I Saw A Girl Turned Her Tank Top Into A Skirt tiktok trinnittyy

Apr 3, 2021
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#shorts #tiktok
I Saw A Girl Turned Her Tank Top Into A Skirt tiktok trinnittyy
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  • Sweetheart, please don’t dress like that. You’re super pretty and cute, but don’t present yourself like that and most of all do t be presenting yourself like that in video for the world to see. I don’t know how this popped up on my feed to see, but it did. That’s my point. You don’t know who will see this. As pretty as you are you’re going to attract the wrong sort of attention and dressing like that, you’re going to get the wrong sort of attention from boys around you too. If present yourself as an object, boys will se you as one and treat you as one. So please think of this and be careful how you present yourself. I know it’s not fair and that boys should learn to behave. But be safe. Don’t put the bait out for the ones who won’t behave. I hope you’ll listen to this. You’re clearly a smart girl and a really really pretty. Give yourself a chance to accomplish great things. Ok?

    S R CasticS R CasticMinute ago
  • Yet she's going to think that every dude's a weirdo who looks at her in public

    j deetzj deetz5 minutes ago
  • Somebodys trying hard

    BruhhBruhh13 minutes ago
  • Aww she is pretty

    yoora Yangyoora Yang15 minutes ago
  • FIRST OF ALL we need to have THE BODY to use that...please girls if you DON'T have the body ..DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!

    Brissa del marBrissa del mar18 minutes ago
  • I’m gonna cry too...

  • hella thick

    God Touchs Me NotGod Touchs Me Not35 minutes ago
  • You are very beautiful, I😍❤ Liked you Do accept to marry my brother? He is beautiful from Africa

    zahid boyzahid boy40 minutes ago
  • You are weird girl.

    Wilco DittrichWilco Dittrich44 minutes ago
  • What's her tik tok shes hot

    ꪜ47 minutes ago
  • Dang girl u looking fine as hell 😍

    GMGB ProductionGMGB Production50 minutes ago
  • Omgggg i trued it and it flippin works

    Jax dogJax dog53 minutes ago
  • DAMN 🙂

    Kelvin PasselleKelvin Passelle55 minutes ago
  • Let me guess. White mom... and you know the rest.

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler59 minutes ago
  • 똥배 없으니깐 천 소재 치마도 가능하구나..

    가영가영59 minutes ago
  • How perky

    FNTiCFNTiC59 minutes ago
  • Maybe buy 2 dollar skirts? Like I'm pretty sure that'll be better, since this is a tank top, the fabric is stretched out a bit so it might be translucent 👁️👄👁️

    i SKÛLLi SKÛLLHour ago
  • WoW 😘

    siwa raj160166siwa raj160166Hour ago
  • Just don’t go out looking like that 🤦‍♀️ for crying out loud

    MN NMN NHour ago
  • This is nothing new honestly

    Koffee PleaseKoffee PleaseHour ago
  • I love this, and her reaction. "What could look better!? $3. For this!"

    Daniel SonDaniel SonHour ago
  • You could see through...

    senpapi chulosenpapi chuloHour ago
  • Looks good

    katie alcockkatie alcockHour ago
  • This girl is fucking gorgeous

    Faze DafjFaze DafjHour ago
  • Ok

    JeremyTheSavior83JeremyTheSavior83Hour ago
  • Not me thinking she said how to turn your TikTok into a skirt

    ILiekBirdsILiekBirdsHour ago
  • Thanks for sharing this . I'm on a fixed income and always looking to save a few dollars and your idea looks great . Definitely going to try it . Going to wal mart Tomorrow for taknk tops now after seeing this post . 👊🏼🤞🏼💕

    Kiyoko WilkinsonKiyoko WilkinsonHour ago
  • YESSS she slayed that! 😂😂😂

    Jahnya LovettJahnya LovettHour ago
  • Tank top vs rick and morty shirt ? The shirt i prefer

    Luis SanchezLuis SanchezHour ago
  • Your beautiful as heaven can I take you out on a date ?

  • You go sallymay

    Jose LunaJose LunaHour ago
  • No offense but she considers that a skirt ? Her ass is literally about to fall out lol. She's a gorgeous girl but ummm...that's an accident waiting to happen 😅

    PhasedPlasmaRifle InThe40WattRangePhasedPlasmaRifle InThe40WattRangeHour ago
  • idk maybe she meant *saw* as in saw on a video, not irl

    i am brokei am brokeHour ago
  • Dayumm bby 😘 💖 💓 😍😍😍😍 B E A U T I F U L !!😍😍😍

    Ricky RodriguezRicky RodriguezHour ago
  • This looks like the beginning of a porn movie...

    Rico MRico MHour ago
  • I like the black one❤❤❤

    Brenda EvansBrenda EvansHour ago
  • Girl u look amazing omggg I need to try it

    Queen miyah HendersonQueen miyah HendersonHour ago
  • Cry me a river then.

    Gurvan SharGurvan SharHour ago
  • Give it up for the rick and morty t shirt! That show rocks!

    Belo 225Belo 225Hour ago
  • Wear !!! Have you been girl in a cave been doing that sh**for years

    Jana BruceJana BruceHour ago
  • Ok wait I'm confused is she happy that it fits or mad that it costs that much money? Idk she "3 DOLLARS" in a upset way so I mean u know idk

    SlowmoBoy RSlowmoBoy RHour ago
  • Why yes please do stand up lil Ms.Madam thirst trap your attributes were not displayed properly according to their importance to all of humankind hell probably even important 2some animals so hurry an change from nude color party girl skirt to the slightly more "Tammy-Lyn, diamond, porsche,cherry" black seductive version 😏✌️😜

    Austin LafieldAustin Lafield2 hours ago
  • Future teen mom

    J RJ R2 hours ago
  • When DJ TANNER from FULL HOUSE realized she "gat go0od&sexy between seasons in late 80s😅🤘☮️

    Austin LafieldAustin Lafield2 hours ago
  • I'd be willing give more than 3$ for that! Live the way you toot that ass up!!!

    BIG DIRTBIG DIRT2 hours ago
  • My hip dips: lemme stop you right there

    •SamanthaVerde••SamanthaVerde•2 hours ago
  • Omg I do this to all of my tank tops just to wear around the house. It's cute.

    Deidra BakerDeidra Baker2 hours ago
  • 🥵🥵🥵

    Ethan JavierEthan Javier2 hours ago
  • WOAH

    Lil•Boba•Queen AvaLil•Boba•Queen Ava2 hours ago
  • Gorgeous

    K LeeK Lee2 hours ago
  • Damn she is gorgeous

  • Perfect

    Jeanne BarberaJeanne Barbera2 hours ago
  • It's not just a three dollar tank top that makes it work. Holy fuck

    Pyagrl*16Pyagrl*162 hours ago
  • So I was watching baseball today.....

    Chris HudsonChris Hudson2 hours ago
  • She is so pretty 😍

    Tarun AgarwalTarun Agarwal2 hours ago
  • Tell me your broke without actually telling me your broke This girl:

    LSX717LSX7172 hours ago
  • This is why the ppl who actually need clothes can’t find anything lmao

    Sasha MarieSasha Marie2 hours ago
  • A little more clothing would be better.

    Patricia McFaullPatricia McFaull2 hours ago
  • Ok?

    Mary idellMary idell2 hours ago
  • Something longer would be a start

    Hiro KalaHiro Kala2 hours ago
  • I couldn't tell if she liked the skirt or hated it 😂

    jayda balljayda ball2 hours ago
  • She fine bruh

    Gios lifeGios life3 hours ago
  • Step 1 buy tank top Step 2 have amazing body 🤣😂😅

    XxKazxX XxxXXxKazxX XxxX3 hours ago
  • Hey look a directional video for girls to learn how to be skanks

    maxinvasionleetmaxinvasionleet3 hours ago
  • She bad

    chrischris3 hours ago
  • Hott!e! That skirt is bangin!

    AmandaAmanda3 hours ago
  • 5 mintue crafts was actually useful.

    Unspoken PastUnspoken Past3 hours ago
  • wow....creative

    MichelleMichelle3 hours ago
  • Spend too much time on your face not the rest of your body if you need help contact me

    Joseph BrownJoseph Brown3 hours ago
  • Yeah but you could lose a little more weight

    Joseph BrownJoseph Brown3 hours ago
  • 😍😍

    Jaqaveion DargonJaqaveion Dargon3 hours ago
  • Much much more than 3 dollars

    AfterAugustineAfterAugustine3 hours ago
  • God Dayum... she would look good wearing anything. Bed sheet... KFC Bucket... trash bag...doesn't matter.

    Braden LeonardBraden Leonard3 hours ago
  • Her face at the end lol 😂

    EmEm3 hours ago
  • Chinese TikTok:

    Just Some Guy With Half a MustacheJust Some Guy With Half a Mustache3 hours ago
  • Wish I had your shape tho...then I'd try it....lol lol

    Tamara KellyTamara Kelly3 hours ago
  • Wow girl....:)

    Tamara KellyTamara Kelly3 hours ago
  • Who is she??

    Big John EverspaughBig John Everspaugh3 hours ago
  • HOLY DIME!!!!

    Big John EverspaughBig John Everspaugh3 hours ago
  • Marry me

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro Gonzalez3 hours ago
  • My big ass could mever

    Kenzie RainbowsKenzie Rainbows3 hours ago
  • The best thing is she has a Rick and Morty Tshirt on to begin with!

    Joseph LaBranchJoseph LaBranch3 hours ago
  • Yeah girls on survivor have been using their buff as a tank top or skirt since before you were born. Who knew a cylindrical shaped piece of cloth could be both a shirt and a skirt... Doesn't take a genius to find out this "hack"

    Elvings92Elvings923 hours ago
  • What a boss bird lol

    Ste CurrieSte Currie4 hours ago
  • Your really pretty 😊

    Pinkkay8Pinkkay84 hours ago
  • Looks good

  • That booty though

    Cody ElliottCody Elliott4 hours ago
  • Sexy

    NinjaxboyNinjaxboy4 hours ago
  • Umm I've been doing this for over 10 years nothing new.

    G SmithG Smith4 hours ago
  • The @ tho?? 👀

    Jose AnguianoJose Anguiano4 hours ago
  • You'd literally look hot in a paper bag girl...lol

    Kelly DavisKelly Davis4 hours ago
  • She can do better.

    10is C10is C4 hours ago
  • I'll pay three dollars for that...

    B GaxB Gax4 hours ago
  • It looks quite good 😃😃👍👍💖

    S7 31 KaveriS7 31 Kaveri4 hours ago
  • It makes her butt look huge

    Del JobesDel Jobes4 hours ago
  • Im a bro and im lookin at this stuff dunno why ? 😂 but btw you look great in all outfits

    Insane PotatoInsane Potato4 hours ago
  • Our captivity is ending AHAYAH has redeemed Jacob

    MuteMute4 hours ago
  • Flying out Grand master India inllumanti family brother hood 👿🌎

    Lord DevilLord Devil4 hours ago