I Think The Most Of The Fam On Here Knows That I Have Brain Tumor bakedasakite

Apr 3, 2021
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I Think The Most Of The Fam On Here Knows That I Have Brain Tumor bakedasakite
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  • Ppl i don't believe anyone would act like they have a brain tumor ppl. She may have been joking or serious about her demands but she was trying to make lite of the situation because didn't you see her baby at the end ppl. Wake up world not everybody out to scam you. Evidently she saying ill be gone but her little Angel is the most important person in the world to her and shes gonna really miss her baby. Smh some ppl these day

    Quan BradfordQuan Bradford39 minutes ago
  • i want to be turned into a firework

    Melissa RubioMelissa Rubio5 hours ago
  • she seems like she’d be fun to be friends with

    Melissa RubioMelissa Rubio5 hours ago
  • How is she so calm about it

    timatree saptimatree sap6 hours ago
  • I'm not even dying and I made a plan for my funeral. Mine's a lot more 'royal jester nightclub art gallery' thought.

    GhostDoggGhostDogg8 hours ago
  • I wrote out plans for my funeral that are exactly like this lmaoo, y’all better pull through when I die, I ain’t dying young for nothing

    I Hate Honors EnglishI Hate Honors English8 hours ago
  • My wish when I die someone please hang me in a forest in a willow tree I will plant it myself so I can be a living legend

    Somerandomepersom WhoisbiroacegenderfluidSomerandomepersom Whoisbiroacegenderfluid9 hours ago
  • i’m about to steal it cus it’s genious

    LalaLala9 hours ago
  • Wtf

    Sam DaManSam DaMan9 hours ago
  • I wanna be at this funeral

    corpse rotcorpse rot11 hours ago
  • I'm just gonna have my dead ass tossed onto a pile of all my shit and having it burned to ash idgaf

    King banana wolfKing banana wolf12 hours ago
  • I hope this is a f*king joke

    Mmmk AllrightMmmk Allright13 hours ago
  • Just roll me up and smoke me when I die

    Thomas HenniganThomas Hennigan13 hours ago
  • fuck i mean slide the funeral addy

    PAY R3SPECTSPAY R3SPECTS16 hours ago
  • At least she is a good sport I guess

    Diego SerranoDiego Serrano16 hours ago
  • I can’t tell if she’s serious or not 😂😂😂

    Fire Skull2314Fire Skull231417 hours ago
  • I hope she doesn’t pass away and I hope this is a joke.

    Cole KinzieCole Kinzie17 hours ago
  • Anyone else here feels sad about this?🙁

    Janesh MotahJanesh Motah17 hours ago
  • The belly button omfg

    Summerx bluxSummerx blux18 hours ago
  • *F R E E W I F I*

    i wanna be in londoni wanna be in london20 hours ago
  • My dad has a brain tumer

    Maddi_bananaMaddi_banana20 hours ago
  • I ain’t going to the funeral if one of my relatives makes a list like that

    HarlowHarlow22 hours ago
  • man instead of talking about things when you die as if you'll be able to attend it or change it if anything goes wrong, start selling sea shells off the sea shores before you die and you'll get whatever you demand

    halfasianboi69halfasianboi6923 hours ago
  • “ I want everybody doing shots” “ preferably out of my belly button”

    Fairy • CottageFairy • Cottage23 hours ago

    SoulDanceHDSoulDanceHDDay ago
  • Fucking bud tender. This girls level of progressive thinking is the hottest said ice seen all year.

    Joshua EdwardsJoshua EdwardsDay ago
  • Dixita here,I think she has kids, so may she live a long healthy life 💖🧿gbu

    Omprakash1877Omprakash1877Day ago
  • You are remarkable. Thank you for the smiles, gorgeous!

    Kimberly Elizabeth ClaradyKimberly Elizabeth ClaradyDay ago
  • *To see who’s next* I-

    Jane YoungJane YoungDay ago
  • At least she aceptes her future..?

    Domenica ZumaetaDomenica ZumaetaDay ago
  • “pass me around”

    Blues FanBlues FanDay ago
  • The kid: I peed my pants😂

    Elijah HsaElijah HsaDay ago
  • How attention seeking

    connie archerconnie archer2 days ago
  • fuck YEAH

    JuniorologyJuniorology2 days ago
  • UPDATE⚠️UPDATE⚠️UPDATE⚠️ I follow her on TikTok & she just found out last week her tumor is gone!!

    •Blonde & Boujee••Blonde & Boujee•2 days ago
  • No good

    MsLaleeLooMsLaleeLoo2 days ago
  • Hold up so we can’t come

    Nathan YuNathan Yu2 days ago
  • Hold up you want everyone doing shots out your belly button I feel like that’s disrespectful to the corpse but if you want

    Nathan YuNathan Yu2 days ago
  • It's amazing how she already accepted her death

    Enixel SeyerEnixel Seyer2 days ago
  • I’m definitely not going to your funeral

    Nolan BrownNolan Brown2 days ago
  • This makes me sad

    Scrims_drxpz.A IGScrims_drxpz.A IG2 days ago
  • And what are you going to do, come back from the dead to stop us

    Your MumYour Mum2 days ago
  • It is the only way

    Air VolwoAir Volwo2 days ago
  • I’m all for body shots but not on a dead body especially if others are doing it too

    Vince MadarangVince Madarang2 days ago
  • Day of mourning: Everyone walks out in hot pink

    Wesley MischleyWesley Mischley2 days ago
  • I actually wore light pink to a funeral before

    Katherine PetruzziKatherine Petruzzi2 days ago
  • Hopefully she's lost at sea or never found classic

    rhys R-Erhys R-E2 days ago
  • Yeah... I'm gonna go with no...just no

    gaugetunedXgaugetunedX3 days ago
  • I love this!!! That baby is precious!!!

    Tabatha SmithTabatha Smith3 days ago
  • I just want to play "Somewhere over the rainbow"

    MelissaMelissa3 days ago
  • I’ve had an extremely stressful few days. Stuff like this helps me realize my problems are insignificant. I think I got the strength to keep going for a while now.

    King MKing M3 days ago
  • Regardless.. I'll be praying for you.

    Lewis LopezLewis Lopez3 days ago
  • You will survive and get a positive mindset stay strong the lord has your back ! Ill keep u in my prayers ! 💗

    Romancetea CupRomancetea Cup3 days ago
  • What made you go to the doctor for the first time? Was it even related to anything with the tumor? First time seeing you. Curious.

    Kale BootyKale Booty3 days ago
  • Anybody else want the "swing down from the ceiling tied in rave lights" funeral option? Asking for a friend

    DillaSoul22DillaSoul223 days ago
  • Everyone’s making memes about this :/ It’s not really cool for her kids

    Simply OtakuSimply Otaku3 days ago
  • The baby peed in his diaper😆😆😆😆😆💜

    Melany SaundersMelany Saunders3 days ago

    Manny the MammothManny the Mammoth3 days ago
  • Nobody is going to that funeral

    marlong danomarlong dano3 days ago
    • Bitch i am

      0 10 12 days ago
  • Asking to much... your dead watcha gonna do get up 😂just tell people to show up if they want and hopefully they do and show respect but I could honestly care less what they do with my body after I die go feed me to some animals if you have to ion care I’m dead

    Zele puzaZele puza3 days ago
  • What’s her name???

    Jelena JakonićJelena Jakonić3 days ago
  • Yeah I don’t think people will do that

    Keanna Cookie18Keanna Cookie183 days ago
  • I want the dancing funeral guys to bury me

    Sad CoconutSad Coconut3 days ago
  • morning? How horribly sad what a beautiful young life and shes wprring about death already. Fuck me.

    Olivia mOlivia m4 days ago
  • This actually sounds nice because when you die you will be surrounded by the things you want to be around

    Ashton WillsAshton Wills4 days ago
  • We need to meet these standards or she's not coming!

    Xbox ProfessionalXbox Professional4 days ago
  • I cant stop laughing at the "I peed my pants" part 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    GamingZane09 2468GamingZane09 24684 days ago
  • I’m so sorry. I hope you get exactly what you want

    Robin RubendunstRobin Rubendunst4 days ago
  • Try the carnivore diet

    Bob NarleyBob Narley4 days ago
  • This is kinda wholesome and sad at the same time

    Markus BrynMarkus Bryn4 days ago
  • If my family does not play Fuyo no Hanashi at my funeral in my honor I will personally rise from my grave and choke the next person I see.

    AniMaskAniMask4 days ago
  • I hope she got money cuz that sounds too expensive

    Emelia FerreroEmelia Ferrero4 days ago
  • Hopefully this woman lives a very long life and realizes the sheer degeneracy of her thought processes and subsequent funeral plans.

    Evan BuckleyEvan Buckley4 days ago
  • Just say you're fucking psychotic 😂

    Cali_boyCali_boy4 days ago
  • Jesus wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Aya AliouaAya Alioua4 days ago
  • I like the irony, most people shpuld be like her

  • I don't think anyone is gonna try to catch that bouquet.. and if they do try to catch it, well you might wanna make sure their okay..

    mochimoe harumochimoe haru4 days ago
  • I only have one thing... I want the song "Highway to hell" to be playing or my friends to do the WAP on my casket

    Emma ._.Emma ._.4 days ago
  • Does anyone know her TikTok? She sounds so sweet and I wanna give her a follow

    Bruno Last nameBruno Last name4 days ago
  • She has an awesome way of thinking about her day!! I always say that I want my funeral to be a celebration and I have a huge sense of humor so it has to be fun and full of laughter!! I rather ppl remember how much I love laughing and having a great time!!

    Jessica -aka JessaNaeJessica -aka JessaNae4 days ago
  • no ones going to that shit LMAO

    Planetaryobiii 2.0Planetaryobiii 2.04 days ago
  • This woman is a mother.

    Chris CarterChris Carter5 days ago
  • Wow She is intelligent

    SieraSimpySieraSimpy5 days ago
  • Statue in her honor like hell they will do that

    Dz ZenokDz Zenok5 days ago
  • I’m not gonna go to a fucking funeral where a DEAD person is telling my what to do

    blueitsme23blueitsme235 days ago
  • Yeah fuck all that

    Pro fessorPro fessor5 days ago
  • She ain't gonna die anytime soon.... Which is bad... Because the tumour is gonna change who she is...

    LightsfeedLightsfeed5 days ago
  • They gonna come in dressed like lil nas x

    Dog deep fried in oil until evenly golden and crispDog deep fried in oil until evenly golden and crisp5 days ago
  • I watched half of this and I hate her already

    Sumner SmithSumner Smith5 days ago
  • Forget the instructions,Give yourself to Jesus Acts 2:38

    Veronica ServinVeronica Servin5 days ago
  • Hopefully it’s fake

    Dirtbikeboy_19_38 YzforlifeDirtbikeboy_19_38 Yzforlife5 days ago
  • This is definitely a joke, right?

    Scout WrightScout Wright5 days ago
  • She’s someone’s mom!?😩🥴

    DareYaDareYa5 days ago
  • Yeah my fam would just puts u in a box foatin down a rice like grandma

    future famefuture fame6 days ago
  • When I die, I want someone to body slam my corpse into a hole, toss in fireworks, and shoot them with a lit arrow

    ノホモノホモ6 days ago
  • I can definitely tell no one cares what u say or think currently, let alone when you're dead

    LebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWinLebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWin6 days ago
  • Funerals are for the living.

    WarriorFromTheFireWarriorFromTheFire6 days ago
  • My funeral will have coffin dance guys and a bar i want people to be happy i have moved to the after life

    Aidan NorthingtonAidan Northington6 days ago
  • Damn she’s going to be lonely asf at her funeral when no one shows

    Roy MartinRoy Martin6 days ago
  • Video: Purposefully cuts off at the part where she's going to say "free wifi."

    Tuckjess30 TTuckjess30 T6 days ago