I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER

Feb 17, 2021
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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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    Davie504Davie50418 days ago
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    • Sei un grande

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    • god 504

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    • Stay funky bro

      fateh zakifateh zaki17 days ago
    • You’re the man Davie! Keep up the great content, seriously we all love your videos!

      Erick WilcoxErick Wilcox17 days ago
  • I love your videos dude don't give your amazing

    chevar williamschevar williamsHour ago
  • this video is both real af and hilarious af at the same time , thats my favorite thing about Davies shitposting --- for as absurd as it gets theres usually a good point in all of it

    Kev SmithKev SmithHour ago
  • So much respect for u bro! I think I can tell for all the musicians out there. Thank you for do what u do! Brazil loves u!

    thiago sacomanthiago sacoman2 hours ago
  • Dude seriously has Sylvester Stallone's eyes

    killwalker 2019killwalker 20193 hours ago
  • I Love you always Davie

    Lander LimbagoLander Limbago3 hours ago
  • stay funky davie

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  • Love from INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Why don't u make a '24 hrs character swap challenge with ur gf'..like u act like ur gf while making YT videos and ur gf will accompany u acting like u do.. SLAPPING BASS OFC...BTW I love ur videoa..will always support ya so don't lose motivation ❤️

    Rongina BorgoyaryRongina Borgoyary4 hours ago
  • Per i 10 mln di iscritti, fai un video totalmente in italiano senza neanche dire una parola in inglese?


    Giacomo MaioranoGiacomo Maiorano4 hours ago
  • So much truth, thanks Davie! Stay strong mate!

    Colo NelColo Nel5 hours ago
  • This is a very wholesome video. I like wholesome videos. Slapped like.

    Carlo DechosaCarlo Dechosa10 hours ago
  • We love you Davie!!! Coming from an oil paint artist, we all hit creative stops sometime! Find inspiration in doing what you love most! Go get a fresh of breath air at the top of a hill, we appreciate you working and releasing content, but remember life isn’t all about work!

    albertpaintsalbertpaints10 hours ago
  • Dave just for this time when you slap me, I will give you a high five!

    Sam YangSam Yang11 hours ago
  • Davie, you're awesome! Rock on brother. We still love your jokes even if we aren't here as often :) Ciao ciao~

    sexypekksexypekk11 hours ago
  • Davie, you probably won't read this as I'ce only ever made one other comment on your videos and you get a lot of comments from your massive audience. But I just wanted to say keep at it man. I dont have an audience like you, yet there are lots of people who look up to me and are so impressed by what i do. The internet is a harsh place and it's very disappointing when people don't respond to what you do. I see how it can be scary on your level where everything you do is judged and so much goes into everything you do. I always wondered how I'd handle being on stage for the first time in front of all those faces, and maybe it'll happen one day. I'm blathering, but the point is I'm a big fan, and there are many silent lurkers like myself loving your content, being encouraged by what you do, and looking forward to your upcoming content. Never let the stress get to ya man.

    Joshua BjorkJoshua Bjork11 hours ago
  • Me 😂 at 5:58

    Nursyahirah zailaniNursyahirah zailani12 hours ago
  • Keep up the good work man, the vies are gonna come fast or slow. I just came back after youtube stopped putting your videos to my front page and I've been watching all the new content. No pressure, do what ever you like, it's great! Couple ideas: - Collabs are always fun. I'd love to see really high concept original songs with you Rob Scallon and Andrew Wong. - You're super talented, but you could always be better, so videos where you try to improve your playing, like looking at the masters and learning. Would probably gather less views than some trendy video, but so what? - I'd like to see some original music, some really high concept stuff that can only be played with massive talent that you have. - Street playing(collab?). Quarantine people need some cheer. Gather a band and make it happen. - You have enough subs to have some real influence(which is all that matters nowadays), so try to do something with that? Contact a studio or a celeb and offer to use your platform and make them a theme song or whatever. - Find more weird bass-instruments and play them. Or make a new one. "The bass that shouldn't be feat Colin Furze"

    Pyry ParkkolaPyry Parkkola12 hours ago
  • Hi Davie, the lower views etc is caused by change in algorithm of youtube. It was discussed by other youtuber as well

    Goya MooGoya Moo12 hours ago
  • "I don't get a lot of views" this video: 3 M I L L I O N V I E W S

    Luke JoeLuke Joe12 hours ago
  • Come to Brazil XD

    CarlCarl13 hours ago
  • Thank you bro for what you are doing all these years 🔥🙏

    Максим ПедченкоМаксим Педченко14 hours ago
  • I really enjoyed your real personality I think that you did great on this video.

    Illuminati ConfirmedIlluminati Confirmed15 hours ago
  • I never knew u were this inspirational Davie504

    Gamer504Gamer50415 hours ago
  • DAVIE: My uncle once said with great power comes great responsibility

    SansSans15 hours ago
  • Maybe keep doing what you do for fun, and don't look at the numbers so much? Just HAVE FUN because I know I am when I watch your videos!

    burnoutntburnoutnt16 hours ago
  • wait a minute.. are you peter parker?

    Technowday IDTechnowday ID16 hours ago
  • You should do more content with other musicians on USworlds

    Stefan BiedronkaStefan Biedronka16 hours ago
  • Probably the most touching video you've ever made. Stay true, man.

    goatghostgoatghost17 hours ago
  • I love the content. I don't know why I never get recommended your videos! I thought you left youtube along time ago :(.

    HalabolyHalaboly18 hours ago
  • touching on every level!

    No ReturnNo Return18 hours ago
  • quality not quantity

    AloyVeraAloyVera18 hours ago
  • Well, sure, if you don't upload something interesting, it won't get any views. But you're forgetting the most important part: You got those views to begin with for making content you wanted to make. You cater to your viewers by uploading whatever you want, not by uploading things you think they want to see.

    J BJ B18 hours ago
  • This is really neat. I just ran across your channel through the ukulele challenge and watched a couple of videos before seeing this one. It's cool to see beyond the persona (which is also fun). Thank you for sharing! I really liked what you said about the hate. It's so unfortunate. I hope you'll occasionally let your personality show through like this in other videos to add that extra richness and reality to your channel and make people see that there is more to everything than what they see on the surface.

    Laurie SwensonLaurie Swenson18 hours ago
  • 3:27 i honestly thought he was going to say "big booty bitches"

    Cheesy RetzCheesy Retz18 hours ago
  • Can I have a Bass for my birthday? I want to make you proud. 🥲

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • 7:54 maybe try playing guitar? 🎸

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • Davie , please send me Bass 🙏

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • 6:07 Those fucking bastards!!!

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • Wow 1.4 Trillion!!!! Overall views!!!!

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • I’ll admit ...I stopped watching you for a few months.

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • 3:13 “it’s all my fault “

    Michael SuperbackerMichael Superbacker19 hours ago
  • I appreciated this video because it was nice to see you care so much for your subscribers, and getting to see a different side of you for a change. I haven't been able to keep up seeing your content recently due to life, but I always enjoy your videos and always slap that like button! Lol I hope the future treats you well on this road to diamond! (litterally just saw this video 2 weeks later, but better late than never right?)

    Sam McCallSam McCall20 hours ago
  • U rock bro, its the 3er video i see. Greetings from Perú!

    Renzo Cano RoblesRenzo Cano Robles20 hours ago
  • This video is honest and beautiful

    sharpisharpsharpisharp20 hours ago
  • I've been watching your videos for a while now, always did like I do for great content : click the LIKE button... and I realized I never subscribed to your channel. This was actually pretty deep and nice to see your real personality. Stay true Man, here is a +1 subscriber right now on the path to 10M.

    FabgaceFabgace20 hours ago
  • This whole video has been like Therapy Time for me ❤😊 Do more THERAPY TIME, Davie!

    GronkGrunkGronkGrunk22 hours ago
  • 10 million subs are just on the way.... hope you will get through whatever you are facing in those tough times.... your fans are always with you 😁😁

    M IndushreeM Indushree22 hours ago
  • Video ideas - do a colab with India's music gods Zakir Hussain - do some try not to laugh challengies etc

    Akshay DhadweAkshay Dhadwe22 hours ago
  • foud it real cute for you to talk seriously about personal stuff the way u did, all the best and keep amazing us with new vids. respect from brazil.

    Davi ValinDavi Valin22 hours ago
  • Don't stress too much Davie. Your content is always great. Need to watch more of it in the future :)

    SolarphonicSolarphonic23 hours ago
  • What would happen if Davie wasn't a bass player but a violinist?

    dunjrenk pake Kdunjrenk pake K23 hours ago
  • Also Marriage at ten million subs, pregnancy at 11 million?

    Mister SkarMister Skar23 hours ago
    • im disgusted

      ColdSoda #0959ColdSoda #095919 hours ago

    Mister SkarMister Skar23 hours ago
  • Imagine Davie504 vs Metaforando.

    KitnekobrKitnekobr23 hours ago
  • I love davie ❤️

    Noob GamerNoob Gamer23 hours ago
  • Sending love and good vibes your way. The love will always outweigh the hate, I pray for the world to be a better place for tomorrow

    hoodheisenberghoodheisenbergDay ago
  • David *imgoingbacktofiveofiveeeee*

    shit botshit botDay ago
  • You are a great musician Davie,. That is a great gift in itself. For you to share this personal thing with everyone is another great gift , you seem extremely genuine and humble. Enjoy that blessing Davie.

    Peter HumphriesPeter HumphriesDay ago
  • I kinda would like to see more videos if your bass playing. Such as the 24 string bass, 12 string bass and so forth.

    ZacTheGospelSinger 247ZacTheGospelSinger 247Day ago
  • Nice guy, nice vids, nice 504, nice everything, you are an inspiration for many people and you have the support of them so... don't ve afraid of falling cause you gonna rise up stronger and basser than before, still funky dude, you are the bass one

    Mr. HMr. HDay ago
  • I'm sorry that I did not watch your videos even I subbed you a year ago, I didn't even search you but the recommendations did make me watch your vid again. This kind of content did connect/become closer with your viewers including me and it also makes me happy to see this other side of yourself that can others relate to. Keep going, you got this!

    Aaron BajarAaron BajarDay ago
  • I really appreciate your genuine, honest insights here. Thanks!

    Jonathan CrandallJonathan CrandallDay ago
  • Love you buddy :)

    Brian TorresBrian TorresDay ago
  • good words from le best. one of my inspiration source. love from malaysia

    PdudeZZPdudeZZDay ago
  • Thank you Davie!

    Damjan CirilovicDamjan CirilovicDay ago
  • Stai attento che se la D’Urso scopre che sei italiano ti rapirà e ti intervisterà contro il tuo volere

    CheccoTrittico01CheccoTrittico01Day ago
  • Me watching this inspirational video while doing my homework I feel so comfortable and so Inspired cuz of davie

    hates guitarhates guitarDay ago
  • Hey man I just subbed to you! I love your content it’s really made me laugh and I even thought of slapping various house hold items in your honor. Ps thedooo was how I found you!

    Aaron KnudsonAaron KnudsonDay ago
  • its like me giving davie504 therapy time.

    The LoungeThe LoungeDay ago
  • The alterhuman community gives you all the support :3

    Fliegler does everythingFliegler does everythingDay ago
  • Maravilhoso David cinquenta quatro! Desculpa me, nao falar portugues por mais de vint e cinco anos. Voce e O melhor! Obrigado por voce muito bom videos! Slap!!!!!

    HandyHandyDay ago
  • It’s nice to know and see a real part of you. 😊 Keep slapping!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

    Jane BalubarJane BalubarDay ago
  • I really appreciate the fact that you made this video. Your content is great, and when I first saw your videos, it reinvigorated my want to learn bass, so you're definitely doing good things for the entire youtube community :)

    Antonio CornealAntonio CornealDay ago
  • Davie : * hates piano * Davie : * Proceed to use piano as background music * (p.s just tryna make ppl less sad)

    I uwu did something for onceI uwu did something for onceDay ago
  • thank you/ Спасибо.

    Николай МихайлинНиколай МихайлинDay ago
  • Thank you David for the inside look of where you are at. I love your content and will always... Slap. Like.

    Mouseman89Mouseman89Day ago
  • Any other youtuber: yo guys its ya boi Davie504: Russian accent

    cold cutscold cutsDay ago
  • Nice vid Davie! I don’t get ppl watching vids and push unlike. It’s ok to not like the vid, but why the hell have to push unlike? I think you’re on the right track that they feel very bad inside and perhaps feel better for trying to pull other down their level of un-happiness. I make guitar covers in my other very small channel and if I get even one unlike, that really makes me feel bad. All the time to take for learning the song properly and training it to get on the right speed is exhausting and time consuming. Few times thought why the heck even bother to keep channel. But all the good feed back feels so good and if you can help someone else to learn particular song, that feels even better. You’ve done fantastic job with your vids and made me smile and laugh so many times and I’m sure there are others too - few millions I’d say. Don’t underestimate that, you have and are bringing joy and happiness with your vids that crabs ppl out of their routine real world to enjoy something they want to see, Davie504. Keep up good work and remember to keep some time off of YT as well. How about doing some reaction vids of bass players? With your talent and knowhow that would be great to hear you analyses of players. Anyway, keep uo good work and take care! Greetings from Finland!

    VectorifixVectorifixDay ago
  • My second video, I noticed the similarity between you and Sylvester Stallone(of course with Italian blood that was expected) in the upper face. Already subscribed with the first I saw. I like what I've seen.

    John SmithJohn SmithDay ago
  • Remrie ArrieRemrie ArrieDay ago
  • I had 15 subs been 2months now 😟😟😳😳😳

    Lil_ peach GachaLil_ peach GachaDay ago
  • You give people hope!

    ChrasilisChrasilisDay ago
  • DUUUUUUDE! just talk about shit and give inspiration that´s all we are looking for!! OR JUST PLAY THE FKN BASSS!!!

    Atmospheric Wannabes!Atmospheric Wannabes!Day ago
  • Hey Davie. Just wanted to say that your videos were a welcome distraction from all the madness of 2020. You are an incredible musician and a hilarious youtuber. I practiced crazy amounts of bass due to your videos and I hope lots of other people have been motivated to play instruments more seriously because of you. Blessings from Houston, Texas.

    Ariel PaganAriel PaganDay ago
  • That was very nice, Davie. Thank you for sharing this. It is very Special.

    Jan UlzhöferJan UlzhöferDay ago
  • Love your video, it's always very funny!! And love therapy session...!! From your animebassme girl! xoxo

    Yurie HoyoyonYurie HoyoyonDay ago
  • I 100% respect the honesty in this video, even if it has been hard. Rock on, Davie!

    Time WizardTime WizardDay ago
  • i love this video i always see it when i feel bad

    Diego DiazDiego DiazDay ago
  • The only reason people are being haters to you is because there jealous or we're not happy with their lives right then just ignore all the people that dislike ur videos

    Love SchuetteLove SchuetteDay ago
  • Grazie per questo bellissimo video. Thanks for this wonderful video ❤

    Rose RoxysRose RoxysDay ago
  • You’re the man, Davie. We love you, dude. ❤️

    Bill FerriBill FerriDay ago
  • love it!!!

  • davies going back to 505

    EmEmDay ago
  • This was... the most real video ever. Major props, Davie. From a random internet stranger, I am proud of you.

    Jayson EsguerraJayson EsguerraDay ago
  • hey man, you’re awesome. such a talent.

    TheBroDomeTheBroDomeDay ago
  • I can't play any instrument, but somehow I managed to find you and thedooo, last year. Your presentation style is great to watch. Well done on the 9mil.

    dilithium72dilithium72Day ago
  • This video made me SLAP the sub button c:

    Ayrton UrviolaAyrton UrviolaDay ago
  • You don't slap other people? OMG 😯

    Mattbenjo C. CosicoMattbenjo C. CosicoDay ago