I made steak tacos using green corn tortillas

Apr 3, 2021
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Green Corn Tortillas from Pinole Blue:

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    Lisa NguyenLisa Nguyen7 days ago
    • That looks delicious 😋

      Susan LimeSusan Lime16 hours ago
    • I challenge you to follow a Gordon Ramsay recipe.

      Max MorganMax Morgan2 days ago
    • @SAKEENA KHAN phone ó07p0ull

      Adam SlackAdam Slack2 days ago
    • No cook your meat to fill not medium rare

      Syd TEMSyd TEM2 days ago
    • Do you live in Wichita Kansas

      Shelby WadsworthShelby Wadsworth2 days ago
  • Lisa y 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    HahaRodoHahaRodo3 minutes ago
  • How to cook something you don't know ? Step 1 : ask someone who does Step 2 : make sure he/she knows what he/she is talking about . Step 3 : directly ask google if step 2 failed

    Kyrollos MagdiKyrollos MagdiHour ago
  • Next time on the stake put garlic power and onion powder

    Audrey FultzAudrey Fultz2 hours ago
  • Gree corn? No is not is cactus tortilla its called "nopal"

    Aguillon Hernandez Luis RobertoAguillon Hernandez Luis Roberto6 hours ago
  • Sad that you are eating cow :/

    Areas CodaAreas Coda7 hours ago
  • Don’t let all that butter drain off!!!

    Ben BrooksBen Brooks8 hours ago
  • You have a terrible sinus problem

    NikromoreNikromore9 hours ago
  • You don’t have to add hot sauce to everything you ear

    Naruto uzamaki Believe itNaruto uzamaki Believe it10 hours ago
  • That’s an excuse for a toco I feel ashamed

    Jason AndersonJason Anderson10 hours ago
  • pitiful taco

    Schuba lordSchuba lord11 hours ago
  • I have two questions well one of them a question the other a statement I think you should’ve used a pinch of chili flakes and also why was tortillas green they are not green flour tortillas aren’t green corn tortillas are green why was a green

    bird_pluse_hotgluegunbird_pluse_hotgluegun11 hours ago
  • Lisa always sounds like she has a stuffy nose, you should take a break from the spicy 😳

    SekamekSekamek14 hours ago
  • She did not just put a carrot on a taco

    Jay SmithJay Smith15 hours ago
  • Tip: cook to temperature not time. Learned the hard way 😞

    Onika様Onika様16 hours ago
  • Yummy 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    KEJHAUN MattKEJHAUN Matt17 hours ago
  • Bro those shells weren't even cooked

    Cameron BarberCameron Barber17 hours ago
  • Lisa I’m going to mail you a box of tissues. You’re always sounding so stuffy for some reason.

    Collin SurlesCollin Surles20 hours ago
  • Ummm.....a little too pink but good job.

    Neil DNeil D21 hour ago
  • Sounds amazing and I love your cooking videos

    Sheldon SundstromSheldon Sundstrom21 hour ago
  • 🤐🤐I am vegetrain

    Shanu DarewarShanu Darewar21 hour ago
    • Evgetrain

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs19 hours ago
  • There’s no such thing as green corn tortillas there most likely mad form Cactus

    Brandon ChavezBrandon Chavez22 hours ago
  • Cut it in *half* but saved the smaller piece. Lmao Love u Lisa ❤️

    EnTiTyEnTiTy23 hours ago
  • Yes cook onions, shallots, and garlic last or it will burn and taste bitter. If you are cooking onion with a lot of other veggies you can add large chunks of onion at same time but stir often. If you are cooking in oven quarter onion and season.

    Lori StroutLori Strout23 hours ago
  • You're food always looks delicious I wish I ate it

    Stefany PortilloStefany PortilloDay ago
  • why it always sounds like your nose is jammed whenever I listen to you...

    jahanvi pandeyjahanvi pandeyDay ago
  • I'm sorry but that looks straight up raw to me

    Ruqayya ughRuqayya ughDay ago
    • It's medium rare. Raw would be more purplish

      DtownDtown18 hours ago
    • Na

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs19 hours ago
  • _😋__😋__😋_

    Atherious DylanAtherious DylanDay ago
  • I love watching people begin the process of shitting.

    will chriswill chrisDay ago
  • Aye look it's from a Kroger family company store

    WillWillDay ago
  • I don't know what it is but raw meat makes me✨ uncomfortable ✨

    Musfirah AamirMusfirah AamirDay ago
  • This is a taco No mames eso no es un taco Eso es un taco de gringo Godjob still

    Mr. Melbin FPMr. Melbin FPDay ago
  • It looks gooooood

    camellia robertcamellia robertDay ago
  • I’m a big fan of flat iron steak. A good, cheap cut.

    J. DubJ. DubDay ago
  • She really slapped a carrot on some meat and called it a taco

    Dildor of DestinyDildor of DestinyDay ago
  • Looks yummy

    Clare DohertyClare DohertyDay ago
  • Not enough cilantro and onion

    Bill MillerBill MillerDay ago
  • That shit bussin

    BrabenBrabenDay ago
  • Why she sound like she got a stuffy nose all that’s missing is the sniffles

    TriniTriniDay ago
  • Yum

    DyingDyingDay ago
  • you see this boys. That’s fucking rare. That’s not raw. It’s not (rare, Blue Rare) it’s rare. But that cow isn’t mooing on my plate. No amount of sauce and bacon wrap can make up for a raw as hell steak with burnt “crust” this looks delicious, thank you.

    TacospacemanTacospacemanDay ago
    • bUt tHaT's RaW

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs19 hours ago
  • I package these at my work 🤣

    tjfalge91tjfalge91Day ago
  • Is she eating the taco at both sides this madman

    Яострыйзаточто ПечатаюрусскийЯострыйзаточто ПечатаюрусскийDay ago
  • That shit ain't cooked fuck you mean I see hella pink

    SirNBASirNBADay ago
    • Yes it is cooked wdym

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
    • Rare

      Baby chikenBaby chiken21 hour ago
  • 100% NOT how you cook a piece of meat

    Candice wdubCandice wdubDay ago
    • @Candice wdub OK boomer

      DtownDtown16 hours ago
    • @Dtown actually I am a Red Seal Chef. Been cooking proffesionally for 17 yrs so basically yes, I am an expert

      Candice wdubCandice wdub16 hours ago
    • How do you do it then since you're obviously an expert at cooking meat

      DtownDtown18 hours ago
    • What are you talking about?

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • Wow Lisa! Not bad! You got that steak for almost half price! I've never heard of that cut but it looked a lot like a filet mignon I used to get before I cut it down into individual filets... 🤔

    Kathy HinesKathy HinesDay ago
    • @Vaxurynnui Twkgabtbiy What?

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
    • text

      Vaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyVaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyDay ago
    • text

      Vaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyVaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyDay ago
    • text

      Vaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyVaxurynnui TwkgabtbiyDay ago
  • Flat iron steak 🤤🤤🤤 ommggg

    •.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.••.Hðþê•. •.Eʅʅισƚƚ.•Day ago
  • "Seelantro"

    Brenda SaeternBrenda SaeternDay ago
  • Did we forget that not everyone has to conform to specific tastes? Yanks acting like they’re disgusted pro chefs at 15 while UK kids are eating crisp sandwiches for lunch and happy.

    「spicy」「spicy」Day ago
  • Not cooked still

    SlaM ÙSlaM ÙDay ago
    • Hu?

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • Sounds delish

    Jonasz NizioJonasz NizioDay ago
  • I haven’t tried seafood really, but this looks amazing like u are pretty much a chef tho!

    Gabrielle GregoryGabrielle GregoryDay ago

    keva prattkeva prattDay ago
    • Yeah and the sky is red 🤡

      DtownDtown18 hours ago
    • Wdym?

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • Idk about the carrot everything else looks bomb

    LeBron JamesLeBron JamesDay ago
  • Will you just hurry up and Marry me already?

    Guide GeniusGuide GeniusDay ago
  • Oh so you used the spicy series as a way to drag in subs and now u do boring cooking videos, time to unsub 🤙

    PastaBake RSPastaBake RSDay ago
  • raw meat can give u worms

    Bullzy YTBullzy YTDay ago
    • Yes, we know, but it's ok because that isn't raw

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • 😋

    Jacqueline BarreraJacqueline BarreraDay ago
  • You are so good at cooking

    Darryl GreerDarryl GreerDay ago
  • I need more info on this compound butter!!!! Somebody help!!

    Zenobia The CoachZenobia The CoachDay ago
  • Gross that's not cooked at all. What the fuc happened in this world where fresh burger looking meat is what's best? I'll agree that occasionally some red in the meat is good for you, but this one needs to admit it's not done.

    andolinithedonandolinithedonDay ago
  • "pickled carrot" excuse me *what*

    calindarcalindarDay ago
    • @evanislost you know how pickled cucumbers are sour. Pickled.watermelons are even more sour.

      calindarcalindar3 hours ago
    • @calindar no problem. I've never tried pickled watermelon, that sounds interesting I'll have to seek some out

      evanislostevanislost11 hours ago
    • @evanislost no, i was not aware. I know pickled cucumbers and pickled watermelon, nothing else. Thank you for opening my eyes

      calindarcalindar18 hours ago
    • Are you not aware that pickling is a way to preserve more than just cucumbers? Or do you object to pickled carrots being included in a taco?

      evanislostevanislostDay ago
  • Yummy

    Adrian McElroyAdrian McElroyDay ago
  • Love her , but meat sale sounds pretty gross lols. But you are a queen

    t_r_a_n_gt_r_a_n_gDay ago
  • That steak is not done

    SynthWaveSCSynthWaveSCDay ago
    • Wdym yes it is?

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • These videos make me want to learn to cook because I have nothing else to do with my time

    HHDay ago
  • I looked to fast and thought it was ice cream then I found the most amazing video ever

    AwesomeAllieAwesomeAllieDay ago
  • White people n salt n damn pepper

    Bright MemeBright Meme2 days ago
  • Salt and pepper ISNT seasoning

    Emily ThomasEmily Thomas2 days ago
    • Yeah okay and the sky is white

      DtownDtown18 hours ago
  • you should be a chef honestly

    o x o t n i k · ̊ ༘o x o t n i k · ̊ ༘2 days ago
  • why does she always sound like she has a stuffy nose

    Ella MegalastElla Megalast2 days ago
  • She didn't even season it or cut it up. You can't just cook meat, stick it in a weird ass tortilla and call it a taco. Making us Mexicans weep, girl

    krazykittymattkrazykittymatt2 days ago
  • you couldn’t pay me to eat this

    Kyle SaettelKyle Saettel2 days ago
  • That looks delicious! :D what's compound butter tho?

    mysticmystic2 days ago
  • I liked this vid cause you burned the crap out of those onions, but then used it as a lesson in what not to do instead of scrapping the vid and reshooting in favor of "perfection". That's the reality when cooking sometimes and we all learn as we go. I appreciate your realness, well done

    Timewaits4no1Timewaits4no12 days ago
  • Try trimming the “ silver” ( tendons) off a little . But hay you do you, who am I !??

    keneth dayacamoskeneth dayacamos2 days ago
  • Wtf is that tortilla

    RyukobestwaifuRyukobestwaifu2 days ago
  • I'll never understand why people still eat red meat after all the studies about how bad it is for you. Fucking cook your food properly

    Joseph RavenJoseph Raven2 days ago
  • The amount of disrespect towards Mexico how can you mess up a simple dish “Tacos” smh

    Da DonDa Don2 days ago
    • @Earth Sky it's not chicken, pink is good

      Dildor of DestinyDildor of DestinyDay ago
    • To be fair tacos can be of anything as long as it’s in a tortilla lmfao but yeah the disrespect went over the top when we seen that meat was PINK 🎆 🙈🤣

      Earth SkyEarth SkyDay ago
  • That looks fucking disgusting, glad u liked it lol

    Jesus GutierrezJesus Gutierrez2 days ago
  • RAWL

    • No

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
  • Id say your spice tolerance went up. You seem to really enjoy the hot stuff now!

    Dawson WarginDawson Wargin2 days ago
  • I eat meet but I just don’t like beef or stake and stuff so the raw meat made me so grossed out idk why I’m usually fine

    Desimen MaldonadoDesimen Maldonado2 days ago
  • Can you guess why this comment is pinned?

    Monke stinkyMonke stinky2 days ago
  • That steak has zero marbling

    Julio Galvez-UdaveJulio Galvez-Udave2 days ago
  • Gordon Ramsey aproved

    Anastasia DucklingAnastasia Duckling2 days ago
  • No no no why would you add the onions to a skillet before you put a crust on your beef you should have done it after the meat so you can use the fond off the skillet

    Daniel YbarraDaniel Ybarra2 days ago
  • I love her voice

    Chloe MicheleChloe Michele2 days ago
  • Day nine of asking for fried rice

    Max MorganMax Morgan2 days ago
  • It sounds like you always have a cold and it’s so damn annoying like take a damn allergy pill

    Jacob ObscherningJacob Obscherning2 days ago
    • but i dont agree with the last thing u said.

      zeonzeon2 days ago
    • i thought i was the only one who thought that

      zeonzeon2 days ago
  • Imma be honest,I wouldn't eat the taco, but it seems to have been worth the try👍

    No CapNo Cap2 days ago
  • Lisa I love your voice ❤️

    Rosalind MariaRosalind Maria2 days ago
  • that is a sad lookin taco comin from a mexicans point of view

    Mr CheeserMr Cheeser2 days ago
  • Omggggg that looks amazing

    Aliza BudsakornngamloetAliza Budsakornngamloet2 days ago
  • Doing good stay in the kitchen

    Barncp3 The gamerBarncp3 The gamer2 days ago
  • No offense but why every time you my a vid you sound like you have a cold love you vids btw

    Terrell KeeTerrell Kee2 days ago
  • You forgot to take off the silver skin!!! Ahhh

    Nord vpnNord vpn2 days ago
  • I have been I a relationship for almost a year and I love my boyfriend he is so cute and I know I'm only 8 but pls no hate

    cobra kai lover but is a girlcobra kai lover but is a girl2 days ago
  • I am hungry now!!!! Yummmm! Good job Lisa!😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    Kate BKate B2 days ago
  • Ah yes classic white ppl seasonings their favorite:salt

    Moody quoiaMoody quoia2 days ago
    • Stfu

      Patrick PuspursPatrick Puspurs18 hours ago
    • @Stating The Obvious it’s not racist if it’s a joke I meant to say some FYI and stop making fun of Roblox because I did nothing to you since you know so much and I didn’t say everyone doesn’t use it so I mean she just use salt and pepper

      Moody quoiaMoody quoiaDay ago
    • @Vegetable First of all nothings wrong with roblox second of all watch your mouth third of all I was making a joke and fourth of all I don’t cook FYI since you know so much you obviously don’t lmao so stfu

      Moody quoiaMoody quoiaDay ago
    • Don’t use salt then next time you make food ya Roblox girl

      VegetableVegetableDay ago
    • Who doesn't use salt? Salt is literally the universal ingreident. A little racist their roblox girl

      Stating The ObviousStating The Obvious2 days ago