I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

Oct 14, 2020
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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • This is why everyone loves pokimon for f*cking money bro im buyying it what im buyying it

    Official JhazzerOfficial Jhazzer5 hours ago
  • Imagine having money.

    MopePlayer TheProMopePlayer ThePro5 hours ago
  • Hello 2🇹🇷😉😉😉🇹🇷🇹🇷

    laz alilaz ali5 hours ago
  • why don't you give lana rhoades for the card

    andrea.ruscicaandrea.ruscica5 hours ago

    Anany MunshiAnany Munshi5 hours ago
  • Who misses ginger that giant

    Amc CgAmc Cg5 hours ago
  • Such an exciting video. By the way, loved your podcast with Sadhguru. Keep up the great work.

    Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi5 hours ago
  • U guys are slowly turning me into a Pokemon Card Addict .

    Tejas SujithTejas Sujith5 hours ago
  • i love how Lana is just chilling on the couch drinking coffee

    StewyTheRatStewyTheRat5 hours ago
  • Good jesus Logan..

    Tunan EzganTunan Ezgan5 hours ago
  • Steak dinner for him tonight or all year!!!🥳

    All She KnowsAll She Knows5 hours ago
    • imagine Lhana roades is in your house

      Soinas DoyiSoinas Doyi5 hours ago
  • Hahaha persuasion Logan tell me what your heart feels right now 🤣 claps

    All She KnowsAll She Knows5 hours ago
  • Smacks hand for even looking

    All She KnowsAll She Knows5 hours ago
  • People wil break in his house and only steel pokémon cards

    Chandler BockChandler Bock5 hours ago
  • Do you guys think I'm mad to buy all these pokémon cards ? 😎

    Logan PaulLogan Paul5 hours ago
  • Looks like these stupid cards cost Logan the most beautiful woman on earth! Don't play with cards kids!

    explicitcorpexplicitcorp5 hours ago
  • Lol the profits he made from that live box opening was way more than enough to pay for this card... So technically it was free 😂

    explicitcorpexplicitcorp5 hours ago
  • Is it only me looking at lana 😂

    king Zombi-_-king Zombi-_-5 hours ago
  • Pawn shop be like: *rage to a other level because the charizard card sell for 5 mil*

    dragon boydragon boy5 hours ago
  • Really enjoy watching your videos Bruh their fire 🔥 your the reason why samara and I started USworlds with our couples channel thanks again bro your the best

    Jay and Samara J&SFamilyJay and Samara J&SFamily5 hours ago
  • U value eminem less than drake? Hmm no

    LerauxLeraux6 hours ago
  • Trade with Isiah Photo

    Juan FernandezJuan Fernandez6 hours ago
  • Omg I don't give a shit!!!

    my play time yaymy play time yay6 hours ago
  • Logan Paul is like ash no cap, he deserves it

    LerauxLeraux6 hours ago
  • imagine Lhana roades is in your house

    ShapeshifterShapeshifter6 hours ago
  • Plz change your pfp to now how you look like plz :D

    Itsjust TMItsjust TM6 hours ago
  • Man Pokemon cards becoming too much, not everyone likes it or wait I love pawn stars show NVm

    LerauxLeraux6 hours ago
  • Them with the Barbie’s got me

    Nick AtkinsNick Atkins6 hours ago
  • Logan I will trade yellow cheeks Pikachu holo

    Owen BlakelyOwen Blakely6 hours ago
  • Omg I have one of the one you said was rare

    Jaiden WiyrickJaiden Wiyrick6 hours ago
  • I saw a Pokémon go ad during this video😂😂😂😂😂

    Super JackSuper Jack6 hours ago
  • Yo didn't logic spend like a quarter mill on one?

    Cody ChristensenCody Christensen6 hours ago
  • Nice vid!!! But PLEASE SHAVE YOUR FU#%ING BEARD lol.

    Joy TimberlakeJoy Timberlake6 hours ago
  • Jak się nazywa dziewczyny która koło niego siedzi

    oltympololtympol6 hours ago
  • just trade Lana

    Matthijs L2 MNLMatthijs L2 MNL6 hours ago
  • Help me reach 50 subs the support will mean a lot

    Lucas CresswellLucas Cresswell6 hours ago
  • Love this pokemon content! Watching it the 3rd time :) pokemon is love!

    Jack Headshot ONeillJack Headshot ONeill6 hours ago
  • $150,000 = nothing

    Will StenglWill Stengl6 hours ago
  • Lana doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about what just went down

    SnoipzSnoipz7 hours ago
  • I have one

    Jacob BarronJacob Barron7 hours ago
  • Lana is in the back like 👁👄👁

    Hydra Gh0stHydra Gh0st7 hours ago
  • I’m proud of Gary for selling his ps4

    Mr_muff1nman PlaysMr_muff1nman Plays7 hours ago
  • And money can't buy happiness...

    Allan Gonçalves Gomes OricilAllan Gonçalves Gomes Oricil7 hours ago
  • It’s like he was asking the man out

    Christian EvansChristian Evans7 hours ago
  • Hey Logan you should start collecting pokemon plushies, go all the way.

    THE GUYTHE GUY7 hours ago
  • Imagine the power you'd feel turning down offers from Justin Bieber, Gary Vee etc. I understand why he isn't selling

    GrandWhishGrandWhish7 hours ago
  • Would sell 6 out of 7 without a doubt

  • I am personally a KSI fan and not the biggest fan of Logan but what he is doing with the Pokemon community is amazing. Respect to Logan and Gary :)

    El Mago 21El Mago 218 hours ago
  • Love how lana doesnt give a shirt about logan getting a psa 10, just sitting there sipping coffee. I think alot of people can relate to her

    JJ SJJ S8 hours ago
  • Logan Paulkèmon

    Minecraft GamingMinecraft Gaming8 hours ago
  • I really hated this fucker but now his content has gotten better.

    JayJayYesYTJayJayYesYT8 hours ago
  • haha lol never bought an lambo

    Jyotin DasJyotin Das8 hours ago
  • Wow u change

    JuSt_ NATHANJuSt_ NATHAN8 hours ago
  • imagine buying a Pokémon card.

    ExorelisExorelis8 hours ago
  • u look like a lepricon

    102. .clavilux102. .clavilux8 hours ago
  • Logan has turned into a monster who would spend 150000 on one card

    zevi76zevi768 hours ago
  • Have it free for lana

    MortimerMortimer8 hours ago
  • clickbait

    ZylnoxZylnox8 hours ago
  • 8:02 Lana at the back.. Not giving a flying f*ck!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sajid Tahsin KhanSajid Tahsin Khan9 hours ago
  • quality vid

    prod. BOY WANTEDprod. BOY WANTED9 hours ago
  • ksi gang wya? ;)

    Youtube RevrseYoutube Revrse9 hours ago
  • How in the actual hell is Logan not broke yet in the last video , not the live stream, he spent 200,000 dollars the frick

    LimzgamingLimzgaming9 hours ago
  • Wait what i have that card

    LynxicLynxic9 hours ago
  • F you l'on gan pule

    Haitam MinyaouiHaitam Minyaoui9 hours ago
  • P

    Qtryoyo AlmalkiQtryoyo Almalki9 hours ago
  • Pawn stars and porn stars collide all in one video

    CoopsCoops9 hours ago
  • Ahh i already have that card

    NuB: SHADOWNuB: SHADOW9 hours ago
  • Lana just chillin in the back

    Flip DijksterhuisFlip Dijksterhuis9 hours ago
  • Lol the pornstar just there like w..t...f haha

    Todd J A LaneTodd J A Lane9 hours ago
  • logan i have a quest for you I want you to travel to an Arab city and learn what they do

    fasoolm99 almenaififasoolm99 almenaifi10 hours ago
  • What understand I meant that you haven’t uploaded you thousand years you have a lovely like please just upload I like your videos

    Itz Lina playz ytItz Lina playz yt10 hours ago
  • Did anyone hear about the kid that stabbed a police officer while wearing Logan Paul merch ?

    NathanNathan10 hours ago
  • I think that kids happiest to see Lana Rhoades sitting on his couch

    SalmonSalmon10 hours ago
  • I thought Logan has changed then he started dabbing

    Dean WallisDean Wallis10 hours ago
  • what happend to your girl

    YouTube BallenYouTube Ballen10 hours ago
  • Normal people go bankrupt: Bruh now we will be homeless and have the worst life ever. Pokémon card collectors: Dude I am gonna sell a bunch of card and be a millionaire

    Ramita WaliaRamita Walia10 hours ago
    • Yeah wtf why pokimon, shitty anime i ever seen

      Rustam BlackRustam Black7 hours ago
  • Logan can you find the homeless man that you mad a video with I want to see how he is🙏pls

    Anthony SaucedaAnthony Sauceda10 hours ago
  • Nice

    Jashan Singh virdiJashan Singh virdi10 hours ago
  • it's really sad he is making fire content and most entertaining on USworlds and all he gets is 4.8 million views in 4 days. it's really unfair...

    Giorgi LomaiaGiorgi Lomaia10 hours ago
  • By selling a Charizard for $150,000 he's probably just pushed up the price of his other 6 Charizards ?

    DunkskinsDunkskins10 hours ago
  • i got old pokemon cards 8 yrs ago when i was 6 and those got torn apart by my brother 2 yrs after.. And I was collecting those :< 😭

    Jio Brent V. NunagJio Brent V. Nunag11 hours ago

    Amirul Rifqi AnimationAmirul Rifqi Animation11 hours ago

    Nicholas TohNicholas Toh11 hours ago
  • So he dose Pokémon now wtf

    Pretzel stickPretzel stick12 hours ago
  • He kept looking at lana

    Jesus RamosJesus Ramos12 hours ago
  • New to the channel, not subbed, just heard Logan is doing Pokemon cards now and that blows my mind. Question though. Is that Lana girl okay? The entire video she looked fucking out of it man, like when everyone was celebrating she fucking jumped out of her skin, like she wasn't even in the room lol. No hate, genuine curiosity.

    TheTommygee37TheTommygee3712 hours ago
  • Garry should put these cards in a safe or a deposit box

    Los Marios on CocainosLos Marios on Cocainos12 hours ago
  • Such a cool vid super intense $150k id sell!

    Toyboyzink TVToyboyzink TV12 hours ago
  • Gary is the best Pokémon card collectioter

    Olive GreenOlive Green12 hours ago
  • i have a mega charizard EX

    T. NikoraT. Nikora12 hours ago
  • I said Rick was stupid always for not buying all those that day

    Jags Fan69Jags Fan6912 hours ago

    LucidDripLucidDrip12 hours ago
  • Yo bro nice but yeh Covid-19 left the chat.

    HamoudHamoud12 hours ago
  • I had a shiny charizard

    Young HomiezYoung Homiez12 hours ago
  • When are you going to go to those kids

    Brenan HernandezBrenan Hernandez12 hours ago
  • Ofc my dumbass got rid of all my Pokémon from 2008 and before 3 years ago🤦🏽‍♂️

    Maddux Taylor - MxTxpeMaddux Taylor - MxTxpe12 hours ago
  • I’ve had this card in my hands once, damn didn’t know they go for this much right now..

    Real FreshReal Fresh13 hours ago
  • He just set the bar for card prices.

    Tiger EyeTiger Eye13 hours ago
  • where the mask tho?

    Maxence CoumMaxence Coum13 hours ago
  • Chief keef dropping status video

    Movie WorldMovie World13 hours ago