade a Tesla just to get one from Elon

    MrChuckleTeeth 69MrChuckleTeeth 694 hours ago
  • Technically the title is wrong. It wasn't Sand that got you a Tesla. But, happy for ya.

    Psalms KahiPsalms Kahi4 hours ago
  • Yo I hate my wifi

    ًً5 hours ago
  • What type of sand can get you two suits

    Yawning GodYawning God6 hours ago
  • Minecraft villager trades in a nutshell

    Corazon MagallonaCorazon Magallona6 hours ago
  • I am going to do that and then stop at the printer because I need one

    Angel Wolf#7716Angel Wolf#77166 hours ago
  • So let me get this straight: He first started with sand and then continued trading and got a tour bus. Then some random guy trades $20,000 worth of sneakers for a $60,000 dollar car? The intelligence is overwhelming.

    Michael CrownMichael Crown6 hours ago
  • idea: call elon musk

    cabbagecabbage7 hours ago
  • I did watch the trade for the Tour bus.. Now here I am finding you lol

    Paper DollPaper Doll7 hours ago
  • How tf u go from guitar to a bus

    AwawieAwawie7 hours ago
  • 2 more comments and we can make Hiroshima jokes

    Damien BrigsDamien Brigs7 hours ago
  • Ok but a Tesla for $20k like wtf

    Not MysticNot Mystic7 hours ago
  • capitalism moment

    John DoeJohn Doe7 hours ago
  • This is the guy from the postmates commercial 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

    Angel VerduzcoAngel Verduzco8 hours ago
  • The the ccr

    Jocelynn ThaoJocelynn Thao8 hours ago
  • 🧢

    Salvador MirandaSalvador Miranda8 hours ago
  • bro its a tesla just take it

    Daniel AvalosDaniel Avalos9 hours ago
  • No

    Goober Mcbooger BallsGoober Mcbooger Balls9 hours ago
  • Guitar for guitar, for guitar, for van, for a rickroll... Never gonna give You up Never gonna let You down.

    Mr. Mirage 2Mr. Mirage 29 hours ago
  • Wow!!!

    CrotexCrotex9 hours ago
  • I feel like I wouldn’t have the same luck XD

    Dijon ThomasDijon Thomas10 hours ago
  • Gg my boi

    foxy lifefoxy life10 hours ago
  • why didn't you cover your nose with your mask on the plane

    king_lemonboii337king_lemonboii33711 hours ago
  • You are one luky man 👍😁

    Ethan VerrillEthan Verrill11 hours ago
  • Its a base model tho so your probably missing out

    fat boyfat boy11 hours ago
  • how did u trade some sand for two wetsuits

    mr guccimr gucci11 hours ago
  • is this what rich people do when theyre bored?

    gay little ferretgay little ferret11 hours ago
  • Tbh, the thing thay probably took the longest to trade away was the sand LMAO

    CaptainSwiftCaptainSwift11 hours ago
  • This concept is old, there was a guy who did this starting out with a paperclip and traded his way to a house.

    YLR2312YLR231212 hours ago
  • This is the fakest shit I’ve seen

    ShadowDarkGamer_YTShadowDarkGamer_YT12 hours ago
  • Lame

    Race BannonRace Bannon12 hours ago
  • This series reminds me of that one episode of the Office where Dwight traded a paper clip to a telescope

    hen kohen ko12 hours ago
  • S a n d

    Toxic The wildtuberToxic The wildtuber12 hours ago
  • He traded shoes for a Tesla

    Justa ClapperJusta Clapper12 hours ago
    • Who gave you a tour bus FOR A GUITAR?

      hen kohen ko12 hours ago
  • Eel on Musk

    • Dd's Universe •• Dd's Universe •12 hours ago
  • Sand isn't worthless after all

    Alecia JoeAlecia Joe12 hours ago
  • Should have just sold the tesla from elon...

    7.62 x 39mm7.62 x 39mm13 hours ago
  • Disgusting.

    Cam IrishCam Irish13 hours ago
  • Holy shit

    COS CubingCOS Cubing13 hours ago
  • the guy who took the sand must've been like: "haha! sand go cronch"

    OlafOlaf13 hours ago
  • Trade sand get a Tesla? Makes sense 😂

    Mark MDMark MD14 hours ago
  • Your foot fetish is evolving; shoe fetish= +1b attack power +5b poison dps +600000000000000000000000000000000000000 oder dps

    Aaron DossAaron Doss14 hours ago
  • Took a while but you did it! I like your spirit.

    Gamer Bread BakerGamer Bread Baker14 hours ago
  • Lmao that Tesla is worth more than 20k I’m calling bs

    Red RangerRed Ranger14 hours ago
  • Uhm uhhh

    vxisy_xvxisy_x14 hours ago
  • Imma destroy your life by never trading with you haha Sucks to be you!

    Elon MuskElon Musk14 hours ago
  • You really got nothing bettet to do than bother the richest man in the world? Theres a reason he is so rich... He always busy.

    No NameNo Name14 hours ago
  • Longboard, you degenerate.

    Felix KolodziejFelix Kolodziej15 hours ago
  • Who gave you a tour bus FOR A GUITAR?

    Кирило МудрохаКирило Мудроха15 hours ago
  • paperclip challenge in real life

    Vilma AdonisVilma Adonis16 hours ago
  • Why do you want a Tesla so bad?

    KING_ glokkz blanginKING_ glokkz blangin16 hours ago
  • In conclusion: white privelage will get you a tesla

    corey the comiccorey the comic16 hours ago
  • This is all cap...

    Why Must ICUP GamingWhy Must ICUP Gaming17 hours ago
  • Song?

    HypotheticlzHypotheticlz17 hours ago
  • 그으...러니까 이게 그 전래동화에 나온 좁쌀로 신부얻은 그 사람인거지?

    Troll MasterTroll Master17 hours ago
  • You could at least be realistic

    Markus BrynMarkus Bryn17 hours ago
  • That only happen bec he's a youtuber..... Go out and try that see how far you get 🤣😅

    Glitch teknicianGlitch teknician17 hours ago
  • I don’t get how your gonna get one from Elon musk

    Withered WarriorWithered Warrior18 hours ago
  • Where do you do these trades?

    Drew ParishDrew Parish18 hours ago
  • lol u copied that other guy with the red pin

    Ishaan LakhotiyaIshaan Lakhotiya18 hours ago
  • Next: I traded air for a Moon

    StevenGaming924StevenGaming92418 hours ago
  • This whole video is like Minecraft. You start with something trash then you work your way up to diamonds, lol.

    MetaBoxMetaBox19 hours ago
  • Sand for a wet suit cmon

    vMercyyvMercyy19 hours ago
  • In conclusion: you can trade sand up to getting a Tesla...if you go mad viral

    just-A-guyjust-A-guy19 hours ago
  • Time to go to the beach

    Akari過労死Akari過労死19 hours ago
  • Rich people life

    TheFatCreepyScaryGuyTheFatCreepyScaryGuy20 hours ago
  • The amount of trades he did makes him sound like me after I get all my Minecraft villagers to Max levels

    Bucky BarnesBucky Barnes20 hours ago
  • Trade✍️sand✍️to✍️get✍️rich✍️

    éxøtic-gacháéxøtic-gachá21 hour ago
  • Guitar for tourbus?

    ENCLENCL21 hour ago
  • Me who lives close to the beach: dats a lot of fookin' tesla right there

    breaking Downbreaking Down22 hours ago
  • You've been trading youtube publicity, not sand.

    Dovydas DaunoravičiusDovydas Daunoravičius22 hours ago
  • Sand for a wetsuit?

    PretzelPretzel22 hours ago
  • If a non-famous dude did this, it would probs take months if not years.

    Valtteri KatajaValtteri Kataja22 hours ago