I Let Ali-A Control My Fortnite Game... *regret*

Apr 1, 2021
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I Let Ali-A Control My Fortnite Game... *regret* with TBNRfrags 👊
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Ali-A - *NEW* MYTHIC items FOUND in Fortnite! (Secret Quest COMPLETE)
SypherPK - Fortnite's April Fools Update is WEIRD...
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    TBNRFragsTBNRFrags9 days ago
    • @YoValify no

      IvanIvan6 hours ago
    • NINYA

      IvanIvan6 hours ago
    • Mr. beast

      Madeline RamboMadeline Rambo17 hours ago
    • Fresh or laser beam

      Spongy artSpongy art18 hours ago
    • ...me??

      ShivSoCalledShivSoCalledDay ago
  • One time I set a bounty he died straight after so I did another one and my teammate killed him after so I did a another bounty and he stormed in my place immediately and I killed him lol

    ThunderGamer_65ThunderGamer_654 hours ago
  • Bugha

    Bryan GrantBryan Grant5 hours ago
  • People

    Michael DiggsMichael Diggs8 hours ago
  • Interesting how Preston gets a guy with a better beard than him to control his game

    AssassinAssassin9 hours ago
  • Tg

    Devang MajmudarDevang Majmudar9 hours ago
  • My settings are safe

    Kaylan SchusterKaylan Schuster13 hours ago
  • Ali's so rings and 2012 LOL

    CHAZ_11CHAZ_1114 hours ago
    • It’s like Ali is begging for v bucks 🤣🤣

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue11 hours ago
  • I now how to get in the radactivebbunker

    Christopher WatkinsChristopher Watkins14 hours ago
  • Hey person I yous tbnrfrags

    Johnny WhitleyJohnny Whitley16 hours ago
  • Roses are dead Violet are dying Outside I’m smiling Inside I’m crying

    #VIP for life#VIP for life17 hours ago
  • There is a way in

    Diamond MasterDiamond Master18 hours ago
  • Copy of the fresh don't copy again bro

    shortsshorts22 hours ago
  • Faze Jarvis

    Mohammed MostafaMohammed MostafaDay ago
  • There’s something behind the closing of voting and if you get up to the metal pole you could a vacant it

    asioe kiouasioe kiouDay ago
  • aila junpy

    Carolyn CookCarolyn CookDay ago
    • Is no one going to talk about the fact that the thumbnail has jump as f

      asioe kiouasioe kiouDay ago
  • Me

    Imran KhanImran KhanDay ago
  • ME

    Imran KhanImran KhanDay ago
  • And they said infinity war was the best crossover

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy2 days ago
  • fresh

    Sarah MurtazaSarah Murtaza2 days ago
    • Epic cooooleb

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy2 days ago
  • BURH

    Zachary MaroneyZachary Maroney2 days ago
  • hi

    king gamingking gaming2 days ago
  • Did anyone else hear Preston called Alia dad

    Blake CassidyBlake Cassidy2 days ago
  • It’s like Ali is begging for v bucks 🤣🤣

    Noah MarklewNoah Marklew2 days ago
  • Plz do a vid with dantdm plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz🙂🙂🙂🙂

    ultimate Gamer manultimate Gamer man2 days ago
  • I miss old preston life is not the same as my child memories

    M1STAKENZM1STAKENZ2 days ago
  • Well this is kinda payback for hacking him

    HZ PlaysHZ Plays2 days ago
  • 7:57 u scared me so badly l0l

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 days ago
  • Let mrcreamy control you next time

    Louise McGearyLouise McGeary2 days ago
    • Are you domb

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 days ago
  • When Preston said he wants some he wants Prestons merch

    neil roseneil rose2 days ago
  • lazer beam

    Iyswarya PriyaIyswarya Priya3 days ago
  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that the thumbnail has jump as f

    Hannah BananaHannah Banana3 days ago
  • @

    Paul KaveingaPaul Kaveinga3 days ago
  • Open up singing right next to Kelly Connors you just need your key me to give me the build a ramp in front of it and then you need your teammate to hit you with a car then you get you now and then and then you can see what's in there

    Elizabeth widmayerElizabeth widmayer3 days ago
  • Khief

    Meamteam GamesMeamteam Games3 days ago
  • Epic cooooleb

  • Perfect a amarican with a English

    Subscribe to SB737 LolSubscribe to SB737 Lol3 days ago
  • He was fighting the boos he attacks you if he see you he will atack

    Jeremiah RushJeremiah Rush3 days ago
  • Sup hi

    Coolboy 878Coolboy 8783 days ago
  • there`s nothing in the bunker yet

    Stormy SkylanderStormy Skylander3 days ago
  • The boorish command worrisomely snow because gasoline conclusively disagree save a numberless headline. smiling, chunky ikebana

    Angela AndersonAngela Anderson3 days ago
  • Preston got better😳

    Random person HiRandom person Hi3 days ago
  • 6:30 u needed hunters cloak on😭

    Random person HiRandom person Hi3 days ago
  • its a boss

    Braylan HardieBraylan Hardie3 days ago
  • Are you domb

    Stacie JohnsenStacie Johnsen3 days ago
  • i bought your merch its so cool

  • Typical gamer

    The Ali’sThe Ali’s4 days ago
  • 🥷 Ninja⚔️

    Action JacksonAction Jackson4 days ago
  • this video was uploaded in april fools

    Slasher CSlasher C4 days ago
  • Me who once got like 5 poached bounties in a row: “Not quite a world record yet”

    B PlayzB Playz4 days ago
    • 'Yoo craked my guy

      Liam WalshLiam Walsh2 days ago
    • Bro your literally dogwater your literally thrash you have zero ernings your a bot

      Liam WalshLiam Walsh2 days ago
    • Bro your literally dogwater your soo free your thrash you have zero earnings

      Liam WalshLiam Walsh2 days ago
    • Same or maybe a 6 in a row

      PlasmaΨPlasmaΨ2 days ago
  • The kids who tried putting the codes that Preston gave to Ali-A.

    Lucas GoedhartLucas Goedhart4 days ago
  • 10:30 & on

    Mike WilliamsMike Williams4 days ago
  • Thank you so much I know how hard these videos are about editing videos

    kolim jonekolim jone4 days ago
  • Amazing alias

    Steven CattlinSteven Cattlin4 days ago
    • and my cousin to his is t0p BTD

      kolim jonekolim jone4 days ago
  • nick i cant hear either

    ScepterScepter4 days ago
  • Ha ha

    Greg ButcherGreg Butcher4 days ago
  • Fresh

    Harry WethersHarry Wethers4 days ago
  • Communication

    Harry WethersHarry Wethers4 days ago
  • Why those alia didn't know that you can tame the raptor just for giving it meet or you just wanna tame it with out the backbling thing idk what that is called

    Gabriel WardeGabriel Warde4 days ago
  • Ninja

    Leighton games smithLeighton games smith4 days ago
  • hamza hm tv shoud controll you next he's a youtuber please TBNRFrags!!!!

    Hamza HM TVHamza HM TV4 days ago
  • The sweaty person is my brother

    Jacob WhitehouseJacob Whitehouse4 days ago
  • Instead of spicy food at the end it said spiy food

  • this is so bad for you

    Sedric MorganSedric Morgan5 days ago
  • Bro, those graphics hurting my eyes

    Not SerumNot Serum5 days ago
  • c day

    justus Flippenjustus Flippen5 days ago
  • Bro I hate this you tuber

    Tilted VoodooTilted Voodoo5 days ago
  • No one : Me: try the vbuck codes

    Jeffrey KennedyJeffrey Kennedy5 days ago
  • pls and thank u i don’t now if you want to but pls eny one

    games for allgames for all5 days ago
  • and my cousin to his is t0p BTD

    games for allgames for all5 days ago
  • How The Title Says Regret

    CatalCatal5 days ago

    Jose A LyricsJose A Lyrics5 days ago
  • hahahaha I hate tbnrfrags

    Eric SEric S5 days ago
  • Typical Gamer

    DCPL123DCPL1235 days ago
  • Tiko

    James ThompsonJames Thompson5 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Carter FultonCarter Fulton5 days ago
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    Marija TežakMarija Težak5 days ago
  • bugha100 percent

    Bibi mahmoda OryakhailBibi mahmoda Oryakhail5 days ago

    Amir PlayzAmir Playz5 days ago
  • Lol there were more bow arrows

    ebz thebluhebz thebluh5 days ago
  • love ur vids

    Nicholas RogersNicholas Rogers5 days ago
  • like the default look man

    Nicholas RogersNicholas Rogers5 days ago
  • So copying fresh now hey

    Alex the gamerAlex the gamer5 days ago
  • pov: you though it was an alia video because of the thumbnail

    xmilkyxxmilkyx5 days ago
  • Wot

    Abbey GarnettAbbey Garnett5 days ago
  • Preston and Alisa should 1v1 am I right

    Mdogs 11Mdogs 115 days ago
  • Ur cracked again

    INotTxrtlzINotTxrtlz5 days ago
  • I use to be a fan of alia

    hardeep thindhardeep thind5 days ago
  • Hello preston

    Magdalene WaitheraMagdalene Waithera5 days ago
  • All aye begin dumb All aye pooooooooo

    Nadia IshaqNadia Ishaq5 days ago
  • What level do u get that challenge?

    Flamez377Flamez3775 days ago
  • Brea

    Jay ButcherJay Butcher5 days ago
  • Make sypherpk control your game

    Devang MajmudarDevang Majmudar5 days ago
  • What’s sap I. Like. Minecraft

    Tami AlsheikhTami Alsheikh5 days ago
  • lets not lie Alia is the kindest person controlling someones game

    ClipzClipz5 days ago
  • Preston called alia dad lol

    Jeremy ParkerJeremy Parker6 days ago

    Steel_ yoyoSteel_ yoyo6 days ago
  • Your best friend Kenny should control your game

    Gavin LeeGavin Lee6 days ago
  • 3:15 Preston: what is that . Me: it a rift butterfly and I will give you a free skin

    Aarya PatelAarya Patel6 days ago