I stole Rocket League YouTubers' video ideas & here's how they reacted

Nov 19, 2020
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This video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. Check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason
In the video, I asked @SunlessKhan and @MERTZY to record a video. Little did they know, I stole their exact video idea. Here's how they reacted.
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SunlessKhan's video: "I made it IMPOSSIBLE to score in Rocket League and bet PROS $100" usworlds.info/slow/video/gaSLZK2dnaV-o6k
Mertzy's video: "Rocket League tournament but the first goal wins the game" usworlds.info/slow/video/hpulj6TKrIOgoak
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  • this video is sponsored by Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason. check out the game here: bit.ly/SBT-Preseason

    amustycowamustycow2 months ago
    • @Chase Mcginnis you tilt your car 90 degrees down then a again for the flick 🙂

      Ozza GamingOzza Gaming2 days ago
    • Hey I love your videos can u teach me how to do a musty flick

      Chase McginnisChase Mcginnis2 days ago
    • musty why does you discord need my phone number i do not even have a phone because i am 10 but i am a huge fan

      Mustansar ahmadMustansar ahmad11 days ago
    • Pls shout me out musty as I small USworldsr Love your vids

      Ozza GamingOzza Gaming23 days ago
    • Musty honestly don’t think he should be nrg

      Srky.Srky.26 days ago
  • Plot twist: Musty did this with everyone and accidentaly ripped of Mertzy and Khan and he is using this video as an excuse

    MocileMocile3 hours ago
  • I love your channel and im subscribed can i be your rocket League friend pls? My PS4 name is troubleshooterjm pls be my friend!

    Brett Van Der HoornBrett Van Der Hoorn4 hours ago
  • 9:13 bruh he was so mad😂🤣

    IamPeter 123IamPeter 1239 hours ago
  • Sunless was not having it 😂

    Um LiamUm Liam17 hours ago
  • sunless was pissing me off ngl 💀

    Morbid ElmMorbid Elm22 hours ago
  • Bruh if any video has got to do with sunless he always comments

    KB GamingKB GamingDay ago
  • Sunless is so rude even tho u took it he was messing it up so if u were to actually post it it would be bad

    Suzanne NofalSuzanne NofalDay ago
  • Poor sunless 😹😹😹

    Julio SierraJulio SierraDay ago
  • You are becoming morgz

    Eli StonehillEli StonehillDay ago
  • Hi musty I love your content

    SB - 06NG 778126 Dolson PSSB - 06NG 778126 Dolson PSDay ago
  • Lol “the mechanical shop”

    Eli CabadingEli Cabading2 days ago
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    Dill DogDill Dog3 days ago
  • hello

    Lucky DuckyLucky Ducky4 days ago
  • Dude me and my friend always set up tournaments with the CRAZIEST mutators on and we haven't seen Mertzy's video and even before I came across it we were doing the 1 goal wins thing

    Nikhil GourisettyNikhil Gourisetty4 days ago
  • Play bad and play 2v2 with squishy or a pro

    Jstacks CAJstacks CA4 days ago
  • I was the hacker :O

    Bartek SzwarcBartek Szwarc5 days ago
  • Ur my fav USworldsr anyways

    Jammie tronJammie tron5 days ago
  • Do a flip

    OrigamiNoob103OrigamiNoob1035 days ago
  • Kiss 😘

    Mason TaylorMason Taylor5 days ago
  • Musty I luv u 🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮

    Mason TaylorMason Taylor5 days ago
  • Sunless is so petty

    Little EgitLittle Egit6 days ago
  • How long ago did you record this

    Gr3nch gamingGr3nch gaming6 days ago
  • dude i cringed from how rude you appeared to them

    Kobi LemonisKobi Lemonis6 days ago
  • Sunless khan I hear u being sarcastic

    Naduah GamingNaduah Gaming7 days ago
  • Musty says that if you watch Mertzy or sunlesskhan this is the video for you so I watch must more than them so I click off the vid because the vid is not for me Jk lol

    JimbobJimbob7 days ago
  • The icky crate consistently colour because objective affectively crash till a quick armenian. adventurous, wise receipt

    Huge ScheerHuge Scheer8 days ago
  • Musty is so good at playing dumb

    Noah Elliot Kamp TeglgårdNoah Elliot Kamp Teglgård8 days ago
  • Khan was so mad😂

    Biya GamachuBiya Gamachu10 days ago
  • This is no different than normal... u always do that

    Chips 7Chips 710 days ago
  • Hey look we saw mertzy face blur that out next time🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

    Keymah HopeKeymah Hope10 days ago
  • why does your discord need a phone number because i have no phone and i am nine and a big fan

    Mustansar ahmadMustansar ahmad11 days ago
  • i am so bad at rocket league it’s so unfair I literally have 8 WHOLE hours on the game

    gmt_gr1fff1nngmt_gr1fff1nn11 days ago

    Isaac CifuentesIsaac Cifuentes12 days ago
  • The wrathful woolen thankfully itch because bamboo typically kick plus a jaded beggar. irritating, scrawny yellow

    Brandon ChoncekBrandon Choncek12 days ago

    Pia KeytPia Keyt12 days ago
  • This means war to sunless

    The golden OrbThe golden Orb13 days ago
  • the sponsor in the beginning of the video really took stealing ideas to a new level 💀

    704Mystic704Mystic13 days ago
  • lol sunless was so mad at u

    Lukas BorowskyLukas Borowsky13 days ago
  • I love their sarcasm lol

    Dudley The AnimatorDudley The Animator13 days ago
  • What does it mean when the opponent asks for a sign?

    Samun JuniorSamun Junior13 days ago
  • 2:03 start of action

    Greydon MeyersGreydon Meyers13 days ago
  • This is big brain he gets to steal the idea and do a collab therefore gaining more clout from it this dudes big brain

    Leland RLeland R15 days ago
  • 2mil

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    Rugger 13Rugger 1316 days ago
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    wilder sharpwilder sharp16 days ago
  • Bru

    TigerPlaysTigerPlays17 days ago
  • Lmao sunless trolling you is the best thing evee

    Alejandro PerretAlejandro Perret18 days ago
  • i like mertzy was genuinely loving the game

    sxthysxthy18 days ago
  • but it was all a prank he copied Mertyz when he said prank video would be good

    Leo HarringtonLeo Harrington18 days ago
  • sunless was sitting at his computer the whole time like >:(

    That One Sentient DonutThat One Sentient Donut18 days ago
  • First 2021 musty comment

    TaNGenTTaNGenT18 days ago
  • sunless was pissed

    Void BTWVoid BTW19 days ago
  • That was funny 😂😂

    OMGitscj92OMGitscj9219 days ago
  • Häh es ist nur ne breze

    Valentin MüllerValentin Müller19 days ago
  • Musty what devises you can play super bb

    palicutie89palicutie8919 days ago
  • Claim your might be 1 millionth viewer ticket right now

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  • Almost 1m views

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    Zach Plays RobloxZach Plays Roblox20 days ago
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    Sonny UploadsSonny Uploads20 days ago
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    Ga ShiarGa Shiar20 days ago
  • Hi sunless and go mertzy I subscribed in yours Chanel sunless and mertzy

    Ga ShiarGa Shiar20 days ago
  • I started playing raid shadow legends

    Carter WilliamsCarter Williams20 days ago
  • I HATE U MUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gx3_FIREGx3_FIRE21 day ago
  • 7:51 does anyone know what wheels those are?

    XxXTØXINXxX xXxXTØXINXxX x21 day ago
  • Ok but super buckyball is LITERALLY a rocket league ripoff

    hazz4rdhazz4rd21 day ago
  • sunles he did it again

    Tyler HolderTyler Holder22 days ago
  • Hacker: should I hack the FBI? Should I hack the Chinese government? Nah. In gonna hack sunless khans computer and install mods

    YesYes22 days ago
  • Sunless trolling musty is GOLDEN

    六 LaZy Chief 九六 LaZy Chief 九23 days ago
  • Musty looks nothing like how he sounds

    KodredCudKodredCud24 days ago
  • alternate title: sunless pranking musty while musty thinks hes pranking sunless

    ArsdeArsde24 days ago
  • But I'm a big fan

    Brenda RamosBrenda Ramos25 days ago
  • That's messed up musty

    Brenda RamosBrenda Ramos25 days ago
  • 7:28 sunless trolling part 1 8:49 sunless trying to hold it in

    1 million subs without any videos challenge1 million subs without any videos challenge26 days ago
  • Sunless was killing me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1 million subs without any videos challenge1 million subs without any videos challenge26 days ago
  • That game is literally rocket league with persons

    8D Theme Songs8D Theme Songs26 days ago
  • I knew they knew, when they said ”oh wow... i wish i would have thought of that...”

    NerfyNerfy26 days ago
  • ””Nah i dont click a musty’s videos” if this is you...” if they dont click ur videos then why would they click this?????

    NerfyNerfy26 days ago
  • can anyone help me? what map is it at 12:14 ?

    EchoLFTEchoLFT27 days ago
  • lol he stole people ideAS WHICH IS WRATH

    Teena VargheseTeena Varghese27 days ago
  • Wowowowowow

    Al swAl sw27 days ago
  • Sunless was pissed at the end 🤣🤣

    SquiggaSquigga27 days ago
  • He said only if your better at the game I am like LOL

    yeeter boyyeeter boy27 days ago
  • Musty your amazing! Can i get a shoutout? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Abshir MohamedAbshir Mohamed29 days ago
  • Mertzy complaining about 180 ping Me: 990 ping

    ThePlainBagelThePlainBagel29 days ago
  • I have learned the musty flick too easy for me

    Nick MoserNick MoserMonth ago
  • Haha

    Cooper KelseyCooper KelseyMonth ago
  • Like a freakin married couple out here

    Recruit_Life07Recruit_Life07Month ago
  • Musty almost 2 mil

    Paola CamaraPaola CamaraMonth ago
  • This is the stupidest video you've ever made and I love it

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