I Made a $50,000 Player Building Competition!

Nov 17, 2020
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Thank you to America’s Dairy Farmers for sponsoring this video! We hosted a 100-player building challenge for $50,000. Who’s gonna have the best farm?!
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  • I watch all ur videos man It would be a blessing if u bless me with money

    Jerry OsoJerry Oso7 hours ago
  • In my eyes 7:29 was definitely the best

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  • Imagine lying to Mr.Beasts Audience like that... Shame Dairy Farmers shame

    BloomPrettyBloomPretty8 hours ago
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    durkadurkadurkadurka8 hours ago

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  • Mr beast please help I have not subcriber

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  • I’m so happy that it’s sponsored by cow farmers... but as Mr beast is talking about it... there’s a micdanalds being built in the background........

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  • watching this while drinking oat milk

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  • Mr beast shoud do a challeng where they have to serve on a real farm in Texas for a week

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  • My name is Payton I am not twisty or a clown lol lol

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  • 2050? LOL thats worst than presidential campaing

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  • i agree with carl it is hard to make a farm

    Kyra MKyra MDay ago
  • jimmy: eight minutes chris: "they want more time" jimmy: ...*seven minutes* me who's humor is broken: uncontrollable wheezing

    Roki 7Roki 7Day ago
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  • He gave $50,000 and earned $100,000 from the sponsor..

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  • S

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    PC Mates - Roblox And More!PC Mates - Roblox And More!Day ago
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    SubmarineMagnetSubmarineMagnetDay ago

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  • Hey Jimmy I really appreciate this I'm actually a Dairy Farmer in WNY or other known as Western New York and because of the pandemic milk prices have gone down a ton and I hope to get a milk bonus every two weeks which means it's a supplement that I live on and it has jarassic Lee plummeted because there is a thing called a co-op which is kind of like a union but farming here and they literally don't want 25% of our milk and I am so glad that you are doing this and I just want to say that I watch your content everyday I subscribe to mr. Beast gaming and mr. B's and you are awesome man and if you ever want milk a cow I was talking to my boss today and show him this video and he said if you Chandler and carl went to come milk a Cow and come out to my farm will teach you everything about about our life style if you are interested you can reach me at 585 344 2005 or 1-585-483-1186 and will be so happy to educate people in Dariy how much were struggling and again love your content

    zack lairdzack lairdDay ago
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