I Painted My Entire Room With Musou Black-The World's Blackest Paint

Jan 10, 2021
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In this video I paint my entire room with Musou Black to see what it looks like when the walls around you absorb over 99% of the light in the room. What happens when you turn on a light in the room?
Musou Black: www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/
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  • I only ran into the wall once! Extra points for anyone who can spot the cell phone flashlight I accidently left on in my pocket...

    The Action LabThe Action Lab7 days ago
    • I can just picture myself being lost in my own room if i painted mine with the worlds whitest paint.......

      julia abanadorjulia abanador31 minute ago
    • Ok

      Unverified IdiotUnverified Idiot40 minutes ago
    • 6:00

      carter steincarter stein4 hours ago
    • Inside you should have placed a Twilight Zone sign.

      Jerry WhidbyJerry Whidby4 hours ago
    • i saw it i whent to check the comments to see if any one else saw it but you mentioned it

      sophienix Neuroisophienix Neuroi7 hours ago
  • It looks like the fnaf pizza simulator salvage minigame 5:15

    Magic ManMagic ManMinute ago
  • “The world darkest room”

    Mangan1025Mangan10253 minutes ago
  • So THIS is where “that chapter” films all those videos

    Big PApaBig PApa4 minutes ago
  • Make a big maze room thing and paint all of it with that black

    matt person and nothingmatt person and nothing4 minutes ago
  • When ur in it it looks like a green screen but black

    spice micespice mice5 minutes ago
  • I want a pool bottom lined with this stuff

    ExtronsExtrons5 minutes ago
  • I think its kinda black...

    FlaffyFlaffy5 minutes ago
  • I just kept on thinking of using it as a prefect 360 greenscreen

    Citrullus PhageCitrullus Phage6 minutes ago
  • Live in it for a week

    spice micespice mice6 minutes ago
  • this video is a different experience with an amoled screen

    Lucio-OHSLucio-OHS6 minutes ago
  • that is cool, does it come in red ?

    Que SeroQue Sero7 minutes ago
  • Get some speakers & then play the default enderman noises from Minecraft lol.

    SuperKiona123SuperKiona1238 minutes ago
  • Can you buy the brightest flash light and turn it on inside the room, I wanna know what happens

    Nyx SyretiaNyx Syretia9 minutes ago
  • Amazing for low-key portraits

    Mayank TyagiMayank Tyagi10 minutes ago
  • You get a glow paint with flakes in it you can make a Claymation outer space setting with sparkling in the black paint it will look like stars in the distance...

    1Post Daily1Post Daily11 minutes ago
  • This would come in handy for filming and photos also as a dark room for old school pictures.... I want it but don't have the house yet...

    1Post Daily1Post Daily13 minutes ago
  • Nobody: The moon every month: 5:33

    HamiriHamiri14 minutes ago
  • Think of the photos you can take in a completely blacked out room....

    1Post Daily1Post Daily15 minutes ago
  • In a dark room with white Curtains LUL

    1Post Daily1Post Daily16 minutes ago
  • You should have painted yourself as well.

    Bibek Raj BhattaBibek Raj Bhatta17 minutes ago
  • I want someone to paint a car this color

    Aaron DavisAaron Davis18 minutes ago
  • Looks like my heart.

    D OD O18 minutes ago
  • Next black color is going to be a black hole LUL

    1Post Daily1Post Daily19 minutes ago
  • Lends the name "dark room" a new titled color.... Time to do photos like old school with that dark room... Kappa

    1Post Daily1Post Daily21 minute ago
  • Shoulda been called oso black

    甲 凵 丹 卞 卞 尺 回甲 凵 丹 卞 卞 尺 回21 minute ago
  • Great intro

    Bit FinesseBit Finesse22 minutes ago
  • "This isn't any ordinary darkness, this is advanced darkness"

    jo derpjo derp23 minutes ago
  • Is this Game of Thrones Season 8?

    gqn2gqn223 minutes ago
  • A goth kid's dream room.

    Kevin RojasKevin Rojas26 minutes ago
  • That is amazing.

    Thom CurryThom Curry27 minutes ago
  • Imagine if instead of sending a prisoner to a white room torture they are sent to a mosou black room torture to go insane. And here's a little choice game for anyone but would you rather: A) be trapped in a white room torture room for a whole month or... B) be trapped in a black mosou room torture for a whole month.

    Katherine TranKatherine Tran27 minutes ago
  • Now you need the world's brightest flashlight in the world's darkest room

    ShamayamShamayam30 minutes ago
  • Make this a soundproof room and its perfect for torturing people. Sensory deprivation makes people go crazy

    Siegfred AlcoverSiegfred Alcover31 minute ago
  • Idea: make a suit thats completely black then go into the the black room.

    Marianne HabocMarianne Haboc32 minutes ago
  • man makes the darkest room The Dark Web- pathetic

    Azusa NakanoAzusa Nakano35 minutes ago
  • Putting the brightest light in the darkest room would be cool

    Aashrutya PradhanangaAashrutya Pradhananga36 minutes ago
  • damn it's like purgatory

    Pack ZkPack Zk37 minutes ago
  • Woah! Still not as dark as the third episode of season 8 of game of thrones

    Luka PetricLuka Petric39 minutes ago
  • Best for an interrogation room

    Abhishek BajajAbhishek Bajaj39 minutes ago
  • Imagine you can't find the door lol

    KharlPlayZKharlPlayZ39 minutes ago
  • That would be a perfect private cinema room. Bring the 🍿

    Chris SumChris Sum39 minutes ago
  • black mes likes this...

    black mesblack mes40 minutes ago
  • Where did you buy the paint? I want it in my room too!

  • Someone make this into a green screen

    Mr. Paper Bag 01Mr. Paper Bag 0141 minute ago
  • Pretty sure vantablack is darker

    Ari MerguiAri Mergui41 minute ago
  • Mick jagger would be pleased

    A PufferfishA Pufferfish42 minutes ago
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that this guy has a favorite corner of his room?

    TheLastJuiceBlenderTheLastJuiceBlender42 minutes ago
  • Nobody... 4:41 G-Man at the beginning

    6 166 1643 minutes ago
  • Cancel cult stay away.

    cooperfell34cooperfell3443 minutes ago
  • Imagine this paint used in haunted houses

    ShelbyShelby45 minutes ago
  • Paint one of the rooms in your house black

    yes Dyes D45 minutes ago
  • Hide and seek challenge in musou black room

    M.U.I BOYM.U.I BOY46 minutes ago
  • So this is where Queen filmed that part in the Bohemian Rhapsody music video

    Tony LeeTony Lee46 minutes ago

    Lasol TäsäLasol Täsä46 minutes ago
  • 4:06 Mike TV from Willy Wonka when he gets shrunk

    Caroline IsomCaroline Isom49 minutes ago
  • If you tear down one of the walls and added some lights coming in from that one wall that is no longer there, it would make a really nice set for educational videos, and you yourself would look better because there would be no visible color handing on the background and you don't need to worry about low quality green screening making you rough around the edges

    UltimateKing22UltimateKing2249 minutes ago
  • what a beautiful place to reflect.

    tripleninemakotripleninemako49 minutes ago
  • So this is the shadow realm super gt speaks of

    Rick C-189Rick C-18950 minutes ago
  • This how dark I need it to be when I sleep.

    AbigailAbigail51 minute ago
  • I went to this exhibit in Singapore. You can have a 360 projector and project moving light beams all over. It will be like floating in space. But... maybe the projector light will just be absorbed.

    Emily UrdanetaEmily Urdaneta52 minutes ago
  • I want to do this but have an ENTIRE bedroom this way WITH soundproofing. One hell of a game room

    Spectre GamingSpectre Gaming53 minutes ago
  • Just like my soul.

    rhea Kobayashirhea Kobayashi55 minutes ago
  • Perfect equality according to blm

    Ohioan EmpireOhioan Empire56 minutes ago
  • That's perfect to level up yoga

    Manonthebrain 45Manonthebrain 4557 minutes ago
  • minecraft black concrete :

    VoleysVoleys59 minutes ago
  • Now playing : Paint it black

    Jay LiemJay LiemHour ago
  • how much are these? -me not a goth totally edit: its like on a cartoon where they have a portable black hole

    PixelatedToastPixelatedToastHour ago
  • Light source in room of ultra blackness proves our sun is local, flat earth confirmed 😂

    AllBlakkEverythingAllBlakkEverythingHour ago
  • Isn't the blackest paint Vantablack? hmm

    Ze WeiZe WeiHour ago
  • You should at least paint an accent wall in his house, I would like to see how that looks

    Jsique BlueJsique BlueHour ago
  • Visual representation of depression

    PlanetRocky!PlanetRocky!Hour ago
  • The best greenscreen

    Lemur the QuailfriendLemur the QuailfriendHour ago
  • Good, now put it against the strongest flashlight in the world

    Ryan LorenzoRyan LorenzoHour ago
  • That moment when someone turns off the light and you have to scream for someone open the door because you can't find the door handle

    Thiago FeltrinThiago FeltrinHour ago
  • You should should make a musou black suit out of more musou black fabric so you can hide in the room while the light is still on

    Brandon FellerBrandon FellerHour ago
  • My nigga discovered the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter lmao

  • What a waste of awesome paint, I would have painted a real room 🤣

    Jsique BlueJsique BlueHour ago
  • This is what The G-Man uses to walk out of the *v o i d*

    TheRadiumGirlTheRadiumGirlHour ago
  • goth's wet dream

    Lucas GalvãoLucas GalvãoHour ago
  • that is prob going to be used in movies

    Lol LLol LHour ago
  • VIDEO IDEA: Make clothing out of that fabric.

    gunnerkobragunnerkobraHour ago
  • 7:48 the black board turns orangish as the light bounces off his hand

    CiferCiferHour ago
  • This is what blind people see

  • Now do worlds darkest room with the world's brightest flashlight

    David KnappertDavid KnappertHour ago
  • Welcome to the void

    GetMadWithGarrettGetMadWithGarrettHour ago
  • this man looks concerned 24/7

    15thTimeLord15thTimeLordHour ago
  • Because you have the fabric, make a shirt

    3th3 v23th3 v2Hour ago
  • Now paint yourself in white and recreate 'Bad Apple!!'

    SanZSanZHour ago
  • I need those paint!

    Bako KibutchiBako KibutchiHour ago
  • And that's exactly why they sent you the black cloth 🤣

    Merry in SerendipityMerry in SerendipityHour ago
  • The texture files were corrupted, maybe try verifying file integrity?

    SanZSanZHour ago
  • I need a room like this, with sound proofing pads inside the walls. What for, ain’t 100% sure, I just know I need one.

    Belion GamingBelion GamingHour ago
  • I want a camaro in muso black

    Nate the crippleNate the crippleHour ago
  • Wow, so unusual. I am curious how hard the camera would make the gain compensate in auto iso mode to see any detail on surfaces facing the wall, and how close they need to be to the wall to receive such minimal light reflectance. Thanks for the video. :)

    WalksWalksHour ago
  • Does night vision goggles work on it tho?

    Quarantine enitnarauQQuarantine enitnarauQHour ago
  • Paint one of those super quiet rooms with that stuff

  • What if you take a strong flashlight and point it directly to the wall?

    psyonpsyonHour ago
  • Dude, with the black cloth they gave you, you can become a magician (see usage of cloth here): usworlds.info/slow/video/o51-iaaVa5KOfos

    Abhijna AtmanAbhijna AtmanHour ago
  • Next: paint your entire house

    Your soul, Hand it overYour soul, Hand it overHour ago