I Get HANDS-ON With The Brand New GMC Hummer EV SUV - Here's Everything You Need To Know!

Apr 5, 2021
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  • Waiting for the Ike Gauntlet test, in winter temps. Purchase decisions will be made based on that alone. No thanks if it won't effectively tow without bleeding lithium dry.

    • EV's are useless trash. They have less range than the gas guzzlers they quit making because they were so useless.

      House of DieselHouse of Diesel2 days ago
    • These trucks need a 500 or 600 mile range battery, specifically because towing will suck the day lights out of the battery.

      Easton MEaston M4 days ago
    • @Neojhun I have no use for a box truck....or any cab over style truck. I have used Ford Super Duty trucks for years......towing gooseneck flat bed trailers and gooseneck horse trailers.....no problems. Owned a 2006 F350 6.0L 4WD truck...added aftermarket Bullet Proof Diesel parts...it was a towing machine. Never did own a Ford 6.4L truck...those had block cavitation problems. ALL manufactures make some vehicle with issues and problems...AND virtually EVERY vehicle has some inherent weak part(s).

      Two45sTwo45s7 days ago
    • A truck with a 26 gallon tank that gets 4 mpg towing uphill has about 100 miles of range. Yes gasoline still is much more energy dense than lithium batteries but I'm making the point that their range is also severely impacted by high output scenarios. An EV can also recapture some serious energy on the downhill which is going to add miles of range unlike most of the trucks they test.

      kevin9c1kevin9c17 days ago
    • Range is about equivalent to the inverse fraction Original weight ÷ the new total weight = new range So if it's 5,000 pounds and you are towing 3,000 pounds it's 5000+3000=8000 total 5000÷8000≈60% range Hope this helps

      Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd7 days ago
  • Like all GM vehicles they're going to have electrical problems. 🤣

    nathen corderonathen cordero14 hours ago
  • silent killer

    trapped soultrapped soulDay ago
  • Nothing tells me I can't afford this more than catching myself thinking about the sun's UVs clouding up all that PC and how expensive replacement headlights and taillights will be 🤣 stupid I know but that's where my mind goes for some reason

    E JE JDay ago
  • I was waiting for this video from you guys. Nice, through walk-around. Inst. Classic car inbound

    JobanyJobanyDay ago
  • Not interested in electric.

    Daniel ClarkDaniel ClarkDay ago
  • Not like earlier hummer... too much electronics

    George QayaqjuaqGeorge Qayaqjuaq2 days ago
  • I’ll stick to my v8

    Andrew HattonAndrew Hatton2 days ago
  • This will be a flop

    99 problems but a fish ain't one99 problems but a fish ain't one2 days ago
  • Useless

    99 problems but a fish ain't one99 problems but a fish ain't one2 days ago
  • All the EV's are hilarious! Cold weather = 45-50% loss of battery capacity. ROFLMAO! Hot weather = Slow charging, as to not over heat the batteries. LMAO! 4 wheeling in the middle of nowhere = 300 miles from a charging station with a dead battery in Moab. LOL! 4 wheeling = Run out of juice. No one can bring you a can of ELECTRICITY ! LOL Road trip = Drive for 300 miles, wait 4-8 hours while the EV charges! Double LMAO! Road trip = Plan your drive carefully, no charger means you are dead in the water! Over priced, city driving only....... TOY !

    Jekyll & Hyde GarageJekyll & Hyde Garage2 days ago
  • BS that you clowns have sold out to promote vehicles with less range than the gas guzzlers that we quit making because they were so inefficient. Good luck blocking my from USworlds as well for posting the realities of EV's being nothing more than Crony Capitalism!

    House of DieselHouse of Diesel2 days ago

    last nightlast night3 days ago
  • So expensive that I just want to wrap it in cling wrap and display it. What offroad,

    oziboyoziboy3 days ago
  • The day I consider buying an EV is when it gets the range of a gas powered vehicle without the set speed limit and, is able to be charged as fast as you can fuel a normal vehicle.

    Vegas BoysVegas Boys3 days ago
  • Badass hummer

    Josh LaraJosh Lara4 days ago
  • So a company that can’t keep chips in inventory is going all EV? Beware the hype of these EVs and the impact on the environment and your taxes because obiden is going to try and make every American pay for the infrastructure... keep in mind China has control of the rare earth minerals kind of like OPEC had control over oil... this is not good news folks.

    Mach OneMach One4 days ago
  • Range compromised. Should be a hybrid like the Wrangler 4xe .

    D.A. RisseD.A. Risse4 days ago
  • My god that's a lot of money for probably one of the ugliest vehicles made to date, I think it's even uglier with the roof panels off

    killerman666killerman6664 days ago
  • Loved everything that i saw.

  • Ugliest thing I've ever seen.

  • And then you tow with it and it's battery is dead in 150 miles.

    American CitizenAmerican Citizen4 days ago
  • They has to test on amazon forest.

    sylas xaviersylas xavier4 days ago
  • Why we need 800 hp ? To kill ourself?

    sylas xaviersylas xavier4 days ago
  • Tow a Diesel Generator for more range Just have it connected the whole way problem slove

    Leobardo HernandezLeobardo Hernandez4 days ago
  • 22 inch tyres are better

    Ebot LouisEbot Louis4 days ago
  • Dear followers!! Don't let the beautiful pictures confuse you . Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎Share so more people don't get screwed.GM is a big bluff

    דניאל אלוןדניאל אלון5 days ago
    • astroturfer for ford or FCA?

      Brian LearBrian Lear3 days ago
  • Needs a Ford Hybrid engine. 300miles range? Carap.

    Rudolf F. BorsicsRudolf F. Borsics5 days ago
  • LOL. The only people buying this will have 7 figure incomes.

    John SmithJohn Smith5 days ago
  • My wife and I will buy an electric vehicle when they have 500 mile range and charge in under 10 minutes

    Jeff ZekasJeff Zekas5 days ago
    • Honestly not to far off now that everyone is entering the electric hand in 2021.

      Cody DykstraCody Dykstra2 days ago
    • Same

      Andrew HattonAndrew Hatton2 days ago
  • Halo warthog

    christopher heckchristopher heck5 days ago
  • I’ve seen several other very famous & prominent USworlds channels & influencers covering this & NONE compare to the excellent quality & info and no BS fluff than TFL

    Much Ado About NothingMuch Ado About Nothing5 days ago
  • Who wants to pay 100k though? That’s just ridiculous

    Joseph WattsJoseph Watts6 days ago
  • Geez....830hp!! Oil companies better pray that battery companies never figure out a full 10-minute or less battery charge!

    TheToddman214TheToddman2146 days ago
  • Like the rim you showed last!!!! A lot better! Also 105 thousand for the edition one!?!? I hope the prices of the other trims are discounted heavily!

    Ryan CoughlinRyan Coughlin6 days ago
  • Over $100k? LOL

    GCNDGCND6 days ago
  • Can't wait to buy a house on wheels.. yay.. trash!!!

    enfekted13enfekted136 days ago
  • Trash

    enfekted13enfekted136 days ago
  • Why does the battery pack have to be so tall? It makes the body of the truck too high. And yes I'm going to compare Tesla, their battery packs are thin, as the car looks normal in proportion. I also hate the short windows in todays cars, I like hanging my arm out the window as I drive. The window sill should be no higher than your armpit.

    Phillip CraggsPhillip Craggs6 days ago
  • zero headroom unless you have the roof panels out.

    diesel6916diesel69166 days ago
  • The Extract mode SHOULD HAVE been changed to what I can do with customized Tube Extenders for Bilstein and Fox Shocks which can go as high as 36 inches (3 feet) to got over big logs and rocks! And one local 4x4 offroading nutcase I know here in Vancouver, Canada CNC machined some custom Rheological (i.e. magnetic) tube-within-a-tube-within-a-tube shocks similar to what Cadillac's Magna-ride does that extend as high as SIX FEET for his Jeep Gladiator !!! That was Crazy to see! v

    StarGateSG7StarGateSG76 days ago
  • How many passengers can the Hummer EV SUV hold? Minimum and maximum. Also, can the Hummer EV SUV fit in a normal-sized garage? Does it need a taller, wider, or longer garage space? Also, does this need a lot of maintenance like the Wrangler? Can a 5-foot 7-inch man drive it? Is it suitable for new drivers? Thanks!

    TeenInvestorTeenInvestor6 days ago
  • It looks remarkably like my FJ Cruiser. Hmmm... I suppose people with rear and side view mirror aversion syndrome will be whining about poor rearward visibility...

    ZiplokkZiplokk7 days ago
    • It has 18 cameras there is no blind spots and it even has cameras on the bottom of the truck. Have you not seen any of the videos on the Hummer

      Sami AzizSami AzizDay ago
  • Love the moon shot references. Hats off to the great young minds that are currently exploring Mars and taking us back to the moon and beyond, too, of course! And to engineer Scott and the rest of the GMC team working on this VERY promising EV. 🇺🇸

    Cary CaryCary Cary7 days ago
  • One beefy mtf

    ππ7 days ago
  • The final wheel you showed is definitely the best one. The new hummer looks insane, understandable why all pre-orders are filled up and these things cost so much.

    Micah SandefurMicah Sandefur7 days ago
  • I have doubts I could ever learn to use the computer on that dash.

    Riki 9653Riki 96537 days ago
  • Waiting for a Rivian

    Joel CrowJoel Crow7 days ago
  • i like the last wheel it reminds you of the H1 and H2 wheels

    Keyna PurvisKeyna Purvis7 days ago
  • Not one but two Electric Motors! That means 415×2=830

    Chance BeverlyChance Beverly7 days ago
  • So, the Hummer SUV has two 415HP Electric Motors?! That's actually cool! One for both the front & rear wheel drive!

    Chance BeverlyChance Beverly7 days ago
  • 2023 really! its like don't buy a Cybertruck wait wait.

    Ismael MartinezIsmael Martinez7 days ago
  • I like ‘this one’ wheel!

    D RD R7 days ago
  • Didn’t like the exterior gloss black

    D RD R7 days ago
  • GM, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Ford are leaving lethargic Toyota back in the dust!!!! ....

    N1CYN1CY7 days ago
  • Those grooves all over the floor are gonna be super fun to clean.

    evilz33evilz337 days ago
  • More cars need t tops I’d like to see that make a return

    M SM S7 days ago
  • 1:12 stoped watching when i saw batteries...

    Nadir KhelliliNadir Khellili7 days ago
  • I will wait for the EV Ford F-150... The price should be be much better for my blue collar pockets...

    doclew28doclew287 days ago
  • For anyone who wants to know range while towing... Range is about equivalent to the inverse fraction Original weight ÷ the new total weight = new range So if it's 5,000 pounds and you are towing 3,000 pounds it's 5000+3000=8000 total 5000÷8000≈60% range Hope this helps

    Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd7 days ago
  • This is actually the first all electric vehicle I actually like. I like that General Motors made it resemble the old hummer and not make it look like a damn spaceship like the Tesla cyber truck lol.

    Jakerton97Jakerton977 days ago
  • So, i can say, bye.. ford, honda, jeep, toyota, tesla...! Welcome Hummer (GMC), i just order EV 2X 🙌😎

    Dennis C. D.Dennis C. D.8 days ago
  • This will not be legal in Michigan due to the head lights. OurGovernor has already made this car not legal on Michigan Roads.

    Big Bear HungryBig Bear Hungry8 days ago
  • 🤦

    Sašenko ŠSašenko Š8 days ago
  • I’ll stick with my H2

    TheoTheo8 days ago
  • How is this a off road vehicle? How are you suppose to charge it in middle of nowhere?

    one277one2778 days ago
  • If GM can not make reliable gas trucks, I doubt they will make reliable electric vehicles.

    Bodyguard 58Bodyguard 588 days ago
  • Can someone build a basic off-road electric vehicle that the average person can afford? Save the air ride and electronic gizmos for those that rent their appliances and are owned by their debts...

    tom wtom w8 days ago
  • Finally the new fj cruiser is here!

    12masterr12masterr8 days ago
    • @Jared awesome, also from some angles, the hummer truck resembles a Honda Ridgeline!

      12masterr12masterr7 days ago
    • I was scrolling comments to see if anyone had the same thoughts.

      JaredJared7 days ago
  • JUNK

    AnthonyzAnthonyz8 days ago
  • Rear steer is just more parts to break. My steering rack went out on my 1500 silderado after only 23k miles...

    ProjectXJProjectXJ8 days ago
  • Those Hummer-Ev's should never go off-road. Chevy does not know how to make an actual off road vehicle.

    ProjectXJProjectXJ8 days ago
    • @Brian Lear I would not like to wheel a vehicle with a 129" wheelbase, on 31" tires and only 8.9" of ground clearance with a total length of 212" that weighs almost 5,000 pounds. That doesn't sound like a good offroad vehicle to me. a stock wrangler is lighter, has bigger tires, more ground clearance and would out perform a ZR2 in every scenario. Not saying the ZR2 isn't capable or that people shouldn't buy them. I am just saying, its not the best off-road vehicle.

      ProjectXJProjectXJ2 days ago
    • @Brian Lear I am not a fan of all electric for off road. I would have too much range anxiety plus they weigh so much more. Call me old school. :)

      ProjectXJProjectXJ3 days ago
    • @ProjectXJ but what if they made an electric colorado zr2? I'm sure its coming

      Brian LearBrian Lear3 days ago
    • @Brian Lear i have not driven the zr2 but i have driven the colorado. The zr2 is by far the closest thing GM has made to an off-road vehicle in, well, forever. But to me its more show than function. I do like that it has front and rear lockers. This hummer will be a rich people, show off at the mall vehicle. Nowhere near the ZR2.

      ProjectXJProjectXJ8 days ago
    • really? ever driven a colorado zr2?

      Brian LearBrian Lear8 days ago
  • I have no practical reason to want it, and yet,...I do.

    Cypress Van HornCypress Van Horn8 days ago
  • This is my dream car normal Hummers are usually gas guzzlers but now that there’s going to be an electric version I can finally get it I can’t wait !

    Khadejah BryanKhadejah Bryan8 days ago
  • This thing is called "Tesla rescue vehicle" by its size and might.

    Robert DatarioRobert Datario8 days ago
  • As usual you do a fantastic job of showing everything about the vehicles that you are showing us. As far as buying one, I’m going to use the saying that I’ve heard time after time, what separates the men from the boys is the price of their toys, I’m a sixty-six year old boy. Lol. Keep doing what you do

    James KennedyJames Kennedy8 days ago
  • It’s going to be a suburban mall crawler.

    Michael HasenstabMichael Hasenstab8 days ago
  • Y does it look like a fj cruiser

    • I don’t see any clamshell doors on this Hummer I don’t see any round headlight on this Hummer But I do see 4 wheels so I guess GM did copy Toyota

      Sami AzizSami Aziz7 days ago
  • How many miles will it go before the batteries need to be replaced? And how much will that cost? We all have cell phones and laptops that hold a charge great when we first buy them. But after prolonged use.... not as good. Will there be a solar panel to charge it at out of the way places like small boat ramps 150-200 miles away? And yeah, bring on the IKE!!

    Kc PKc P8 days ago
  • But, the spare tire sticks out past the bumper....makes no sense.

    Hank HillHank Hill8 days ago
  • I hope they make a 3 row version of EV SUV!

    blue bugabooblue bugaboo8 days ago
  • Canyonero!

    Reid PolmanteerReid Polmanteer8 days ago
  • So its basically a more luxurious, electric version of the same old Hummer that most found tacky and over the top. Why would it sell any better now?

    lyman135lyman1358 days ago
  • 2:53 oh neat, the lights come pre-scratched from the factory!

    IanmundoIanmundo8 days ago
  • Think I'll stick with my gas truck so thanks but no thanks

    raydawg silasraydawg silas8 days ago
  • The crabwalk party trick is sweet.

    ManyPointsManyPoints8 days ago
  • So GMs website says in crab mode the rear wheels can turn 10 degrees, but on the screen in this video in the regular 4ws mode where the rear turns opposite of the front, it only went up to 8 degrees. Does anyone know what the actual limit of the system is? It would be quite disappointing it can only do 8 degrees in the regular mode.

    TyTy8 days ago
  • Sorry,but I see a grotesquely oversized,super expensive,SUV,[special useless vehicle].Bigger isn't always better,but I can envisionfat egoed folks pretending to be thrifty.

    Mike CadyMike Cady8 days ago
  • I'm not trying to be funny, but this truck makes Tesla cyber truck look like a peice of crap, now I know it's not, but man, I wish I can afford one. They should have came out with the SUV first though. Even though it's very pricey, GM will not be able to keep up with demand. It's too impressive, then it comes out there building and all electric Silverado at the same plant. Even running max capacity they will have to move production somewhere else, hopefully not Mexico. Former GM employee

    Darien HawthorneDarien Hawthorne8 days ago
  • Battery range is a bit low compared to the Gas Hummer H2. I usually get around 350-400 miles on gas on the H2 on a normal drive.

    DaNihselAutoDaNihselAuto8 days ago
  • Another FAILURE by gm, fugly/ overpriced/ no cargo room. Not supprised gm is failing.

    Patrick FullanPatrick Fullan9 days ago
  • I want one with solar panels on roof. Don't need sunroof.

    Edgar SEdgar S9 days ago
  • so... all the 'compensating' comments that went to the owners of the first Hummers... will they apply to the electric ones?

    superdupermaxsuperdupermax9 days ago
  • Cyber truck starts at 39000 dollars ,no contest. Reminds me of HD live wire. How are they selling?

    Graham JohnstonGraham Johnston9 days ago
  • I can get 700 miles of range in under 10 minutes in my Ford F-150.

    Jackyl SmithJackyl Smith9 days ago
  • Great work Andre. Love the video and the new Hummer.

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith9 days ago
  • Cant wait to see one crashed and then ls swapped lol

    J DJ D9 days ago
  • You teased us with the "hood" open without showing how big that new storage area is!!!

    One Nation Under GodOne Nation Under God9 days ago
    • It has the same size storage area as the truck . TFL has about 10 videos on Hummer

      Sami AzizSami Aziz7 days ago
  • This is really cool I hope GM sells the shit out of them,so we get more stuff like this from more makes!!!!!!

    Adam AdamsAdam Adams9 days ago
  • Should be able to plug in a gas generator to go way out there off road that be cool!! Also with being able to plug stuff into the truck that could have some cool options

    Adam AdamsAdam Adams9 days ago